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BULLETINS OF THE HOSPITALS.—The My whose countenance Ml on the receipt of a note, stating that her htjsbjnd would not be home from his \I'relwll., till Jate, has undergone an operation, and is pronounced out of danger.—The eminent Lawyer who inadvertently aUowed Ilia eye to rest for a moment on a point in the evidence. will, it Is hoped, regain the use of the organ.—A sma)I but interesting child was brought to the hospital a i'etv days since, its nose being w long having been put out of joint on the birth of a brother. The littte sn'ferer is progressing favourably.—-The literary gentleman who was brought in suffering acutely from an idea which had accidentty entered hi. head, has been trcpauued, and is in a fair way to recover. A MuDKHN LADY'S M.ID'S DcT'r.—"AMgait" writes to the Pall tM<tM C<t2ft<<—There is yet another important part of a ftni-thed lady's maid's duty, which is commonty thought to bo a norfity, but it is. in fact, only a revival. She must bo a eomp'-tent art.iat in I)ag. tel p'untiug, on (not from) the iu'e and a proneient in the use of cosmetics, p)ints. and dyes so general is the use of rouge for the cheek", kohl and antimony for the eyelids paste! for the pyet'i'on's, to drop into the cvo to increase the s!ze ot the pupi), bistre to stain the eyelids, Nno for vehnng the te!np[ea, bloom of Nin- on and Nanc Je perle for the general skin, and varioos acid dyes to discharge the natural colour of the hair and turn it. of the -fashionable palma veeehio reddish yoUuw. Moat ot theae beautiners need a skilfnt hand to apply, aud are by uo means s<tfe wiien omptoyed. Yet so frequent is the use of them by ladies, young as well as old, that a uuishod maid is expected to know how to put. them on and how to get them off again, which la.t is always not so easy.

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