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] OUR WINTER STOCK ALREADY COMPLETE. GOOD MATERIALS WITH EXCELLENT FIT GUARANTEED. WE INVITE INSPECTION. T. RICHARDS & COMPANY, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND OUTFITTERS, BANGOR. CARNARVON A 11 T I L L E R Y AND RIFLE > VOLUNTEERS. THE FTftHTH ANNUAL BALL in aid of the funds of the above Corps, will be held t at the SI\>R I'.SUV-V HOTEL, CARNARVON, on (Wednesday, 26th October, 1888, under the same dUtin- juuliad patronage as lust year. Ladi Patronesses. Lady l'enrhyn. The Hon. Mrs Stanley. The HOII. Misses Wyun. Mrs. Dutf. Patrons. Lord l'enrhyn. Lord Lieutenant of the County. Major the Hun. AV, O. Stanley, M P. The llou. T. J. Wynn. T. Love. D Jones-Parry, Esq. R. S. Duff, Esq. S. W. D. Asiheton Smith. Esq. ,t8 may be h?J of the Hon Secret?ies, and at the Bar of the lIotel. Ladies* Ticket)).?. M. UMutiemen'tiditto. ?.?-?"" ,pt. TURNER } [T cillt! J. T. WILLIAMS } Hon' c"?' CITY TEA, COFFEE, FAMILY GROCERY, AND ITALIAN ESTABLISHMENT. ESTABLISHED 1780. MESSRS. BOWERS BROTHERS BEG gratefully to acknowledge the con- t? to them hve their per.ou? atten- Btinu(,d and int're.?mg patronage of j. twn !md care. the Xobihty aud Gentry of the County iii1 MESSRS BOWER" TEAS have been and Principality. They can assure their J<S?M?-?4mB&SMSN!!?*??<? AS haye been Patron ud the Public th<lt the Aiticlci flsssgScSHSSSo.H.1CfiEA noted for many Jer8, ana they es- supplied from their Establishment are ,of pecially solicit a trial of them by all who ft rat class quality, aud all Orders entrus- desire good and fine quality. FRE\CH AX!) ITALIAN CONDIMENTS AND PICKLES. ciTrrps essences, AND culinary requisites. BURNING OILS, CANDLES, HOUSEHOLD AND SCENTED SOAPS. bowers brothers, 101, EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER. N. B.-All Ojdsri to the amount of £2 are Carriage Paid to any Railway Station, 1358 i)Tl^ Y f r. L E & CO., vMtn OLD IRISH WHISKY of the same quality as that supplied to the International Exhi- 7 bition, 1802, Dublin Exhibition, 1805, Paris Exhibition, ISli7, and u,-w ivqularly to the House of Lords, the quality of which MHq? to tu?tiu?tFrcuchUrimdy. t?ybe had direct from Belfast, in Butts, Hhds., Quarter ^k e Quotati»ns on application to Messrs. Danville and Co., Belfast, or Mr. William Williams, Xag's Head Inn, Corwen, North Wale.. 1357 THUMB'S llEl;l(WETll6tI;i;ir DirKlifAL SAUCE IS THE MOST DELICIOUS, ECONOMIC \.L, AND GENERALLY USEFUL SAUCE EXTANT. Price h, 6d. per bottle. ALULI, THE TEGID SAUCE! of approved excellence, and at a price within the reach of all classes, < PRICE ONE SHILLING. M.B—The ahove Sauces are carefully prepared .'only' by JANE THOMAS, CHYMISi, BALA. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS, GROCERS, AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN EVERYWHERE. MO IMlit iMra- Tt/jriCnAEL?KHNNEY, UiH Puster and (;Cylltl,iii for.rtli Contracts entered ill[") I)illi ii, 13rit?,?ii) and Ireland- ADOtder?intrustedtoM.K. fr?m other towns by Hail or i>ost promptly attended to. p,»S.—lu connection with the United K^ingdom Bill Posters Association." Address—MICHAEL KESSEV, Caelleppa, Bangor. 10 [A C\)'.l)j MILES R. PARTINGTON, ACCOUNTANT, PUBLIC AUDITOR, ESTATE AGEXT, &c, 10G3 ST. ASAPH-RHYL. 0 L Y H E A D H SMITHS MARINE HOTEL, WATERSIDE, IlOLYlIBAD,] A first class Familv and Commeicial Hotel, comman- dite an uninterrupted view of the sea and the Smmdoii- ian range of n?ount.m?, replete with every comfort, in-I eluJwg Hot, Cold, .t?d shower Hat lis, Billiard Room, &c. Cars for Hire. A 'Bus mcets the Trains and Steamers. Charges moderate. Proprietor—W, H. SMITH, Auctioneer and Appraiser. 111 .n ¡ j'. ¡: 't.t<' BETHESDA LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. TO GAS MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS. THE BETHESDA LOCAL BOAKD OF JL HEALTH ?re prepared t?rt?etve Tenders for the manu?Hre ..{ ?rburettcd Hydr.en <.r('<?!U.M at their Works in Bethead?, (ot a term of three years, commen- cin" on the 25th day of December next ensuing. The quantity of gas manufactured during the past year as indicated by the. consumers' meters, was twelve hun- dec.) thousand cubic feet and is annually increasing The Contractor will have to supply the town lamps with five feet of gas per lamp per hour, the charge for the same to he scpaiateiy stateu. The «»as supplied under thi- contract must have an lllu- minuting power of not less than fourteen candles, the time of testiug the same to bo optional with the Board. The C -tractor to he paid quarterly upon the amount iudicated hy tho consumers' meters. The Contractor must undertake the keeping inrcpMrot ill meters, town lamps, Ac., ilU'^ wheu squired, to put .inwn?r)t'pairaH m uti and serviec Iipo., &e. Tho Contractor m isi find bonds for the due perform- 0f his contract in two approved sureties of i'5) each, ?tocu(?iMtoc?c?t?t..t?veatthcexpir.tti..n?hi? t the said Wicks, Collate. Retort House, Oantid ?t.?,.l?app?'atn. connected th.rawithi..nucm? .'nt state of repair to the entire satisfaction of the Local | titt,it'  ^p"lon^lUirous lof 'tendering for this contract may ?t .nv t.rh.. iuiorm?tiou fr?n the undersigned, to whom ;¡er ?n?t be sent .n or before tnd.y. the «H, ?"fh? ?Mrd do not bind them?Ive? to accept <h. lowest do iiot biud tlic, orMyteuder. ?-M. YOUNG UAHUm, Engineer ?d Clerk to the aid LMe? B.Md. E.'SO'Oct.i?M?. 1409 o ,? I L", public iioitrcs. \IN'TER fashions; rnilE Misses Aleock and Stewardson bo? to fi announce that on and after Thursday, Oct..her ?2'i 'th.thcywiHhep)ej.a)e.tto.