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  ADVERTISERS. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. PARLIAMENTARY NOTICES, ELECTION ADDRESSES, AND PUBLIC COMPANIES, Oil per Line. LAW NOTICES, AUCTION, ASD MMCELLASEOUS, 4d per Line. 3d per Line. TRADES, BOOK, CHARITIES, &C., 3d per TLi.ne. ?  In order t,) R i„„ +Kn Advertising Columns of the NORTH Cill?i)\;ICLI? more extensively useful UCT,D 8CALE OF ° ° L CHARGES isU.ptedf..R the undermentioned classes of PBEPAIU ADVKMT?EMMTA Sit?t'O? ?Kf?. Clc,'ks, 8e''1),<IIIS, ,(:c., Wanled. ^rlicks^TnimalsLost or Found OMces or Shops Wanted or to be Let, Lod!lill'/ und Apal'tmcals to Let. One Insertion, not cxcecdin:; Twenty Words ;_I3. KD. 1 Three Insertions,ditto, di 3s. 6d. Th?,,e ',tl)l)IY only to such ADVEU.TISE. ],JLN?,rs FOlt AT the time at the Office or for which Sb\l1l's "1'e WIUL Order, if sent by SALES by Auction or ordmary Bn?neM AddrM?i). —^m^^sssssssssss grants 2•VTF1 TATIJTFD a situation as Co?ohman. to  useful. In last sltua. tion for 18 year.. Apply, J. Grillith, Uhrouicle" s Baugor. ^Jtrsons íSil\\tC1:t. MEUlCAL. ANT to Dlsl)ense, .I??? -«ra w and Visit occasionally; Illso a wcll;ellncated  of th' CAAltvO=-;iIR-£&ANGLESIUIARY'  ¡\NTED, a Atedical Apprentice 'it the yV-.teggifr Apl1licatiolls to be addressed to the Sccret"ry, Bannr. T^UJuIriTWanted, to h;-tho SOLE CL^R^ C of A WELSH P.trish for G months ccrt,lin. About SOOpooutation. ?pend, libcral. -Apply to Rev. J. R. 0, n_moa, Hhyl- ————-———- WANTED immediately an Assistant TO the Drapery and Grocery tr*ie. )Iust be a steady ?n? ?tive yo?t-g o?M?n. -?App?ly M11?%, Brit.MA House, BaBg?r. in a sont l emau's ?m'ly'  w ANTED, in EL aii'S f, ainily, a ustomed to waiting Address, ATB » Pos offi0c, Bryn Eglwys, near (Jorwoa. _———————.—— A TTV ? AAN \TT1 FFCID L>, in the neighbourhood °F W Eausor A^OD CrHii, ilDdrRcOn'S NURSE, with a good çharaeter; al:o, 'ai'] (?f an work. No WElsh need apl.)Iy."G.ChroiticleOffice.   W ANIED an UNDER-KEFPFIR, a Y V strong nctive man. \Y ae, 121 a week, and a Cottage a married .nan prefLrre-1, -Address by letter, to "W. A. H. post-office, A?berxe?? ??_ Sale of MILL BANDS A A.A otl,er Articles used by E^OYE^F power A.???.rs&rthe?le of MILL BANDS TLY THE attention of I established mauufactuiei, MILL BAND, care of W. Wilson & Co., 103, Cheapside, Lonllon, E.C. ?' HA?ORT?ORMAL COLLEGE. W ILTA^^I^NAP^RWHOSE chief JW '?tie?Hb<.toc?rci..e? general S«perinten dence over ?: Institntion, conduct conespon,Ienee, ALLJ 00I and ,teps fur rai?g ?"??  TA ?nexion TSR&^XSN^JSRTSAJAI  convorsant with  language, and s(n( •« wfisixsr; nleti by le;?inonials, ",ldrcssed t. 'fhe Cliairma eii 'jolsrSi'i? i.» than the 19th t=t. HUGH OWEN, ?U?A?. 5? November, ?. _??ry?reta? DOLGELLEY-MO'J)DWY, AND TOWYN TUKN- DOLGELLEY?OW??? U TOWYN TUKN- APPOINTMENT OF SUKVEYOR OF ItOkD THE Surveyor of this District of Turnpike JL Roalh  which  been accepted, NOTICE IS HE[tEi3Y GIVEN, that the Trustees are ready to reCCiVO application from candidates (aceOlnpanie'] by 'l'estimonials, amI the  of two sufficient sureties,) who m:lY be desirous to undertake the duties of such oiBce. wh? ??'" ? "? to  on the Ist of ;ranuary, 1868, and the Surveyor  expectcd to reside in the District. A competent know- ledge of and the keeping of accounts will be considered indispensable. Present Salary, 1:80 per annum. ?'pl.?on. (with enclosed Testimonial)I to be.MAGE to the Clerk, un,ter &al, eu(Iors?,(l Application for Surv.)yorshil' Of Il{ollds," on or before the 10th of Decem- ber next, Oil which day, lit one in the at the shire H tll, in Dolgelley, the Trustees will proceed to elect a Surveyor. By Order of the Trustees, R WILLIAMS, Springfield House, Clerk to the said Trustees. Dolgelley, 12th N, ovemher, 1»<>7. Sbalts, frt. ri ? BE SOLD, 7 strong P0N^' ..ven?Hh.md.hixh. AFour-?heeiWi. r.CA? RIA(?E, almost new, pat.ut axles, Lamps, AP'F"^ aud Cushions, and silver-mounted Harness.—Apply, -*• office of this paper. —. FOR HALE. AFIVE-Year-old Ir.?n Gi-?y FILLY, by A o?? um-. ue?Dy 15 hand. high, perfect y quiet suitable to cury hdy,.md warranted sound; also a    h.s, Typrydd. L!,  d, Bea?ari  IVprydd.JJan^.BeHumai-is. _u. VKNWYFFRYN BRICK WORKS. IITIIIIE Hed, PMSsed and Common W Bricks on 8"le, at Pendyffryn Bri?Work., near Conway. A. BAIIIAII, Manager. p?TE\T GILL STOVE FOR SALE s UITAIII,I,I f'?)r warIl1in Jllall Churrh, 01' 'I'tkl)lie Ito'1:I, Office, Entr¡\nl'e Hall, S?e. Has heell little lise?t, is ueady good as New, FND pttedwith because the PREMISS are now heated by Steam. 