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r PWLLHELI. BOARD OP GUARDIANS.—The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday last. Present—B. T. Ellis, Esq,, chairman; Mr. Richd. Jones, vice-chair- man and 22 elected Guardians; also, the Rev. John Owen, ex-ofifcio. It appeared that a balance of £47 Is. was in the hands of the Treasurer to the credit af the Union. Andrew Doyle, Esq., Poor Law Inspector, inspected the Workhouse since the last meeting, and made the following entry in the visitors' Book I have inspected the Workhouse, and am able to make a rather favourable report of the state in which I found it. The inmates appear to be properly cared for. The wards, yards, and offices are clean, and generally in a proper state." The Governor reported, that he had received, free of expense from the Bible Society, London, for the use of the house, 12 brevier text sheep Bibles. 50 Gospels 32mo, 12 sheep Testaments 12mo, and 150 St. John 32mo. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES MEETING.—May 4th, 1865.— Present:—John Edwards, Esq., Mayor, and Hugh Pugh. Esq., Ex-mayor. Robert Hughes, Penlanfawr Inn, charged William Hughes with being drunk and riotous, and refusing to quit his house on Monday, the 1st inst. The defendant appeared and admitted the offence. Fined 5s. and 12s. costs, to be paid next Saturday, or 14 days imprisonment. Robert Williams, Police officer, charged William Johes, with being drunk and fighting, at Penlanfawr. He was fined as. and 12s. costs, to be paid in a week, or 14 days imprisonment. Robert Williams, police ofifcer, charged William Morris, seaman, Pwllheli, with being drunk and riotous, I and challenging parties to fight. The defendant admitted the offence. Fined 5s. and 12s. costs, to be paid in a week, or 14 days imprisonment. PETTY SESSIONS,—Wednesday, April 26th.-Before the Revds. John Owen. (Chairman,) and St. John Arm- strong Williams, Clerks, and S. O. Priestley, and Owen Evans, Esqrs., Captains T. L. D. Jones Parry, and Ro- bert Carreg. Robert Jones, P.C., charged John Griffith, with being drunk and riotous at the Four Crosses, on Fair day the 12th ult. Fined 2s. 6d. and 10s. 6d. costs. Constables for several parishes were duly sworn in to that office, with the exception of two parishes as they did not attend. Surveyor's accounts of several parishes in this division, were examined, revised and allowed. Inspector John Walters charged one, John Crusty, who said he was a native of Sligo, with setting fire to certain Gorse stumps, &c., in the parish of Bryncoes, ou the 24tli ult. The accused denied the charge. The case was dismissed for want of evidence, as no one had seen him in the act of setting the Gorse on fire, though it was clearly proved he was quite close to the hedge at the time. The following assessments were allowed and signed, viz.-I,I,tngwn,idl, Llaubedrog, Llanystymydwy, La nor, Llandegwning, Aberech, and Llanarmon. Also the excused list of poor persons, on account of poverty, &c., of the parishes of Nevin and Llanengan. Mary Hughes charged Jane Hughes with assaulting her at the parish of Nevin 011 the 23rd ult. Fined 4s. 6d. and 10s. 61. costs, payable forthwith, in default, one calendar month and hard labour. John Parry was charged with allowing certain cattle to be straying on the highway, in the parish of Nevin, on the 17th inst. Dismissed on payment of Is. 6d. costs. Paid. William Hughes P.C., charged John Evans with a similar oifeuee as the previous one. Defendant did not make his appearance, and was fined in the full penalty of 10s. and 8s. 6d. costs, payable forthwith. Robert Daniel P.C., charged Thomas Jones with drunkenness.


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