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It is well known that the Teas imported from China for consumption in this country are artineiaUy coloured, to impart a fictitious appearance of value. This :s so gene- rally known that Companies have been formed for the sale of aitcoloured Teas—a process not dmcutt to accom- plish, b) means of steam tube and drying pan, thus ren- dering a uniformity of colour and nature never yet arrived at. This is to be avoided by purchasing Himalaya Tea, which is strong and invigorating, being free from the poisonous colour put ou China Tea. Sold only in packets at 3s. 4d., 4s.. and 4s 4d. per lb. A list of local agents are in our advertising columns. IxTEitEsi'MG TO LADIES.—At this season of the year, the important process of bleaching and dressing Laces and Linens for Spring and Summer wear commences, we would particularly cat) the attention of our fair read- ers to the (.[eunuld Starch, an artiele of primary im- portance in the getting up of these articles. The Glen- ue)A Starch issl)eciallq manufactured for family use, :t!id such is its exccUenoe that it is now exc)usive)y used in the Koyal Laundry, and Her Majety's LaundrMS pronounces it to be the iiueat Starch sue ever used. Her Majesty's Lace Dresser says it is the best she has tried, and it was awarded two Prize Medats for its supe- riority. The m;tn!!f.:cturera have much pie.Mnre in sta- ting that they have beeii appointed Starch Purveyors to H. H. If. the Princess of Wates. The Glcnueld Starch is sold iu packets only, by all Grocers, Chandlers &e., &c. Dn. LococK's PL'moxic WAFERS.—Read the following from JIr. R. Hic)iardson, Surgeon and Chemist. 6, Cut- purs How, Dublin Amongst the many most surpris- ing statements of the good results of Dr. Locoek's M- monic wafers which I have heard, one person stated tht for Seventeen Years Dr. Loeock's Wafers have kept her alive, and she wouhl ))ot feel safe to go to bed without taking them. I need hardly say that I recommend the Wafers. ;uh) invariably observe a beneSci.d rcsttit." DH. LOCOCK'S PcLMOMC WAFERS give instant relief and a M- pid cure of asthma, consumption, coughs, and atl disor- ders of the breath and lungs. AU throat atfeetions are immediately relieved by allowing one to dissolve in the mouth. To singers and public speakers they are invalu- able for clearing and strengthening the voice. They have a pleasant taste. Price Is. ld., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 11s. per box. Sold by all medicine vendors. CAL'TMN.— Bt'ery box of the GEXL':yj' medicine has the words "DB. Luoucn's WAFERS in f'ttte !e«f)'a on a )'t(/ y)'<)MK<< i" the Government Stamp, without which ALL A[:E cocyrER' FEITS. BREAKFAST BEVERAGE. —Homoeopathic PraetitioneK. and the )f cdical Profession generally, recommend coeot as being the most healthful of all beverages. \Vhen the doctrine of homwdp;,thy was jirst iatrodueed into t)us country, there were to be obtained no preparations ot cocoa either attractive to the taste or acceptable to the stomach the tmt was either ."upplied in the crude state, or so unskitt'ut!v manufactured as to obtain little nohee. J. Epps, of Londoa. homeopathic chemist, was induced in the vear ISSU to turn liifa attention to this subject, and at length succeeded, with the assistance of elaborate chiuery.in being tite first to produce an article pure'" its composition, and so reHned by the perfect trituratMB it receives in the process it passes through, as to be most acceptable to the delicate stomach. Fur genera) use, Mpps's cocoa is distinguished as an invigorating, gratefaL hieakfast beverage, with a deticious aroma. Dr. Hass.uJ. in his work Food and its Adulterations," says i" Cocoa contains a great variety of important nuthtioM principles; every ingredient necessary to the growth Ma sustenance of the body." Again, "As a nutritive, COCl} stands very much higher than either eottee or tea, Directions -Two teaspoonfuls of the powder in a brczik* fast cup. iitled up with boifing water or milk. SeeurM in tin-lined 1-lb" .tt" and 1-tb. labelled packets, soht at Is. <;d. per lb., by grocers, confectioners, aJM chemists. I'XERRING TEST OF THE PECULIAR EXCET.LEXCE OF !?. DE JOK!TH'S Li!TIIT-BROWX COD LIVER OIL.-Tlie niolt and practical proof of the high estin13' tionin' which this pure and genuine Oi)i.she!dhyt"? members of the medical profession, is theenthe conf' deuce a?d gi eat success with which they use it themse)' prescribe it in their own families, and recommend it ?' their colleague'). The following are extracts from numerable Medical opinions. Hichard Edgcun'be, Esq. Senior Surgeon to the Royal Dispensary, observes :—' have used Dr. do Jongh's Oil in my own family marked success, and believe it to be in its enacts superb to any other preparation." Rowland D.dt<m. £>q.. District Nodical Umeer at Hury St. Edmunds, writes to Dr. de Jongh's agents .—" The Oil I have had from ?" was for my own use. and it has certaini been the o"" me.tns of saving my life on two occasions; and even when I feel' out of condition.' I take it—and like 1 unmixed with anything, as being the most way." Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver <M" y in capsuled imperial half-pints, Hs.<)d.. P' 48. Htl.; (PWlts, 9a-; by his sote Harford. and Co., 77, Strand, London and by respect* chemists.