1 Apply M. M:t. ?" Bangor. bc Ict. TTcKKAT GEORGE STREET TO li.xiksolliT.s, Stationer", aud persons T reciklititl?? ext 'I'?iV(' Ilrei .lil,, I.E,r. tii(? Premise, o. 7, W:E\T GE J/WE-STHlŒT. olle of tho )wiUt'i¡J:lt  i. ?   \tr ?ih.???wh..ist???L'vcr)W.). The hop i< ??' ut ?vb?in?s. andm.-ybeha.tw.thor?th- out stock. Apply to Mr. M'U.u.d.t. on ?prc.?. DESIRABLE FARM, near CONWAY AND LLAX Dl'DNO. To ?K LET a C!'p:talFarm,con?atin?of III)w.,ioli 2,90 Aei,i (,f Tikil(l, a?'ant.??tsiy-.itu?J within 2 miles of t'.ie towns of C° ¡'la",Iu:' 110. ?''[!?)'i????'i? "?y be h.«l. ""? the whole 0" part "f he Stock ami Superior Implements may be taken Rt a nduation. at a valuation- to Mr. G<? Felton, Auc- Stliveyor,Nik?'tyn Oifft-es, Llitit(Iiidno. TO BE LET, Tj )L\? LODIG, a desirable FamHy Besi- ,le«w, beautifully situated in the imn.ediate vi- chntv ?.? ??i,?j?F?v,u'?kofthe R..U?.v ??.,? The houe ?nt.m. U?..m, Ih.?u., w and llreakfast Rooms, Conservatory eMcUuut Led?f.m.. Bat)u(W!n..md Set'vuHt''<MnLCS I «" 11 • 1 sive e;t view am) the m.)ge of Welsh mount; s There .tt.?h.d to the prcmis"s L.?e St?Mes, C< ae. honse, and a good Garden, ??''?"?'?.? ?' fruit tfe. ? few acres of t.u? m? be ??' ?"'?. For further pimicu?s apply at 33, Victoria r?c_e, Bangor.  ?o ? TLM. I 'iIro be llet. RUTHIN. TO be Let, with immediate possession, a commodious House, containing Entrance and Hack Halls, Dining-room, Drawing-room, IJjeakfast-room,lour Bedrooms, Dressing-room, two Attic-rooms, «ater- closet, Kitchen, ami Buck-kitchen, with a Stable, Coacli- i house, and an cxcellcnt Gardeu adjoining, For further pat-ticulitrf3 apply to Mr. Thomson. CoedCoch, Abergele. LLANDUDNO.—NORTH WALES. T0 Wine and Spirit Merchants.—To be Let JL with immediate possession, eligible and extensive Premises, with Licenses attached, for the Wine and Spirit Trade, situate in Church-Walks, facing Mostyn- Street, a commanding position in the two great thorough- fares, and where an excellent business has been carried on for many years. Apply to Mr. George Felton, Auctioneer and Surveyor, Mostyn Estate Offices, Llandudno. TO BF LET BY AUC TION, by \/f ESSliS. E. KU?li OWEN and SON, I" to the highest approved Bidder, (at a yearly rent,) at the Harbour Offices, in the town of Carnarvon, on Tuesday, December 17th, 1867, between the hours of Eleven and One, for the Term of Three years, (in Lots, and subject to conditions then (Iud there to be produced,) several Walled-in, Extensive, and Commodious YARDS, SHEDS, A:c., near the Slate Quay, Carnarvon, well worthy the attention of Coal and Timber Merchants, or others requiring Lock-iip Yards. -N, B. may be had by applying (if by letter post paid), to Mr. John Jackson, at the Harbour Offices, who will show the premises. public jgoticrs. PARIS FASHIONS. A/fES. WILLIA 1S, Paris House, Bangor, 1\- most respectfully announces to the Lady Residents of Bangor and the surrounding districts, that she is now showing all the Litest productions for the season, in French Millinery, &c«, including the new Leather Hats and l-ouuets, the greatest novelty for the season, which has been just introduced in Paris. A few real Hudson's Bay Seal Jackets, made from the choicest skins, from 9 guineas each. HOY LOST. DISAPPKAEKl) from his father's house, DGI?tn;idda, on Friday, November 1st, PAT REILL Y, a boy 13 years of age. He has a light complexion, sandy hair, freckled face. Dress, Corduroy trousers, tweed vest, Scotch cap. Any information will be thankfully received by his father, Patrick Reilly, Glanadda, Bangor, or at the office of this paper. A. LANDERGAN, Organist of St. James's Church, Upper Bangor, BEGS to announce that he is now prepared Bto give Lessons on thb Organ, Pianoforte, Harmon- ium, Violiu, aud ingillg. Castle Hotel, Bangor, August 2nd, 1807. ANGLESEY UNION.