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CVliNAK VOX. R.OAUD OF (iUAHUIAXS. Tile iisu.il tor.nightly meeting of this Hoard was held on Saturday ?st.<:oatdians present.- Kichard Hughes, Eth inch'.ir: \b'-?s.i?ian? Jones i('lynnog). 'I hos. Hid¡<ll'tJ.¡<IJ, t il iHit I. Parry, :\(Jrri, Uoherts, foibcrt l i ichar d son, tbillith I' .arrv, Jones ;llal'odycoe.r., H igh Hughes. Thomas Hughe*, Owen Jones, (ieoige ;;ovne.-s, ttU)nphrey\\dhams,lto- L.cttJoncs('i'v<idv)?adin),audWitiiamt[unhes. The Poor-Law Hoard having cu.pured if the (Juar- dians had bcenfunushcd by Ur.WUhams.ofUetii.wnh tile t,f competency inVaecinat,ou,re?utredty t'IIL' ?f lilt- Privy Council, instructiors were t;iv?ito)?)n.t))r.Wi)h.?u.<?tr:?)suutthi?).)?.n).?t to the <iii;uailalis. f,,z and police rates for till'counties of Carnarvon and Anglesey, and also a precept for a cat- tIe plague rate for the latter county, were laid I tile B"ard, awl calls upon tlie several overseers were made to pay in the same. 'I'll- accounts lor tlie last half-year were produced by tlie Cleric, previous t their being submitted t.i the auiti- Uit •:•; and after examination, tin- diHi-rcnt allocations contained in tliem, were, on the motion ot* \1 r, Koo.-it ,1"1: iia;oilvcoed, .-econdetl by 11'. l,ouuc- ap- pi OVld Cufi/il- dllll, Lla¡¡lu>¡,o(,The i(lJlt)win letter from Messrs. i.lo\d and IMwards, Untliin, resjK-cting the tmisatice, was I"l;td "IH -AW have been desired hy the (Jownwrs of the Uuthin ('liaiitii s to notice your Inspect -r\s applica- tion tt) tlicin of the fith nit. '• Wo are prepared to make the necessary drain that is, we will on the part, of the Governors, furnish to you a plan and e.-titiKi.o, and guarantee the payment of the e.-timated hut we ask the (iuardians t> as.si.st us hy themselves getting the work (lone, so that we may ^et the proper proportions irom our lessees and others using the drain. This is a matter \>f detail easily arranged. H We are. Sir 01 Your obedient servants, LI,UYI) ANi) Ei)%VAItL)S, The Clerk of the "Carnarvon." The Guardians did not see why they should embarass themselves with duties the law did not impose upon them. That their duty was simply to compel parties t" remove nuiMiiees olf their property and the Governors having a competent local agent at Llanberis to hiiperin- tend their works, could themselves do them tnuch bet- than any other persons r»ud Oil the motion of Mr. Uohert Jones, llatodycoed, se- conded by Mr. Thomas Richardson, Directions were given to reply to this letter by stating that the Guardians declined to accede to the application, and that if the nuisance be not forthwith removed, pro- ceedings without further notice would be instituted against the its lemoval. The nuisance complained of was described by Dr. Jas. MoU it (Vrvan, aud others, as a large accumulation of pu'rid matter, which had collected in trontofthe Ileuses in G->odui:m-street, giving oil' most offensive and poison- ous g.i^es, subjecting the inhabitants of the street, and others in the neighbourhood, tit great risk from attacks of i'ewr, cholera, aud other diseases. A tlie document,containing this description, was l'onvarded to Mr. Thomas, the Local Agent, re- questing him to lay it without loss of time, before the Trustees, Tin- following is an extract from the repoi-t of Dr. Maughan upon nuisances in the Union — uAi^s Coedy.ldo!. Ll.mheris, is in a fearful bad -tate. an I oiiL'ht to be drained and improved at once, lor there ha< been a great deal o[ fever i»nd many deaths in that neighbourhood through il, aud >hould such a thing as cholei a come, it wonlil be dreadful to iallcy what might- be tlie c in>ei{'icnce. A copy of thU extract was al>u sent to Mr. Jones.the .lIt at 1l1t!tilJ, in June Jat, awl the Guardians, it scorns, have been endeavouring, since that time, to move the ("o\t'i'Uor> t > act ill this matter, the wln-1.. ending in useless correspondt-uco, bntno?ood pr.?tiL'd result f r the elh'Ctual al-aiemeiit of the evil. I (1,('1',1. lit!k informed the Hoard thaton Wed- luslav I a t he rec.Mved from Mr. John Williams, sur- g, on, of the lirm of Iv b rts and Williams, a .-tat -incut that he bid bevii called alvoul one o\-h>ck that nmrning, to see a patient whom he found suffering from all the .-vmptoms of Asiatic cholera, such as tice wat. t mnging, vomiting, cramps, suppression of urine, &e.; that he L'radnahy became eunapsed, and died about half-past ten and that before the death to"k place, he had had the assistance of Dr. Davies, who agreed with him that the syni) torn.