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PWLLHELI. TEA TREAT.—On Friday, the 28th ult., the Pwllheli, Llannor, and Denio Church Schools assembled at the National School, and marched in procession to a field near Pensarn to partake of a liberal supply of tea and "bara brith." The procession was headed by Messrs. Roberts and Toleman, the churchwardens. The latter were followed by a banner of chaste and elegant work- manship, and bearing the appropriate inscription of "Portha fy wyn." It was the gift of Miss Jane Hughes, Church-street, and highly creditable to her taste and skill. The very young lambs of the flock were carefully carried in a conveyance. Having reached the field, grace was sung, and the youthful host, comfortably seated on the daisy spangled green, commenced opera- tions in a vigorous and determined style. The pyramids of cake, industriously erected by the churchwardens, disappeared as if by magic. This important business being over, athletic sports and out- door games were freely indulged in. Prizes were given for running, leap- ing, hopping, &c. Then we had a most delightful April showers. Never were they more bountiful or more welcome, as they consisted of cakes, walnuts, and sweets descending in delightful profusion among the crowd. The children of the National School were then arranged in a kind of hollow square, and sang several songs in a spirited manner. A section was examined in mental arithmetic by the master, Mr. Jackson, and the best awarded with books, B. Ellis, Esq., of llhyllech, kindly acting as adjudicator. "Three times three" were given to the vicar, and in such a manner as plainly indi- t2 that all were fully sensible of how much they were indebted to him for the pleasure of the day. Three cheers for the ladies and for the teachers termi- nated the proceedings, and after old and young had ex- hibited a decided capacity for enjoyment and innocent recreation, all dispersed with light hearts and smiling faces. Any thought of the treat cannot be separated from the kindness and the liberality of the family at Pensaru. Mr. Roberts placed the field at our disposal, and Mr. Roberts (jun.), with the Misses Roberts, were indefatigable in their exertions in securing satisfactory arrangements so as to ensure complete success. The su- perintendence of the athletic sports fell mainly to the lot of the Rev. J. Williams, our respected curate, to whom great praise is due for this admirable supplement to the tea and cake. It materially assisted the digestive organs, which must have been severely taxed by such a hearty feast. Play is as much a part of a child's nature as eating and drinking. It is our duty to contribute to- wards each other's happiness and well-being. Dr. Dwight says "that he who makes a child happier for half-an-hour is co-worker with God." Every man of common sense must coincide with A. K. H. B. in his strong denunciation of the child taming of "drab-coated." Altogether, the treat passed off with no inconsiderable eclat, and undoubtedly will form to many in after days one of the most pleasant reminiscences of childhood shy, money-making rascals. In connection with the treat, we must not forget Mr. Robert Williams, our ubiquitous police-officer, who effectually prevented the intrusion of stragglers and camp followers. Among those present, besides those we have already incidentally mentioned, we noticed the following, comprising the elite of the town and neighbourhood—A. Jones Williams, Esq., and Mrs. Williams, Gelliwig Hall; Miss Williams, Ivy House; Hunter Hughes, Esq., and the Misses Hughes, Penmaen Castle; T. Hughes, Esq.; Mrs. and Miss Lloyd, Plas Tanyrallt; Miss Dorothy Roberts, Penlan-street; Rev. H. Richards, Llangian; Mrs. Jones, Vicarage; Miss Williams, Brynberllan; Miss Evans, Rectory, Llanllechid; Miss Thomas, Plas du J. Evans, Esq., Grammar School; Mr. Michael Roberts; Mr. and Mrs. Chambers; Mr. and Mrs. Larkins, Bank; Mrs. Griffith, Hermitage; Mrs. W. Hughes and party; Miss Roberts, Bodfel Hall; Miss Hughes, Cefnmaeu; Mr. R. O. Pughe; Mr. G. Jones; Mr. Hughes, Caroline-square; Miss Jones, Picton Castle, &c., &c. As the invitation was extended to the church choir and members of the church, there was a great number of grown-up persons present, so that, including visitors, the numerical strength of those on the field must have exceeded 500. Thus we spent a most pleasant day- more than ever impressed with the possibility of render- ing an useful life, L Allegro," and making instruction amusing and amusement instruction.

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