—TO CONTRACTORS. PARTIES desirous of tendering for the _L erection of a Workhouse near Llanerchyinedd, are requested to send in their scaled Tenders marked 14 Ten- ders for Workhouse, to me, on or before 10th December next. The plans and Specifications may be inspected at my office. The Contractor will be required to name two Sureties, who will be required to enter into a Bond to complete the work, and perform the Contract. The lowest Tender will not necessarily be accepted. The Guardians reserve to themselves the power of accept- ing or decliciug tenders. JOHN HUGHES, Llanerchymedd. Nov. 12,1867. Clerk to the Guardians. NEW BUILDING SOCIETY AT BANGOR. THE BANGOR AND ARFON PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. B10 Shares. Subscriptions, 5s l'or month. TRUSTEES. WM. BULKELEY HUGHES, Esq., M.P., Plas Cocli. HUGH R. HUGHES, Esq., Garth View. WILLIAM PRiToliAlli), Esq., Tauycoed. DIRECTORS. Mr. Meshach Roberts, chemist, High-street (President). T. T. Roberts, draper, do. J. E. Roberts, draper, do. John Evans, butcher, do. Josiah litiglies, ironmonger, do. Henry Jones, ti-itveller, Castle Bank. William Davies, clerk, Penlon Works. Rev. David Williams, 3, Glandwr Terrace. SOLICITOR MR. DAVID EDWARDS. BANKERS MESSKS. WILLIAMS AND Co., Old Bank. The next General Meeting for the payment of subsenp- tions, will be lielt, on Tuesday, December 17th, 18'i7 from 6.30 to 8 o'clock and will be continued on the first Tuesday after the 10th of every Month, at the Rooms of the Society, 262, High Streat. Copies of the Rules, piospectus, and any information may be obtained of DAVID WHITE, SECRETARY, 4, Brynteg Terrace. NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY. LIFE DEPARTMENT. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Books for the Year 181)7 Close on 31st December. Policies opened before that date will, at the next Division of Profits, receii-e Oiic Year's Bonus above later Entrants. ACCUMULATED FUNDS, £2,510X{\j 1(; 5D. Ninety Per Cent of the Profits is divided among the participating Policy-holders. Profits divided every Five Years. Special Rates for Residence in India, Ceylon, and China. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Insurances granted both at Home and abroad on the most liberal Terms. LOSSES PROMPTLY SETTLED. Forms of Proposals, and every information both as to Fire and Life Business, may be obtained at the Head Offices, at the Branches, or any of the Company's Agents. CHIEF OFFICES. 61, THREADNEEDLE STREET, LONDON. ■WEST-END BRANCH—8, WATERLOO PLACE, S.W. 64, PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH. By Order, F. W. LANCE, Secretary. LIVERPOOL.-Branch Officc,-High-street, Exchange, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Secretary. AGENTS. O-YRN\RVON—LL, C. TURNER, Solicitor. BANGOK.-PAURY & Co., Shipbuilders. -C. A DONALDSON, Estate Agent. -.E. W. THOMAS. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. SALES OF CATTLE. NOTICE is Hereby Given, that by virtue 1 aJ,,1 in I'ur<uall"c of The Contagious Diseases .Am .t? ?.t .)theC..n"oIi?ted CatHePiasueOr?ro{, vu'Mist 1?'.7 the License of the Lords of Her Majesty s Hon?aUe ?rivy C.un.il been obtained for i.??,r 8?tIC4 of Cattle, whether intend) for t.n? .nedt??t?c slaughter or otherwise, at the following places, viz \berth-IW 0" the 20th November instant. B' VIV'vvi'an On the 24th Novcmher instant. (?,wilTvililliti Oil the 20tli December 11cXt. n °" out and 27Ui November i_nstant, and on the 5th, 12th, and 19th De- ccn?'er next. f)n.feeheU Onthe?thNuvemberinatant?    inst:mt, and on the 4th Dcccmber next. Bv virtue of an OrtIer in Council, dated the 23rul day of October last, Cattle may now be removed from county to countv, or from place to place, and to and from maikets, without license or pass. IIICIID. ONVEN, Clerk of the Peace. Beaumaris, 12th November, 1867. fgnblif ^iotircs. TO BUTCHERS. CARNARVONSHIRE & ANGLESEY INFIRMARY. 1 LENDERS f3r supplying Meat to the above 1. Institution for Six Months, will be received by the Secretary, Bangor, on or before the 2oth instant. DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY AND GENERAL DISPENSARY. THE Annual Ball in aid of the Funds of j, this Charity will take place in the County Hall, Denbigh, on Thursday, the 19th of December. Lady Patroness, Miss Mainwaring, Galltfaenan. President, Robt. Bamford Hesketh, Esq., Gwrych Castle. Dancing to commence at nine o'clock. By Order, J. DAVIES, Secretary. The Infirmary, 14th Nov., 1867. IN pursuance of a requisition numeroujly j_ signed by Inhabitants of Rhyl, ft Public Meeting of the friends and well-wishers of the Rev. Hugh Morgan, will be held at the Town Hall, on Monday next, the 18th instant, at 8 o'clock p.m. precisely, to consider if any, and what steps should be taken to testify their sense of his great and successful exertions, dining his long re- sidence and ministry in the town of Rhyl, which (as he has been preferred to the Rectory of Llaurwst) he is about to leave. W. MARTYN PRESTON, Chairman of the Commissioners. Rhyl, November 13th,,1807. CONCERT ENGAGEMENTS. MR. R. C. WILLIAlkiS, The Successful Candidate in the Competition for the Vocal Scholarship at the rccent Eisteddfod, 7 S open to ENGAGEMENTS during the J CHRISTMAS VACATION of the Royal Academy of Music. Enquiries will be attended to by MR. W. H OWEN, MK. T. U. MORRIS, Hon. Sees. of Mr. Williams's Committee, Bridge-street, Carnarvon. N.B.