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NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. PARLIAMENTARY NOTICES, ELECTION ADDRESSES, AM PUBLIC OoMFANlts, bd per Line. LAW NOTICES, AUCTIONS, AND MISCELLANEOUS, 4d pet Liue. TEADKS, BOOKS, CHARITIES, kc., 3d per Line. In urdei to render the Advertising Oolumua of the NOKTH WALES CHRON ICLE more eJ tcnsivoly useful to the Public, the following KEOUCl D SCALE OF CHARGES IS adopted for the undermentioned classes of PBEl'AlD SitHatwns H\tuttd. Clerks, Servants, ,(r Wanted. ArticifX or Animals or futtnd. Office* or Shops H'antnl or to be Let. Loiijiiwn 1.1",1 Ap(ti-tuct,otts to Let. One Insertion, noi exceediiy Tweuty Words Is. 6d. Three I insertions ditto, ditto o- Thoie CHACUEsS apply only to such ADVERTISE- MEXTS as me PAID FOR at tho time at the Oflioe, 01 for which Statue* are emlosed with Order, if sent by ¡ Post, and do not include Sales by Auction or ordinary j Business Addresses. Plants. WANTED, £ 150 for two or three years. IV Interest, 6 per cent. per annum* A Policy value £ :?(M will W given as collateral secuiity, together wit.i ivro good iju reti ei, -Address "Clericus," office of this PAPER. 1554 A LADY who has been thoroughly in- structed in the branches of a solid and accom- pliehed education English, fluent French, German, aud good music), require* a Morning Engagement, or Private Pupils.—Address, K. NI North Wales Chronicle," Bangor. 1395 -+- -'1-&- pffoono SHantcti. \'S7ANTED, at a Farm-house, an honest V and steady lad for the stable and garden, &c, Apply to H, Bettws, Abergele. 1026 RANTED, a good COOK. She must V T understand making butter. No kitcheumaid kept. Goud references required.—Address, X. Y.Z., Post-ofrice. Eiltliin. 1487 ANTED, a PAKLOUlt-MAID She V V must understand waiting, aud cleaning Plate. Good references required. -Address, X.Y.Z., Post-office, Kuthiu. 14S8 W ANTEI), a Master ibr Bryucroes Na- W tional Schools. Salary. 220 a y<ar, exclusive of School-pence .House and Gardeu. -Apply to Rev. G. Riberts, Rhiw. Pwllheli. 1603 FU1>IL. WANTED, in a finishing School where V V ladies are prepared for first-class Governesses, an Articled Pupil. Terms moderate for the advantages offered.— Addiess. Nlrs Smith, Stauley House, Eccleshall, Staffordshire. 1570 NEMTRTJTHIN. W ANTED, a Certificated Master, or at I V least provisionally so, for the now Natioual School. Preference given to a Singer.-Further parti- culars and application to th-3 Incumbent. lu22 ;:alt, &c. DRAINAGE PIPES from U inch. to 6 inches bore of first-class quality can be shipped by Rail or by Sailing vessels.—Apply to Mr J. Williams, Towyu Tiieiy, Voryd, near Abergele. 1213 fl'¡)'¡:;S;)IJ, a Church Barrel Or?ao, 3 bar- I rels playing ?? tuaes, gilt front, Gothic oak case, by Bates, of London. Cost about C22 when uew—For particulars, apply to Rev. T. H., Clocaeuog, Ruthin, 1621 110 BE SOLD, a five inch LATHE by Keenau, Dubliu iron bed, slide rest, dividing plate, with .t variety of chucks, aud tooLa for iron brass, ivory aud wood. Apply to Mr Dew, Auctioneer. Bangor. 1612 rriobe U?poaad of, a Grocery aud provision X Business, situate in Hi?h Street, Bangor, Kent. £ 2»M>er aunu n. Immediate possession. Stock, (low.) Fixtures a i,l Furniture to be takon at a valuation.— For further particulars apply to Mr Johu Pritchard, Auctioneer, &o., Bangor. ';OitTif WALEI. TO be Sold by Private Treaty, a Freehold TEit,?ite containing about 660 Mres. with Kesideoee, in one of the most delightful situations in North Wales. Apply to Mr Richard Roberts, R)se Hill, St Asaph. Iti24 Zo bt ILtf. TO BE LET, in consequence of ill-health, t au old-established Public House, with Vault, situated in the centre of a leading town in North Wales. Injoinu. low.—Apply at the office of the North Wales Chronicle 1630 mo BE LET, at a moderate rent, No. 2 I Friar's Terrace, Bangor, containing Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Room, 7 Bedrooms, Attics, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and all other conveniences. For further particulars apply to Mr. C. N. Bicknell, Auctioneer, 202, High Street, and Ty'ohendre Bangor. 