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TO ANGLERS. fr1 sHLNGr TACKLE of every description at o. H. OODÉN. To, AND FANCY WABLTHOUSH, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. COALS! COALS r COALS! BEST WIGAN and other COALS at BAN- GOP. RAILWAY STATION, by John Williams Best Coals 15a. per Ton. Second do 14s Also, DRAINING PIPES, of Superior Quality. Further particulars may be had of Mr. Littler, RaU- ?ey Hotel, Bangor. 1^0 THEINHABRRANT^ OF THE PRINCIPALITY, AND PARTIES FURNISHING. SAMUEL CUTTER, 19, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL, Invites the attention of Purchasers to inspect his Choice and varied STOCK of WARDROBES AND TUDOR BEDSTEADS, TELESCOPE DINING TABLES, SIDEBOARDS AND CHIFFONIERS, WALNUT DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, GILT CHIMNEY GLASSES, BEST IMPROVED SPRING BEDS, IRON BEDSTEADS, AND BEDDING, Of every Description, with every suitable Article for GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHING. Ship Cabins fitted up, tt-c. SHOW ROOMS, 19, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. DINNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA, For Thirty years the Medical Profession have approv- ed this pure solution as a remedy for ACIDITY OF STOMACH, HEADACHE, GOUT, AND INDIGESTION; The most delicate Ladies and Children use it as a gentle and pleasant aperient when combined with their ACILDUATED LEMON SYRUP. In hot seasons and hot climates, the regular use of this simple remedy has been found highly benificial. It is prepared (in a state of perfect purity and of un. niform strength ) by DINNEFORD & CO., CHEMISTS, &c., 172, NEW BOND STREET, LONDON. gold by all respectable chemists throughout the world. CAUTION.—See that Dinneford & Co. is on each bottle and red label over the cork. HIPORTANT NOTICE. T1 HE LONDON SPORTING AGENCY COMPANY -L ha! ve again commenced their Monster Draws for the year 1?. The third will be given on the GREAT CHESTER CUP, to be conducted the same as last year, by 5000 shares, at 5s. each share, and two stamped directed envelopes for share ticket and prize list. Drawing will take place on May 8th, and all prize lists will be forwarded immediately after the Draw. First Prize, 300/ Second, I.; Third, 1001. Fourth, 501.; and twenty prizes of 15J. each; tweiityoflot. each and twenty of 51. each. All prizes paid immediately after the Draw—less 5 per cent, for expenses. All applications for Shares to be made to the secretary, by letter only, John Howard. 15, York-street, Covent Garden, Loudon, W.C. Post Office orders made payable to J. Howard, General Post Office, London. Stamps taken as cash. N.B.—Commissions executed on all Races throughout the year. Price List free on receipt of a stamped directed envelope. Cheques crossed Union Bank of London, best market prices obtained, and winnings guaranteed. Ad- (lress aoj above; TEETH WITHOUT FAIN. Messrs. GABRIEL attends BANGOR, every FRIDAY, at Mr. Douglas, Caxton House, iligh Street. ()SW! fPY, every WEDNESDAY, at Mr. Greens, Cauton House, The Cross. AVI!KA'HAM, every THURSDAY, 5, Hope-street. SHKEWSliUltY, every SATURDAY, 48, High-street. CARNARVON, by appointment only. New E,l ition. -Post t)-ee. GABRIEL'S PAMPHLET ON THE TEETH. (ILLUSTRATED AND DESCRIPTIVE) Explaining the only effectual mode of supplying Artificial Teeth without pain, to answer in every particular the purpose of natural masticators. T 7lege Teeth are supplied on the principle of capillary attraction and suction, thus dispensing entirely with springs, and are supplied with moderate charges. Messrs. GABRIEL have for many years practised their Spccialite with unvarying success, and have the satisfac- faction to state that they have permission to refer to most of their patients. G ??'.a?*??? G? ??? b?????'??-? THE OLD ESTABUSHED ??EM'nsl? l;M, DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL. LONDON: 27, HAELEY STREET. CAVENDISH SQUARE, W. CITY ESTABLISHMENT 36, LUDGATE HILL, 36. (Four Doors from the Railway Bridge.) G5, NEW STREET, BIRMINGHAM. Messrs. GABRIEL guarantee every case they undertake. AMERICAN MINERAL TEETH, from Four to Seven, and Ten to Fifteen Guineas per set, best in Europe, warranted. Single Teeth and partial sets at proportionate moderate charges. Only one visit required at the principal establishments from Country patients. IMPORTANT TO SINGERS &c. TREMADOC AROMATIC VOICE CLOBULES- For Restoring and Clearing the Voice, removing Hoarseness^ dr. THIS wonderful New Discovery was firt introduced anvmgst the Italian Vocalists, and is used with remarkable benefit in Germany, and other parts on the Continent. The secret was obtained, with some difficulty, by the proprietor, and the demand for them since he has iutroduuod them in this country is most astouudiud. These Globules are a combination of the most simple and Balsamic Vegetable*, acting a* a nothin; und Tonic Renovator to the Vocal and kespir.it>>rv Or.;on; They