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LLANGEFNI. I NEW FAlft.-The second new fair established in this town during thie year was held on Monday, the 8tli in- stant, and proved a complete success, far more so than anticipated by any of its most sanguine promoters. There was a capital collection of prime cattle, &c., and a brisk demand, at an advanced price. There was also a Bur- prising attendance of dealers. In the afternoon, the show of horses was most commendable, and many sales were effected-we know of two instances where jESO was paid for cart horses, the purchaser being Mr. David Parry, Kuthin, one of the horses being reared by Mr. Thomas Jones, Felin Llynon, and the other by Mr. Rd. Parry, Ty'nyllan, Llangwyllog, which certainly, at the present state of the market, was a very high price. Judging from the general appearance, the vast amount of business transacted, the numerous attendance of deal- erp and farmers on this first occasion, this fair will fti. dently, in course of a few years, prove to be one of the most important in the Island. There is also » warm an I general feeling among the farmtr. and dealers for another new fair, to be held about, t) e middle-of Febru- ary and the reasons assigned for t1 e desirability of this extra fair are indeed very cogent—not a siagle. fair being h,.I,11n thi Island during this month, though some of the most important fairs in England are held early itt March, such as Leicester, &c., at:d it is almost a matter of impossibility for the Welsh drovers to procure a stock for these fairs, and they labour under a great disadvan- tage in consequence of no fairs being held in the Island during that time of the year and in order to obtain a supply, they have no other alternative than that trou- ble -ouie and expensive one of traversing the country, which is attended by great inconvenience for both par- ties concerned. W e doubt not but in due time we shall be able to advertise this contemplated and needful new fair. THE RIVER.-The Cefui, for some cause unknown to its for some week < in the commencement of the sew", has not yielded sport in the abundant manner, it wonted scircely any trout having been killed, and those of very diminutive size. However, we are happy to state tti; t- a sudden change has come over the "spirit of the (leer, and recently some excellent sport has been enjoyed by divers parties, and the river appears to abound in fine trout. On Saturday, the 6th instant-, Master John Hughes, Mona Drug Ilall, went out, and in the course of a few hours returned home with an excellent basket 81ioi-t? and killed of fish, having experienced some rare sport, and killed upwards of 20 fine trout, weighing, in the aggregate, eleven pounds and a half. This marvellous juvenile pro- digy in the piscatory art has hitherto been far more successful than any other party, and is a most expert angler.