51 TODRAFER& TO be Disposed of, in Wales, an extensive TDR.ALI'EI,Y BUSINESS, established 22 years. Capital required,from £ 1200 to £ 1600. Liberal terms will be offered to a respectable young man or two, as the Proprietor (owing to ill-health) is anxious to retire. Apply by letter only, A.A.B., Messrs. Watts and Co., Manchester. 15G5 GOOD IN V ESTMKNT TO TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, AND CAPITALISTS. TO be Disposed ot, the Business of a Tobacco Manufacturer (lately deceased) situated in Palace Street. Carnarvon. Oommodious premises, with Mtea:lol Eugine aud Machiiery complete, in good workiug ,Drder. Address by letter to "C. W. Worth. Wales Chronicle Office, Bangor, North Wales. 180 jbrftolastif. A MARRIED Clergyman, M.A., Oxou, of Agreat experience in tuition, and residing in a most healthy part of North Wales, on the borders of Shrop- shire, takes a few pupils to prepare for the Public Schools. Two vacancies. Age, 8 to 15. Every home comfort, and ponies for boy's use. Address, Rev. H. V. Williams, Llangedwyn, Oswestry. 1023 "EDTCAL'ION FOR LA I) LI;SRR PPELFBANGO NORTH WALES, UNDER the superintendence of MISS LEISHMAN, who for many years conducted the Educatioual Establishment at Blackrock, and the Educa- tional Institute for Ladies, Lower Fitzwilliaiu Street, Mervion Square, Dublin. Applications to be mado for the present to Miss Leish- lU-iii, 6, Park Terrace, Upper Bangor. Io74 EDUCATION. •* ABBOT'S VIEW, EXTON PARK, CHESTER. 1\ 1 US H. L. DEAV (assisted by Professors l Knd Teachers) receives a few Young Ladies to Board AND Educate. Every effort is made to secure to the Pupils the comforts of a Christian home and the ad- vantages of a refilled aud useful education. The highest references. Prospectuses on application. 1531 THE ACADEMY, DOVEY TERRACE, ABER- DOVEY, N. WALES.-A first.class Boarding School for the Sons of Gentlemen and others.—Principal:— Mr M. S. JONES, C.M. THE Course of Instruction comprises the TLatin and French Languages, Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Drawiug in all its branches, English Composition aud I reClse Writing, Euclid, Algebra, Mechanics, Land-surveying and Navigation, Geography and Mapping, Book-keeping (single and double entry). Young Gentlemen will be prepared for the Great Public Schools and for the Oxford and Cambridge Middle Claud Examinations. TERMS ON APPLICATION. Aberdovey is delightfully situated, commanding a most beautiful view of Cardigan Bay and the surround. tag country, and is considered as one of the most healthy spots in the Principality. 1575 tfubltc Notice CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY INFIRMARY. A SPECIAL MEETING of the Governors A will be held at the Board Room. on Thursday, the Seventh day of January next, at 12 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of electing an Honorary Sec- retary to the Institution. Candidates must seud in their names to the Secretary, on or before the previous Friday. 1611 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. THE Public are respectfully informed that J. the Banks and Shops in Bangor will be closed, and business suspended on Saturday, December 26th, in order to have three consecutive holidays, thus enabling young men and others, whose friends live at a distance, to spend the Christmas with them. Please do your business early on Thursday. I THE GEORGE HOTEL, BANGOR, COMPANY. NOTICE is hereby Given,that an adjourned Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the George Hotel, Bangor, Company Limited, will be held at the George Hotel, Bangor, in the County of Car- narvon, on Saturday, the 2tjth day of December instant, at the hour of One o'clock in the afternoon. Shareholders are respectfully requested to attend. HUGH JONES, Secretary to the Company. Bangor, December 18th, 1868. 1625 J O, TIN W EL CII, (For 13 years manager to the late Mr Roberts,) WATCH\IAKER & JEWELLER, 252, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, BEGS to announce that he has succeeded Bto Mr Roberts' business, and trusts by careful at- tention to all orders entrusted to him, with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of the extensive patron- age bestowed on the late Mr Roberts. All kinds of foreign and English Watches carefully re- paired. and clocks attended to in the country by exper- ienced workmen. Old gold and silver bought. Wedding Rings. 1277 CONF ECTIONE RY ESTABLIS H .VIE NT. OLD LONDON HOUSE, BANGOR.  