will remove, in a few hours, the most troublesome Hoarse- ness that can take place afte Siiigilkg, Public Speaking, &c.; and by using them three or four times a day for a short time, they will not fail to restore and clear the voice, making it most refined and by using the same oc- casionally they will i\'e a Tone aud fineness to the most rough and broken voice, protecting the throat from re- laxed Hoarseness and Cold. They clear the accumlatod Phlegm that coagulated in the bronchial Tubes, to the great inconvenience of Singers and Public Speakers; and are good to those who have lost their Voice; also have been found effectual in cases of Spitting Blood. Old Coughs, aud Palpitation. Their taste is good, and impart an agreeable odour to the breath. Prepared only (by Appointment) by B. L Jones, Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremcidoc, In Boxes, Is. 1^1,, and 2s. 9d. each. Sold by all the Wholesalo and Retail Druggists, and may be had direct, per return of Post, from Tiemadoc, on receipt of Is. 2d., or H. iu Stamps Testimonials of their wonderful effect come to hand daily. A Clergyman of 30 years standing in the Church has tried my Voice Globules after suffering more or less from an effection of the throat, attended frequently with hoarseness, for 20 years, and has fouud them wonderfully efficacious in removing all hoarseness andin strengthening the Voice. And if any one doubts this, I am at liberty to give his name in private to any brother clergyman who wishes to have it. Read the following from L W. LTWIS, Esq., (Llew Llwyfo Denbigh, August 7, 1803. Sir,—You have desired me to make a trial of your Voice Globules. I did so. The result is this-I never had anything before to have an immediate, decided, and agreeable effect upon my Voice as these, although I snout fcuich in Lozenges, Wafers. &e. Now I get an immediate Mlie! from Hoarseness when I am attacked I find the "lobules an ejj'ectual preventive from Hoar,ienc33 a most ""Itlitl)le discovery worthy of trial. Send me another immediately. Yours, &c., LLEW LLWYFO. —————— <jp>\ I ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Contain, Designs and Pricaa of ISO cillfereDt | articles of Bed-room Furniture, at well at of 100 BoUteads, and Prices of every deseripuou J ? of Bo"ing. jj \SENT FR?E BY POST. I HEAL AND SON, .s>. BHSTMO. BEDDING, &■J \'??? 6' AND BED ROOM FURNITURE JpAr  Pe MANUFAC\À;  PURE FOREIGN WIKES. GOOD SOUND SHERRY, 188. per dozen I GOOD USEFUL PORT, 18s. per dozen GOLD WITH BODY, 24s. per dozen VERY SUPERIOR, 24s. per dozen. SUPERIOR PALE & DRY, 30s. per dozen 1858 VINTAGE Full and Rich, 30s. per dozen BOUSILLO-NT, A RICH STRONG WINE, 248. Per Dozen. SOTTHSTD DIN NEB. CLARET, 18s. PER D6z. ST. JULIEN, 24s. PER DOZEN. ST. ESTEPHE, 24s. PER DOZEN. C HAM P A G N E, 42s. PER DOZEN. JOS. ROBERTS, CONFECTIONER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. AGENT FOR IMPERIAL WINE CO., LONDON. MR. SCOTT LtiWd, OF IDTTBILIIsr- A R TIFICIAL TEE T H. 6, MARKET STREET, CARNARVON, MB. SCOTT, the Resident Dentist, supplies Artificial Teeth without giving any pain to 1 the wearer (he does not extract old stumps), and tit the same time rendering the new Teeth useful in mastica- tion and articulation. The Teeth being composed of a silicious substance, with a fine enamel upon them, admitting of every variety of shade and colour, enables him to match any Teeth that may remain in the mouth, so as to challenge detection. All medical gentlemen who have inspected Mr. Scott's Teeth pronounce them to be the most cleanly and whole- some to wear. Unsightly wires and ligatures are avoided. All the most recent improvements of the London and Paris Schools of Dentistry are introduced into Mr. Scott's laboratory, strictly adhering to Mr. Brophy's standard rule of using no inferior materials, the workmanship being under his own special supervision. He will warrant all com- mands entrusted to his care. Mr. Scott begs leave to thank his numerous patients for their liberal patronage. CHARGES TO SUIT THE MOST ECONOMICAL. Mr. SCOTT'S Book on the Teeth now ready at all the Bcoksellers or from the Author. Price Is., by Post 13 Stamps For opinions of the Press on the merits of this Book, Vide North Wales Chronicle Dec. 17th last, and all the leading newspapers of the Prinpality. N.B.—Mr. SCOTT visits LLANRWST the first WEDNESDAY in every month May be consulted with every Thursday at 306, High Street, Bangor. ESTABLISHED 1812. PROCTOR AND RYLAND, In calling attention to their Special PREPARED BONE MANURES, Have much pleasure in stating they will be found of very superior quality, and the most economical offered to the Agriculturist. