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DENBIGH. I SHOCKING ACCIDENT-THREE LIVES LOST, I This town was shocked ea" on Tuesday morning last with the tidings of a fearful accident which occurred. at the reservoir of the Denbigh Water Works, at Llewes- og, and by which three human lives were lost. The circumstances of the calamity are thus told :-It appeals that a leakage had been discovered in the reservoir, awf to remedy the same a deep trench was directed to be cut for the purpose of being puddled. The trench wm made through a natural embankment rising gradually from the reservoir, extending in a direct line for about 30 yards, and afterwards turning almost at right angles to a length of about 20 yards. It measured something like 17 yards deep, 2k yards wide at the top, and seemed rather narrower at the bottom. It was propped br planks laid horizontally along the sides supported by others across the trench. The formation of the place consists of clay, gravel, and quicksand. The men had' been engaged at the work for many months, and liadi nearly finished puddling to the turning point of the trench, when the accident took place. At six o'clock on Tuesday morning, five men were employed as usual in excavating,—the deceased men were inside digging,, and the two others conveying the material out by means- of wheelbarrows. Just at seven o'clock, as one of the two was returning into the trench with his wheelbarrow,. he observed the sides falling in with a heavy pressure from above, and he had scarcely given the alarm before the trench was totally closed, himself narrowly escaping from sharing in the sad fate of the three poor fellown who were at the furthest extremity buried alive. The sides gave way, it* is supposed, as the men were remov. ing some of the props. Information of the catastrophe soon reached Denbigh, (a distance of two miles), and in a very short time scores of people had arrived on the scene of the accident., all overwhelmed with anxiety to extricate the bodies with- out delay. The directors of the Water Company, viz: the Mayor, Dr. Tumour, Mr. Martin Smith, V.C.R., Mr. J. C. W. Edwards, Mr. (I. Williams, Vale-street, and Mr. Gold Edwards, promptly appeared on the spot, in a distressed state of mind, aud they exerted them- selves in every possible way with a view of finding the unfortunate men. Mr. Duncan, of Liverpool, the en- gineer of the works, was telegraphed for, and that gen- tleman was at Lleweso before six in the evening, and rendered valuable service. About, 30 or 40 men were -employed by the Company at once to dig for the bodies, and they were kept, at work alternately with others with increasing activity, day and night, but up to the time of going to press, we had not heard of their suc- ceeding in finding them The names of the deceased men are—John Evans, of Denbigh, aged 35, unmarried Jabez Roberta, of Den- bigh, aged 38, left a widow and three children and Edward Roberts, of Rhewl. Prion, aged 48, left a widow and two children. We are glad to find that subscriptions have been started in aid of the bereaved families, and all sums will be gratefully received by Mr. E. George, County Court Office, Denbigh. The Denbigh String Ban(I g-tve a concert last night (Friday) for the same object. It was originally intended for the benefit of the Band.










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