<howthe I?estdosii;nsin Mmint')'v. &c. for the Winter Season, whentheysuhcit the favour of Ian inspection. 2M,High?treet,Bangor. 1415 _n WINTER FASHIONS. /f HUGHES, 17, IIi?t Street, near tho M Railway Station (1?itc? of Compton House), Bangor, begs to announce that on her return from Paris she will be able to show, earlv in November, the most Stylish and Latest Styles in French Millinery, &e. 1400 MR. BINNS, BEGS respectfully to inform the inhabitants ) of Bangor and its neighbourhood, that be has succeeded Mr Landergan, as Organist and Choirmaster of St. J:tiii"' (-!Iitii cli, Upper Bangor, and is now ready to rcceivo pupils for the Organ, Harmonium, Pianoforte and Singing. Terms, &e, (Ill applkHtion.-Addl'l's'I, 2, Bryn- Leg Terrace, Bangor, and 17, Castle Street, Beaumaris. 1297 [A CARD.] w. WILLIAMS, L.R.C.P., Loud., Ac., SURGEON, 3, FRIARS TERRACE, 1418 BANGOR. J 0 IT N W E L V H, For IS years manager to the late Mr Roberts,) WATCH M AIv 10 it & JEWELLER, 252, Hitiu STUEKT, BAXOOK, BEGS to i.nnounco that ho has succeeded JL) to Mr Roberts' business, and trusts by careful at- tention to all orders entrusted to him, with moderate liarge,i, to uieiit a continuance of the extensive patron- age bestowed on the late .Mr Roberts. All kinds of foreign and English Watches carefully re- paired, aud clocks attended to in the country by exper- ienced workmen. Old gold and silver bought. Wedding Rings. 1277 Wrexham, Ruthin, and Denbigh TURNPIKE TRUST, with Ruthin and Cerrig-y-Druidion Branch. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the Tolls 1 arising at the Toll (Sates, Side Bars and Chains, upon the Turnpike Road leading from Wrexham, through Huthiu. to Denbigh, in dll' cuunt,' ruf Denbigh, called or known hy 11", sevcrill names of Wrexham, Ailwy'r-Clawdd, Bwlch-Gwyii. Llandegla, Garth, Llysfasi, Borthyn, aud Llanrhaiadra Gates Lloft-wen, Twenty-Houses, Llan- degla, and Llysfasi Chains and Adwy'i-Clawdd, Garth, Ponrhiw and l.latiriiaiadr Side Bars: aud on the Brauch Road from Ruthin to Comg-y-druiUion, m tHe said County, the Tolls arising at the Toll Gates and Bars, called Clawdd-newydd, Derwydd, Bwlcli. and Llanfwrog (iates and Llwvn-y-bresych and Bwlcli Bars; willie Let hy Auction "to the best Bidder, from the 1st day of January, ltjiil), to the 3lst day of December, 18fiO, at the County iiall, in RuUuu> <*u Mouday»,the lGtii daj of No- f venibir next, belsweu the hours of 12 at Noon and J in I the Afternoon, in the manner directed by the Acts I passed in the Third aud the Fourth years ot the Reign of his lato M:.jesiy King Ueovge the Fourth, I' or Ue- guiutiiig 'i'ur.tpiKt-' iloads, which Tolls produced lust year the sum of £ 1^07 above the expenses of collecting them, amt will be put up at that sum. ^Y hoewr happens to be the best Bidder must, itt tlii,, same time, pay ,"e ltl")Itil in advance of the Rent at which Budl '1'()11" 1IU" bo let, and give security, with sutlicieat sureties, to the satisraction of Llic Ti-iisteei of th stid Turnpike Road, fur payment of the liest of the money monthly. MAHCUS LOUIS, Clerk to the Trustees. Ruthin, 13th October, 18ti8. 14J2 íîit b.11 dilution. EA UMARIS.-Sale of genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE. M R W. DEW is instructed, by John Williams, Esq., solicitor, in consequence of his re- moval to Holyhead, to Sell by Auction, at his residence Castle-street, Beaumaris, on Monday, the 2Hth day of October. 1808 (commencing at Twelve o'clock at noon), an assemblage of Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprising a superior dining-room suite, in mahogauy hau'-seated chairs, telescope dining table, eight feet long, couch, handsome mahogany pedestal sideboard, carved back, writing tables, kc. also a pair of rosewood card tables, chimney glass, iu gilt frame, Brussels and Kidder- minster carpets, fenders, and fire irons, FRAMED EN. GRAVINGS, and CHOICE WATER COLOUR SKET CHES. Neat DINNER SERVICE, and an assortment of CHINA and GLASS. Several Volumes of BOOKS mahogany and birch half-tester bedsteads, iron ditto, hair and wool mattresses, prime feather beds, painted ward- robes, and chestd of drawers, mahogany and painted toilet tables, dressing glasses, chamber ware, can a seated chain &c also the usual KITCHEN FURNITURE cliairCs, ULINARY UTENSILS. 1381 and Highly attractive Sale of WELL BRED YOUNG HORSES, PRIME BROOD MARES, FARMING STOCK 60 TONS OF PRIME HAY, STRAW, IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, kc., at PER. FEDDGOED, near Bangor, to be Sold by Auction, by MR W. DEW, in pursuance of iiistructionis received from Mr Simpson, who is relinquishing Farming, on Tuesday, 27th October, 1868, at PERFEOD- GOED, distant one and a half miles from Bangor, the whole of his exceedingly choice and valuable LITE AND DEAD STOCK, comprising 5 two-year-old Steers, 4 yearling ditt. 4 ditto Heifers, 3 young incalf Heifers, 4 superior Milch Cows (two at early note), prize Berkshire Boar (ten months old) ditto Sow, with a litter of six pure bred long Yorkshire Sow, 4 powerful and active :Cart Horses, a promising Black Colt, four years old, quiet to ride, by Rusborough," out of a "Mango" mare (winner of five first prizes), 1 Bay ditto, two-year-old, own brother to the last, two yearling ditto, by Hadji," handsome Brovri Brood Mare, by "Mango," with colt foal at her foot, by Hadji," and again stinte(I to him, and a Brown Colt Mare, with foal, by Hadji," at her foot, and also stinted to him. A splendi pair of Jet Black Ponies. THE MODERN IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY consist of Two.Horse Carts, Two 2 Horse ditto, Harvest Wagon, Pig Cart, small Swill Cart, Crosakill's patent LIQUID MANURE CART (new), Double Plough, and Potatoe Riser, Iron Ploughs and Harrows, Chain Harrow, Raot Pulpero and Slicpro. Oil Cake Crusher, Chaff Cutter, Avery's Weighing Machine and Weights. Winnowing and Thrashing|Machiues,ScviHlera,Seed and Turnip Drill-, How. ard's Patent Hay-Making Machine and Horse Hay Rake Winnowing Machine, a large quantity of IltON A4 D WOODEN HURDLES, Tarpaulins, Rick Poles and Put- lies, and a variety of other smaller Implements; also about 30 tons of Superior (I \Y of this year's growth. 