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1 -.KCUME ?'' i'HU?  TftCoMK In*dia TE,? oosms I for the SAM "f the EAT INIA rtable living- ■will, with '"o?'?te .du?s?. .'?.?..?re.p?ectable 'iv'" ?. A' 11' for tprl1\ to the ? .uses. No. 9,  1 —— CO)Ù;Nlc.\TION BET\VE MENAI -——— T?-??,riv?n?c\ I'MARIS. LLAN- STE?A'M ?'?.?'u??DUVERPOOL. ON and after November 2nd,  ? ? (Mo until further notice), the City ?<?''T??? DuMin Steam Packet Company intend  t one of their steamers from Menai Bridge IJ Fndap at 10 a in. ?:. LIVEN!.«.R EW? ?i-sday. C.rgowiU he re, ceived at t?O?enccboek?Uverp.cl up tu Tuesday evening each week. Amplications as before. Menai Bridge, October, 1868. TUH NEW OURVliD POINT EI) PEN 2s. PER GROSS BOX. POST FREE, 2s. 2D. UNRIVALLED MAGNUM JiONUM PENS. OX CONTAINING 12 PENS AND HOLDER, 6D POST FREE, 7D. J. K, D 0 U OLA 8, SVA TIQSER, BANGOR IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. THE WHITEHAVEN NEWS, (PulUxhfl eriry Thursday and Saturday morntnffj ILRCTLATKS, IN ONE ISSUE. MORE corn;" THAN ALL THE OTHER WHITl'IIAVKN NEWSPAPERS PL-T TOGETHER. THE Circulation extends throughout the < w)h.]p of the County of Oum?er?nd. a portion of Westmoreland, Lancashire, Dublin the Isle of Man, Bir keuhead, ?i Livcrpoo). in which pl.? the.eare agents ?orMeh. regular P.??" "ft?p?cr. Thclis of subscribers includes the names of the most influential mercantile and agricultural geutlemcn. and iron-ore pro- prietors. as well Its tlio principal gentry of Cumbeiland •nd I'I\OI'HIETOR WILLIAM ALSOP, To whom all orders for Advertisements or Papers must be addressed. Offices 148, Queen Street and 4. Roper Street Whitehaven DINNRFORD'S FLUID ",N,IAGN.E,IA. For Thirty Years the Medical Profession have approved of this pure solution as the best remedy for Acidity of the STOMACH, HEARTBURN. HEADACHE GOVT ami INDIGESTION: Asd AS a mild Aperient tor delicate constitutions, especially adapted for ladies, children, and Infants. When COMBINED with the ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, It forms a most agieeable effervescing draught, in which its aperient and cooling qualities are much increased. In warm seasons and warm climates this simple preparation, when taken REGULARLY, has been found highly beneficial. Dinneford and Co., Chemists, &c., 172, NEW I, I) STREET, LONDON. Suld'1I all rrxpietaljte Chemists throughout the World. CAPTION.-See that "Dinneford & Co. is on each bottle and red label over the cork. 73 '?R?PERRINS? | WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, j !i r?noMCtd j.'? Bet?M j :"&00D SAUCE," rA SAXICE. :| by Connoisseurs ?,?? to as k for | THE ONLY ?? LEA & PERMUS'" lEoiKMnl j See name on wrapper, label, bottle, and • Stopper. Sold by Crosse Blackwell, London, j and by all dealers in Sauces. 5 BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS, T t! LEA PERRINS, WORCESTER. T 664 Under the Patron- age of the Queen And the Principa Nobility. The only Kcal Cure without inwftrd Medicine is ROPER'S HOYAL BA" H PLASTERS, for Coughs, Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the Heart, Cioup. Hooping Cough, In- fluenza, Chronic Htraiiw, Kruises, Lumbago, or Pidus in he Back, Spinal and Jvheumatic Affections, Diseases of the Chest,and Local Pains. FRom THOUSANDS OF WONDERFUL CURES Spinal Compbtint of 30 Year's Standing and Rheumatism of the Hip. Nafferton, December 18th, 1862. Messrs. Roper and Son, -Gentlemen, I was aflicted with u paiu in the spine of my back for 30 years, and hearing of your Roper's Plasters about two y Kirs since, I proeured one, and after applying it found relief the first night, and have been free from pain ever since. I was also troubled with Rheumatism in the hip, and applied one with the same results. As I have received so much benefit from the use of your Roller's Piasters, 1 have sent you this for the bonctit of others suffering in the same way. YOIII'.S, &-c., THOMAS BnowN. From F. Cupiss, Esq., M.R.V.C., Author "f the Prizo Essay on the Diseases of the Liver of the Horse. Diss, Norfolk, Maivh 22nd, 1851. Gentlemeu.-For the last three winters Mrs. Clipi-i felt a great delicacy of the Chest, accompanied witho casional pain, cough, and hoarseness. Having had yo .r valuable Roper's R >yal Rath Plaster recommended to her, she ¡n\ll,' a tri.il of one. and it was attended witht he most beneticial effect, iu consequence of wh ch she has made frequent use of them, and invariably with the same good results, -f remain, FKAXCIS OITJSS. Unprincipled Shopkeepers, for the sake of gain, have veuded spurious imitations. Purchasers are, therefore, cautioned to Notice the words, Hoper's Royal Hath Plasters," engraved on the government stamp, and the Proprietor's Autograph on the back. Prepared only by Itt. Roper and Son, Chemists, Sheffield. On Medico-chemical principles, from British Herbs and the Ounis ami Balsams of the Eastern Clime, where The trees drop balsams, and on all the boughs licaltl4 sits and makes it sovereign as it flows." Full-sized Plasters, Is Ud; and for Children, 9,\t! each, or direct by post on receipt of Is 1(1, or Is each in post- age stamps. Sold by most pateut medicine vendors in the Uuited Kingdom. I3KWARE OF IMITATIONS!—Be particular and ask for Roper's Plasters. 1422 ESTABLISHED 1807, THE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE STEAM PKlXTlNG WOHKS IIIGII STREET, BANGOR, PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Executed with Neatness and Expedition, on the Mosr REASONABLE TERMS. pAMnnrrs. CIRCri.AliS, CATALOlU'I'.s, SOCIETIES' RULES, REPORTS, HAND BILLS, BILL-HEADS, CHECK ROOKS, &c hxocuteu in a superior manner. AUCTION BILLS, POSTERS, &C- Well displayed, and on the Shortest Notice. ADVERTISEMENTS RECHVEll Foil AM, THE LONDON AND THE 1T0HSH WALES CHRONICLE 1 • published every Iriday night, at F.i.ulit o'clock, price OHICE.