ROBERTS in respectfully thanking the J • Public for the support received during the last seven years, desires to inform them that he has removed from the Market Place to the larger and more commod- ious premises, The Old Loudon House," lately occupied by Messrs. Lewis and Thomas, and trusts that the sup- port so long received will be continued and extended. Fresh Buns, Pastry, and Biscuits, &c., daily, rich Bun Loaves, Lunch Cakes, and an assortment of iced and or- namented Christmas Cakes remarkably cheap. Agent for the Imperial Wine Compauy, London, whose Wines are justly celebrated for their quality and cheap- ness. Good Port and Sherry from Is 5d per bottle. 1573 BANGOR LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. ALL persons having any claim or demand against the above Board are requested to send in their accounts to me on or before Tuesday, the 22ud day of December, 1868, that the same, if found correct, may be discharged. By order of the said Board, T. LL. EDWARDS, 1599 Clerk. CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 1860. TRUSTIES. MAJOR VINCENT WILLIAMS. H. B. ROBERTS, ESQ. DIRECTORS. R. M. GRIFFITH, ESQ., Chairman. Mr SAVAGE, High-street, Bangor. OWEN MORRIS, Plasl'.wyd Terrace, do. HUGH WILLIAMS, Edge-hill, do., Garth. WILLIAM LEWIS, Dean-street, Bangor. BENJ, DEAN, High-street, do. Received in Subscriptions £ 4,156 Advanced on Mortgages. 4,547 Bonus to Members 134 Guarantee Fund 67 THE Meetings of the SOCIETY are held at the Secretary's Office, 1, Plasllwyd Terracej Bangor, on the second Monday in each month, from six to half-past seven o'clock in the evening. Any other information may be obtained on application to the Secretary. JOHN LLOYD, JUN., 1197 Old Bank, Bangor. AGENTS WANTED IN AGRICULTURAL DISTRICTS. (This Company is oae of the largest Farming Stock Insuring Offices in the Kingdom.) MANUFACTURING DISTRICTS. (Mills, Manufactories, Warehouses, &c insured on the most moderate terms. ) SEAPORT TOWNS. (Ships in course of construction and in Dock insured. Sailors' Lives assured. ) MINING DISTRICTS. WATERING PLACES &c., &c., &-c., Where the Company is not already represented. Persons of active business habits are invited to apply. LIBERAL COMMISSIONS ALLOWED. The Company is well established and has an Annual Income upwards of £ 107,000 Life Reserve Fund, upwards of £ 127,000 And has paid a Total in Claims under Life and 1 £ ^QQ 'QQQ Fire Policies of nearly j CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. Farnwerth, and the Quinta, Salop. ANTHONY DILLON, Secretary to the Company. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Chief Offices: High St., )Vrexham 49, Moorgate St., London: and 77, Buchanan St., Glasgow. 142 WINES, SPIRITS, &c. WILLIAM ROWLANDS &CO., W HIGH STREET. SUPERIOR LONDON GIN. IRISH MALT WHISKIES. FINE OLD SCOTCH MALT. Martell's, Hennessey's, and other BRANDIES. RUM, GENEVA, PORT, SHERRY, CLARET, CHAM- PAGNE, kc., &c. Per Dozen. Half Quarts. Pints. Pints. Bass & Co's OCT. BREWINGS PALE ALE. 7s. Od. 3s. 6d. Ditto ditto Kilds, 32s. to 36s. Ditto ditto MILD ALES, 24s. 27s., 30s., Per Dozen. Hal. Quarts. Pints, pintsf Gf¡E,es. } .?. ??' lin PORTER i U8, Ditto ditto in Half-Barrels, 24s GENUINE HUNGARIAN WINES. Highly recommended by the Medical Profession. CARLOWITZ (see Lancet) 25s doz. Sole Agents for Bangor and neighbourhood, W. ROWLANDS, & CO., WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, Orders per post will have immediate attention. 50 GRIFFITH DA VIES, i WHOLESALE & FAMILY GROCER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, CHRISTMAS FRUIT. VALENCIA RAISINS, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D. PER POUND. CURRANTS, 2D, 31D, 4D, 5D. PER POUND. SULTANA RAISINS. AND DESSERT FRUIT, MUS- CATELLS, FIGS, GRAPES, &3 A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF FANCY ARTICLES FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. WORK BOXES, WRITING DESKS, TEA CADDIES, INKSTANDS, BAGS, PURSES, &o 1263 PETER R- WILLIAMS, (SON AND SUCCEESOR TO JOHN WILLIAMS, 91, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL.) PR. W. wishes to call the attention of parties furnishing, and also of BUILDERS, to P his extensive Stock of general Furnishing and ¡Builders' Ironmongery, his stock of ranges being the largest in North Wales, He begs to solicit a continuance of the commands of his father's extensive connection. Agents for different makers of Sewing Machines. 