25 tons of Prime HAY, harvested in '07, and two Stacks of OAT STRAW, also a Four Wheel PONY PHJ2TON and a light PONY TAX C.VilT. Three months' credit, on approved security, will be given to Purchasers' of the Hay and Straw. Luncheon on the Table at Eleven, the Sale to com- mence at Twelve o'clock at noon prompt. Descriptive Catalogues may be had a week previously, at the principal Hotels in Anglesey and Carnarvonshire, and from the Auctioneer, Wellfield Huue. Bangor. 1388 Sale of Farming Stock at BRYNHYRDDYN, near Pentraeth. Mil. WM. DEW has been msfrnctodby ?j_ Mr Parry, to SeH by Auction, on Wednesday, (kt iiSth. 18r>8, commentin at 12 o'clock at noon, the whole of his choice Live and Dead Stock, consenting of 7 Year- ling Anglesey Steers '2 ditto Heifers; '2 Fat Oxen I ditto C"w; 9 Calves; 6 superior Milch Cows; a till" powerful Cart Mare, with Strong Filly F<>al at foot; 12 Leicester Ewe Lambs, bred at l'enrhyn ('t'e; I Strong Cart; a Stack of prime Hay, containing fully 15 tons; a Stack of Oat Straw, a quantity of Swedes, and other effects. H.K) BANGOR, NORTH WALKS. Large Sale of HOUSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, Fat aud Breeding Leicester and Shropshire Devon Ewes, Tup Lambs, Berkshire Pigs. &c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. W. DEW, On Friday, 30th October, 18(18, commencing at One o'clock p.m. sharp, at the )lAIT attached to the British Hotel, Baugor, U If WARDS of 40 VALUABLE HORSES, t_J consisting of superior Harness Horses. High Step- ping Cobs and Ponies, seventeeii powerful Cart Horses. in high condition, the property of Nr S. lC. Ridley, Contractor of the Carnarvon Llauberis Railway, principally bred by and all the Property of gentlemen in the immediate neighbourhood, also several Carriages, a lightrunning Omnibus, a London made Barouche, Harness and Saddlery, Carts, Farming linjileiiiciits, 3 Prime Fat Heifers, 2J T'at and Breeding Leicester and Shropshire Dovru Ewes, 5 Leicester Tup Lambs, 5 Shropshire Down ditto, of first class blood and quality, a few pure Bred Young Berkshire Sows, and other effects, descriptive particulars of which will be given in Catalogues, which may be had at the principal Hotels in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, and North Walel, and from the Auctioneer, Welltield House, Bangor. Preliminary Announcement.—CARNARVON. N'OKI'H WALES.- Important to Railway Contractors. Build- ers, Quarry Proprietors and others. (JREAT SALE of RAILWAY PLANT, and TIMBER. AIR W. DEW has recoived instructions from S. C. Ridley, Esq., (in consequence of his having nearly completed the; Carnarvon and Llaaberia Railway to prepara to Sell by Public Auction, during the preaeit month, the whole of the valuable PLANT nd MATERIAL, consisting of 15) Earth and Iron Wag- gens, Wheelbarrows, Dobin Carts, Trollies, Cranes, ) Screw Jacks, Blacksmith's Tools, Picks, Bars, Baulks of Timber, and Planks Further particulars vill appear in future advertisements and catalogues. Welltield House, Bangor, September 11th, 1868. 1235 BANGOR, NOHTH WALES.—Sale of New and Hand. NOII?TH W A L E some FURNITURE, &c. R WM. DEW has received instruction8 I i. from E. Blakeney. Esq of No u, Victoria Terrace, Hi.;li-street, Bangor (next dour to the British Hotel,) to dl hy Public Auctiou on Monday, the 2nd day of Novem- ber, 1S6S. the whole of the new and substantial Household FURNITURE, consisting of Drawing-room Suite in Walnut Loo Table, set of six sin.te chairs, Couch and Easy Cl:air, upholstered in green silk damask, with duplicate chintz cover to match; Writing Table, leather top; inlaid Sofa Table eight-day bronze Timepiece, iu glass shade Tapestry Carpet aud Hug; east Fender and Irons; Engravings, etc. Dining-room Suite in Mahogany Teles- cope Tahte, Couch. set of six single. Easy and Smoking Chairs, upholstered in m«roon American cloth Feet Car- pet and Hug cast Fender and Irons Cornice Pole and Dungings, etc. The contents of four Bed-rooms, in Half-tester and French Iron Bedsteads; Feather Hetls; Mahogany and Painted Chests of Drawers; ditto W ashstands and Dressing Tables; Dressing Glasses: painted Winged Wardrobe; Towel Rails; cane-seated Chairs Carpets Toilet Services, etc. ma- Iwgauy Hat and Umbrella Stand Hocking Horse; double Perambulator Cocoa and \N ool Mats Tapestry Stair Carpets, etc, Kitcheu Furniture and Culinary Utensils; "Burgess aud Key's' CoMagj Mangle; Roasting Jack and llasteuer; qn.miiiy of China and Glass, etc. Sale to commence at 12 o clock noon prompt. Welltield House, Oct. 10, 1808. 1408 PRELIMI N'ARY A N NO UN CE M ENT.Sideof cenTeel New HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Alderney Cow, (recently purchased from Mr Towler), Stack of Primo Hay, and other Effects, at TEEBORXHlSAF, near Baugor. V'jj R. W. DEW h?s boon instructed by F. J Drabble, Esq., (who is changing his Residence,) to Sell by Public Auction, on Monday, Uth day of No- nmùcr, IBljd. the whole of the ubovc-named i'jfftyts, full particulars of which will appear in future Advertise- ments and Catalogues. Wellfield House, Bangor, 22nd Oct., 1868. altø; &i.