—Further subscriptions may also be forwarded to Mr. Owen. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! JOHN OWEN, 49, SHU DE-HI LL, MANCHESTER, Importer and dealer in all kinds of FOREIGN and ENGLISH FANCY GOODS. SHIPPERS, Auctioneers, Shopkeepers, S Hawkers, aud others, are most particu??y requested to call and inspect the Stock of the NEW ARRIVAL from the Continent, for CHRISTMAS, consisting of Toys of all sorts. Work Boxes, Desks, Dominoes, Leather Goods, Lustres, Bird Shades, and all other kinds of Faiicy Goods too numerous to mention. CASES OF GOODS always ready, from 92 to to, and £ 10 to 215, well selected for any trade. W NOTE THE ADDRESS:—THE OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE TOT WAHEHOUSB, 49, Shudehill, Man- chester, JOHN OWEN, Proprietol. Terms Cash. No agents or travellers employed, prices thereby reduced. AGENTS WANTED IN AGRICULTURAL DISTRICTS. (This Company is one of the largest Farming Stock Insuring Offices in the Kingdom.) MANUFACTURING DISTRICTS. (Mills, Manufactories, Warehouses, &c., insurell on the most moderate terms.) SEAPORT TOWNS. (Ships in course of construction and in Dock insured. Sailors' Lives assured. ) MINING DISTRICTS. WATERING PLACES: &c., &c., &c., Where the Company is not already represented. Persons of active business habits are invited to apply. LIBERAL COMMISSIONS ALLOWED. The Company is well established and has an Annual Income upwards of I. C107,000 Life Reserve Fund upwards of .ElM.OOO And has paid a Total in Claims under Life and 12300,000 Fire Policies of upwards of ) CHAIRMAN OF THE BOABB THOMAS BARNES, E S Q. M.P., Farnworth, and the Quinta, Salop. ANTHONY DILLON, Secretary to the Company. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Chief Offices High St., Wrexham 49, Moorgate St., London; and 77, Bucltanall St., Glasgow. BENSON'S WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, SILVER AND ELECTRO-PLATE. J. W. BENSON, Watch and Clock Maker by special appointment to H. R. H the Prince of Wales, Maker of the Great Clock at t;,e Exhibition, 18(12, of the Chro- nometer bv which the Derby is timed, and of the Gold Caskets presentotl by the City of London to 'f.R II the Prince of » ales and Duke of Edinburgh, and Gainer of Prize Medals at London,. Dublin and Padg, Manufacturer of numerous Fine-Art ltacing Cui-s &c.. &c., begs to inform the world that by the aid of im- proved Steam Machinery he manufactures everv description of CLOCK AND WATCH. viz. viz. CHURCH, LEVER, STABLE, CHR .NOMETER, HALL, HORIZONTAL. DRAWING-ROOM KEYLESS, NNING-ROOM, CHRONOGRAPH LIBRARY, &c. PIŒENTATlON, &c. Watches sent safe to all parts of the World aotn CASES. SILVER CASES. GOLD OASES. BtLVEK C A S E S   0'face ?mters ()P 'n fa" Hu?tter djoub,?le cases. Ji Hunters r double caseI. Hunters. dou/¡Ie 'ses.  BENSON'S LONDON-JIADE LEVERS. 10 10 0 I 13 Hi 0 I 4 4 0 5 5 0 15 15 0 18 IS 0 COO 770 11 101 1 18 i0 s 0 0 1 1116 7 ) 10 0 11 11 0 20 0 0 23 0 0 10 10 0 11 11 0 30 0 0 35 0 0 17 17 0 0 BENSON'S CHRONOMETERS. 42 0 0 I 45 0 0 33 0 0 I 35 0 0 52 0 0 I MOO 43 0 0 45 0 0 BENSON'S r.EFEAl'ERS. r?OO | 58 0 0 « 0 «■ 48 0 0 750 0 80 0 0 0 4615 0 49 0 0 ?00 ) 80 00 05 0 0 (?00 BEI.'SO-S KEYLESJ WATCHES. 30 o 0 33 0 0 I 20 0 0 J 22 0 0 35 0 0 38 0 0 25 0 0 28 0 0 BENSOS'S CRYSTAL GLASS WATCHES. Hit 0 I I 5 5 0 I 21 0 0 • ■ S 8 0 f BENSON'S HORIZONTAL WATCHES. ?SO 8 SO 220 330 9 9 0 12 12 8 0 0 4 2 4 2 0 0 5 5 0 For further prices and descriptions, and extracts from the Ilresg, see BENSON'S ILT.USTRATED PAMPHLET, vnt nost free to all parts of the World. Watches, exchanged or repaired. A liberal discount to Merchants. n'F,'SO'S' RTIO"{ ROOMS FOR sIT.VETt And Electro-plate contain every requisite for the Dinner and Tea T.?e See ill",?trato?l Plate p in.pMet, containing numer- ousUnstrations.dMcripti.m. and prkes, sent post f.? to all IHuts of the world. 