-Caxton House. High Street, lSangor, T' OMUNSON & CO.'S BUTTER POWDER, for TO';Od se{Snn'!J!,EBttPPH' Tt? »OI XD reducing the Limo of Churning oftentimes of honrs to miieitM • and taking nwav all, unpleasant taste of Tur- 11): i, M .ncolUs, Willi Garlic, Weeds, Dead heaves, Cake. So. E,I,i Lt:re, iu Packets 3d, 6d, Is, 2s 611 and 7s tU each. V |T IEBIG'S EXTRAOT OF MEATI JLi OENUINE), Manufactnred on the EetabUshments of R. TOOTH, Esq., Sydney. Paris Exhibition, "Hors Concours." The chemical analysis of Dr. Miller proves that this Extract is unsurpassed in composition, For Beef-Tea, Soups, and Gravies, one ounce of Eitract is equal to two pounds of best gravy beef. -2 uz 2s.; 4 oz., 3'- Od i lb., 7s. Od. 111)., 14s., in Jars with Thompson's patent stoppers. Insist on having Sir. TOOTH'S Manufacture LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT BISJUITS (Coleman's Patent', really delicious. highly nutritive. and economical in- valuable to Travellers, Sportsmen, Invalids, &,c, very suitable for luncheon. —Tins, Is I 8 and 38. 9d. each LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT LOZENGES (Coleman's Patent', in Boxes, Is., 2s. ltd., and 4s. (id., palatable and con- venierit. Sold by RICHARD HUGHES, Chemist, Bangor. W. J. COLEMAN & CO., 13, St. Mary-at-Hill, London, KC 1230 ————— READ THE-wARNING VOICE, To TUB DEBI LIIATED.-I)r. mith. the ceiel,rated Physici-n for trip etire 01 Nervous Debility, continues to send by post, free of charge, a copy of his invaluable work, The Warnin* Voice(130 pat'fõ) a J dical Work on the Cure by Meilicine only of Nervous nt)n,n Painful i?mins. Mental and )'hye?at Dt'preÛon, Pal- pitati,?t;? of the Heart, Noi?" in the Head and ):ars Indecision, mMi?d<'iehtah<t?<'m?y.!nd?Mtion. LOS8 of hnerey and Apl)etite P.fins in the Bk and Timid? ?if,X..tru. Dis- z.HM< LMeotS.itud?.f.?ondtfM r.?. &c, i hlA Important hnninnntMu- thcPt.'<pt'ons and Instructions by "htch many ) n.?d. ? r Sn.ith's p meats have been restored to health a dvijoiir. .tte?kc.ri. i.) and all other ta)se))-caUe? remedies had failed. Sent Iree, under seal, to any address, on receipt of a stalUi'ed dir"4'I..d CIl\'tdnpt'. staii,pe(i CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN. Dr smith ».li lor the ileneti. oi Pe.sons .uttering from Ner vous D. biiitv &e on receiving a dtseription of their case (en (Itfling a st iiiiiie(i directed envelop- for reply), send his %vrittc OI)ililoti, ivitil atl%i(.e 'and tiirectioiiv, for the most tuccessf anti Ur A,I,Iress, DrSmith. 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C.1270 ?y ?l     ?\\?'  9 ■ ? ?'o? ? ?  TABLE DELICACIES) Of the Highest Q-aalitY, Manufactured by & J ) CROSSEBLACKVVELL 11' PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. I rROPMETORS OP j CAPTAIN WHITE'S ORIENTAL PICKLE \[ AND CURRY PASTE. Sold retail in all farts of the World, and Wholesale at the Alanufacto,y, Uvv SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. ZE MEDALS, PARIS EIHIBITIDN. l887. Great Western, and Denbigh, Ruthin, and Corwen Kailways, SEA BATHING CHEAP Excursion Tickets, are issued daily to FHYL as follows:- Fares for the Double Journey. From *.m. SrdCiass. Do)f;eUey Dep 6 4:> 5s ud Bontnewydd "? 4g 6d Drws Nant 7 ) ';is Llanuwchllvn ,,7 17 4s 3d Bala „ 7 -"0 8s Cd Llmfiderfel 7 H 3s 3d Llamliillo 3s Id Tynwyd "s 0 2s 10d Conven H 8 10 tfs Od Gwytldelwern 8 20 ?s Cd IKnwon 8 30 2s tid Xantclwyd 83) 2s 4d V.varth » 8 4;) 2s (ld Ittitliin s0 Is Od Rhewl 8 Ô3 is Sd Llanrhaiadr 8 vS' Is 0d KUvl • Arr. 10 b These tickets will alxo be issued on Saturdays by the 10 40 a in. up train from Corwen and intermediate stations, and also by the 4 .(1 p m. from Kuthin, IMiewl, and Llanrhiiiadr. On every Satunhy, until further notice, 1st and nd class return tickets will be issued from rorwen and intermediate sta- tions to Khvl by the 8 10 a.m and 10 40 am tmins, and also by the 4 10 p.m. from Buthiu, KhewJ, and Llanrhaiadr. Fares lor tlie Double Journey. 1st Class. 2nd Class CorweH, Gwvddelwern, Derwen, Nantclwy(l. )s 48 Eyarth, Kuthin, Iihewl, Llanrhaiadr 3s 6d 2s Od All those tickets arc availablp for the day of issue only. Keturn A rraneJJlents PAssengers for stations between Ey- arth Corwen and Dolgeltey inclusive,return by the tiain leaving Rhyl at 4 1 > p.m., and wili have time at Kuthin up to September 9th to view the Fine Arts Exhibition, and will be allowed to proceed by the 6 .n p m. train on profl11eing their tickets, Pas- sengers for Llanrhaiadr, Eliewl. and Kuthin, return by the 10 pm, or 8 '0 p, m. Trains from Rbyl. The splendid Promenade Pier open daily, and a fine brass band plays upon it and the parade at stated hours during the day. Children under twelve, half-price Tickets not transferable. By Order, T. CARTWRIGHT, General Manager. Ruthin Strtion, August, 1868. 1204 -u_- ..