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BETIIESDA. EMIGRATION.-We hear that large numbers of emi- grants, nearly all quarrymen, are weekly leaving this neighbourhood for the United States. About 40 young ineo left here on Monday last, and were accompanied by their friends and relations to Bangor and Menai Bridge, en route for Liverpool, the point of their embarcation. ST. ANv's.-Ori Friday, the 5th instant, the confirma- tion candidates, and the eatechetical class of this district, numbering about 150 to 200, were invited, by the Rev, D. Thomas, to the parsonage, were they where plentifully regaled with excellent tea, bun loaf, and confectionery. A favourable change in the weather tempted them to some out-door sports, under the surveillance of the Revs. D. Thomas aud J. Morgan Mr. Meredith, Glanogweu and Mrs Davies, St. Aun's. Nightfall putting a stop to their festivities, they departed highly gratified with their evening treat. And on the evening of Wednesday last the choristers of St. Ann's, about 40 in number, partook of their kind pastor's annual treat of a good supper, with a plentiful supply of the genuine English beverage, under the otimamting effects of which, and partwularly of the bowie of punch, they sang several soqga, aud toasted the powers that be as all loyal and true subjects do. After some impressive remarks from the above rev gentlemen on the importance of the duties they voluntarily under- took, and the urgent necessity of being always at their post is the choir, the r'eninffs least terminated with I the National Anthem, and all departed, well satisfied that their services in the church have been appreciated. It may not be unbecoming to add that, on all future oc- casions of this kind, we hope the "punch,"—which, of course, is taken for granted, is henceforth to become part and parcel of all our coming choir suppers—will be contained in the beautiful silver cup her most gra- cious Majesty presented to our united church choirs, when the guests of the evening had the honour of singing before her Majesty during her last visit to Pen. rhyn Castle. THE VOLUNTEERs.-On Saturday, the 6th inst., the 1st and 2nd Carnarvonshire (Penrhyn) Rifle Volunteers, assembled for their monthly drill, under the inspection of Adjutant Peel. Having marched from the armory to their usual drill ground, preceded by the Penrhyn Royal Brass Band, they were formed into a column of four companies, and went through several battalion move- ments in a very creditable stylo. They were also put through the Manual and Platoon Exercises, in which they exhibited a high degree of efficiency. On the ter- mination of the drill, Adjutant. Peel expressed himself as being highly pleased with everything he had seen, and •that the men would stand comparison with an equal number from any regiment of the Line. Later in the day the Volunteers marched through the town of Be- thesda, where the officers Adjutant Peel and Lieutenant H. A. Roberts, treated each man to a pint of prime ale, supplied by mine host, Mr. T. Roberts, of the Star Inn. Before breaking off, Sergeant Barker proposed rounds of cheers to the officers, whose liberality bad just been partaken of; to which the men responded with a hearty good will. We understand that these companies will shortly commence Target Practice, on a new range in the Vale of Nant Francon and as the ground is much more favourable tttau that of the old one we are confident that a high average figure of merit will be attained. 1 LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH.—The ordinary monthly meeting of this Board, was held at the Douglas Arms Hotel, it this town, on Saturday last, when the following members were present:—Rev. John Evans, (in the chair), Messrs. John Sennar, Hugh Thomas, Kichard Hughes, and W. Y. Hardie, Clerk. The minutes of the last meeting having been real and confirmed, the following business was then transacted. 9trlan District Drainage, ifcc.—The Clerk said that in pursuance of the request of the last meeting he ha,l waited upon Mr. Barber, of the firm of Messrs. Roberts, Barber, and Hughes, and had got a case drawn up for submission to Counsel, setting forth the questions upon which the Board required to be further advised in rela- tion to this private improvement district, and now sub. mitted for their perusal, the case, together with the opinion of W G. Ltimley, Esq., thereon. The Clerk having read the case, pointed out in the opinion those portions bearing most particularly on the mode of pro- cedure for the recovery of the costs and the extent to which the intended works could be carried out, Counsel being of opinion that at present the contemplated work, could not be carried out to the extent the Hoard desired, it was therefore agreed to defer further consideration of the question, and of the course to be adopted ill future, regarding Gerlan Houses and improvements to the next meeting of the Board.. At this juncture of the proceedings, the Chairman being ybliged to retire, Mr. Richard Hughes was elected to the seat, and carried on the business. Alleged Qcrlan Roads encroackme,tts.-Resolved that the Highway Committee do visifctlie place, and report thereon to the next meeting. Nuisanccs.—Resolved that notices be served upon Howell Roberts, to abate the nuisance complained of by the Inspector, and if not removed within the time speci- fied in such notice, that he be requested to summon him forthwith. A complaint by Mrs. TliomaB, of the Ship Inn, against William Roberts, and Godfrey Morton, from whose premises there flows to hers a great nuisance. Notice to be served upon the parties to abate if possible, the nuisance complained of, Mr. Hughes undertaking Iis: agent for one of the persons, to do what could be done. to remedy the evil. Building plans.— Plan of one house for Mr. John Williams, Ogwen Street. Approved subject to the Board's Bye-laws. Plan of Baptist chapel (Gomel Garden) corner of Peny- brvn road. Approved subject to the distances of the adjacent house. as marked on plan, being adhered to. t't m of houses for William Jones, of 31, High Street, Bethesda, intended to be erected in the garden of No. 8S, High Street, with an entrance to the Pantdrainiog Road, submitted, but not approved, the Clerk, having visited the place and advised the Board not to give their appro- val, the site not being fit forsuch buildings at present. Plan of a brew house intended to be erected behind tiae George Inn, Carneddi road, for Mr. Robert Jones. Re- ferred back for further consideration, the dimensions on plan not being sufficiently explicit, or the plan to scale. Penrhyn road complaint.—Resolved that the Inspec- torate as much of the stone deposited by the roadside as he can for the repairs of the said road, he must make the parties who deposited them there remove the remainder at their own cost, otherwise to summon them for the obstruction. Rate Arrears.—A1111 Thomas, of Cilfodan Street, was allowed her rate arrears on account of poverty, the other appellants ordered to be summoned. Cheques for the usual accounts having been signed, the members separated. The Clerk informed the Board that it would be less expensive for him to go up in Hughes' and Littler's 'BlIS, if they would hold their meetings at 2 o'clock p.m., in lieu of one o'clock as at present, which was agreed to, and the Clerk requested to attend future meetings ac- cordingly.