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES Have produced results of the most satisfactory and remunerative character on every description of tillage land. WHEAT, OAT, AND BARLEY MANURES Strengthen the straw, increase the quantity, and improve the quality of the grain in a very marked degree. BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME Has been proved to be the most economical source of Phosphates for the growth of luxuriant root and corn crops. GRASS MANURES, For mowing or grazing land, are very effective in improving the herbage. The preparation of Grass Manures is regulated according as they may be required to be more or less permanent in their character. OFFICES CORN EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, CARR'S LANE, BIRMINGHAM. WORKS :— BIRMINGHAM, WARWICK, BRISTOL, AND CHESTER. "PURITY & EXCELLENCE OF QUALITY" /t?"??? ??? .?llM?A?  ?3?B? \k ?' <   ""?  THEIR G.EMUINEAND DOUBLESUPERFINEARETHE QUALITIES PARTICULARLY RECOMMENDED FO.R FAMILY USE. RETAILED IN EVERY TOWN THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM. M' $ <   < ?  MEDICAL AID (nY LETTER OR PERSONALLY) BY DR. HAM MOND (of the Lock Hospitil member ofthe College JL' of Phjsicians and Surgeons), on all those DISEASES which EM BITTER "and SHORTEN the DURATION of Hons LIFR, He offers Hints whereby MANLY VIGOUR and all the attributes of PEUFEOT MANHOOD can be secured. TheMAKRtED LIFE RENDERED HAPPY, and the causeof all domestic dis- cord removed. THOSE WHO DESIRE TO MARRY restored to HEALTH. BEAUTY, GRACE and ELEGANCE. Also on "The AU REST, CURE, and ISOLATION ofNervous, Physical and Sexual Debility, Spermatorrhea, Nocturnal and Diurnal Looses, Painful Dreams. Wasting of the Organs of Generation, Impotence, Sterility, and all DISEASES of INDISCRETION." The Author's chief aim is to mitigate human suffering, aud in proof of the dficacy of his filter)-, j,e will advise INVALIDS how to Cure themselves, by calling on him during professional hours. Those unable to attend personally are advised to enclose Six Stamps for TtlE SELF-CUliATIVE MANUAL," which will enable s'ifferers to effect a speedy and PRl Y ATE CURE W ITH. OUT DANGEROUS & ABORTIVE SO CALLBD KKM EDI LS. All Letter. to be prepaid and addressed DU. HAMMOND, I No 11, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London. At home 9 till 2, and 6 till 8, Sundays 10 till 13. By the same Author, beautifully illustrated, 100 Pages (details with above), "THE MODERN ARISTOTLE," OR PHYSIO- LOGICAL REVELATIONS ON LOVE, COURT- SHIP AND MARRIAGE. Their Social, Moral, and Physical Relations addressed to both Sexes; with ADVICE and HIXTS in choosing a Husband or wiie. Together with an 1 iquiry iuto the cause of Unhappy and Un- fertile Unions; how to ensure Fruitful and Happy Marriages, and the Restoration of Suspended or lost Privileges with "EVKRY-DAY tiCENF.S,"or LIFH SKETCHES OF THE SINULE, THE MARRIED, and the WIDOWED; being Figments of Facts, and Philosophy. CURE 'YOURSELF WITHOUT MEDECINE OR FEES. (The .Self Uestomtive). PROVING the real cause of Nervous, Mental, and Phy!ical pI.ONI'Iless of Spirits, Indigestion, Want of Energy, FIat of JnMnity. Thoua;ht?ot Suicide, and Premature Decline; with plain and .unp)e :?(tvi?e for securing Health, Happiness, .md ?".?r WITHOUT DANGEROUS MEDICINES. Sent OIUTIS to "I!reyers on roceipt of stamp for postage, by H. J.ju.c-. I'rrey Hon* HmJford Square. London. MASCULINE VIGOUR GUARANTEED Without the possibility of failure, by the use of Dr. llltlGI1'PS REM El) Y prepared in the form of a Lozcn»e, to Sevill e secrecy. Invaluable in all cases of Generative and Physical Debility, S'permatorilicea, &c. Piiee 118 on application, or sent carcrully racked, free by post, for I2s., for stamps or post office order. Address, Dr. Bright, 29, George Street, Hanover Square, Lou- don, W. DR. BRIGHT'S SPEEDY CURE. The BUCIlU GLOBULUS, containing the essence ofCopaibit and Cuhrbs, free from taste, beuigeneased in sti,,ar, at oiit!e cure all diseased arising from infection, strictures, &c., subdue all inflammatory action. Price Its on application; or free L-y post, 12s 6d, for stiitnps or post office order.— Addiess, 21), George Street, Hanpvi-r Square. THE SILENT FRIEND ON MARRIAGE, 1jO iiit, P, beautifully illustrMep, paice 1* post free 14 stamps, sealed -0, containing prescription of Preventive Lotion. Make tiiis invaluable work our guide and adviser tor self-euro in all casea resulting trom the ervore of excises of youth, infection, loss of u;itural flower and vigour; all female irregularities and bareness. Address, Mep>rs. Perry & Co., Surgeons, 19, Berucrs Street, Oxford Street, London, W.C. Consultations daily, 11 till 2, and from 5 till 8, GIVEN AWAY, A WORK ON MARRIAGE, Its Duties and Impediments. Showing how the vigour of jouth may be restored, and ref lined to all advanced ;i4e. 8vo. ItO pages. Sent post frt'e for '2 stamp#, sealed 12, Ad,livig, Dr. Lng-lit 21J, George Street Hanover Square, London, \V. &  ?<??' ?????? 'J' A.e 'W,.  q WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. THE GREAT SUCCESS of this X DELICIOUS CONDIMENT has been the signal for the appearance of many SPU. RIOUS IMITATIONS totally different in FLA VOlt and destitute of the DIGESTIVE PltOPEItTIES of this SAUCE. Purotaasers arc earnestly requested to ASK roil LEA & PEREINS* SAUCE, Prepaid only by A) LKA & PERRINS, Worcester, 0.0 gold wholesale and for Export, by .j ► crossu & BLACKWIILL, gndo S & and all Motcbants and PURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SODA WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, POT ASS WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SELTZER WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN. LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITHIA & POTASS WATER, AN EXCEtLENT INTERNAL REMEDY FOR GOUT. The Public are particularly requested to observe that every Cork is branded R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin," with- out which none is genuine. May be obtained from all respectable Chemists, Con- fectioners, and Hotel-keepers and Wholesale only, from R. ELLIS AND SON uthin, North Wales. PI^PES! PIPES: PIPES WHOLESALE AND FOR EXPORTATION. ALL SORTS OF TOBACCONISTS' FANCY GOODS AT GOLDBERG'S PIPE DEROT,I, 30-PARADISE-STR EET-36. LIVERPOOL. SS* NoCharge for Packing Cases. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD pATENT STARCII, I SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As inferior kinds are often substituted. It is Sold by all Grocers, Chandlers, &c., &e. WOTHERSPOON & CO.. GLASGOW AND LONDON. STARCH MANUFACTURERS TO H.R.H. THE PRINCES OF WALES. THE LLANDUDNO TURKISH & GENERAL BATHS Tygwyn lioad, off Church Walks. These Catha are open daily (Sundays excepted) from 9 to 8 p m. Mondays and 't-huMdays set apart for Ladies, the other days for gentlemen. Turkish Baths, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (a course s. d. of twelve Baths £ 110s.) .each 3 6 Ditto after i p.m. 2 6 Douche Liaths 1 0 Shower Baths 1 0 Rain Baths 1 0 Packing Baths 2 6 The Packing Bath is followed by Rain, Shower, or Douche Bath, at the option of the Bather. Managers :—Ladies' Days, Mrs. John I ong; Gentle- men's Days, Mr. John Long. RHYL. CARTES DE VISITE. VISITORS to Rhyl are respectfully reques- V ed before having their Photographs taken to ex- amine T. Brown's SPECIMENS on the West Parade, and at the Establishment 73, Wellington Road. No Photoraphs issued infeiior to specimens exhibited. Cartes, 10s. the first dozen. Ga. the half dozen. "We have never seen Photographs so clear and life-like as Mr. Browiii." -TVititchave?t Herald. FINDT.ATER AND Co's DUBLIN STOUT, In Imperial Measure Casks. AGENT: MR- J. W. EVANS, SODA WATER MANUFACTURER, MARKET HALL, BANGOR. W Private Families supplied with their XXX STOUT, in 9 Callon Casks. A CERTAIN CURE for Smoky Chimneys j? may be obtained by using the DOUBLE DRAUGZ"T GRATE, Burn's Patent. For to view and particulars, apply to W. F. Williams, Ironmonger, Bangor, Bole Agent for North Wales. THOMAS JONES, 19, Dean Street, Bangor, PAINTER, GLAZIER, AND PAPER HANGER, BEGS to return thanks to the Clergy and J_) Gentry of Bangor, and its neigbourhood, for past favours. and respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. T. Jones having recently enlarged his premises is enabled to keep in stock a much larger assortment of Paints, Oils, Sheet, Ground and Stained Glass, than heretofore, which will be supplied on the most reasonable terms. All orders promptly executed. [A CARD.] W. & J.- ATHERTON, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, AND GAS FITTERS GREENFIELD HOUSE, MOSTYN STREET, (opposite the proposed New Church), LLANDUDNO, And of 226, CHAPEL STREET, MANCHESTER. $& lq* MR. C. MAUGHAM, SOROEON DENTIST, 14, NORTHGATE ST., CARNARVON. MR. C. MAUGHAM begs to acknowledge 1 f.l with thanks the liberal support which he has re- ceived from his friends and the public of Carnarvon and adjacent Towns, and trusts by strict attention, combined with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of their favor. Mr. C. M. may be consulted daily, from 10 a.m. at the above address. ISAAC CLARKE, (Printer and Publiiher) RESPECTFULLY informs the Public that he has taken out a Licence as AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER; and that he is prepared to undertake any commission with which he may be favoured. Sales of Farming Stock, &c., conducted on moderate terms. A REGISTER Published of every description of Pro- perty on Sale or to be Let, which will be circulated in all the large towns. Market Place, Ruthin, Nov., 1864. MR. JOHN BERRIE, SILK, VELVET, WOOLLEN, AND COTTON DYER, AND FRENCH CLEANER, 13, OLDHAM STREET, MANCHESTER, HAS appointed R. E. ROBERTS, Draper .fL and Silk Mercer, &c., Victoria House, Bangor, and J. Roberts and Co., Drapers, Port Dinorwic, Agents for the above well known establishment, and any orders en- trusted to their care will have prompt attention. MR. E. W, THOMAS, Organist of St. Ann's Church, and Teacher of the Piano forte, Organ, and Harmonium, PLAS LLWYD TERRACE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. PUPILS attended in Bangor and Neighbour- J. hood.