}- _u .n LLTFBAU CYHOEDDEDIG AC AR WERTH GAS H. Humphreys, Caernarfon, At ar werth gan y Llyfrwerthm/r yn gyffrtdimol. Llyfrau Crefyddol, Lly" Merthyron Newydd (gyda 27 0 Gerfladan.) llian » t ralth ypererin. ytair rhan (argrafflad mawr) 6i. Cc.; lljan 66 lalth v Pererin, eto (argraftd byeban I'r llogeli) llian S 0 Arwelnydd y 0*1' lenangc, gau y Parch. J. A Jamea, lIIan 3 6 Arweinydd y Ferch leuangc, gan J. A James »».! man s 0 Mynegeir Yagrythyroly Parch. Peter Wmíms, bL; Ilian 6 6 North Gweddl: neu y Diwyglad mawr yn America, Illan36 Gelrlsdnr Ysgrythyrol W. Haries, llian 7s. fch., lledr 8 B Aeoriad t'r Ysgrythyrau Santaldd, gan yr tin, as. 6ch.; llian 1 0 Qelriadtir Tsgrythyrol y Parch. Wm. Dav-ies, ),n ngliyda'r Agoriad I'r Ysgrythyrao, llian 10s. 6cli., IledP 1,1 6. PalM y lirenln Mawr, gan Hollls Head, America 3s 1 an » 6 65 o Hregethau. gan Weinldoglon Wesleysldd an 10 6 Traethawd ar Hnnan-adnabydd.aeth, gan J Mason Iliaii16 Crist, cyfaill Pechadur, gan dad y Parch Newmun Hall 0 3 llaner Cant o Kesymau dros drol at Ddnw. itan U Baxter 0 » Tyred at lest), gan y Parchedlg Newman 11a, 1 Llulldln 0 a Dylvnwch Icsu, gan y Parchedlg Ncwnian Hall, Llundain 0 3 Y Crefyddwr Sefydlog, gan y Parchedlg W. H. t-\ans 0 S AUwedd Iachawd*Tiaeth, sefy pedwar ncood mt»n llian 1 » Hrenddwyd hvnod Athraw Y.gol Sul o America 0 Pechodau Bych.iln, (I Riant,) gan y Parch T a txanoer 0 S Ba-gedald o VU>dau, net; F"iddnp.Ua«tli (refyd, 0 6 Cant o Fvfvrdortau ar amrywiol destynau, gan Johh 1 0 6 llnddtold'eb Crefydd i'r lenengctyd, gan y Parch. J Elias 0 6 Hane. l«uUrlstOlyfrl";uengct)d,)ganyPa.ch V\. Mason 0 6 Afala Aur i Bobl Ieuaingt, iCIioron Gogoniant i hen 13ohl Q 6 Esponiad Wesley ar y Test. Newydd, III,oJ 7s. 6th. j lledr 8 6 Yr Arfaeth Dragywyddol, gan y Parch. D. tlws, Pentraeth 1 0 YOwyliau: eo peehadurnørwydd dan yr efeuyl, Ran yr nu 0 I Galwad Ddeffrousarbenauteuluoedd, gan y Parch D. Elias 0 3J Y Pechod o leno yn Anghydmarus, gan y I arch. D Ehas 0 a Traethawd ar Gyfiawnhad, ga., y Parch J. Goodwin 2 0 Pregeth ar Esgyniad y Messiah, gan Christmas Evans 0 9 Y Bitbell ar Allot, sef Gweddiau Teuluaidd am bob dyda 0 6 Cyfeiliornadau a Dlchellion Saint y Dyddiau Diweddaf 0 3 Traethawd ar Fedydd, gan y Parch. Wm. Roberts, Clynog 1 0 Adotyc?c.arDraetbawdMr.EnMUt<M!t.emHo')!TeEa' I 0 Marwolaeth UI, gan y Parch. Solomon Ge_er, ')iac 16 lilyfrau Hanesyddol, &c- Gwelthian lylarinojosephus, lHan, 16s; Heir Hi 0 Bywyd ac Anturlaethan rhyfeddol Robinson Crusoe Kmh 3 J Hanes y C) inry, gan y Parch. 0. Jones Manchester, man 3 o ilanes Crefydd yn Sghymrn, Ran D. Peters, byrddan 6 5 Hanes y Cymry, gan Ellis Wyn o Wyrfal ■ Bywvdan Knwogion.sef hanes amryw bersonao hynod, man 3 o Ystorfa Haneslol, sef hanes Awstralla, Llundain, fcc. than 3 6 Hanes bywyd Napoleon Buonaparte, Ymerawdwr Ffralngc 0 e Hanes bywyd Admiral Lord Nelson, prtf for-ryfelwr y byd 01 Hanes bywyd Dn. Wellington, or'taestion mllwraidd 0 ø Hanes bywyd a Marwolaeth Nicholas merawdwr RWMla 0 B Hanes bywyd Die Aberdaron, yr lelttiyddwr rhyfedSol 0 ø Caban Fewyrth Tomos, gan H. Beecher Stowe, o America 0 B Arwelnydd Cymrelg I Ryfeddodan Mundain, gyda Map 0 6 Gwladyr Aur: sef hanes Awstralla, gyda Map, la; bebddo O ft FfynonCegin Arthur, rblnwedd meddygol el dyfroedd.fco. 0 o Llyfrau Barddonol. Mnnudan Segnr, 160 o Ganenon gan Derfel, Is. 6c. j man: Telthlan a Barddoniaeth Robyn Ddo o Eryrl, Illan60 Ehedlad y Meddwl, gan y dlweddar W. Thomas, Csergrbl a 6 Dewlsol Hymnan y Parch. Wm. Williams, Pant ycelyn 0 6 Y Blodeua.% (Boqvet,) can lorwerth Glan Aled 0 6 Blodan Arfon; sef Gwaltb Dewl Wyn 0 Eiflon, Illill 5 0 Celngclau'r Awen, Caneuon gan Owilym ap loan, Powlais 1 0 Telyn Seion; set Pedair ar Bymtheg o Carolan Nadollg 0 6 Orlan Uamddeno), gan Gwyndaf Hen a Chaertallwg 0 6 Anfonir gwerth ewllt nc uchod drwy y Post yn DDI* DRAUL, ar dderbyniad gwerth yrhyn a fydd udaa mewn Post-office Order, neu Stamps, eyfeiriedig Mr. H. HUMPHREYS, Printer, Carnarvon. — THE BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. Sold by all Chemists, Sec at Is lid. 2s 9d, and -is 6d per Box. KAY E S W 0 I! S I) EL J;r-' -S- í -Ù-LS THE BEST REMIWY FOIt INDIOERTION. Sold by all Chemists, Ac., at is 1M, 2s9d, and 4s 6d per Box. KAY E' S Õ H S))"E f;-i-;s-P-j-LL-S-: THE BEST iiKMEDY FOR ASTHMA. Sold by all Chemists. \c at Is lid, 2s 9d, and 4s Hd per Box. K A y f ■ s wTTif sT) if L PT LL80 THE BKST KE.MEDY FOR CHUGHS AXD COLDS. k a y!1 \v7nrs'ITeTT^S i' i L L S THE BEST DIEDY FOR BILIOUS DISORDERS. Sold by all Chemists, Ac., atjs 1 |d. 2s 0d, and 4s0d |ier Box. K-,k Y EL1, i L L S. THE BKSl R EM ED Y FOR PISEV-ES OF THE SKIN. Sold bv all Chemists, A'c., at Is l?d, 2s Od, and 4s tid per Box. K I.: I S W (I H S 1) E 1, PILLS. THE BEST REMEDY FOR GOUT AND RHEUMATISM. Sold by all Chemists. Ac., at is ljd, 2s (Id, and 4s (id per Box. KAY I h L S. TH BEST REMFDY FOR F MALE COMPLAINTS. cold by all Chemists, AC., at Is ljd, is 9d, and 4s Cd per Box. K Y EVS VY O R S f) E t, L S PILLS THE III ST REMEDY FOR NfRVOUS 'FFECTIONS. Sold bv all Chemists. if at Is 1 ;,d, 28 lid and 4s 6d per Box. KAY E' S \I 0 U-S.o'E"t-t' S-P ILLs 1! ave been in constant use for nearly Half a Century, and have met with UNIVERSAL SUCCESS. 22 r GENTS' SUITS. 4 GREAT REDUCTION IN BOYS$ CLOTHING W-AEEAKTED ALL WOOL, AND HADE ON THE PREMISES BI HAND LABOUR. KKICKEBBOCKIR S131S OP Meltons, Cheviots, Scotch Tweeds, and Aneolas. From Ll 2a. 6d. BOYS' SUITS JACKET, VEST, AND TROUSERS. From £1 So. 6d. < rHE CELEBRATED ORIGINAL 50s. SUITS, Made from the best Welsh and Scotch Tweeds. &c., &c., &c., by JOHN ARONSON, l & 2, BANK PLACE, BANGOR. Knickerbocker, 22s (id. BOYS' SUIT, 25s. fid. MRS. 8. A. ALLEN'S T????ZYLOBALSAMUM V L^W f ?L?F? ? FOR DRESSING & BEAUTIFYING THE HAIR. m ?y M M   ?. A clear transparent preparation without i -r t ■ *■ sediment, and held in high esteem ?'???? ?? ? ? ?' ? t y*- y? ??????. thousands of ladies for g .?)r *??< ??? t? ? and preparation wtthout ???/? ?//<y children's hair. DREsilN^ go ?<v ?s?  ?Comtited in OM Bottle.) sl^ lf\ ?? g ? ?t?y J ———— ???L?r?f *?y /? ??T?? This nneqmjtod preparation Dever ??? ???? m m 9 fails to invigoMte and beautify the Hair, ??? ?? <t? ? ?m??