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liAAGOR. ANGLESEY FARMING.—We arc glad to be able to an nounce that the special prizes for manures given by Messrs Proctor and Kylaml, and open to all England, have been awarded to Anglesey tanners. The fir&t prize of twenty guineas to Richard Parry, Esq., (Jam, liryn- sillicyn, itn,i tite seei)u(i of ten guineas, to Mr Thomas Wallace, Cet'npoeth. 11' Parry's crop was r.n ty t,ms to an acre, whereas the nearest to him could only pro- duce twenty-nine toll's to an acre. Mr Parry h, carricd ttle secouit pi-izes for some years, and all tho>e giveu by Lord Huston to his tenants, but he has this year gained a prize aspired to by all our largest farmers. We are glad to see such respectable firms as Proctor and Ity- land and others, encouraging farmers who go to such labour and expense in improviug and cultivating their laud. LLANIDAN ESTATE.—It will be seen by our advertising columns that the premiums annually given by the Right Hon. Lord Boston to the tenants on his Lordship's Estate ill North Wales, for the best green crops, have been awarded; and it allbrda us pleasure to hi-ar that the judge has expressed much satisfaction at the great improvement manifest in tho tillage, and generally im- proved condition of the land and crops. The kind libe- rality of this noble landlord towards his tenants, creates a pleasant spirit of rivalry among them and the in- creasing number of entries this year is a proof that it is fully appreciated, aud adds great credit to the successful competitors BANGOR BURIAL BOARD -011 Wednesday last, t'ie following members of this Burial Board met at the Cemetery for the purpose of examiniug the two chapels and the l»dge which let in water and are otherwise cut of repair—M.ijoi Vincent Williams, Messrs. H. Kennedy, Thomas Lewis (Frondeg), William Thomas, Owen Morris, R Gi-ittitli, Cceoi-ge James, and George S impsou. After the cnapels had been closely examined it was de- cided to leave the matter of the repairs to be carried out by the committee previously appointed, namely, Mr Kennedy, Mr Simpson, and Mr Tnomas. UNION COMMITTERS.—On Wednesdiy the following members of the Assessment Committee met at the workhouse to hear appeals, &c.-Itiglit Hon. Lord Penrhyn, chairman; W Bnlkeley Hughes, Esq., M.P.; Rev. Wynue Jones; Rev. T N ',k illi,itui Mr George Simpson; Mr Bicknell, and Mr Richard Hughes. Several notices of appeal from Anglesey had been sent i,-i to the Clerk but as none of the parties attended they fell to the ground, a-i a matter of course. Three or four appeals from Bangor were heard, and were de- cided upon. hospital Committee -The following mem- bers of this committee then held a meeting in refer- ence to the proposed Workhouse Hospital—Lord Pen- rhyn; W Bulkeley Hughes, Esq., M.P.; Rev. Wynne Jones Rev. T N Williams Messrs. (ieorge Simpson, John Roberts, C Bicknell, and Richard Hughes. Mr H Kennedy, the architect, was also iii attendance. Mr Kennedy's plan of the buildiu g was produced, and a discussion took place as to whether the plan could be really carried out for £1,200 which is the maximum sum which thc gnanlialM are allowed to borrow for this object. After a good deal of conversation, the com- mittee came to the conclusion, and in which Mr Kennedy himself agreed, that the plan could not be carried out in its entirety within the sum above named. Instructions were, therefore, given to Mr Kennedy to reduce or otherwise alter the plan, so that the cost would not exceed the amount which the Board is authorised to borrow.



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