—Terms, One Guinea per Quarter. STEAM SAW MILL, PORT MADOC. J. H. WILLIAMS & SONS BEG to intimate to the public, and to J? Builders especially, that they have just purchased the recently erected STEAM SAW Wr.L, rOilTIfADOC, and that on and after 1st April next they will be pre- pared to execute orders for Ciicular and Vertical hxuviug, with promptness and despatch. J'iirnculars as to prices, &c., forwarded on application. Portir.adoc, March 22, 18G5. PRICE Twopence, free by Post for Three J_ Stamps, or Five Copies (free) for Twelve Stamps. THE PRIZE ESSAY on the REARING OF CALVES. By THOS. BOWICK. Copied from the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England," and reprinted by special permission. Second Edition. A cheap tract well written, on a matter of great practical importance, and is certain to receive a wide circulation. gricultiir,,tl azatte,Nov.,1863. If the man who makes known to society how to grow two blades of grass were one grew before, is entitled to public gratitude, so is the author of this Essay on the Rearing of Calves."—Derbyshire Advertiser. "The Essay will be very acceptable to farmers in general, and a better twopennyworth it would be impos- sible to recommend. It ought to be sown broadcast over England, and no farmer, bailiff, or servant in husbandry should be without it."—Worcester Herald. One "Essay," and one "Woods on Sheep," free by Post for 7d. Day, Son, and Hewitt, 22, Dorset-street, Baker-street, London. GUN CGTTOFR (Baron Lenk's Proras), FOR BLASTING IN SLATE QUA^IE MINES, TUNNELS, &e. THOMAS PRENTICE, & CO. BEG to intimate to Quarry Proprietors, _)L) Miners, and Contractors, that they are prepared to execute orders for GUN COTTON, suitable to every de- scription of Work. THOMAS PRENTICE AND CO. would call special attention to the great advantage offered by this material, as Gun Cotton produces no smoke, so that the work can be proceeded with much more rapidly, and with less in- jury to the health of the miners. Prices, with samples and instructions as to the method of using it iu mines, with full particulars, will' be sup- plied on application being made to Mr. Win. Casson, Plas yn Penrhyn, Portmadoc, the Agent for North Wales. PRICE Fourpence, Fre by Post for Five p Stamps, or Four Copies free for Eighteen Stamps, THE BREEDING and MANAGEMENT OF SHEEP, By HENRY WOODS, Agent to the Right Hon. Lord Wnlsinghum, being a Lecture delivered before the Way- land (Norfolk) Agricultural Association, and published by request. A remarkably instructive lecture, one of the very best addresses on the subject that has ever been delivered.' —Agricultural Gazette, 10th 3Inreh, 18(;4. Mr. Woods has further signalized himself by a singularly able address upon the sheep, an essay that has already taken its place as a standard authority in the rural library:" Mark-lane Express, 21st March, 18C4. We look upon this lecture as one of the most valuable ever written upon the subject, and as one which ought to be in the hands of every farmer in the country. Bell's Weekly Messenger, 11th April, IStU, One Woods on Sheep," and one Essay on Calves," Free by Post for 7d. Day, Son, and Hewitt, 22, Dorset-street, Baker-street, London. Established 1 8 3 9. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. A Preventative and Cure for all Disorders resulting from a Disordered state of stomach and Liver, and Impurities in the blood JONES' TREMADOC APERIENT & ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Patronized by the Faculty, Nobility, Clergy, and the Public at large, Prepared from the orginal Presciption of that eminent Physician (the Abevnethy of Wales) the late W. LLOYD ROBERTS, M.D., OAKLAND. The practical trial of the above Professor for HALF A CENTUITY, witli the more general test of TWENTY FIVE YEARS by the afflicted public, has now established the reputation of these Pills. Containing no Mercury, but composed of the most rare and expensive Vegetable preparations of the Britsh Pharmacopoeia, combined with a valuable SNOW- DON IAN HERD, forming a mild, laxative, tonic re- medy. OPINION OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY. Extract of a Letter from Benjamin Travers, F. R. S. Sur- geon Extraordinary to the Queen, Surgeon in Ordinary to H. R. H. Prince Albert, &c., &,c. "Sir.