01?i Siver Plate bo?ht or exchanged. BENSOX'S JEWELLERY DEPARTMENT. Contnins every description of Kine Gold Jewellerv, including liraelet&s Brooches. Chain, Earrins. Iocket$. Pins, Rings, St ,? c ? in all patterns. For prices, .tc., see photoBraph?, sent Post free to all part of the ?orld. Old Jewellery taken in exchange. J. W. BENSON, CITY STEAM WORKS AND SHOW BOOMS, 58 AND 60, LUDOATIJ HILL. •WEST-END ESTABLISHMENTS 25, Old Bond Street, and 9.1, Westbonrne Grove, London. ESTABLISHED 1749. ;£,\tbUt Jlfltto.s. GEORGE PRICE LLOYD. ESQUIRE, DECEASED. ALL persons having Claims upon the estate JnL of George Price Lloyd, late of Plasyndre, Bala, Esquire, deceased, are requested to send particulars thereof, on or before Thursday, the 28th instant, to Jame B. Lloyd, Esq., Plasyndre, Bala. Bala, November 14th, 1867. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. IN the County Court of Flintshire, holden at St Asaph and Rhyl, in the matter of Hugh Jones, of Pen-y-mynydd, in the Parish of Bremeirchion, in the County of Flint, Labourer, adjudged Bankrupt on the ninth day of September, 1867. An Order of Discharge will be delivered to the Bank- rupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date. unless an appeal be duly entered ainst the Judgme of the Court, and Notice thereof be given to the Court. Dated this eighth day of November, 1867. ROBERT JAMES SISSON, Registrar. —THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861.. IN the County Court of Flintshire, holden j_ at St. Asaph and nhyl, Wilkes Roberts, of Market- street, Abergele. in the County of Denbigh, Boot-maker, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the Twenty-fourth day of October, 1867, a Public Sitting for the said Bank- rupt to pass his last examination, and make application for his discharge, will be held at the said Court at the Town Hall. Rhyl, on the 9th day of January, 1868, at ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely, the day last afore- said being the day limited for the said Bankrupt to sur- render. The Registrar of the Court is the Official Assignee, and Mr. John Griffith Jones, of Conway, is the Solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. L. R. NIORGAN, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. IN the County Court of Carnarvonshire, JL holden at Conway, in the matter of William Madren, of Mostyn Arms Inn, Llanrhos, near Llandudno, in the county of Carnarvon, Licensed Victualler, and Painter, adjudged Bankrupt on the 29th day of September, 1806. A meeting of the Creditors of this Bankrupt will be held before the Registrar, at his office, at Conway, on the 2nd day of December, 1867, at twelve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of declaring a dividend, and also whether any allowance shall be made to the Bankrupt. Proofs of debts will be received, and Creditors who have not yet proved and do not then prove, will be excluded the benefit of the dividend. L. R. MORGAN, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. IN the County Court of Carnarvonshire, _L holden at Conway, in the matter of Margaret Ro- berts, of the Britannia Inn, Llansantffraid Glau Conway, in the county of Denbigh, Licensed Victualler, adjudged Bankrupt on the 10th day of June, 1865. A meeting of the Creditors of this Bankrupt will be held before the Registrar, at his office, at Conway, on the 2nd day of December, 1867, at eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon, for the purpose of declaring a dividend, and also whether any allowance shall be made to the Bankrupt. Proofs of debts will be received, and Creditors who have not yet proved and do not then prove, will be excluded the benefit of the dividend. L. R. MORGAN, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. IN the County Court of Carnarvonshire, J_ holden at Conway, in the matter of Robert Jones, of Rosehill-street, Conway. in the county of Carnarvon, Confectioner and Beerhouse-keeper, adjudged Bankrupt on the 31st day of August, 1865. A meeting of the Creditors of this Bankrupt will be held before the Registrar, at his office, at Conway, on the 2nd day of December, 1867, at ten o'clock in the Fore- noon, for the purpose of declaring a dividend, and also whether any allowance shall be made to the Bankrupt. Proofs of debts will-be received, and Creditors who have not proved, and do not then pretve, will be excluded the I- benefit of the dividend. L. R. r.IORGAN, L. E. MORGAN, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. JOHN GEORGE BROOKES, of 28, Madoc Street, Llandudno, in the county of Carnarvon lately in business as a Game Dealer and Poulterer, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 11th day of November, 1867, is hereby required to sunen,ler