-a IT IS HOT ? DYE, BUT IT WU. RESTORE FIREV HAIR C. TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOUR, C f Itarrests the fall and produces a luxuriantand healthy growth. < /J PRICE SIX SHILLINGS. Wholesale HIGH HOLEORN, LONDON. 11 Sold by most Chemists and Perfumert. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE. THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINE. ADVICE TO INV ALIDS,-If you wish to obtain quiet refreshing sleep, free from headache, relief from pain and anguish, to calm and assuage the woary achings of protracted disease, invigorate the nervous, media, and rsgulate the circulating systems of the body you will provide yourself with tnau marvellous remedy discovered by Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE (late Army Medical Staff), to which he gave the name of CHLORODYNE, and which is admitted by the Profession to be the most wonderful and valuable remedy ever discovered. CHLORODYNE is the best remedy known for Coughs, Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma. CHLORODYNE effectually checks and arrests those too often fatal diBeases- Diptherja, Fever, Croup, Ague. CHLORODYNE acts like a charm in Diarrhcea, and is the only specific in Cholera and Dysentery, CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation and Spasms. CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer, Toothache, Meniugitis, Ac. CAUTION.—BEWARE of PIRACY and DIITA TIOS, CArTTO'.f.-Vice-Cbancellor Sir IV. PAOBWOOD stated that Dr. J. COLLis nHOW". was, undoubtedly, the Inventor of CHLORODYNE; that the storv of the Defendant, FBBBUAN, was deliberately untrue, which, he regretted to say, had been sworn to.—See Times, 13th July 1K64. Sold in Bottles at IN Hd, 2s 9d, -is 6d and lis each. None is genuine without the words Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE "on the Government Stamp. Overwhelming Medical Testimony accompanies each bottle. SOLR MANUFACTUBBB J. T. DAVENPORT, 33 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London.  ????E?BaaB?a" ARE NOT lpo I S ONOUS. CONTAIN NO jr IECU#ttlff E I so Zd byCROCFqS, CHEMISTS.Ironmoncfr<z!MJ y CHANDLERS. STATIONERS &CEVERVWHERZ. WHITECHAPEL ROAD. LONDON, B. LONDON EXHIBITION, 1802.  >?? Only Prize Medal awarded. ??0  ? Jurors' Report: Exeeedin?y eq2o Or, 00,2%? ? excellent for Food. *? '? D'A?. '??T?? ——— J^t" Sold Every. -to 4 Z' p where. -?tOASPIOS"??'???? *4  ..???.a ?? ?? ?'?? jo uonoajiej,,  ? ?Ty luoilipue ooea  ?.?/&? SUWIIIBD ?M .Morof 9? ?mM. e&j. 'jnonoH JO TIPON J9Ane *I08 "*?<?i?t. '?98i 'ROILISO I 3r SIgTJ ??. Post Free, 6 Stamps, from Anthor, Coombe Lodge, Peckham, NEW EDITION OF Mr. G. T. CONGREVE'S Work ON CONSUMPTION Which has now passed through 91 Editions of 1000 each! Tins remarkable book treats of the causes, symptoms and progress of this fell disease, through all its stages, and the TRUE TREATMENT, WITH INTERESTING AND EXTRAORDINARY CASES OF CURE. TREATS ALSO OF ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, &e. INTERESTING COMMUNICATIONS. i.-Prom REV. ISAAC COMFORT (late of Forest Hill, and now of Tonbridge Wells), rela- tive to his daughter. The patient was brought to me last year, suffering from great bronchial irritation andnervous cough,with tendency to phthisis. Had been under medicaltreatment without benefit for some time. Jan. 31st, 1808, Mr. COMFORT writes me as follows t—44 I am thankful to tay that by the blessing of God upon your treatment, my daughter is restored to health. I shall circulate your fame far and near, feeling satisfied ITOXE NEKD DESPAIR." 2.-From Mr. J. F. READ, 43 Bassett-street, Bedford. My wife had suffered from the most severe conph for some years past. The Rev. W. Jeffery (whose name appears in the book) advised me to try your treatment. She has quite recovered, and enjoyed good health since. We find your medicine a moat VALUABLY, TAKIW MEDICINE. Make what use you please of my wife's case.Feb. 3rd, 1868. T REBuS i i> INDIGESTION I rfioRToSSlffl I Sold everywhere. Bottles 4 lid,, gs. 9d., And Ils, EXTRAORDINARY CURES of PARALYSIS, HMKUMATISM, DKBIUTY. INDIGESTION, &c., by means of "HAI,$ E'S GALVANIC APPARATUS."—The marvellous recovery of Mrs. E (?anor Davics, of Trebanne CcHan. near Lamp?tcr, Wales; of Dr. Bennett Gilbert, of London; of Mr. Sidney Da?is, of Ncwcastle-on- of Nfr. lane, of Alce,?tr; and otíic. have astonished the Tw :?0 ie medical I"I as the pubHc They arc more like miracles than cures br natural Ineans All the usual remedies had been tried, a1-o galvanism, by means of various machines, but in vain. Halse's Galvanic Apparatus restored them all to health. 8uch to,indl." ?ur?. must surely convince every one that It galvanism ? resorted to it h?,uld be ?ppHed by me&M of HakeIg Galvanic Apparatus "—Sec particulars in pamphlet. Invalid =In u'?'; -e??:udod tri." Galvanfb d n be Apparatus," simply becat?se th air medical men or others have been f:;a .t?r R)ncgih!raf; ¿:nr th;:8 nor should they listen to the silly remark frequently mad that G?van ism from one machine is it? "'?tual 11 from anyothr Mchine. nI?p Iyut?onsens, pr?tit,er who has b,?. in the habit of usiIl Halse'. apparatus well knows. Fact< are ism fron, ao,nee rtion o, f using facts rep ?ct ?g Ha"?" 