-The Combination of the Ingredients of the PILLS is so familary to Medical men that I scarcely think their efficacy a matter of question. London. Yours obediently, B. TRAVERS. Sold Wholesale by Appointment by Barclay & Sons, Farrindon Street; Sutton & Co. Bow Churchyard; Han- i,a v &'Co. Oxford Street, London; Mandcr& Weaver, Wholverhamton Evans, Sons & Co. Lord Street Liver- pool; and liaimes & Co. Edinburgh and Liverpool; J. it A Warren, llatdiffo Street, Bristol Butler, Sackville Street Dublin; and at ihe Cambrian Pill Dci)ot, Tremadoc, North' Wales; and reudled by all respectable Medieme ? Vendors in every town in the United Kingdom, in boxes at ]s I'd—2s. Gd.. and 4s. Cd. each. Great saving in procurin7, either of the large boxes. Should any one fail }n obtain the Pills in his own neighbourhood. if 14 Postage lamps for the Is. 1?1. box, M for the 2s. (!d. or 60 for the 4s 6d. be posted to the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales, the Pills will be sent by return of Post free -Directions are given with each box. TESTIMONIALS are too numerous to be inserted, even a selection, but may be had from the Agents in all places. CONSUMPTION, COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, SPASMS, &o. C-A.UTICLCT-"I=N" CHANCERY." CHLORODYNE. mCE-CHANCELLOR WOOD stated that Dr. J. Collis Browne was undoubtedly the V Inventor of Chlorodyne. Eminent hospital Physicians of London stated that Dr. J. Collis Browne was the discoverer of CMorod?e; that they prescribe it largely, and mean no other than Dr. BMwne_See July 13th, 1864. The public, therefore, are cautioned against using any other than Dr. J_ COU?i BROWNED July 13th, 1864 ? The T IS fNVALUABLE REMEDY produces ametre?shm? sleep, relKTeap?cahM the system, restores the deranged functions, and stimulates healthy action of the secretions of the body. Earl Russell has graciously favoured J. T. Davenport with the following extract of a despatch from Mr. Webb, H.B.M.'s Consul at Manilla, dated Sept. 17; 1864:The remedy most efficacious m its effects (in Epidemic Cholera) has been found to be CHLORODYNE, and with a small quantity given to me by Dr. Burke I have saved several lives." Earl Russell communicate to the College of Physicians, thtthehaa received a despatch from Her hi ajesty's Consul at Manilla, to the effect that Cholera had e J}ing feaT- fully, and that the ONLY remedy of any service was CHLORODYNE.-See 11 Lancet," December > r • No home should be without it. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Sent free, on reeeipt ofl stamps, by J. T. DAVENPORT, 33, Great Kussell-street, London, W.C., sole manufacturer. Observe partiifilarly, none genuine without the words Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne" on the Government Stamp. L DENT'S PATENT DIPLEIDOSCOPE or DMeri(lian Instrument) for the regulation of Clocks and Watches by obtaining True Time by solar observation, Recent improvements enable the most inexperienced per- son to fix these Instruments in the Meridian, and thereby furnish the means of ascertaining either Greenwich or Local Time. Price 22 2s. DENT, Clock, Watch, and Chronometer Maker to the Queen and the late Prince Consort, 61, Strand (adjoining I Coutts' Bank), and a34 and 85, Royal Exchange, London. Maker of the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament. DENT, CHRONOMETER, WATCH AND CLOCK MAICEn To the Queen and the late Prince Consort, and Maker of the Great Clock for the HOUSES t'F PARLIAMENT, TNVITES attention to the superior worlcman- ship and elegance of design of his extensive Stock of Watches and Drawing Room Clocks. Ladies' Gold Foreign Watches 7 Guineas. Gentlemen's ditto 10 Ladies' or Gentlemen's Gold English Lever ditto 16 Gentlemen's Gold Compensation Balance ditto. 40 Silver ditto ditto 25 Marine Chronometers 3.) Gold and Silver Pocket Chronometers. Astronomical, Turret, and Bracket Clocks of every description. An elegant assortment of London-made Fine Gold Albert and Guard Chains, &e. DENT, 61, Strand, (adjoining Coutts's Bank); 34 and 35 Royal Exchange; and at the Clock and Mal ine Compass Factory, Somerset Wharf, Strand, London. THE PLANET JUPITER, when magni- A nified 250 times with the NEW £5 TELESCOPE, appears seven times as large as the moon is to the naked eye; and the other planetary bodies proportionately. It will also dis- tinguish the face of a sheep and features of a man four miles, shot marks upon a target two miles, and time by a church clock ten miles. This instrument is guaranteed in writing to perform the whole of the above, and to be equal in the most important respects to telescopes costing £70. It has a 3 inch superior achromatic object glass, day and astronomical eye pieces, &o., with portable metal tripod stand with jointed claw feet. Persons are invited to apply for a diagram with other particulars, and eight sheets of testimonials from sci. entific and other gentlemen, including Lord Rosse. Sent free by book post. S. & B. SOLOMONS, opticians to the Government, 39, Albemarle-st. Piccadilly, London. High power pocket telescopes, opera, race, field, and general out-door glasses. NOTICE TO INVENTORS. OFFICE FOR PATENTS, 4, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, CHARING CROSS, LONDON. Printed Instructions (gratis) as to the COST of PATENTS for Great Britain or foreign countries. Advice and assistance in disposing of or working inventions. Branch cfllct's and agencies in every continentnl state, and in America. Established SO years. Full information as to expired or existing patents at home and abi,o:td.