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I CARNARVON. THE LOCAL BOARD.—On Monday last a special meet. ing of the local board was held at the Guildhall, the Mayor, Llewelyn Turner, Esq., presided. Present;— Messrs. Thomas Turner, Simon Hobley, R. Bough Owen, H. Jonathan, W. P. Williams, W. W. Roberts, Robert Griffith, druggist, John Owen, merchant, and Richard Griffith. Proposed—That a deputation of the members present wait on John Millington, Esq., the agent of the Vaenol estate, that afternoon, concerning the improvements now being made in South Pen'rallt. The meeting was adjourned to five o'clock p.m. At five o'clock, the local board re-assembled, after having seen Mr. Millington. Ordered, that the flagging on the south side of South Pen'rallt be proceeded with, and that the steps belong- ing to No. 6, Mr. T. Richardson, be left, and proper ac- commodation fir approach be made on each side of them. The carriage road to be cut to the width on the south side, as marked on plan, the level of the flagging to be lowered in conformity with the road way. The necessary accommodation and alterations to the various houses to be made at the expense of the local board. Ordered, that the surveyor be authorised to carry out such arrangements on the north side of the street as shall be agreed upon between him and the Vaenol estate, and other proprietors. Ordered, that the clerk write to Mr. Robert Roberts, Glanybala, respecting the alteration to be made in South Pen'rallt, and stating that the surveyor will wait on him to-morrow. The meeting then adjourned. THE TOWN COUNCIL.—A special meeting of the town council was held at the Guildhall, on Monday last, at twelve o'clock noon. The mayor, Llewelyn Turner, Esq., presided. Present—Messrs. Thomas Turner, Robert Griffith, Richard Griffith, H. Jonathan, W, P. Williams, Simon Hobley, R. B. Owen, John Owen, merchant, W. W. Roberts and Robert Jones. The Assassination of President Lincoln.-The Mayor said that before the meeting proceeded to the special business for which they were about to assemble, he re- quested that they would for a brief period consider themselves as being there in their corporate capacity. The fearful intelligence which arrived in this country from America during the past week had excited in the people of these realms a feeling of horror, of detestation and regret. Throughout England resolutions were passed, or about to be passed, by the municipalities of the chief towns, expressive of the indignation felt by all classes at the foul murder of the chief magistrate of America and it was fitting that the corporation of one of the principal towns of North Wales should lose no time in giving expression to the strong and universal feeling of its people. With regard to the civil war in America, differences of opinion existed in this country, as they did on all other subjects. With reference, however, to the crime of assassination, and especially such an assas- sination as this, there could be but one opinion in the minds of a free people. The. terrible murder they all so deeply deplored was a crime against God, against man, and against civilisation. It was the more revolting and unprovoked because it was committed upon the person of the ruler of a mighty people, whose last public words were words of charity, of forgiveness, and of peace to- wards a gallant but vanquished foe. He (the mayor) had prepared a resolution which he would read to the meeting, and which he believed would meet with their approval. He then read the following resolution which was unanimously adopted on the motion of Mr. Williaras seconded by Mr. Griffiths That the corporation of Carnarvon desires to record its detestation of the atrocious crime perpetrated by the cruel murder of the President of America, and to express its deep sympathy with the people who have been sud- denly deprived of their chief magistrate by the hand of a cowardly assassin. That copies of this resolution, signed by the mayor, be forwarded to his Excellency the American Minis- ter." The meeting then adjourned. THE HARBOUR TRUST.—The Trustees of the Harbour met on Tuesday last, at the Harbour Offices, to transact the monthly accounts. The Mayor. Llewelyn Turner, Esq., presided. Amongst those present were-Messrs. Robert Williams, solicitor R. D. Williams S. W. Da- vids Thomas Turner; B. Smith Owen Thomas John Owen William Hayward; H. Jonathan Robert Jones, Market-street; H. Roberts Robert Griffith T. P. Wil- liams Ellis; J. P. de Winton. On the motion of Mr. B. Smith, seconded by Mr. Robert Jones, it was ordered-- That in the opinion of this meeting, it is highly desirable that the Llanberis Railway should, if possible, be brought into Carnarvon on the east side of the Gas Works. in such a manner as to interfere as little as possible with the Quays and Marsh. That possession of the quay space at Henwalia, now in the occupation of Mr. ThomM William*, be obtained as soon as possible, and when so 81,tained, that it be let on the same terms and conditions as that let to Messrs. Finlay and Dalrymple. A letter from the sureties of the lessee of the river dues was read. It was resolved that the matter be deferred until the next meeting of the trustees, the sureties in the meantime being advised to consult their solicitors. Ordered that masters of vessels be advised to avoid anchoring within the range of the Artillery, and that they be strictly prohibited from doing so when the firing flag is hoisted. Ordered that the harbour master give notice to mas- ters of vessels not to anchor in the line of Moelydon Ferry. Ordered that a double line of chain be placed at high water and below in such positions as to enable ships and timber to be moored in the lower part of the south west side of the harbour. Ordered that the surveyor be directed to get the space within the wall under the Priory filled up as soon as practicable and that he report to the next meeting the advisability or otherwise of endeavouring to improve the approach thereto. Ordered that the motion of the river dues be deferred to the next meeting, and that in the meantime Mr. Jackson enquire and report as to the expense of collec- tion by the trustees, and the cost of a boat, and the pro- bable cost of repairing the old lifeboat. Ordered that the harbour master be directed to take charge of the ships entering and leaving the harbour, and of their anchorage in the straits which must be done, in all practicable cases under his control and that he be directed to exercise the strictest authority within the harbour, and prevent any usurpation of the rights of the trust. The meeting then adjourned. PETTY SESSIONS, April 29.-Before the Right Hon. Lord Newborough, chairman, Rev. Canon Williams, C. J. Sampson, Esq., 1. Millington, jun., Esq., and R. W. Thomas, Esq Drunlt and Riptouq.-Johii Davies, charged by P. C. W. Williams with the above offence at Penygroes on the 17th ult., and also with leading a mob towards the house of Mrs. Catherine Hughes, was sentenced to seven days' imprisonment. Charles Parry, charged with the same offence by the same officer on the same day, was fined 40s and 12s. costs. Assaulting a Police-officer.— Hugh Rowlands, charged with the above offence by P.C. W. Williams, at Peny- groes, was fined 5s. and 12s. costs. Bastardy.—Margaret Williams, Brithdir, v. Robert Jones, Cyttir. Order quashed. BOROUGH POLICE COURT, May 1.—Before the Mayor 1 lewelyn Turner, Esq., and Thomas Turner, Esq. Rape Case.-J ohn Jones, butcher, was again brought up on remand. The Mayor said that he would not entertain the question of bail until the little girl was found, and the following award was offered for her discovery £ 20 Reward.—Whereas, on the 8th day of August last, John Jones, of Carnarvon, butcher, was committed from the Borough Police Court to the Assizes on a charge of having criminally assaulted Margaret Hughes, aged thirteen years; and whereas the said Margaret Hughes disappeared prior to the said Assizes, and has not since been discovered—now notice is hereby given, that her Majesty's Government will pay the above re- ward to anyone who shall give such information at the Police-office, at Carnarvon aforesaid, as may lead to the finding and production of the said Margaret Hughes." The prisoner was again remanded for seven days. Di-u)ik and I?i(keeizt. -David Jones, charged by P.C. Jbhn Collet with being drunk and exposing his person in Skinner-street, on Saturday last, was discharged with a caution.








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