- CA RNARVON.-Beautifully situated FREEHOLD RE- SIDENCE and LAND for SALE.—To be Sold, by MR W, DEW, by Privato Coutrad, the receutly-built and commodious Residence called PLAS TOEFLAN, together with 121 acres of very superior LAND, situated oil the Beddgelert Road, about a mile from the town of Carnarvon, with convenient Out- buildings. The views from this delightful spot cannot be surpassed. There is an abundant supply of water. Also, the adjoining Residence called TREFLAN ISAF, with 83 acres of fine Land and Out-buildings. For particulars apply to Mr W. Dow, Auctioneer, Well- field House, Bangor. llo2 public jflottccs. HOLYAEAD mao. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. rnilE GUAIWL\S of the HOLYHEAD 1 UNION are desirous of obtaining Tenders ?.rtiie Election of a new Workhou-e. Inifrmaries, Vagraut Wards, and other Buildings, at Valley, near ilolyhead. Plans and Hpccifieatidlls may be seen at my ollice at Tycives, near Tycroes Station, between the hours of one and mx p.ui. daily. Tenders are to be sent to mo on or before Monday, November 2nd, IStiS. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. The Coutiaetor will be reqttiie(L lo nane; two responsible sureties, who will have to enter I into VI Bond t-« complete the woiksaiid pertonu the Con- tract. The Contractor will uot be required tv cowmcucc the builliegs until ih.s spriug. The excavations for foundations and drain only to be made at present. Eadi parly tendering is r.-quested to name the probable time required for completing the Contract. WILLIAM HUGHES, Cleik to the Gu inlians Tycroes, Holyhead, October tith, 1801 ) 1370 £ atejs iifi auction. LLA.NRW8T. —Extensive and Important Sale of Oostl Genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Splendid Beds and Bedding, Carpets, Ru^s, Pierglasses, Liueu, Chiua, Glass, Elcci.ro Plate, Cutlery, Stack of Hay, Potatoes, and other Valuable Effects, at LONDON HOUSE- MR. &EOHGE FELTON 1-espHctfuHy M-. l' nounces that he is instructed by the Executors of the late Mrs. Walmsley Lluyd, to Sell by Auction, on the" hove premises, situate in Market Square, in the Town of Llanrwat, on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27tli and 28,h, 1868, an assemblage of substantial and costly Household FURNITURE. Comprising sets of 12 aud 0 carved mahogauy dining room chairs, with easy- chairs, and spring-seated couches, 2 milssive and costly Spanish mahogany sideboard., Oft. and 5ft. long respec- tively, hansoinely carved mahogany dining table, 8ft. Ion., forming also a circular loo table mahogany centre, Pembroke, coffee, and foldiag side-tables, and oval loo table; 4 tier whatnot; au elegant and costly walnut drawing roonj suite, haudsomely carved, and upholstered in green damask, and comprising 6 single chairs, pair of easy chairs, and superb spriug couch, a beautiful inlaid walnut cabinet, with glass front and gilt consoles and enrich- ments a walnut work table; costly ormolu French timepiece and glass shade; handsome large pierglasses in gilt and rosewood fr tines capital floor carpets and rugs; mahogany anct birch cornice poles, ana aamasK and lace window curtains; bronze feuders and polished fire sets 5 sets of handsome mahogauy Arabian bedsteads, carved and enriched with damask hangings, and sets of verv superior Metallic bedsteads, straw palliasses, hair, wool, and flock mattresses 7 excellent feather beds several noble Spanish mahogany chests of drawers, pairs of costly mahogany toilet stands, circular and square, and with and without marble tops mahogauy and birch toilet glasses, towel rails, commodes, and chairs; oak bureau, wardrobe, and 2 linen chests, &c. Also a large quantity of superior bed and table liuen. prime blaukets, counter- panes, and quilts, numerous articles in electro plate, and table cutlery China breakfast, dinner, tea, desseit and chamber services, and table glass, in almost every form. All the excellent gas fittings, chandeliers, street lamp. &c.; the massive mahogany hall furniture, with marble slab table a patent impregnable wrought iron safe XJ by 30 by 20 inches, with Coterill's patent climax detector locks. All the excellent kitchen furniture, China cup- boards, diesser. cooking utensils, mangle, churn, and other dairy utensils; capital eight-day clock, meat safe, &o. and also a STACK OF PIIIM E H -ILY, about tj:) hobbets of excellent potatoes, and other valuable indoor and outdoor effects. Descriptive catalogues of the whole may be had five days prior to the Sale, at the Hotels in the neighbour- hood, aud of the Auctioneer. Sale to commcuce each day at 12 o'clock. Mostyn Estate Offices. Llandudno, Uctober 13th, 186¡s, 1375 EGLWYSFACH, near the Talycefu Railway Station. Attractive and Unreserved Sale at the VICARAGE HOUSE. MR GEORGE FELTON respectfully an- 1\ nounces that he is instructed by the Executrix of the late Rev. D. Owen, deceased, to Sell by Auct on at the Vicarage House, Eglwysfacli, situate about a miL and a half from th» Talycefu Station, on the Conway ami i Llanrwst Railway,on Saturday, October 3lst, I80S— All the useful and genteel Household Furniture, cofn- prised in diung and drawing rooms, library, lull, and -1 bedrooms, capital beds and bedding, hair and patelu spring mattresses and fe itlick- beds, blankets and counter- panes an assortment of table glasses,china,cutlery,and electro PILite, and the usual requisites and utensils foi kiudien, scullery, and dairy purpose*: —about 300 v->ls of books on scriptural, historical, and social slllljQct:- the Outdoor Effects consisting of a strong brown cob. nearly li hands high, ^excellent milch cows, 1 fat pi. a small quaintly of poultry, a roomy 4-wheoh'd ph:uton. set of bi'asstr.ounted harness, 2 capital saddles, I side- saddle, bridles, k:. a patent turnip slicer, chatf cutter, and other useful implements and tools about 3 tons o! very prime hay, aud a number of other very useful iudooJ and outdoor effects. oil view the morning of the Day of Sale, and Catalogues may he had a few days prior thereto of the Auctioneer. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock, as the whole must be sold iu oue day. Mostyn Estate Offices, L\l,"ll1o, Oet. 21st. 1R,.8. 14W and Leasehold Pro pertios in the Parishes of Conway, Caerhun, aud Llitil dudno, SPECIAL NOTICE. mns Freehold Property, consisting of a t Well-built and very Commodious Family Residence | known as CASLLE BANK, Conway, and suitable W Geutleuian's Residence, or First-class Academy, havin. i ample Stabling and Coich-houses. and other aecommoda- tiou. standing in its own enclosed grounds j The FREEHOLD PROPERTY, known as WIG A cons'sting of Cottajes, good Gardens, and lacre of jtliriv ing Plantation, situate in tho Parish of CiLel-liull illi, the LEA EHOLI) PROPERTY, consisting of a BUll, DER'S or TIMBER YARD, near the English BaptUi Chapel and Railway Station, Llandudno, will be offered for "ale hy Auction, at the Castle Hotel, Conway, ou Fri day, the 0th day of November, lij. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. GEORGE FELTON, Auctioneer. Mostyn Estate Offices, Llandudno, Oct. 2lst, 18G8. All particulars prior to the Sale may be had of Mr W. Hubcs, solicitor, Conway, or ths Auctioneer. 112'o RHYL.—Three fiast-class Dwelling-houses on the Parade' Two Houses iu Sussex-street, and Three (Quillets of Land, to be Sold by Auction, by \,S K HEA.LlN(j, at the Koyal Hotel, Eh;,l, ,?l on Tuesday,the 3rd day of November next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lot or lots as may be determined upon at the time ot Siile LOT I.-All that commodious and well built DWEL- LING-HOUSE. No. 4b, West Parade, fronting the sea. containing two dining-rooms (ldft. by 13ft. and loft. b) 12ft.), a large entertaining room, two drawing-rooms (2Ifc. by 13ft, and loft, by J2ft.), and twelve good bed-rooms, with all requisite offices. LOT 2,-A,1 that other commodious DWELLING- last lot, containing two (lining rooms, two drawing-rooms (171c. by 15ft. and 18ft. by 13ft.), and thirteen good bed-looms, with all requisite offices. Lots 1 and 2 are now occupied a* separate houses by Mr Thomas Hughes, but tl.ey are so constructed that they can bo occupied together as it hotel and boarding house, having communications on tho ground and fir-t doors. There is also a large entrance hall, within which is a room suitable for a bar. with arched cellarage, measuring 02ft- by Oft. The outbuildings coiiiaiu a three-stalled stable, coach house, hay-loft, and oilier offices. Lots 1 and 2 will first be offered in one lot, and if not so sold they will be otferod separately. Lot 3-—All that desirable DWELLING-HOUSE, No, 33, West Parade, containing dining, drawing, and seven bett-ro(ena,with all suitable offices, and now occupied by Mr iiall, as yearly tenant Lbereof. Lot4.—All that DWELLING-HOUSE, No. S.Sussex- street, adjoining the Royal Hotel garden and Bowling- green, and uow occupied by Mr Evans, containing dining, ilrawing, and five bed-rooms, with all suitable offices. Lot that D W ELLrNG UO USE, Confectiouer's | Shop aud Bakehouse; No. tj, Sussex-street, adjoining the bv>t lot, and uow occupied by Mr Jones, containing drawing-ioom,tive bed-rooms, with kitchens and all ne- cessary oiffces. Lots 4 and 5 will first be offered in one lot, and if not so soid they will be put up separately. LOT 0. -All that Piece of LAND, situate at Maesy- caws, being part of the Storehouse property, containing la. OrSp., survounded by Tynewydd Farm, belonging to Mrs Warren, and now oeeupie.1 by Mr Roger Hughes. LOT 7. All that other Piece of LAND, situate at Ilill Bank, containing 913 yards, adjoining lauds belonging to the Representatives of the late Aiiss Angharad Llwyd, and Mr Robert Hughes, Elwy Hall. Lot 8.—All that other piece of LAND, situate at Mill Bank, adjoining the last lot, aud containing 808 yards, Immediate possession may be h id of Lots 1. 2, 0, 7, and 8, and of Lots 3, 4, aud 5, on the 1st day of May next. The Furniture in the houses Nos. 4G and 47, West Pa- rade will he sold 011 the 5th, Oth, and if uecessary the 7th days of November next. Any further particulars or information may be obtained of Mr Healing, auctioneer, Rhyl; Messrs. Williams and Wynne, solicitors, Denbigh; Messrs. Boydell aud Powell, solicitors, Chester; or of Mr J. Pairi-y Jones, solicitor, Denbigh. Deuhigh, 12th October, T808. 1401 $totiUc Kotict0. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BHAUMAmS, NORTH WALES. milKEE Exhibitions, one of tho value of 1 £ 40 per annum, and the other two of £ 20 each per annum,jtenable in the School-house for three years, or until leaving .-School will lie open to competition for hoys under It) in December next. The Examination will be held oil December 14th, and following days. For subjects of examination, &e., apply to the Head Master. 