-Apply personally or by letter to Messrs. PRINCE & Co., Patent Office, 4. Trafalgar Sq„ Chaftng Cross, London, W.C. 7 Bank Buildings, Old Je\vry London, E.C. Is the Chief Office of the ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE C3MPAMY- J. W. ORAM, Secretary. FOR BEST AND CHEAPEST TEAS IN ENGLAND. PHILLIPS & CO. are NOW SELLING STRONG BLACK TEAS, 2s, 2s id, 2s 6d, to 3s. The Most Delicious Black Tea the World produces 4s per Pound. A Price Current Post Free. SUGARS AT MARKET PRICES. PHILLIPS & COMPANY, Tea Merchants, 8, KING WILLIAM ST. CITY, LONDON. PHILLIPS & CO. send Teas, Coffees, and Spices CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY RAILWAY STATION OR MARKET TOWN IN ENGLAND, if to the value of 40s or upwards. PHILLIPS & CO. have NO AGENTS. NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE. The greatest and most useful invention of the day, AGUAAMARELLA.-Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL and CO., Three King-court, Lombard-street, London, Perfumers to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue-no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect color. Price one guinea; half bottles, 10s. 6d. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order and from individuals of undoubted respectability may be inspected on application. Messrs. J. GOSNELL and Co. have been appointed Perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. CAPT. X'GWIRE's PATENT HAMMOCKS. ? These Hammocks are sdf-supportin: an d np;i. able to in-door and out-door purposes, being alike serviceable in the field, the lawn, the boudoir, or on the yacht. Most invaluabiC to Oliiccrs in the amiy, Emigrants, and Tourists,.as they can be readily adjusted in any situation. Illustrated Prospectuses forwarded on application to the Depot for JI'Gwire's Patent Hammocks, 17, Great Portland-street (Oxford-street end), London, W., where the different kinds of Hammocks may be seen. R. B A ll( ":S ,q. II '1. d 'I"i, ,íi, 4 T RU EU N C OlO U R [,D..TEA. f' This Tea is imported with the leafnot coloured, and com- bines purity with fine flavour and lasting strength. Sold ? C4entM<<, StatWners, and Confectionem in oX?ar? of the kingdcm. Lociil /Stents. AVelchpool. JONES & SON, ]1"111 Street. Cavunrvon, WILLIAMS, Bridso Street. Rh.I, C?OWE. 3, Eodfor Snvct. On way. JONES, H?',h Street. FORD'S PnCTOmL BALS VM OF ECH?OUXD. P11RPA11ED by Mr, Ford, t]w Patentee. T?MC"!c?tcd mfdictnestiU mnint?Ba iU MKh position in public estimation Por the enro of CV.v/iitf, Colds, lailncTizn, nnd Pulmonary eompl;u^H, it. remains without a competitor. Th<? wi-li known rr<»pT,*Ues of th herh, with the clearance and e;;traonlinrv^ Kabiime qua-1 lities of this prcparation of it, has or the i'eetor- al Balsam of Hon,-hound the highest-and mo extensive patronage. lufluenza and common Culd^ wiU be lound to yield to its benign inlfuence in a few hoiivs and ill Asthmatic complaints, of however long ;.t.-n(lin, alle%,ilL- tion and relief will certainly follow the use of it. Mr. Ford respecrinllv requests purchn ers to observe that his signature will be on the outsid1 wrappoi co each bottle, and that the name of his sole "Wholesale A sent, Mr. Edwards, G7, St Paul's, is engraved 41U the Covevu ment Stamp. Sold in bottles ai 1*. nj., !d., -Is. 6d.. and 10s. 6d. each by most respectable Chemists and Hook- sellers. FIRSTMANUFACTURED 1742 OR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY YEARS. We guarannntee y the perfect purity of Jj ^*9 this Mustard. » ;o? !6 Sold in .??  A\V^ *°ld in •)/ XgrSy The attention of the public and of the medical pro. fession is called to thisjacsimile of a label placed on the top of all canisters of Keen's Genuine Mustard, which can be purchased of most Family Grocers. KEEN, ROBINSON, BELLVILLE & Co., LONDON. 1 Use VN3ZIV3AE as a Diet." Vide THE TIMES, September 2Uk Only Prize Medal Corn Flour Reportedly the Jury I Exceedingly Excellent for Food." _n_ R U P T U R E S. By Her Majesty's Royal Letters PMent. WHITE'S HOC-MAIN LEVER TRUSS RKlillliUiNU no steel spring round the H j body, is recommended by the following peculiar. ties and advantages :-lst, facility or appliçaion 2nd. perfect freedom from liability to chafe or exqoriate 3rd, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position of the body, by day or night 4th, it admits of every kind of exercise, without the slightest inconvenience to the wearer, and is perfectly concealed from observation. We do not hesitate to give to this invents our un. qualified approbation, and we strenuously advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the sarte comfort. obtain from any apparatus or truss as from that which w have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending. Church and State Gazette. Recommended by the following eminent Surgeons William Ferguson, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery in King's College, Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &c. C. G. Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophalmic Hospital W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assist- ant Surgeon to King's College Hospital; T. (railaway, Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; I. Wizard Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital; W. J Fisher, Esq, Surgeon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; Robert Liston, ,Esq., F.R.S. James Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society Eramus Wil- son, Esq., F.R.S., and many others. A descriptive circular may be had by post, and th Truss (which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post on sending the circumference of the body two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer. Mr. WHITE, 228, Piccadily, London. Price of a Single Truss, 16s., 21s., 20s. 6d., ana 31s. 6d. Postage, Is. Double „ 31s. Oil., 42s., and 52s. Gd. Postage, la. 8d. j Umbilical,, 42s., and 52s. 6cl, Postage, Is. 104 Post-office orders to be made payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office, Piccadilly. NEW PATENT ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, &c. The material of which these are made, is recommends hr the I'Vulty, of as Lein;t peculiarly ELASTIC alia COMPRESSIBLE, andHlE BEST mVENTIOXforgnrmjs cificient and permanent support in all cases of WEAK. N nd swelling of the LEGS, VARICOSE VEINS, SPRAINS, &c. It is porous, light in texture, and inex. pensive and is drawn on like an ordinary Stocking. Price from 4s. (id.. 7s. Cd., 10s. to HiR. each. Postage, (i^ d. JOHN WHITE, Manufacturer, '228, PICCAILLlf LONDON. Specimens may be seen in the Crystal Palace. FToRXS and nUKJONS.-A gcntleman, many '?/ years tormented with Corns, will be happy to afford others the information by which he obtained their com. plete removal in a short period, without pain or any in convenience. Forward address on a stamped envelope, to W. Goodall, Esq., Epsom, Surrey. LIVERPOOL. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE DAILY NEWSPAPER IN LANCASHIRE. THE DAILY COURIER JL PRICE ONE PENNY Containing Eight Pagps, is a first-class medium for al classes of Advertisers. The Circulation of the DAILY COURIER has been more than doubled within the last few months, and is still increasing. Publishing Offices, 61), Castle-street, Liverpool, where orders are received, asalso by lIfr. J. K Douglas, Chronicle Office, ttaugor, and by any of the London and Provincial Advertising Agents. IMPOETANT TO ADVERTISERS. THE WHITEHAVEN NEWS, (Published every Tuesday and Thursday morning,) CIRCULATES, IY ONE ISSUE, MORE COPIES THAN ALL THE OTHER WHITEHAVEN" NEV.SPAPEES PUT TOGETEEB. THE Circulation extends throughout the Twliole of the County of Cumberland, a portion of Westmoreland. Lancashire, Dublin, the Isle of Man, Bir. kenhead, and Liverpool, in which places tlieie are agents who receive regular parcels of the paper. The list of subscribers includes the names of the most influential mercantile and agricultural gentlemen, and iron-ore pro- prietors, as well as the principal gentry of Cumberland and Westmoreland. Pl!OnOETOR WILLIAM ALSOP, To whom all orders for Advertisements or Papers must 113 addressed. Offices 14^ Queen Street and 43, Roper ialreet, Whitehaven. BLASTING. AS NOW AD APT HO I!Y LEMCa PROCESS GUN COTTON IS TIE AND i'liKt: FROM SilOKE. Prices and dircaious for use on applleation to the Manufacturers. THOMAS PUENTICE and Co., Stuwinaiket, Suffolk. A sent for North Vv'a'.cs Mr. Vim. Casson, Plas yn Te i'ortniadoe. TO PROPRIETORS OF QUARRIES. JOIIX OWEX, Iron and Bntss Founder, MENAI FOUNDRY, BAN GO ft, begs to announce t" Quarry Proprietors that lie continues to manufacture Quarry waggons, and that he is now in a position to supply every description of Quarry Machinery, Incline !.Drums, Rollers ami V/ag^on Wheels (ca>e hardened) and castings of every description. Also Sawing and Waning :\lachinc3for slate and marble slabs upon an improved principle Water "W heels, Steam Kngines, &c., on the mo-,t modern principle and is also appointed manufacturer of Mr. E. J. J. Dixon's patent a\les and waggons, by tho use of which there is a saving of 75 pSr cent. in oil. N.B.—Most promt "attention paid to all orders.  G?y H!M?L?VA? T j[,   uP, E  N?ATLURALC.OLOUR £ S? It is the best and cheapest Tea, Unequalled for Flavour and Strength. A S>ld in 2oz., 4oz., S oz., and llh. Packets, at lis Id, 4s, and Is 4d per lb. AG KN'l.S. rx'raix-r.LOYn, CHI^UIST, MAEKET PLACE. <i mar von—"Williams, do. Wrexham -Kendrick, Confectioner. Holywell—Joues. rharinacouticai Chemist. ITiut—Hughes, Grocer, &c. Llandudno—Harmari, Herald Office. Llanidloes- E. anil 11. Hughes, Chemists. Slangor—Williams, do. Hangor—Roberts. Draper, &c. Valuable Agencies still vacant. For Tlirticulars apply to THE HIMALAYA. TEA COMPANY, 37A, St. Mar/* Axe, London, E.C. Euergetic Agents would apply to THE HIMALAYA TEA COMPANY, 37A, St. Mary'a Axe, London, B.C.