himself to Mr. William Hughes. a Registrar of the County Court of Car- narvonshire, holden at Conway, at the first meeting of Creditors, to be held on the 2nd day of December, 1867; at twelve o'clock at Noon precisely, at the Registrar's Office, Conway. Mr. S. O. Williams, of Llandudno, is the Solicitor act- ing in the Bankruptcy. At the meeting the Registrar will receive the proofs of the debts of the Creditors. and the Creditors may choose an Assignee or Assignees of the Bankrupt's estate and effects. All persons having in their possession any of the effeets of the said Bankrupt must deliver them to the Registrar, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. L. R, MORGAN, High Bailiff. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause Williams against Foster, the creditors of John Carson, formerly of the Town of Roscommon, in the County of Roscommon, Ireland, but late of Egryn Abbey, near Dyffryn, in the County of Merioneth, Esq., who died in or about the month of April, 1866, are, on or before the 5tli day of December, 1867, to sent by post, prepaid, to Griffith Williams, of Dolgelley, in the said County of Merioneth, the Solicitor of the Plaintiff, S,trili Emma Williams, the administratrix, with the Will annexed, of the said de ceased, their christian and surnames, addresses, and des- criptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them or, in default thereof, they will be pe- remptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Decree. Every creditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Vice Chaucelior, Sir Richard Malhis, at his chambers, situated at No. 3. Stone Buildings. Lin. coln's Inn, in the County of Middlesex, on the 13th day of December, 1807, at Twelve o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims. Dated this Seventh day of November, 1867. J. A. BUCKLEY, Chief Clerk. CHARLES WILKIN, No. 10, Tokenhouse Yard, London, Agent for Griffith Williams, Dolgelley, Merioneth- shire, PlantifFs Solicitor. —— NOTICE FOR LETTING TULLS, OTICE is Hereby Given, that the Tolls arising at the several Turnpike Gates on the Turnpike Road leading from Denbigh to Halkin, from Afoniven to Mold, aud from Blackbrook to Pontnewydd, together with the several Chains or Side-bars belonging thereto, called the Mold and Denbigh District of Roads and also the several Turnpike Gates on the Turnpike Road leading from Denbigh to Rhuddlan, and the Branch Gates belonging thereto, called the Denbigh and Rhudd- lan District of Roads; ilnll also the several Turnpike Gates on the Turnpike Road from Pant Evan Brook to Conway Ferry-house, called or known hy the several nilmes of Pant Evan Gate, St. Ceorge Gate, Abergele Gate, Sarn, Marl, and Dulwyd Gates, together with the Chains or Side-bars at Colwyu Bridge, and Oolwyn Station, called the St. kslil,ii and Conway District of Roads, will be LET BY AUCTION to the highest bid- der, at the County Court Hall, St. Asaph, on Thursday, the 28th November, 1867, between the hours of Eleven and Three o'clock, in the manner directed by the Acts passed in the Third and Fourth years of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth "For llegulatins Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced last year the undermentioned Siiiiis:- Mold and Denbigh District let at. csoo Denbigh and Rhuddlan District let at 4b0 St. Asaph and Conway District let at 66o Above the expenses of collecting the same; and will be put up at those or such other Slims, for one year, from the first day of January, 1808, to the 31st day of Decem- ber following as the said Trustee shall think fit, and subject to such conditions as shall be determined upon by the said Trustees. £ »* Whoever happens to be the highest bidder must then and there give security with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the Rent monthly, or in such other manner and proportions as snail be directed and no second lii.lihng wid be received unless the bidder shall deposit One Hundred Pounds in the hands of the Clerks, under conditions then to be declared, one of such conditions being (should the Trustees require it,) an agreement on the part of the Takers to leave the £ 10) deposit money in the '?s of the Trustees in part payment of the Rent at which the Tolls may be Let. WYATT & SISSON, St. Asaph, Oct. 9th, 1867. Clerks to the Trustees. GRIFFITH DAVIES high street, B A Dr GO R. WHOLESALE A ND RETAIL. G. Davies most respectfully informs his numerous friends and the