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I I I' i, \(I t' I:. d.adlv l-i||d.i't, V.lneli lias wr.myilt Miinneli d. -tnicti'iii ;r.iii'tigst .ait' biivitiu 1)1-1-1 Is, ami caused tlie farmers of the ll.l- ill lol.l'tll been all but M.-UII[K-"l nut. Last WI', I; "lily two te w ca-s WdC' l'c- 11.,[■ tc'iI ),.?t\t'ty'?' <??'sw?)'r?- )H)rt<. '4t't !?'t??y'?''?'L!td ,m?;.?'rw.t. ■s-v. Ci" Lv n-tttnis fur tin- pnsi-nt. I, U'tiiV C'lngiii.illat.' etii' liitii'U, tin- far- i and liio e.ninti-y t'etu-rally, tip-m this liigiily in"-tat" "f things, and tru-l this fear- pes', wil! never Vi-it ns again. I if (he v, a 1 nature cf the rind.-rjn-st we liavo but lit; iiml spcci'ie iia- yei i.e. n d>I1 d s ■ in at -.a" in the matter. In t!ii-< respect, a, w,| as in ..tiie- it tuny la' «ii-l 'I' Closely lii'.nian liotli |e" S aie I'.vent.ie in tln ir attacks, and obey II" law whvh we mv c»,'lii-!Ult. Tilt- l'ili.U-i- jm- [ fi-.11whiNt tins c'inii<>t l<»i ;i I ('!i<>h'r;i rui'i ;i nih1, i: 'f.- c -iiliiu"! it. rava-v; t<- t In- Hat fertile lainl. -.Hell ;t- nit. S' It ( » .• !nn; no • um( jiaaii'l V-e. t .;»!c laii'ls ah-l aM .\u.-uriaH oliie'.T ot so;ne v\t»-:i,M!ce of it t t Iit i- in v. r t V"' ?'t!n' )?'-??"f ?" ?''? ? ah-v t' !?. ..f i)K's?L We think this rule )t !'? hceii eMal'ijshoii hut ?n') its attaeks are ni^tvnuus anil erratic. The Cholera IJa r been known to desolate the towns and villages on out- side of a narrow riwv, whilst the opposite side was entirely free from it and the same witli the rinderpest, for it often passed over two or three farms and then .settled upon the fourth. III a district near to Wrexham there was one instance of still greater eccentricity. It first attacked a iiiiiiili, r (of farms us on the circumference of a circle, olle farm in the centre, as it weie, free and scathless for a time. When, liowever, it had completed the circumference, it visited the centre-farm, and commenced its work of destruc- tion. This certainly was a curious feature m its dread death circuit. Although tiie real nature of rinderpest, has not hitherto been discovered, 1\11,1 no medicine found to even alleviate it, still our experience has been valuable iu one essential particular. If we cannot cure tlie disease, we can check its progress by establishing a strict cordon round tlie infected district. We now know that tin- •' stamping out" process is the only effectual one, and doubtless we shall turn this knowledge to good account should the plague ever revisit these islands. Of all the counties in England and Wales, Cheshire has been bv far the greatest sufferer for the loss by the disease and cattle killed has reached the eiiiii-iiiotis number of 88,000, which is fully one-third .if the entire loss of the king- dom. This is a sad calamity, and hundreds of well-to-do farmers have been utterly ruined by it, as Cheshire is chiefly a, pasture county. Xorth Wales has been comparatively favoured, for the pi agile oHly visited two counties, each bordering upon Cheshire and Shropshire, namely, Denbighshire and Flintshire. Not one case has occurred, to our knowledge, in Carnarvonshire, Anglesey, or Merionethshire, and this happily was the ease during its previous visitation. Forthis immunity we are doubtless indebted to the iso- lated position of the three counties, as they all bolder 011 the sea, and on the east side are pro- j tected by a !ollg and elevated chain of mountains. The greatest danger to these parts of Wales arose from the traffic along the main line of railway from Holyhead to Chester, and more especially from the Port of Holyhead. Fortunately the most stringent measures were adopted by the Magistrates of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire in reference to this matter, and the result has been most successful as well as satisfactory. These necessary measures, however, have caused a great dl'al of inconvenience to the agricul- turi-ts of both counties, to say nothing of Mori- oueth-hire. and we must add, loss as well. This IN- I-; I)Ilt So it is. Cattle were not l'criuitted to 1", removed out of one county into 1 another, miles- under special conditions and •, worse still, tlie cattle fairs for SOUK- time past have been stopped in both counties. This was severely felt ill Angles"V, as it is a great cattle- producing county, as the fanners could neither sell nor remove siore stock from the Island, and consequently they were compelled to keep them at aureat sacrifice, and at the same time they rl quired money to pay their rents. Of course, 1 this was but a small evil, as compared with the1 Cuttle Plague but still it was an evil of consider- able magnitude, and naturally caused a good deal of discontent, and particularly amongst the more igllorallt allll poorer class of farmers.. Now, however, that the danger has all but p-issed away, the of Anglesey, with a promptness and a zealous attention to illt. illt". rests of the farmers which does them much credit, have ordered the fairs to be re-opened ill the chief towns and villages, after having obtained the permission of the Lords of the Privy Council to do so. A series of cattle Tatrs, withiu kthe last two week., have been held at Llangefni, Menai liridge, and Llanerchymedd, and in other places, and. the farmers have thus been enabled to dispose. of their overplus stock. We are sorry, however, to have to state, that! up to the time of our writing this, nothing of the kind has been done iu reference to Carnarvon- shire, -Hid the old regulations still continue in force, and there is 110 free communication yet es- j tablished between the sister counties. Now we think this is to be much regretted, for to us it up- | pears to be the cause of unnecessary annoyance j and inconvenience. The Rinderpest is now a pest of the past,—as only two cases occurred in the, whoie kingdom during last week; the weekly re- I turns have been ordered to lie discontinued and the prayer appointed tll 1", said in churches in re- j ference] to it, has been ordered to cease. Ill ad j dition to tins, the plague never appeared at til! in this pait i f Wale-, and it has long sine.- disap- peared from Ireland, whore, in fact, it only visited a small district, in the County of Down, in the nor! h of tli" island There can exist no rea-on, therefore, which we can conceive, why the restric- tions oil the holding of fairs should not be at once removed in Carnarvonshire, -and a free communi- cation opened betwixt it and Angle-iy. Were the disease to reappear, or were there to be the I' slightest danger, the magistral, s posse.tin- power to refuse a license for the holding of fair" tirat tln-y hold tin- reins in their own hands. For the saku of the farmers and the country generally, we sincerely trust that the Cattle Fairs in Carnar- vonshire will ilt IIlIlT b ordered to be held.

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