- were those of Asiatic dlokra. The Clerk also adverted to the instructions given him I,i? ilit? lilt., t') the etlect that in case of au outbreak of reported to him, and uiitd a meeting of the Guardians took place, he and the Inspector of Nuisances for the District, were to act in carrying out the Privy Council Order un lerthe Pis ases Prevention Ads, in every respect, as the Ullardiall should do if tho report had directly been made to, tlieil), and mentioned that consequently he had on the day lie received the report, put Mr. Williams, the medical prac- titioner referred to, in charge of the town, for the medi- cal purposes ot the l rivy Council regulations, That Mr. illiams, with his two assistants, on Thursday and Friday, visited every part of the town, especially those parts inhabited by the poorer clashes, to enquire for ami to treat ca-:cs of cholera and diarrhoea, ii tic I i I, I be found. Frota the daily returns whieh Mr. Williams sup- plied, it appeared he had met with only two cases of Knghsh clwlern, andf-nr cases of diarrhcoa, all now doing well. Havin■' inquired of Mr. Williams, whether, in his :is circuiustanc" be continued, he received from that gentle- man the following reply '■ Carnarvon, !)th November, lStffi. I, S-1k, — In aet>irdanee to the regulations (,f the Privy Council Order, laud my assistants on Thursday and to-.lay, vidted every part of the town, especially tho-c parts inh.ibited by the ]ioor< r classes, to iiupiire for and to treat cases of cholera and diarrhoea, should auv such present, themselves. II] enclose a report of the result of siicli visits, and 1 am happy to inform y..u that the health of the town is j. ,w o good, that do not think that any further visits under the order arc require). [ am, yours truly. WII.I.IAMS, Surgeon. J. Thomas, ]>q. Tlie Clerk also proceeded to acquaint, the Guardians as to what Mr. David Thomas, the Inspector, had done in rtgardtothis case, and produced M»\ port. After satisfying himself by inquiry, of Mr. Wil- liams, the surgeon, that the case in question was that of Asiatic cholera, Ili-. vi,i?(,l thehouse with him, nnd in ac(- %?itil tli(? IMnd Artier <)t'th" Order, freely sprinkled chloride of lime ami carbolic acid on | the betiding and clothing used hy th? deceased in his illness, and also various parts of the house, and poured Home into the privy and <m the tsh pit, and according to the instructions of the medical atrendmt, destroyed a part of the clothing, which could not be speedily disin- fected. l)r. Simon, the Medical Officer of the Privy Council, it appears, lays particular stress upon the immediate dis- infection of all matters discharged from the stomach and bowels of cholera patients, and attributes the con- tagiousness of the disease chicHy to neglect in these matters. T. Richardson moved and Mr. Griffith Parry se- conded, that the proceedings of the Clerk aud the In- spector in this case be confirmed, which the IWtd agreed to, thanking tlieui for their vigour and prompt- iless in the matter. Rel/offs of Xtiixunrrs. — Inspector David Thomas sta- ted that he was able to report, progress, not only in the effort that was made to keep his district clean and free from nuisuic.-s, I tit that some permanent ituprovem' i.ts were in course of beill made in dwelling-houses, which were previously in a state of dilapidation aud not fit for human beings to live in. Some pig<tves which were too close to the houses had been removed, privies had been erected where there had been none before, and drains made in the place of iihhv open ditches. Inspector Thomas Hughes reported the removal of filthy dunghills in Clymiog and lJandwrog, and that Mr. Robert Hughes, the agent for the Treddafydd houses, IVuygroes, LhuHyilli, wax making preparations for erecting proper privies for theltl, that several petty nuisances had been removed, and the sanitary condition uf his district much improved. Looking forward at very possible events likely to occur in cast* of another «ntbreak of cholera, especially in an epidemic form, the Guardians gave instructions to the Clerk to inquire of the Poor-Law Hoard, how, as local a?thurity they are to act ill case of retinal ??t!? ??rt «f the fvn-nds of a ehoWa victim t> immediately bary ?t!tu dfad;and \Vll,? tli,?y Slk?-iii,l Ulill,l"y t?, infected articles under Regulation )tuf the Order of i'ri\'vCu(mcU. A Jett, l? the P'?)r-Law )!?ard was read,r.'?n.t ing the Guardians would obtain from the Medici! Oth- cerand transmit to them a certificate, as to the litmus, iu his opinion, of the present nurse for her duties, and as tn h''rt'HirK'?ry in discharging them ami requiting the Guaidians again to consider whether a V"im^ r uid IIII;'P il.ctive man than tlie pn-sent port-r should not be ))!ac?di)t the office The medical certificate referred to having bo it produced, which was to the eilect that tic present nurse was too old to attend properly to the du- 1 ties required of her ill til(' hou>e, Oil tlt., 11 .r Mr. Thomas Richardson, seconded by Mr. liobcri Jones, llafodyeood, it was decided the certificate should be forwarded ti the poor-law lioard, but that a statement sdould be sent with it, that no complaint of inefficiency has ever been made to tin' Guardians against th-.? nurse by any oi the sick poor or by the present or previous Medical Officers of the W urk- lion.-e, except that implied in the e-rtilicate, and also to mention that no camplaint of inetlieuncy has ever been Ulid.' to them against the porter. I 'I' I -:t, I I]-] 's i ;tl:i I I, -c t,, L"ii'lll eLl;) 111 ¡II Outivlicf irrem'Vab|o poor ::1!1 lion-set h-d poor 1*1 1-1

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