public, that he is now prepared to show novelties suitable for the present Season, in all the various departments. The great reduction in the Cotton Market enables him to offer Shirtings, Long Cloths, &c., at prices equal to what they were before the American War. He invites special attention to the Dress, Mantle, and Millinery Departments. GENERAL MOURNING ESTABLISHMENT. FAMILYJ GROCER AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSE. TEA AND COFFEE MERCHANT. rHEREAS THOMAS PEERS WILLIAMS, of CKAIG-Y-DON, in the County of W An"glesey a Colonel in Her Majesty's Army, and OWEN ELIAS, of 286, Scotland Road, Liverpool, Builder, being r? ?? ct?S eh?cre?d under the provisions of The Acts for the Inclosure, Ex^nge, an.| Improve- BniMer Lands," in the Lands and Hered?uneuts set forth i. the Schedule hereUDder written, with the Easement, and Appurtenances thereunto belon?,,in, bein? desirous of effecting an Exehange of the same, have made apP?on in writin" to the I?-eC?nu?oners for England and Wales, to direct enquiries whether such proposed Exchange would be beneficial to the Owners of such respective Lands and Hereditaments, and to proceed with the same under the provisions of the said Acts. th.t?ch Exchange would  Now the Inclosure Commissioners for Kngland and Wales, being of opinion that such Exchange would be ben?ncia and that the ?rms thereof are just and reasonable hereby .ivc Notice that they will cause to be  and confirmed, under their hands and Seal, an Order of Exchange in the matter of the said?PP ic^ notice, in writing, of dissent to the said proposed Exchange be given to them by some person entfitled to an Lstate in, or to a charge upon, the said Lands and Hereditaments or any part thereof, on or before 2nd day of March next. THE SCHEDUDE TO WHICH THE FOREGOING NOTICE REFERS. LAND and Hereditaments in which the above-named THOMAS PEERS WILLIAMS is interested, situate in the Parish of Llandesilio, in the Couuty of Anglesey, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Heredita- ments hereinafter specified. No- on DESCRIPTION. a. r. p. Tithe Map Part 11 Part of Fron in the occupation of I Owen Hushes 1 3 5 1 LAND and Hereditaments in which the above-named OWEN ELIAS is interested, situate in the parish of Llandesilio, in the County of Anglesey, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Hereditaments herein* before specified.  ™ DESCRIPTION, a. r. p. Tithe Map Part 11. Cae Fron in the occupation of the said Owen Hughes 1 3 5 Witness my hand this 14th day of November, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and sixty- seven. Commission. H. PYNE, Inclosure Commission. „ PVVP of t.h, e ? Board, 3, St James's Square, London, S.W. By Order of the Board. ALL WHO SUFFER FROM COUGHS AND COLDS, SHOULD TRY BOWERS'S COUGH LOZENGES! PREPARED ONLY BY BOWERS BROTHERS, 101, EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER. Sold in Boxes, 7Jd, Is, and 2s each, by most respectable Chemists. 302 la 6d in postage stamps will free a Is box by post to any part of the Kingdom. THE "NORTH WALES CHRONICLE" STFAM PRINTING AND STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT. JOHN KENMUIR DOUGLAS, LITHOGRAPHIC, COPPER-PLATE, AND LETTERPRESS PRINTER, STATIONER, AND BOOKBINDER, HIGH STRE E T, BANGOR, PRINTING OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS FOR BANKERS BROKERS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, PUBLIC COMPANIES, SOLICITORS, AUCTIONEERS, ETC., EXECUTED WITH PROMPTITUDE. PHOSPFCTUSES. ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. CATALOGUES. INVENTOHIKS. CIRCULARS. BUSINESS AND ADDRESS CARDS. PLACARDS. INVOICES. BILL-HEADS. CHECK BOOKS. THE STATIONERY DEPARTMENT IS REPLETE WITH EVERY DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL STATIONERY, ACCOUNT BOOKS LEDGERS, CASH BOOKS, ETC. MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS SUPPLIED ON DAY OF PUBLICATION. ADVERTISEMENTS INSERTED IN ALL THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS. $»Mic$0tice £ CARNARVONSIIIHE TUR:PIKE TRU:T. TOLLS TO BE LET FOR 1868. N, vrIP]■' is Hereby Given that on Saturday, ? ?ay?f December, MR7. ?1 be Let by ?- at the CiLild H,11, in the town of Carnarvon (to commence at three o clock p ), subject to conditions N t'"i?'t.he ?,? p????) object to condition Tolls, arising under an Actin^ <^ IV., and other Gener.il Acts, aOd payable at the amleI..menti<1n- ed Toll Gates, in accorùance and in manner aireotcd by the .kcts passed in ilie 3,-d and 4th yY^eaS r of the Re^ign of His late Ilaj ity George IV., amI other Acts, ((  Hi.hteMaj?tyCeo?e, I  the last u produced the last ???St?? of ?tin,) ? respective .?.. ""S??:t.ge coaches, cars, or c?ge., licensed to carry passengers, are reserved. 