1410 NOTICE is Hornby Given that a separata 1. building, named St. Paul's Chapel, situate at Ban- gor, in the parish of Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, iu the district of Baugor, being a building certified ac- cording to law as a place of religious worship, was on the 16th day of October, IStiS, duly registeic.l foi- soleiiiiiiziii-, marriages therein, pursuant to the Act of oth and 7th William IV, cap. KJ Witness my hand this L'in! October, 18P.8, JOHN LL .YD, jiui., Registrar RiruIoN TtIu i;cit itestoS\ non. jDUILlJE1\) desirous of Contracting for J the various works required in Erecting Ruab.ui Church are requested to send their nanu s, with references (immediately) to II. Fcrreg, Esq., Architect, F.S. A., No. 1, Trinity Place, Charing Cross, Loudon. The Drawings 1 and speciifcations may he seen at the Vestry of the ciiiiicii Quantities have been prepared and may be ob- tained on payment of 10: All Tenders are to be sent i t on the form provided with the Quantities, aud must reach the Architects Office, hy post,ott Thursday morning. November 12tU, but neither J the lowest nor any other Tender will uece-sai'ily he ae- ceptcd. 1413 ;r,tUMf iiona'S. MERIONETHSHIRE ELECTION, 1868, /"IENERAL CDMMriTEE to promote the Re election of the Conservative Caudidate W. R. M. WYNNE, EsQ. R Meredyth Richards, Cuerynwch, Chairman. H. J Rcveley, Brynygwin, W. E. (?akc)ey, Tanybwlch, > Vice ChairmeD. The Hon. C. H. Wym, Kug. j Sir W WWynn, Bart., .11. P., C;Iaiillyn Col. Tottenham, PLs Berwyn Clement Arthur Thruston, Pennal Towora Cil. W W Wynn, M.P. W E Wynne, Peniarth Edw. Bankes, Dolymocl J R 0 Gore, Glynn Hall Edward Foster Coulson, Corsygedol William Joues. Glaudwr O S Wynu, Cemmues Sir Hugh Williams, Bart. Major Nanney, Cefndeuddwr The Honble. George Kenyon Edmund Buckley, M.P., Plas'yn dinas, Mowddwy Townshend Mainwaring, M P, Major Mathew, Wern Thomas Lloyd Anwyl, Hengau and Erylaran Rice Owen Auwyl, Plascoeh Dr Griffith, Aberhiriaeth Hull Col. Corbett, Caerdeon II J Ellis Nanney, Ifen-,wrtuchitf Thomas Bulkeley, Clewer Lodge, Windsor Charles Lloyd, fanyberllan, Bryn, Llanymowddwy If T Bicliardson, Aberhirnant John Griffith Wynn Griffith, Taltreuddyn G J Scott, Peniarthuchaf LH homas, Caerffynnon Thomas Humphrey Williams, Llwyn J E Parry, Glynn Hall John Silvester, Sandiland, Towya i'liom.is Hughes, Ystrad -fames Webster, Aberdovey Lewis Williams, Vron Wnion •John M Ford. Llwynygwern Captain sliver, Brondanw i'iiomas Taylor, Arihog .¡..Im Eoulkes, Aberdovey Baldwin Lloyd, Harlech C tptain Foster, Egryn Abhey iid. Dobson, Yuysinaen^wyu Richard Price, Pall Mall, Towyn John FteJJ^es, Aberdovey ry, Corbet Arms Thomas Edwards, Tygwyn Rowland Gwynn Price. Towyn Havid E Kirkby, Llanfenddtgtid Charles Jones, Coesfaen, Barmouth apt. Wayn, Caenest Johu Jones, Mieuypandy Owen Owen, Hendre Evan Anwyl, Caerberllan Richard Jones, Maesypandy Mm Silvester, Towyn toteph Owen Jones, Vnnygog lohnG \V itonact), Vronfnuth dajor Davies, Br)'II:Ia.fi .U1. Price .Jones, Bodweni Griffith Griffith, M D Talbreuddyn Robert Puglie, l!"lygog Wlliam Evans, Glascoed, Montgomery )1', Eviins, Meyrick House deilorOwen, Tanygett. Denbigh ',iellt Col. Ronier, Bryncenilyn ■-vau Auwyl. Llygwy t E. Whiehlon. Hengwrt Edmund Edmunds Plasucha I ugh Rol>erts, Plasgwanas iriiiith Giiffiths, Vronfair V. A. Attwood, Blaenau ».4.vid tJnffitlis, ditto í iii) E I ward Jones. M-D., Brynyffynnon \vau Jones, Hengwrt lpt, Taylor, Corwen J Gray Waterlall, liorthwn-)g Rob.rt Robeits, Aber Uarmouth I ohn Evans, draper, D-dgeilev hvard Samuel. A'hitley House, Liverpool .j Iward Jones, Dolgidley ones R. Walker, surgeon, Corwen 'aft. Kerr, Maearnor o'llliain Jones, Pnoybont '!m Williams, Ow-rnhertn "obeft White, Rhydyglus • rancis G. Jones, (Jilt-ilgarth Wynn, Jiachymbryd William Scoon. Brynaber 1. M. D..vi..s. Ddoifawr, Llangower yi;ii;lIl1. Jones, Hryntegid i ones C'unc, Tymawr >'illiam Jonr-s, Peuybont iiom is Jones, PcnisaTllan j )lin Lloyd, Plasadda mies Moltby, Corwen ■wen Roberts, Vrongoeh .dward llliams, Cefurhug ohert Davies, Druid • illiam Jones, .Merllyngwyn ,ULu)] (),en, Lj,>u Hotel, Bala -tin Wilhams, Llaethcwni R. Jones, surgeon, Corweu ibert Vaughan Joues, Mae>gadfa ) Iward Vaughau, Ty Tanygtaig lïJliam Morgan Williams, Peutremawr hllU Edmontl, Podowen Robert Roberts, Aber House hvitl Morris. Sylvaen Parry Davies, B-irniouth L'hu Jones Griffith, Sebonig •'•'m. J. Morris, Yarmouth f. R. Davies, Barmouth ] J (iilberston, Barmouth l-'hn Price, Bannouth 1429 CARNARVONSHIRE TO WIT. MICHAELMAS QUAHtEH SESSIONS, 1803. T tho GENERAL QUARTER SE?. V S'ONS "f the PE ACE of our Sovereign Lady viie Queen, held at Carnarvon, in aud for the said Nmuty, ou Thursday, the 22ud diy of October, in the j :2ild year of the reigu of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, ;i iw Q teen of the Uuited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, aud so forth, awl in the year of our Lord One i\ioiis,vnd Eight Hundred and Sixty-eight, before The Ri^ht Honorable Spencer Bulkeley, Lord Newborough, I'iif Right Honorable Lord Penrhyu, Richard Lloyd i'dwards, Esq, Cwen Evans, Hugh Beaver Roberts, 1:-(1-> Charles Millar, E<q., Charles John Simpson, E-q., John Dicketi Whitehead, Esq., and o ilers, Justices of our said Lidy the Queen, assigned to keep the Peace iu the said County, and also to hear and determine divers Felonies, Trespasses, and other Mis- d enamours, in the siid Couuty, committed, and so forth. ROBERT snHTON PARRY, Esquire, Sheriff. G. T. PICTON