1490 & CO., DUNVILLE & CO., OLD IRISH WHISKY of the same quality as that supplied to the International Exhi- bition, 1862, Dublin Exhibition, 1865, Paris Exhibition, 1867, and now reqularly to the House of Lords, the quality of which is equal to the finest French Brandy, may be had direct from Belfust, in Butts, Hhds., Quarter Casks,andCases. Quotations on application to Messrs. Dunville and Co., Belfast, or Mr. William Williams, Nag's Head Ion Corwen, North Wales. 1357 NOTICE OF REMOVAL fO THE CASTLE HOuSE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. THOMAS BIRKETT has great pleasure in announcing to his numerous Customers that t he has removed to the new and commodious premises opposite, 5 doors higher up, one of the best shops adapted for the Family Grocery trade in North Wales, and he trusts his thirty year's experience on his own account in Bangor, will be a guarantee that all orders he may be favoured with, will be executed carefully, and on as good terms as any house in the trade, the Metropolis not excepted. N.B.-The Oldest Family Grocer in Bangor. Bangor, 18th September, 1868. 1293 CITY TEA, COFFEE, FAMILY GROCERY, AND ITALIAN ESTABLISHMENT. ESTABLISHED 1780. MESSRS. BOWERS BROTHERS BEG gratefully to acknowledge the con- D tinued and increasing patronage of the Nobility and Gentry of the County and Principality. They can assure their Patron and the Public that the Articles supplied from their Establishment are of first-class quality, and all Orders entrus- ted to (them have their personal atten- tion and care. MESSRS BOWERS' TEAS have been noted for many years, and they es- pecially solicit a trial of them by all who desire good and fine quality. FRENCH AND ITALIAN CONDIMENTS AND SAUCES, ESSENCES, AND CULINARY REQUISITES. OILS, CANDLES, HOUSEHOLD AND SCENTED SOAPS. BOWERS BROTHERS, 101, EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER. N.B.-All Oi-ders to the amount of £ 2 are Carriage Paid to any Railway Station, 1358 DIGITS BOOTS &C SHOES. TRY DICK'S noted Gutta Percha bottomed BOOTS and SHOES with Leather Tops and J_ Insoles. They are unrivalled for Cheapness, cannot be surpassed for Comfort, and are unequalled for wear. Everyone who studies Health should wear them, being an excellent preventive from Damp. s. cl. Ladies' Boots of really good quality, at 4 9 Gents' ditto ditto from 6 6 Boys' and Girls' ditto ditto 2 3 The Repairing Department is managed by thoroughly Practical Men, so that all Orders entrusted to us are well and speedily executed. PRICES OF REPAIRING. s. d. Rivetted and Sewed Leather Boots repaired with Gutta Pereha. Gents' Boots, Soleing and Heeling, from 2 3 Ladies' ditto ditto ditto 1 6 Bovs'and Girls' ditto ditto 1 3 NEW ELASTICS PUT IN OLD BOOTS. s, d. Ladies' s. d. Gents' 10 a Set for Cotton. 1 4 a Set for Cotton. 1 4 a Set for Silk. 1 9 a Set for Silk. 217, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. I HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. HIGH STREET, MOLD. CAMBRIAN HOUSE, I WLLHELJ, and Wholesale Depot at 90, OLDHAM STREET, MANCHESTER.. 1453 THE "NORTH WALEs CHKONICLE" STEAM PRINTING AND STATIONERY ESTALISHMENT. JOHN KENMUIR DOUGLAS, LITHOGRAPHIC, COPPER-PLATE, AND LETTERPRESS PRINTER, STATIONER, AND BOOKBINDER, HIGH STRE E T, BANGOR, PRINTING OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS FOR BANKERS, BROKERS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, PUBLIC COMPANIES,^SOLICITORS, AUCTIONEERS, ETC., EXECUTED WITH PROMPTITUDE. PROSPECTUSES. ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. CATALOGUES. INVENTORIES. CIRCULARS. BUSINESS AND ADDRESS CARDS. PLACARDS. INVOICES. BILL-HEADS. CHECK BOOKS. THE STATIONERY DEPARTMENT IS REPLETE WITH EVERY DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL STATIONERY, ACCOUNT BOtR-S LEDGERS CASH HOOKS, ETC. MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS SUPPLIED ON DAY OF PUBLICATION. ADVERTISEMENTS INSERTED IN ALL THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS. publie JIotittb. WEST OF ENGLAND FIR E AND LIFE INSURANCE J' COMPANY. ESTABLISHED AT EXETER, 1807. CAPITAL, 9600,000. TRUSTEES: Right Hoc. Erl of Devon. Right Hen. Earl Fortescue Right Hon. Earl of Morley Sir T. D. Acland, Bart. Sir J T. B. Duckworth, Bt S. T. Kekewich, Esq., M.P. LIFE DEPARTMENT. FOUR-FIFTHS, or EIGHTY PER CENT of the Profits are divided amongst the Assured every Five Years. LOANS. The Company advances Money upon its Policies, and upon approved Personal Security in connection with Life Insurance. Medical Fees and Policy Stamps are paid by the Com- pany. FIRE DEPARTMENT. The premiums in this branch of the Compaay's business are as low as is consistent with safety. Duty on all insurances 1. 