1. Gwydyr gate, near Llanrwst -?- 0 0 2. GytH[tKate,BearCon?y_ 0 3. Sam-Y-mYHMh gate, near Llauôautffmid, £ 20, and subject to repairs of the road ? ? 0 iC20 0 0 0 of that district. 0 0 0 4. Conway-marsh gate. ?? 0 0 5. 1'eu-maen-m?wrgate 70 0 0 6. Taa-y-1'm gate, north of Talybont 145 0 0 7. Bangor gate t 265 0 0 8. Vaeuol gate ) One lot 26a 0 0 9. gtte 135 0 0 i8. ssxsaH'ST^ »s s 11. Pen-llyn gate. near Llanbens 280 0 0 12. Gwastad-uant gate, east side of Llau- ? 0 0 beris 65 0 0 13. Gta?vna gate, near Carnarvon. 175 0 0 14. Rhyd?du gate, east of QaeUyn Lake 90 0 0 15. Gelli gate, near Nan tile, clears Pant-du ? ? 0 gate. 24 0 0 16. Paut-du gate clears Gelli and Dolydd Q l<Fa&gatec!ear.GeMi?d Dolydd 42 0 0 17. D.? gate, dears Pant-du M? 0 0 18. Berth gate, so?h of  40   M. Mac. mawr gate, near Pwllheli fi") 0 0 20. CJynnoggate. ? ')- I ff!LtO, near Carnarvon 500 0 0 -iï;;wiÍ1 he put up as above, or in lots, at those or such other sums as the trustees shall then direct (or ?.?h.? authorised uS so to do,) for oneyear, from the 1st of January to the 31st of December, 1808. No bidding will be received unless the bidder, before, or at the time, hands to us the undertaking of two or more sureties or joint-takers, satisfactory to us. The party being the highest accepted bidder will be re- qtiire(I ztt the time to sign a contract, and other engage- meut, with two sufficient sureties or jomt-takeia, to the satisfaction of the trustees present or ourselves, for the due performance of the agreement and payment of the rent by proportionate quarterly instalments, or in ad- vance. as the trustees or ourselves shall then require. Parties iwteuding to become takers, are requested to send us the undertaking of their intended sureties or joint-takers, on or before Saturday, the 9th day of No- vember, 181.7. O. J0N1,S and () JONESj JUN., Clerks to the Trustees of the Carnarvoiishire Turnpike Trust. Castle Square, Carnarvon, 19th October, 1807. DRAINAGE AND LAND IMPROVEMENT IANDOWNERS coutemplatinp; the Drain- i age of land, the erection of Farm Buildings and other improvements, and desiring to take up loans for the are requested to apply to Mr. William Scott, Towyn, agent to the General Land Drainage and Improvement Company for particulars. Mr Scott will be glad to execute works for Land- I owners and others desirous of finding their own capital. Public ijfoticei CYN CODI OWN CAER." i^lOOD DOG! Poor Fellow!! I find ?J that you are much pleased with W Glyn Evans' patent foodshall have it most assuredly, and that quickly." Northgate.street, Chester. III. 0 L Y H E A D. iJ. SMITH'S MARINE HOTEL, WATERSIDE, HOLYHEAD, A first class Family and Commercial Hotel, comman- ding an uninterrupted view of the sea and the Snowdon- ian range of mountains, replete with every comfort, in- cluding Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths, Billiard Room, &c. Cars for Hire. A 'Bus meets the Trains and Steamers. Charges moderate. Proprietor—W. H. SMITH, Auctioneer and Appraiser. THE Mersey Docks and Harbour Board X hereby give Notice that they are willing to receive LO_ ANS of MONEY on the security of their Bonds, at the rate of Four Pounds Five Shillings per Centum per An- num, interest, for periods of Three or Five Years, and Four Pounds Seven Shillings and Sixpence per Centum, per Annum, for Seven Years and upwards. Interest "Warrants for the whole term, payable half- yearly at the Bankers of the Board in Liverpool, or in London, will he issued with each bond. Communications to be addressed to GEORGE J. JEFFEB- 80X, Esq., Dock-office, Liverpool. 1 By order of the Board, JOHN HARRISON, Secretary. Bock-office, Liverpool, October 31, 1867. BOOKBINDING. TO THE'PUBLIC. Every description of BOOKBINDING neatly and expeditiously executed at the North Wales Chronicle and Croitiel ey;ltra Offices, High-street, BANGOIv, BOOKBINDING. ACCOUNT BOOKS, LEDGERS, kc., in Vellum, Russia, or Calf, with or without Russia Bands, and warranted to open flat, manufactured on the premises. BOOKBINDING. II r k MM—l TO THE TRADE. Binding, Paper Ruling, Paging, Number- ing, Perforating, &cM executed at the usual Trade Prices, at Douglas' Steam Printing and Book-binding Works, High Street, Bangor.