0"' '?l Apparatus stubborn things," an1 the facts respecting Halse's Galvanic ApparatM are, that the forc?otnif fases prove beyond the poMibiUty of a doubt, that his machines succeed in m?inft curca in CMM where other Machin.e, nl only fail, but prove positively injurious. How can this be accounted few, if the effects of a I machine re the same ? Mr. Halse hu frequently known h,smaell inl, cure CUH of sratysis In which the meilevl men have Insisted that ,am w" Old% uIt* useless," as the patients "ere 'u?ering from either a softening o the brain or .08 ?hir ?.?ery s an evident proo f t at they were :ffjrK8l:'(>II:; If they h";dstJarDYi:í\?atnFsorJ 1 b:er: uselp8. M, ?ileal Ion who are afi aii to administer galvanism, cither know nothing of Mr. H&tM'<ApparatMa,ortheyh<tye befn usm? theM cheap torture-producing mach1Del, which bring so much discredit on galvanism. Many medical men having tried these small machine!, and having found them worse than utc!eM, are nowus?ne "HaUc's Apparatus" Instead. Indeed' man inyalid? now refuse t galvanised Iv any ht;:pP' n{¡tlV)80rG;: In his fli}TrIt)s: on Galvanism," savs, Halse's Apparatus is capable ,,ecting cure, in cases in .h?, ? t c common 8 mail machine, are both ubelo, and injurious. Ifeing constructed entirely for medical purposes, Halse's Machine combines all the advantages which experience nas suggested. The price, £10 108 may be thought high, but, considering ita contents, it is r?aUy cheap. fiuch is Dr viarthUVs opinion of Halse's Galvanic Apparatus." Invni,d.ob send two stamps to Mr. ?I H. Halie, Warwick Lodge, 40, Addison 1"4, Keusinown, L.40., for ta. pamphlet M SIX CARTES DE VISITE, Is 8d; twelve 2a 8d; Carte enlarged to 10 inches on 15 in. by 12 in. India mount, 7s 6d; Cabinet, 2s 6d. Send Carte with stamps. Perfect copies returned free. London Photographic Company, 40, High Holboro, London. F. S. D. PHILLIPS, Manager. n _u_- Per doz. Per doz. 18s.-TARRAGONES-18s. BOTTLES AND CASES INCLUDED. Post Orders on Vere Street. CHARLES WARD AND SON, WINE MERCHANTS, Per doz. MAYFAIR, W., LONDON. Per do.. 18s.-TARRAGONES-1 8s. DENT, Chronometer, Watch and Clock i7 Makers to Her Majesty, H. R. B. the Prince of Wales, and H. I. M. the Emperor of Russia, and Makers of the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, 61, Strand, and 34 and 35, Royal Exchange, London Gold Lever Watches k s d from 16 16 0 Gold Half Chrono- meters, winding with or without key, from 36 15 0 Gold Hunting Case extra 550 Gold G va Wat- ) ches inin & guarant d from 7 0 Silver Lever Watches P. s d from 5 5 0 Silver Half Chronomo- meters, winding with or without a Key from 26 5 0 Silver Half Chronome- ters, In Hunting Cascs from 27 6 0 arine Chronometers 36 15 0 Gold Chains, 16 and 18 carat, from ie4 4s. Drawing Room and Library Clocks in Ormolu, Marble, Ac., winding with or without a key. Dials, Bracket and Astronom- ical Clocks of every description. Turret Clocks made to orde E. DENT & CO., H,Strand, and 34 and 35, Royal Exchange, London. MARAVILLA COCOA. OF t W t THE PERFECTION OF 1 PREP A RED COCOA.  PROPRIETORS, MARAVILLA COCOA. TAYLOR ^RO^ LONDON. Tho COCOA (or CACAO) of MARAVILLA is the true Theohr.->ma of Linnaeus. Cocoa is indigenous to South Amcriea, of which Maravilla is a favoured portion. TAYLOR BROTHERS having secured the exclusive supply of thl, UNRIVALLED COCOA, have, I)y the skilful application of their "soluble principlo" and elaborate rortchincr1. woduoed what is so undoniably 41 TUK PERFECTION OF PREPARED COCOA," that it has not only secured the preference of Homoeopaths, and Cocoa drinkers generally, but many who had hitherto not found any proparatioutosuit them have after one trial adopted the MARAVILLA COCOA as their constant beverage for breakfast, luncheon. &e. AN ACCOMPLISHED FACT. —Extract from the wfooe: TAYLOR BROTHERS, adapting their perfect system I of preparation to this finest of all species of the THEOBKOMA, have produced an article which supersedes EVKKY OTHEB COCOA in the market. Entire aotubility, a delicate aroma, and a rare concentration of the purest elements of nutrition distinguish the MARAVILLA COCOA above all others. For invalids we could not recommend a more agreeable or 'valuable beverage." SOL" IS PACXXIS owly, lib. jib. and lib., BY ALL GHOCIM. PRIME NEW SEASON'S TEA. PHILLIPS & CO., TEA MERCHANTS, 8 KING WILT.IAM STREET, CITY, LOXDuN\ K.O. Arevov«''thio STRONG HLArK TKAS. 1 6,2,2'1. VERY EXCKLLHNT HLACK TEA is now onlv tM» ppr lb. RARE CIIOICK GENUINE COFFEE,3,1-l^lb. A PRrCP. f rtiKi Nr POST FBKK. 8CGABS AT MARKUT PKICBS. A CHINEF. Co" ODY containing 16 lbs. of really good BLACK TEA sent carriage free to any railway station or Market T»>wn in England, on receipt 40." by PHILLIPS and CO., Tea Merchants, 8, Kini; Wilham-sstrcet, City, E.C. PHILLIPS & CO. send all GOODS CARRIAGE FREE to all London, and Teas, Coffees, and Spices Carriasrc Free to any railway station or market town in England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, if to the yohw of 40s. and upwards. PHILLIPS & CO. have no agents, and no connection with any house in Worcester or Swansea. USE ONLY THE GLENFIELD STARCH. THE QUEENS' LAUNDRESS USES NO OTHER 717 CANDLES AsKpon FIELD'S PATENT SELF-FITTING CANDLES Safety, Economy, and Cleanliness combined From One Shilling per lb. upwards. SOAPS. FIELD'S CELEBRATED TOILET SOAP TABLETS United Service, Spermaceti. White Paraffin, and United Ktngdom combine the emollient properties of the most carefully prepared Soap, with a perfume of unrivalled delicacy and permanence. 