6d per cent.. farming stock exempt. No charge for Policy Stamps. CHARLES LEWIS, Secretary md Actuary. Applications for Agencies in districts where the Com- pany is not represented may be addressed to the Secretary. Exeter, September, 1868. AGENTS: BEAUMARIS-Mr. E. F. Fernanda. RHYL-Mr. J. E. Wright. DENBIGH-Mr. J. M. Williams. PORTMADOC—Mr. H, NichollS. HOLYWELL-Mr, T. Whelton. BANGOR-Mr, J. Pritchard. 1300 Public Jiotfces COTTON SEED OILCAKE. R. P. GARDNER & Co., Egyptian Oil Mills, lvauxball Road, Liverpool. can now supply eonsumers with Cotton Seed Oil Cakes made from New Egyptian Cotton Seed (1868 Crop) and are prepared to execute any orders entrusted to their care. "W" N.B.—We guarantee our Cakes to be Genuine and all are marked I" G." 1604 FOREST TREES, FRUIT TREES, EVERGREENS, &c. C1HIVAS and WEAVER respectfully invite C especial attention of Planters to their very exten- sive, healthy, and well-grown Stock of the above. Their Nurseries being very much exposed and free from artificial shelter, renders the safe removal of plants almost a certainty. ilrice Catalogues post-free on application. Estimates and special prices for large quantities. Eaton Road Nurseries, and 108, Eastgate Street. Chester, Oct., 1868. 1478 ALMANACKS FOR 1 869. A large assortment of DIARIES, ALMANACKS, and POCKET BOOKS, including Harwood's and Renshaw's. Also, QUIGGIN& and JEFFERSON'S TIDE TABLES on Sale at J. K. DOUGLAS, CAXTOI* HOUSE, B A N G 0 R. All Books and Annual Publications not in stock can 118 procured in three days. Uublie Kciticce. STOWER'S No. 1 GINGER WINE. U Cannot be equalled. SOLD BY EVERY RESPECTABLE GROCERS, CON- FECTIONERS, &C. MANUFACTORIES:— 46 and 48, HARRINGTON STREET, LIVERPOOL and 16, COMMERCIAL-STREET, LONDON. mr Ask for SIOWER'S BRITISH WINES of all sorts. 006 BEAUMARIS. THOMAS OWEN AND SON, BEG to announce their return from the D Markets with a variety of novelties suitable for the season. General Drapers, Funeral Undertakers, House Furnishers. Iron and Brass Bed Depot, Feathers. Bedding, &c.. Cork Matting. Agents for Wheeler and Wilsou's Sewing Machines, Atkin's Patent Carbon Filters, Iron Fencing Wire, Hurdles, Gates, Agricultural Imple- ments, &c., Locks, Hinges, Screws, Nails, General Hard- Ware. General Factors, 1394 ALTERATION IN SAILINGS DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. mHE "PRINCE OF WALES <S?Mjt  K (or other of the Company's Steamers) is intended to sail from Liverpool, on Sat. ik?Dee. 19th,;kt 10 a.m., and on Thursday, December 21th, at 10 a.m. From Nlenai Bridge, on Wednesday, December 23rd, at 10 a.m., and on Monday, December 28th, at 10 a.m. City of Dublin Co's Office, Menai Bridge, Dec. 9th, 1868. 1614 [j, CARD]. MILES R. PARTINGTON, ACCOUNTANT, PUBLIC AUDITOR, ESTATE AGENT, &c., 1043 ST. ASAPH-RHYL. DR WILLIAM LEWIS'S CHARITY. GRANTS of 95, M, 910, and C20 to young men who have served their apprenticeship to a handicraft Trade towards setting them up. rpHE TRUSTEES of this Charity will, at t their Annual Meeting to be held on the 1st Sep- tember, 1869, take into consideration applications of young men who have served their apprenticeship to a handicraft Trade, for the above Grants. The applicants must be able to read and write, and produce for the inspection of the Trustees, the Indenture of their apprenticeship with a certificate under the hands of the master whom they have served, of good conduct and faithful service throughout their apprenticeship; and of their having acquired a knowledge of their trade; and also a testimonial of good and steady conduct from respectable neighbours and one magistrate at least. The Trustees are to be at liberty to appropriate the grants towards setting up the