JONES, Gentleman, Undersherff. POLLING DISTRICTS. Certain raemorials having been presented to the Court praying for the appointment of an additional number ..f Polling Districts for this County, and it appearing to tills Court th.it it would be greatly to the convenience of the Electors that the Couuty should be divided into more convenient! Polling Districts, we, the Justices of the Peace assptnoled at this present General Court of Quarter Serious of the Peace for this icotinty. acting under and by virtue of the :)I u of the Statute, 3') and 31 Vic, cap. 102, do hereby form and constitute the following parishes and townships into separate Polling Districts, and we hereby assign the following places to be the Foiling Places for such Districts respec- tively, viz. — Conway Polling District to poll at Conway. Conway Gyttiu Llandudno Llangelynin K.'lwyjrrhos Onerhnn LhJlwsteDin Llaubedrcenin fariiw JVIaenau Llysfaen Dwy?fytth) Bettw? y-Coed Polling District t ) poll at .Bt?iM-y-Co?. Trefriw Tennnchno Trewydir jlolwyrldelen llamhochwyn Bettws-y-Coed Eivitla IIctllC.da Foiling District to poll at Betheida. Llandt-g ii LUnl echid Baiiyor Polling District to Poll at Bangor. Bangor Aber LLulfairfcrhan Carnarvon Polling District to Poll at Carnarvon. Clynnotf idanberis Umdwrog LlanbfbUg Llanllyfni I.lanwn(i & Ltanfagdalea I landdeiniolen llanrii^' Llanfairiigaer Lcttws tJarmon Four Crowes Polling District to Poll at Four Crosses, 1.1 vnwnhsuara LUnnor (>imi?iwcli Llanarmon PMtUt LUngyhi Nevin Ahererch Ceifii Denio 1 landndwen Pearlios Jlotlvein Sarnfei/lUci/m Polling District to 1'0/1 at Sarnfeylltcyrn. Ahorlaron Rottwnog TJanfaohhys II¡¡ni,ty!! lihiw itimde??ning firm'r?ea JI?nn??n I ii,wntidl Llanhedrog 1,1 hiriu LHn/lin t'enttcch Lliniihangel iiachellaeth Ty.hveiliog Kdeyrn Ideiliteyni I Crlvauh Polling District to ]',)?I fit Crircbth. Beddgelert Llanfiliangel y Pennant Yr.yscynhaiain Cri cieth Trellys lliny.stynidwy Icnlllorra. Dolbenm ven And we hereby order and direct, that the above description of Polling Districts, and the names of the Polling Places assigued to such Districts respectively, lie forthwith aivorliscd iu English aud Welsh in the local papers. By the Court, 1.23 PdULE, Cltwk d th Peace, oc,rint. Scittn»$. r itiati, 23 WANTED, by ay<)un? m<tn,?"\?)'Ir?7f  ago, a Situation as 'lerk or Timek ;eper in r Slate Quarry. Good references.—Address, E. W," Chroaicle Office, Bangor. -385 AIjADY who has been thoroughly in- structed in the branches of a .solid and accom- plished education .Knglisti, fluent French. German, and good music), requires a Morning Engagement, or Private Pupils.—Address, "K. M- North Wales Chronicle," Bitiig or 1395 i S BARMAID or BOOK KEEPER in an i Hotel. Town or Country, by a thoroughly experi- enced young lady of good appearance, aud accustomed to a tiiwelass Hotel- Good references from last situation. —Address, X V. fJ, Albion Terrace Somerset Road. Toiteuham, near Loudon. 1401. LAND STFWAITL), A SOBER, Steady, Active young man who has a thorough knowledge of his business in all its branches, buying and selling of Stock, draining levelling, and a first-class Aecou itant. Testimonials will certify his abilities from his employers (Noblemen), with whom he has lived for years—Address, Messrs. James Dickson and Sens, 112, Eastgate Street, Chester. 1435 Itoong UiantdJ. WANTED, ? middte-a?d l'pr0B  Housemaid %n(I Waitress (Church of England). Address, J," l'ostottice, Men:ti liritle. 1365 HoUSE AND PARTorit MAID. WANTED, in a Private Family, a young tT active girl who knows her work thoroughly. May apply to Mrs Thomas, 17, Caelleppa, Bangor. 1414 gTo fa !lct. f 10 BE LET, at a moderate rent, Nos. 2 i_ Friar's Terrace, Baugor, containing Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Room, 7 Bedrooms, Attics, KPehcn, Rack Kitcheu, and all other conveniences. I'f further particulars apply to Mr. c. S, Bicknell, Auctioneer, 262, High Street, ,izid Ty'ulieudre Bangor. 51 IX y KST>j K v f TO TOBACCO M \NLTKACTURERS, AXD CAPITALISTS. T0 be Disposed ot, the Business of a 1 Tobacco Manufacturer ;lrtely deceased) situated in P.dace Street. Carnarvon Commodious premises, with St< m u Engine ami Machinery complete, iu good working order. Aadress by letter to "< W. Jforth Wales Ckroaiclt Office, Bai.gor, North Wales. 180 DENRICH>HIRE. r\\) BE LET or KOLD, two DWELLING J. HOCSRS, called FORYN L"DGE. and FORYN 1>SA. with Pleasure Grounds Coach Hovi«c and Stable adjoining, situate near tile village of Colwyn, in the Parish of Llysfaen, and commanding one of the tinest views aloug the coast. From one to ten acres of Land can be s-'id with these Houses if required. For particulars apply to J- Parry Joues, Esq., Denbigh, or Mi Tnom.i.s C e-d Coch, Abergele. 1267 COXWAY. mo BE LET, with possession on the 12th X of November, a Hr',t-c!?ss SHOP, with Plate glass front, and commodious Dwelling-house, adjoining the Post office, dose to the Market Hall and Lank, and in the centre of the leading thoroughfare of Market and Borough Town of Conway. The Tenant will show the premises, and all furthe paitieulars may be obtained on application to Mr Henry Joaes, Bodidda. near Conway. 1315 rno BE LET, on the Banks of the Menai, I within fifteen minutes walk from the Railway S'.atio», and live minutes of the Liverpool Steam Packet Wharf, |Unfuruished, a commodious am | »ighly fi ashed House, compiling Dining, Breakfast, andur iwing Kooms. four good tfodio.ims, two Servants' Rooms, IW. C.,) ''ervants' K ootns, ( ?