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]<(>LUKLLI;Y. PI:TY S;;SMON>, Tue-day.—Be: >re W. W. K. Wynne L: Meu-dyth Bichards, C • lamburv, V.B and If J. I ( evehy. Ksq. i,j ^\iii;ams la'nrer, John Jos.es, railway watchman, F.dward J labourer, E, Lvans, quarrymao, Thomas Lvan-s qur.rym rt. Thomas Williams, -ui.-r. all froin Llwyngwril, were chanr-d with stealing a qumtny of timber, the pr..p.-rty of the inspectoi-% f Mosrs Savin and Ward, contract, rs of the i aii way bridge at B.u ai^uth. The ca>e had 1 ecu adjourned fr<«m the pre\i..us week, Richard Williams being the only d» f- n hint piv>. »it, and in the interim the other defendants had la en apprt ed under warrants .md bailed out. M- David Pugb, who app, ared on behalf of Me-sis. S t,in i(lHI Ward, said tli.it Mr. John .'ot:e- who had n r< t lined by the difendaips, was unable to be pr> i.t owmg to bad health, and he should therefore a>L f >v a l« md for that day w eek. The remand was granted, and the defend- ant*' bail enlarged until that day. Dreach <>j the I<a/a)/ Act. —John all. a watchman recently employed oil the railway bridge at Barmouth, and who will be r. m< mbered as the individual tha* was nearly lynched about a month ago. ( i, the Mi.-pieion of hiving removed some planks fr m the l-ri«.ge, was summoned lor travelling trotn ANrdovey to Buniouth Ferry starioii wisln-ut having paid his t'.oe, on the 211d of Novenibi r. When a<ked for li;, ,De ef tjie day previous. He was fined CI. including 1 heie was another .-utumons against him for net giving up his ticket whtii demanded at Burn, trh Junction on said that he >avv deft ndant get eu? of a catri.tee and walk up the line t licLet at the time, but. on the Monday following. The bench con- sidering th it the de.ei.dant had n- t be, n ;:>ked for his ticket by the signal-man at the time, di-mi-ed the .-aimnions. The same evening the defendant wi> given into charge by the station ureter at Barmouth Ferry.. n a charge of inteifeiiiiLC with the eoiuioit « t the tai.u .y pa^-t ngers, and brought to lip all nfght, lie w,<s bound over in k" I to appear on Tuesday n< \f .o the petty 11

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