Candidates selected to re- ceive them in any way they may think proper, and if a grant be given away in money the recipient must bind himself to repay the same to the Trustees if a proper use of it be not made within six calendar months after its receipt. The Trustees do not engage to give either of the above Grants, if in their opinion there will not be sufficient merit in the applicants to entitle them to it. All applications, which are required to be in the- ap- plicant's own handwriting*. Add all the above-mentioned testimonials as to character, &c., must be forwarded to me, on or before the 1st day of August, 1869. JOHN THOMAS, Secretary and Agent of Trustees of Dr. Lewis's Charity. 9, Market Street, Carnarvon, 16th December, 18G8. CAINARVONSHIRE ELECTION, 1868. NOTICE is hereby Given, that Edward Griffith Powell. Esquire, of Carnarvon, Solicitor, is the person nominated and appointed by the Honourable G. Douglas Pennant, to pay all expenses incurred by him in and about the said Election, in pursuance of Sec. 2 of 26 and 27 Vict, c. 29. Dated this 21st day of November, 1868. R. SORTON-PARRY, Esquire, 1570 High Sheriff, CARNARVONSHIRE ELECTION, 1868. NOTICE is hereby Given, that Edward NBreese, Esquire, of Portmadoc, Solicitor, is the person nominated and appointed by T. Love D. Jones Parry, Esquire, M.P., to pay all expenses incurred by him, in and about the said Election, in pursuance of Sec. 2 of 26 and 27 Vict. c. 29. Dated this 21st day of November, 1868. R. SORTON-PARRY, Esquire, 1571 High Sheriff. GRAND CONSERVATIVE BANQUET. A BANQUET, under the Presidency of AR. G. Duff, Esq., in honour of the Conservative Candidates at the late Elections for the County and Boroughs of Carnarvon, to which they have been in- vited, will be held at the Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon, on WEDNESDAY, the 23rd day of December instant, at five o'clock. The following gentlemen constitute the committee :— The Very Rev the Dean of Bangor Mr R. Lloyd Edwards, Nanhoron Mr Frank Lloyd Edwards, do. Major Nanney, Gwynfryn Mr H. J. E. Nanney, 410. Mr Charles Williams Bulkeley, Baron Hill Mr Wm. W. E. Wynne, Peniarth. Mr W. R. M. Wynne, ditto Rev T. N. Williams, Aber Rev J. C. Vincent, Carnarvon Major Mathew, Wern Mr J. Wynne Griffith, Llanfair Mr J. D. Whitehead, Glangwna Major Vincent Williams, Bangor Mr Rice W. Thomas, Coedhelen Captain Iremonger, Lime Grove Dr Millar, Carnarvon Mr Henry Kneeshaw, Penmaenmawr Captain R. Ll. Langford James Captain Burnaby Captain W. Y. Peel Mr William Hayward, Carnarvon Mr John Millicgton, Portdinorwic Mr Charles Pearson, Carnarvon Mr Richard Luck, Llanfairfechan Mr Watkin Roberta, Carnarvon Mr E. A. Beech, Gwydir Major Holt, Gorphwysfa Mr J. R. Griffith, Llanrwst Mr Thomas Turner, Plas Brereton Mr J. W. Greaves, Festiniog Mr Randall Leche, Bettws Mr J. H. Jones, Portmadoc Mr Owen Owens, Pwllheli Mr Richard Williams, Beaumaris Mr William Jones, Menai Bridge Mr Archibald S. Price Mr T. J. Poole, Carnarvon Mr Hugh Jones, Carnarvon Mr R. J. Davids, Carnarvon Mr E. G. Powell, do. Mr R. M. Griffith, Bangor Mr David Homfray, Portmadoc Mr Ll. Lewis, Aber Mr C. E. Prichard, Llandudno Mr Charles Bisknell, Bangor Mr John Atkinson, Wig Mr John Price, Capel Curig Mr John Denman, Bangor Mr Hugh Humphreys, Carnarvon Mr H. W. Humphreys, Bangor Mr T. T. Parry, do. Mr Holman, Carnarvon Mr H. P. Manley, Carnarvon Mr C. N. Bicknell, Ty'nhendre. J. HAYWOOD, ) „ THOMAS JONES, ] Hon. Sees. We hereby give Notice that in consequence of the numerous applications for tickets to the above Banquet the list is closed. All tickets will be sent out by to- night's post. Applicants not receiving the same will kindly oommunicate at once to the undersigned. J. HAYWOOD,} Sees. T. JONES, Hon. Sees. Committee Rooms, Bangor, 19th December, 1889, 1632 I gaUs fig auction. MR. BINN8, BEGS respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Bangor and its neighbourhood, that he has succceifed Mr Landergan, aa Organist and Choirmaster of St. James' Church, Upper Bauger, and is now ready to receive pupils for the Organ, Harmonium, Pianoforte^ and Singing. Terms, &c., on applieRtioB.