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MACHYNLLETH. RIRE AT A FARM HOrSE.-Abont midnight on Tuesday, the 1st, it fin* was disuovereJ in an outbuilding adjacent to the Llaufecbain Farm, which is about two lUlled troia tiiid town, The occupier of the farm, an old man named Thomas Jenkins, was aroused from sleep by the uoise made by the cracking of the elates, and 011 going to the window he observed that an out- building was in flames. The river being fortunately close at hand, with tue as-iibtauca of .some of the neigh- bours the tire w;ts contiued to the outbuilding, but it was not gut uii ler until the whole eoiiteuts, which com- prised a quantity of straw and hay, had been des'.royed, and the buiidiug completely gutted. A tine bull which was in the stable under the barn floor was «utfocatcd by the smoke. The damage, which will probabiy not ex- ceed 1620 or zC;30, is, we understand, uot covered by insurance, and the premises, which belong to Earl Vane, were also uninsured. The origiu of the lire is believed to be some tramps smoking in the building. PiSTir SESSIONS, WEDNKSDAY, 2D INST.—Before C. F. Thruaton, E^ aud Rev. \V. U. Daviea. Drunkenne.t.- William Jones, a tramping shoe- maker, wa" summoned by P.O. Koberts, for being drunk in Maeagwyn Street, on jSovember 14th. Defendant did not appear, and a warrant was issued for his appre- hellion. Obstructing the Highway.—William .Taggers, a "cheap Julia, was summoned by P.C. Roberts for obstructing the highway, by leaving his van ou the public streets of Machynlleth, on the night of November 2uth.— Defendant, who admitted the otfence, was fiued bi, and 12s costs. Shooting without a Licence.-William Bebb, farmer, Llanbrynmair, was summoned by Mr Thomas Randle, supervisor of Inland Revenue, for using a gun for the purpose of killiug game, without having tiken out the necessary licence.Defendant admitted that on the day in question, September lot, he had no certificate, but he took one out the following day. He wis going across some laud over which he had the right of shoot- iug, and some partridges rising, he could "ot resist the temptation, aud fired at the covey, but did not Liti.- AJr Kindle said that he believed the defendant had been caught shooting without a, liceuce before this occasion, but this the defendant denied.—He was fined iu the mitigated peuaLty of J.), accompanied with a ro commendation from the Bench that the imposed penalty should be further reduced one-half. River Poaching. —William Wiliiams, labourer, Ma. chynlleth, was summoned by James Panton, river watcher, for fishing in the Dinas river on the 21th Oc- tober, without having a ticket from the liver conser- vators. The defendant was found between two and three o'clock in the afternoon on some land in the ownership of the Rev. W. Cooper, fishing, and when asked for his ticket, he told the keeper that he had permission from the owner of the land. Mr Cooper being communicated with, it was ascertained that the defendant had no right on the land. He did not ap- pear, and being an old offender, he was fined £1, includ- ing costs, or fourteen days. Reminiscences of Llanbrynmair Fair. -.Ilurz,is Thomas, blacksmith, Llanbrynmair, was summoned fur being drunk and riotous at Llanbrynmair on the fair day, and also for assaulting P.C.Nicholas Edwards.—The com- phinaot said that he found the defeudant in the Wynn. stay Arms, drunk and quarrelsome, and creating a great disturbance there, which ultimately resulted in a fight between him and another man. Witness separated them, and gave the defendant into the custody of his friends to see him safe home. The defeudant, how. ever, instead of going home quietly, turned upon the officer and kicked him on the cap of the kuee, and also about the legs, and was so violent that the officer had to get assistance to convey him to the railway station, in order to send him to Machynlleth lock-up.-The defendant admitted being a little intoxicated, but de- nied all knowledge of the assault. He handed in two letters from former employers speaking as to his general conduct, which was therein described as something exemplary, but Mr Chief Constable Danily gave him a very unsatisfactory character, and from evidence given by P.C. Roberts, it appeared that the defendant had been previously convicted of a somewhat similar otience. 1:10; was fined 5s for the first offence, and £1 for the assault, with costs in each case, the total amount of fines and costs being X2. Thomas Williams, waggoner, was summoned for being druuk at Llanbrynmair on the fair day.—P.C. Edwards said that he was the man who was fighting with Thomas in the Wynnstay Arms, and that when they were re- moved from the house defendant challenged him to fight and tried to create a disturbance in the titi eet.- The defendant said that he had only had two glasses of ale, and that he was not the aggressor, Thomas, who was almost a stranger to him, having come into the room where he was sitting and given him a good slap on the face.—He was fined 5s, and 8s costs. David Elias, factoryman, was summoned for interfer- ing with P.C. Nicholas Edwards in the execution of his iluty.-The officer said that whilst he was taking Thomas to the station the defendant followed them, telling Thomas not to go, and when near the station he attempted to rescue him, by taking hold of him ly the waist and pulling him from the officer.-P.C. Thomas gave corroborative evidence and the defendant, who said that the matter was wrong altogether," had to pay j;29 including costs. P.C. Edwards complained that rows of this nature were often occurring, owing to the riotous behaviour of such men as the defendants, who were strangers to the village. The regular inhabitants of the place were quiet and peaceable, and they were being continually an. noyed and interfered with by these men. The Bench intimated that they would take very atroug measures in any case which might come before them, and for the future, imprisonment, without the option of a fine, would probably follow such offences. fle(Ige Rt)bberies. -Henry Barnes, a tramp, was char- ged with stealing a shirt, value 2s 8d, the property of John Edwards, Esgirwaen Cottage. The shirt was put out to dry on a hedge, opposite thb house, between ten and eleven o'clock on the morniug of the 27th ult., and at dusk it was missing. It was found on the following day by P.C. Nicholas Edwards in the possession of the prisoner, at a lodging house uear Llanbrynmair. It was then in a wet state, and the prisoner, who had it in bed with him, admitted that he had taken it from the hedge. —The prisoner, who had only been discharged from Montgomery Gaol the morning that he committed the robbery, after serving fourteen days for tearing up his clothes in Caersws Workhouse, pleaded guilty, and was committed for six weeks, with hard labour. —Patrick Hanley, an Irish tramp, was charged with stealing a pair of stockings, value 4s, the property of Susannah Rees, Llawrpenegoes. The particulars of the case were similar to the previous the stolen property was placed on a hedge to dry at ten o'clock in the morning of No- vember 18th, and was missing at iuid-day.-P.C. Thos. Brown apprehended the prisoner in a lodging-house at Newtown, and found that he was wearing the stockings, which he said he had had for two months. -He was committed for two months, with harl labour.

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