122 Vubltcattms. Just Published, THE Religious Statistics of Wales; a Pamphlet-price 2d; or 12s 6d per 100. To be had of Mr. Douglas, Bangor and of all Booksellers. NEW MDSIe. JUST PUBLISHED, ST EDITION of the Royal Visit March dedicated to R, Sorton Parry, Esq., composed by W. Hayden, of Carnarvon. Price, 2s: by post, 25 stamps- 1526 PRICE REDUCED FROM 5s. TO In Small Crown 8vo., p.p. 306, Cloth, Price 39. SERMONS: preached chiefly at Bangor O Cathedral, by E. PUGHE, B.A.. late Senior Vicar of the Cathedral, now Rector of Llantrisant, Anglesey, and Rural Dean. Parker and Sons, London and Oxford; J. K. Douglas, Bangor. TO VlSll'OK.S AIND UlHElib. NOW Heady, Third Edition, enlarged and Neorrected, price Sixpence, by post Sevenpence, LLANDUDNO AS IT M. by HUGH MULLENFUX WALMSLI'.Y, Colonel Imperial Ottoman Army, author of "Journal of a Bashi Bazouk, &c., &,c. Published and bold by J. K. Douglas, Chronicle Office- Bang ir Just Published. URQUHART AND DAMSONS NEW BEDDING LIST, MAY be had free by post, or on application 1 at the office of this paper, or to URQUHART and ADAMSUN, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, kc., The House Furnishing Establishment and North of England Bedding House, 13 and 15, Bold Street, Liverpool. Factories,—Concert Street and Flat Street. 673 NOW PUBLISHED, HYMNAU HEN A NEWYDD, i'w harfer yngwasanaeth yr Eglwys. HYMN AND TtJNE BOOK. Limp cloth, sprinkled edges 2 6 Cloth boards, red edges 3 0 Roan boards, red edges 4 0 HYMN BOOK. s. d. Limp cloth, sprinkled edges 1 0 Cloth boards, red edges 1 Roan boards, red edges 2 0 The usual allowance is made to the Trade, and to Con- gregations purchasing quantities. All particulars can be obtained on application to the Publishers, J. Haddon and Co 3 Bouverie Street, Fleet Street, London. The Books may also be had at the Bangor Depot of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, through all Cuuntry Booksellers, or direct from the Publishers. Single copies will he forwarded post-free at the above pnees. Clergvmen in the diocese of Bangor can receive one- fourth of their Subscriptions to the Bangor Branch of the S P.C.K. in "Hymnau Hen a Newydd." PENDYFFRYN BRICK WORKS. RED and White, pressed, perforated and common BRICKS on Sale. • Apply to Vernon Darbishire, Pendyffryn Works, Conway. 17 GUN C O T'T 0 N PRENTICES COMPRESSED CHARGES. THE CHEAPEST AND SAFEST EXPLOSIVE FOR MINING AND QUARRYING. A CHARGE of given size exerts six times Atlie power of Gunpowder. The small space at the bottom of the hole filled by this dense explosive enables the miner to increase ur diminish the power of each blast, and to obtain the proper position of the line of least re- sistance. Much heavier burdens may be placed before each blast, thus saving in the cost of drilling by reducing the number, the diameter and the depth of the holes. Regulated charges for Splitting and Pillaring tine Slate Rock. For particulars, apply to Mr. William Casson, Plas yn Penrhyn, Portmadoc. 3* Post Free fty Tico Stamps. The most Valuable Book ever Published for Nervous Sufferers THE SECRET FRIEND by DR. BARNES, M.D., who has for twenty years given hisexclusive attention to the treatment and cure of all Sexual Maladies. Nervous and Phvsicial Debility, Loss of Memory, Pains in the Back, Dimness of Hight, lassitude, Indigestion, Spermatorrhea Impediments to Marriage and other ailments, caused by the follies of youth, which, if neglected, result in consumption, insanity and an early death, Dr Barnes's name has been before the Public notice for a considerable time, and the cures he has effected has gained him a far-famed and justly-merited repute for his skill in the treatment of the above, and all Sexual diseases, without the use of Mercury. His medical work, the Secret Friend, is illustrated with numerous Cases and Testimonials from Patients, showing the way by which th..y were restored to health and manly vigour it is a true guide to those who require a speedy cure. Sent post free, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps. effaddress, Dr. Barnes, 30, Thornhill Crescent, Caledonia Road, London, N. 154- HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR THE LJL NERVOna AND DEBILHATED.—A single copy of a new medical work, written by one of the most eminent medical men of the present day, solely for the benefit and guidance of that class of sufferers whose affections are often self-inflicted, and who desire a speedy and private cure yet too often become the dupes of designing London quacks. For such sufferers this work is intended, showing a certain means of cure in all cases of nervous debility, relaxation, organic, or local weakness, langour, blushing, debility, and various other nervous symptoms also showing how all the so-called impediments to marriage may be effectually removed with numerous illustra- tive cases of parties who have been restored to the blessings of health by following the advice laid down in this work. Sent free to any address, on receipt of stamps to pre-pay postage. -Addre.. to the Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. CAUTION.-Parts of the above book have been copied by several quacks. Persons should be CAreful in whose hands they intrust their health, and read this work before applying to any one. boo K BIN DIN G, TO THE PUBLIC. Every description of BOOKBINDING neatly and expeditiously executed at the Wales Chronicle and Cronicl Cymru dikes, High-street. BANGOll, Bookbinding. ACCOUNT f!0,IKS, LEDGERS, &c., in Wvlum, Russia, or Calf, witk or without Kut^a Bands, ami warranted to open flat, manufactured on tlio premises. BOOKBINDING. 1- &r. ,T' TO THE TRADE. Einding, Paper Ruling, Paging, Number- ing, Perforating, &c., executed at the usual Trade Prices, at Douglas' JSteam Printing and Book-binding Works, High Street, Bangor. RUPTURE By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, WHITE'S 110C-MAIN LEVER Th'IISS. REQUIRING no steel spring round the body, is recoinmendeil by the following peculiar- ties and advantages :-1st, facility or application 2nd, perfect, freedom from liability to chafe or excoriate 8rd' it may be worn "with equal comfort in any position of the body, by day or night 4th, it admits of every kind of exercise, without the slightest inconvenience to he wearer, and is perfectly concealed from observation. We do not hesitate to give to this invention our un- qualified approbation, and we strenuously advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort. obtain from any apparatus or truss as from that which wr have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending."— Church and State Gazette. Recommended by the following eminent Surgeons William Ferguson, Est)., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery in King's College, Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &c. C. G. Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophalmic Hospital W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assist- ant, Surgeon to King's College Hospital T. Gallaway, Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; T. Blizard Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital W. J Fisher, Esq Surgeon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; Robert Liston, Esq., F.R.S. James Luke- E.sq.,IStirgeon to the London Truss Society Eramus Wil- son, Esq., F.R.S., and many others. A descriptive circular may be had by post, and the Truss (which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by pos- on sending the circumference of the body two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer. Mr. WHITE, 223, Piccadily, London. Price of a Single Truss, lGs., 21s., 26s. 6d., and 31s. 6eL Postage, Is. Douùle, 31s. 6d., 42s., and 52s. 6d. Postage, la. 8d. Umbilical,, 42s., and 52s. 6d., Postage, Is. 10 Post-office orders to he made payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office, Piccadilly NEW PATENT ELASTIC STOCKINGS. KNEE CAPS, &c., The mail, rial of which these are made, is recommended by the Faculty, of as being peculiarly ELASTIC and COMPRESSIBLE, and THE BEST INVENTION forgiving efficient and permanent support in all cases of WEAK- NESS and swelling of the LEGH, VARICOSE VEINS. SPRAINS, kc. It is porous, light in texture, and inex- pensive and is drawn on like an ordinary Stocking. Price from 4s. 6d.. 7s. Gd., 10s. to 16s. each. Postage, 6d. JOHN WHITE, Manufacturer, 228, PICCAILLY LONDf N. Specimens may be seen in the Crystal Palace, LLANRWST PUBLIC DYEING EST A ULISHMENT. OWING to the sudden death of Mr Wil. \_7 liam Pritchard, the celebrated Dyer, MRS PRITCHARD, his widow, begs to inform the inhabitants ef North and South Wales, that she will continue t* carry on the business altogether the same as before, at she has the same directions, materials, opportunities, and workmen, and also the same agents everywhere. Chief Agent: Mr William Jones. Gl.inadda, Bangor, North Wales, who will occasionally visit every part of the Principality. 604 Everything will be carried on the same as formerly. a I ?,ftl( kAb PURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SODA WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, POTASS WATER. ELLIS'S, KUTHIN, SELTMR W ATlili. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN. LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITHIA & POTASS WATER, AN EXCELLENT INTERNAL REMEDY FOR GOUT. The Public are particularly requested to observe that every Cork is branded R. Ellis and Son, lluthin." with- • out which none is genuine. May be ootained from all respectable Chemists, COli. fectioners, and Hotel-keepers and Wholesale only, from R. ELLIS AND SON Ruthin, North Wales. 5 PARAFFIN LAMPS WITHOUT CHIMNEYS. THE PATENT ANUCAPNIC LAMP gives JL the whitest flame and most brilliant light of any lamp known. No chimney, smoke, or smell. The No. 9 burner gives the light of eight sperm candles, at a cost of one penny for five hours. The PATENT SAFETY STABLE LAMP is the best Lantern in use. No Farmer should allow any other to be used about his Steading. No straw or any combui tible matter can reach the flame. Manufactured by T. Bowatt and Son, Edinburgh and London. May be had through any respectable iron- mongers. 1296 H 0 L Y H BAD. tl SMITH'S MARINE HOTEL, WATERSIDE, HOLYHEAD, A first class Family and Commeicial Hotel, comman- ding an uninterrupted view of the sea and the Snowdon- ian range of mountains, replete with every comfort, in- cluding Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths, Billiard Room, &c. Cars for Hire. A 'Bus meets the Trains and Steamers. Charges moderate. Pi-ol,rietor-W. H. SMITH, Auctioneer and Appraiser. 19 THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF HEALTH. HOLLOW AY'S PILLS. The grand secret of attaining happiness is to secure gooil health, without which life in stripped of all its plea. surcs. The first irregularity of any function should be checked and set right by appropriate doses of these fine purifying Pills, which strengthen the system by thorough- ly cleansing the blood from all impurities. They balance disordered action, remove the cause of disturbance, and restore its normal and natural power to every organ, without inconvenience, pain, or any other drawback. Derangement of the BOIccls, Lii-ei- and StlJn!ll"h Complaints. This medicine is so well known in every part of the world, and the cures effected by its use are so wonderful, as t" astonish everyone. Its pre-eminence as a remedy for bilious and liver complaints, and derangement of the stomach and bowels, is no longer a matter of dispute of doubt. In these diseases the beneficial effects of Hollo- way's invaluable Pills are so permanent and extensive that the whole system is renovated, the organs of diges- tion strengthened, and full and easy assimilation pro- moted, so