-Addrem, 2, Brynteg Terrace, Bangor, and 17, Castle-street, Beaumaris, 1297 THE BANKRUPTCY ACr, 1861. IN the County Court of Anglosey, holden J_ at Llangefni and Holyhead,in the matter of John Wil- liams, of Dublin House, Rhyd, in the Parish of Llangoed, in the County of Anglesey, Grocer and Provision Dealer, adjudged Bankrupt on the Ninth day of October, 1868. An Order of Discharge will be delivered to the Bank- rupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date, unless an appeal be duly entered against the Judgment of the Court, and notice thereof be ajiven to the Court. Dated this Tenth day of December, 1868. WM. DEW, 1609 High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. IN the County Court of Anglesey, holden at JL Llangefni and Holyhead, in the matter of John. Williams, of Dublin House, Rhyd, in the parish of Llan- goed, in the County of Anglesey, Grocer and provision dealer, adjudged Bankrupt on the Ninth day of October, 1868. A meeting of the creditors of the said Bankrupt will be held before the Hegistrar of the County Court Office, Llangefni, on the 31st day of December, 1868, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of declaring a dividend, and also whether any allomnce shall be made to the Bankrupt. Proofs of debh will be received, and creditors who have not yet proved, and do not then prove, will be excluded the benefit of the dividend. WILLIAM DEW, 1629 High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861 IN the County Court of Anglesey, holden at Llangefni and Holyhead, in the matter of William Anwyl Roberts, of Llanfawr, in the Parish of Llangristiolus, in the County of Anglesey, and late of Cemaes, in the same County, and previously of Friog, in in the parish of Clynyn, in the County of Merioneth, Publican, adjudged Bankrupt on the 16th day of October, 1868. An Order of Discharge will be delivered to the Bank- rupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date, unless an appeal be duly entered against the Judgment of the Court, and notice thereof be given to the Court. Dated this Tenth day of December, 1868 WM. DEW, 1608 High Bailiff. CARNARVONSHIRE HILARY QUARTER SESSIONS, 18C9. NOTICE is hereby Given, that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Carnarvon, will be held at the County Hall, in Carnar- von. in and for the said County, on Thursday, the 7th day of January, 1869, at the hour of Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the despatch of the Civil and Criminal busi- ness, and that at the hour of Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon of the same day, all business matters and things ap- pertaining to the assessment, management, and applica- tion of the County Rate or Stock of the said County of Carnarvon, and all business relative to the County Police, (which by any statute or statutes now in force, the Jus- tices of the Peace are authorised to do and transact, at the General Quarter Sessions, or at any adjournment thereof,) will be commenced, done, and transacted pub- licly and in open Court. WILLIAM THEARSBY POOLE, Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, December 14th, 1868. JJ.B.—Magistrates' Clerks are requested to forward Depositions and Recognizances to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before the Saturday preceding the Sessions. 1610 ANGLESEY QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby Given, that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Anglesey, will be neld at the County Hall, in Beaumaris, on Tuesday, the 5th day of January next, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the dispatch of the Civil and Criminal Business; and that at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon of the same day, all business mat- ters, and things appertaining to the Asstssment, Manage- ment, and application of the County Rate or Stock of the said County of Angleseyl(whicb by any statute or statutes now in force, the Justices of the Peace are authorised to do and transact at the General Quarter Sessions, or at any adjournment thereof), will be commenced, done,faad transacted publicly and in open Court. RICHD. OWEN, Clerk of the Peace. Beaumaris, lfith December, 1868. 