\' C ) Kitchen and back ditto, Butler's Pantry and three Out. oiffces. '1 hi. House commands uninterrupted views of Beau- maris Hay and the Carnarvonshire Mountains, o:c. Apply to Mr E W. Timothy, Menai Bridge- 1397 .0 "C' -I" £ aic$7 ?— altø, &c. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE <J. ? T.?C f. fpilF. -tiii(li?riiic-iitioiiA FREEHOLD UENE- JL XE\T.S:- ANGLESEY. Acreage No. Naric of Farms. Parhhes. Tenants. A. R y. 1. P»rk Paradwya Liang-istiolug Morris illiaus 34 2 20 niore or less. 2. Glanrafon Ditto Ric!d ug¡c' It 0 0 more or less 3. Tyddyneo hymeri Pentraeth William Rowrlan Js .2 0 0 mure or less. CARNARVONSHIRE. A. Bryiglat idanbeblig -Jones, widow 4 10 or thereabouts. Lots 1 and 2 are in the Coalfield of Anglesey, and there are ('o.tl Works iu the immediate neighbourhood that have been in operation for years, an ltiie e is every reason to believe that there is Coal of a superior quality under these Farms. Lot 1 is in Lease for the lite of a person of the age of 6Q year" or thereabouts. wu(I Lot 2 for the lives of two persons, of the respective ages of 74 and 52 years, or thereabouts, and both lots will be sold subject to such Leases respectively. LOT 3—'Tyddviicochymeri, borders on the beach of Red-whatf Bay* where there is excellent Bathiug. The Hous • and Outbuildings are comparatively new. The Estates of Lord Vivian aud Lady Hay Williams adjoin this Lot. 4, which consists of A House aud 4. acres of land, or theieabouis, is distant about two miles from the Town ef Caraar\ou. For further particulars, or to treat, apply to Messrs. Pnwdl, Powell, and Roberts, Solicitors, CurnaivoH. Carnarvon, August 27th, 1308. 1187 public HotUrs. working mf.vs e«)\xiiTirrioNAL AS( leI \Tlt)X, T1' is iuie xl d t) form an A I o!i of this  kind at Bangor and Conway, the objects of which wil; I)- to tillite tiiu Friends of Constitutional J'rinciples in resisting any attempt to subv» the Protestant Faith, •r the C o.,»tltutIon of the Country ;—to project the pre- rog.»tivc of the CrnWUt and to defend the rights aud pri- ▼iic^es of the People. All tho.se who are willing to join or support such an associat ion will please to .signify their concurrence, either personally or by letter addressed to the Secretary pro, 11m., 2S4. Hi«;h Street, {temporary offices,) Bangor. 1:!7"9 TO THE REV. THE I P rS OF THE" DIOCESE OF BANGOR. REV. SIRS, It is probable that not mam- week s will elapse before you will Vie called upon to eiee: Proctors to represent you iu the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury. Yon have twice, hy your unanimous and unsought sulfrages, done me the ho,ioi" of placing me it) that important; office, alii it is this circuuwauce alone tint 1 emboldens me to address you at this time. Id Icomi to justify my infering t\w p tssi'iifitiroi your huiu, couteut to re..mi my services as your Proctor. it is therefore due to you. my Rev. Brethren, that it Sldtlltt be intimated to you beforehand, wherh-r in case oi your being disposed again to confer the honor up ni tue it would be iu my power to accept the responsibility. I therefore, with much deference and ro<p"oc» and grati;u lè, for past instances of your confides." take this method of making it known t > you that l have divided not to sanction any friends nominating tHe uganasa candidate tur your suffrages I have confidence that you will not misinterpret the feeling which prompts me to iu ike this .tnjionuojment, or suppose that I liive the piesuniption to take it for granted that the majority of the constituency would be favourable to my re-election. At the same time 1 feed that it would savour both of affectation and ingratitude if I were to ignore the fact that I have many kind friends amongst the Clergy of the Diocese who would be disposed to re-instate me in the office of your representation in Convocation. And it is a feuliijg (if respect for such friends and an anxious desire to protect them from inconvenience on my account, that intluenees me thus to make knowll my wish Not to be put in nomination at the ensuing Election of Proctors. I remain, Rev ami dear S irs. Your obliged and faithful servant, o till. Oil EN Llangefni Rectory, Oct. 21st, 18'»S. 1421 TO THE REVEREND THE CLERGY OF DIOCESE OF BANGOR. REVEREND SIRS, As you will soon have the duty of choosing Procters to rep;esent you in the Lower House of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury, I take the opportunity of tendering you uiy cordial ami respect* ful thank-fur the houour that you have done me in five times ek-ctiug me to act as your Proctor—iw\c« when I was a resident Clergyman iu the Diocese, and twice sitice I have residea at Oxford. 1 do not wi>h, for reasons with which T ii t trou- ble you, again to undertake the duties, wliid. ) have en- deavouivd to discharge during the last niiuteeii through which time 1 have t\V; pride and giatilic.tiou in taking my p.,ice in the Jerusalem Chamber as your Proctor. You will not, I hope, consider that, in saving this, I at all assu ne i li,tt it would still be your pie tsure to confide th >se uut.es to me but you have been so kind as to elect the respected gentlemen, who have acted with me, aud my>elf also without any request or application on our part, and I therefore feel it a duty to make my wishes known to jou. Allow me to repeat the expression of the sincro grati- tude that I fee!, and have to It for the kinl.i'-s which. you 11 V,) s hewa me, and believe me to rem an always your obliged and faiv.tful friend and servant, CHARLES WILLIAMS. Jesus College, Oxford, Oct. lSviS, 1420