that both physical and moral energy are in- creased. Determination of Blood to the Head. This is generally occasioned by some irregularity of the stomach and bowels, which, if not quickly attended to, frequently terminate fatally. A few doses of these fa- mous Pills never fail to give tone to the stomach, regu- larity to the secretions, and purity to the fluids. Vertigo, dimness of sight, and other indications of approaching apoplexy, are entirely dissipated by a course of this ad- mirable medicine. The Females Best Friend, For all debilitating disorders peculiar to the sex, and in every contingency perilous to the life of women, youthful or aged, married or single, this mild but speedy remedy is recommended with friendly earnestness. It will correct all functional derangements to which they are subject. Scrofula and all Skin Diseases* For all akin diseases, however inveterate, these medi cines are a sovereign remedy. While the Pills act upon the blood, which they purify, the Ointment passes through the pores of the skin, and cleanses every struc- ture, as water saturates the soil or assalt penetrates meat. The whole physical machinery is thus rendered healthy regular, and vigourous. Coughs, Colds and Asthmas. No medicine will cure colds of long duration or such as are settled upon the chest so quickly as these famous Pills. Even in cases where the first stage [ asthma has appeared, these Pills may be relied on as a cel tain and never-failing remedy, particularly if the Ointmeat be- simultaneously well rubbed into the chest and throat night and morning. Indigestion.—Bilious Headache. These complaints may sometimes be considered trifling but it should be borne in mind that, by inattention and neglect, they often end most seriously. Give early thought to a deranged stomach, take Holloway's Pills, rub his cele- brated Oiutment over the pit of the stomach, and you will shortly perceive a change for the better in your digestion, spirits, appetite, strength, and energy. The improvement, though it may be gradual, will be thorough and lasting. Holloways Pills arc the best remedy known in the world for the following ÐÍiJease8 Ague Dropsy Liver coni Secondary Asthma Dysentery plaints Symptons Bilious Cora- Erysipelas Lumbago Tic-doulourex, plaints Female Irregu- Piles Tumours Blotches on larities Rheumatism Ulcers the skin Feversofall Retention of Veneral affec- Bowel com- kinds Urine tions plaints Fits Scrofula, or Worms Colic Gout King's Evil Constipation Head ache Sore Throats Wounds ot the bowels. Indigestion Stone and Gravel Sold at the Establishment of Professor Holloway, 224, Strand, (near Temple Bar), London alsoby all respecta- ble Druggists and Dealers in Medicines, throughout the civilised world, at the following prices:-Is lbd, 28 Sd, 4s Cd, lis 22s, and 33s each pot. There is aconsiderablesaviug by taking the larger sizes N.B.-I)iuectionq forthe guidance of patients iu every disorder aro affixed to each pot NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The Premises 244, Strand, being required for the new Law Courts, Thomas Holloway's Pill and Ointment Business will be carried on at 533 OXFORD STREET, W.C., on and after the 24th June, 1867, although the Advertisement will, for some time to come, bear the old address, 244 Strand." 1410 — SWMfofl. (SHORT SEA PASSAGE.) EVERY THURSDAY TO AMERICA. T)Y the splendid MAIL STEA- i TKA. ? D MERS of the ALLAN LINE, V?TTjj??S? running in connection with the GRAND TRUNK and other RAILWAYS, and Forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all Stations in CANADA and the WESTERN ST kTE,3:- MORAVIAN .Dee.171 N. AMERICAN.Dec. 31 AUSTRIAN Dec. 24\ Calling at LONDONDERRY (IRELAND), on Friday to embark Passengers and Her Majesty's Mails; and from Poitland to Liverpool every Saturday. Cabin Passage to Portland, Boston, 01 New York, tIS 18s and i'15 15s., including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. Steerage passage CG 6s. to either Portland, Boston, or New York, including a plentiful supply of cooked pro-, visions. Baritiage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Hall- way Cars Free of Expense. For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, to J. & A: ALLAN, in Loii.inii, to MON'TGOMERIE and GREIENHORNE 17, Oraceeliure), street or to ALLAN BROTHERS and CO., Alexandra buildings, James-street, Liverpool 85, Foyle Street, Londonderry. 1467 NATIONAL LINE. STEAM FROM LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVERY WEDNESDAY, AND FROM QUEENSTOWN EVERY THURSDAY. A!KASV NATIONAL STEAM SHIP & NCOMI'ANY (LIMITED) ???.'f-?at.??tf&af '?''?  ?'?-P?'6d British IroB &rev, 'Steam-shIps rew Ships. Tons. France,Gr»C3 3200 I The Queen, Grogan M121 England, Thompson 340U Erin, Welter. 3200 Louisiana, Forbes 2210 I- I- I Ships. nt Helvetia, Cutting '?:. 'On"' 'v' 332,5 Vtrgmt.? ThotBM Denmark,  2874 11 T, M??M "Ill oe uespatcneu irom ijiverpoot to New York as follows HELVE'rIA.Wednesday. ?- 16th ENGLAD.Wednesday. Dec. ?d. DENMARK.Wedne.day, And from Qucenstown the following davs. The Saloon accommodation on board these SteaSmer, i. very superior. Rate of Passage from Livenwn) t?  York, Fifteen Gmnea.. KetSrn Ticke?w????? Guineas. There is excellent accommodation for Steeraire Passeia. gers, and a full supply of Cooked Provisions IiCLVed up by the Company's Stewards. i'.m.<engers booked through to Aspinwall '-San Fratt. cilico,-tlie inland towns of Canada and of the United. States on favourable terms. For freight or passage apply to The NATIONAL STEAM SHIP CO. (Limited) 21 an?? 23, Water-street, Liverpool, ■io N. and J. CUMillNS and BROS., Queenstowa. 2