1618 DENBIGHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby Given, that the General Quarter Sessions of the peace in and for the County of Denbigh, will be held at the County Hall, in Ruthin, on Thursday, the Seventh day of January, 1869, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and will be continued at the same place on the following day at fen o'clock in the forenoon. The business relating to the Acts made and passed regarding the Police, and the business relating to the Assessment application or management of the County Stock or Rate, will commence on Thursday aforesaid, at 11 o'clock, at which hour all bills and demands against the County must be laid before the Court. The Grand and Petty Jurors, and all persons bound by recognizance to prosecute and give evidence, or to surren- der in discharge of their bail, are to appear at Ruthin aforesaid, on Friday, the Eighth day of January, 1869; at Ten o'clock in the forenoon. INCREASE OF POLICE FORCE. And Notice is hereby Given, (on the requisition of five Justices acting for the County of Denbigh under the authority of the Act passed in the Sessions held in the 2nd aud 3rd Victoria, Chapter 93), that at the said General Quarter Sessions of the peace, it wiU be proposed to increase the Police Force of the said County, by the appointment of one additional Police Constable to be stationed in the Petty Sessional Division of Chirk, sub- ject to the consent of one of Her Majesty's Principal Sec- retaries of State. INCREASE OF POLLING PLACES. Notice is hereby also Given, that at the said General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, the Justices there assem- bled will consider the question of creating additional Polling Districts, and of assigning to each additional District a Polling Place, and will name the Polling Places at which the Revising Barristers are to hold their Courts. JOSEPH PEERS, Clerk of the Peace. Ruthin, 8th December, 1868. N.B.-Instructioiis for Indictments should be sent to my office (if practicable) four days at least before the Sessions. 1590 MERIONETHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE is Hereby Given, that the next NGeneml Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Merioneth, will be holden on Tuesday, the 5th day of January, 1869, in the Town Hall, Bala, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the Court will resolve itself into a Committer, and proceed to audit all such Bills and Accounts against the County, as shall then bo delivered, and also to transact the business relating to the Assess- ment, application, and management of the County Stock or Rate, and the General County Business, and likewise all business relating to the County Constabulary, and the application and management of the Police Rate, after which the Court will be adjourned to the following day, to be held at the same place, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the Grand and Petty Jurors will be called over, and the Court will proceed to hear and determine all matters brought before them in the following order.- 1. In the trial of prisoners or persons indicted for as- saults and misdemeanours at any former Sessions, and in calling persons bound by recognizances in cases where applications shil.1 be made for that purpose. 2. In the, trial of prisoners. 3. In the hearing of appeals. 4. In hearing motions, and in the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the Court The persons bound by recognizances to prosecute, or who may have to prefer any indictment, presentment, or articles of peace, are required to furnish me with proper instructions, on or before Tuesday, the first day of tbo Sessions, and in cases of special indictment or proceedings, instructions must be given or sent as long before the sessions as practicable. The Clerks to the Justices of the several Divisions are requested to transmit to me, seven days before the Ses- sions, all depositions, convictions, and recognizances which shall have been then taken, with any instructions for indictments which they may be able to give. All bills against the county which shall have been audited and allowed, either previously to, or at the above Sessions, must be presented for payment to the Court Treasurer, between the hours of Eleven and Three o'clock on NN ednesday, the second day of the Sessions, when the same will be paid, otherwise they must stand over until the following Sessions. Dated this lathcUy of December, 1868. EDWARD BREESE. 1619 Clerk M to Peace,