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ANGLESEY CENTRAL RAILWAY. OPENING OF THE LINE FOR PASSENGER TRAFFIC BETWEEN GAERWEN JUNCTION AND LLANGEFNI. ? ?nd Fare a ecommencing WEDNESDAY, March 8th. 1865, Md until farther Notice. FAMS. UP TRAINS. J. DOUBM JOURNEY, I WEEKDAYS. 3DNDATB B ———————————— DEPARTURE FROM —— ————— ? ? 2 3 1 2 12312 12*;123 s a m noon p m p m Š a m noon p m p m g -?- s d s d Llangefni.dep 7 4512 5 5 20 8 2" 4d 2d 0 906 1H,and A ..77 553312 13 5 28 8 33 L N W Up Train dep. 8 1712 47 6 45 8 50 fc 1Gaerwen iLNWDom Train ?p 9 24 l2 61 5 48 8 47 FARES, DOWN TRAINS. —£ • SINGLE JOURNEY. IDOOBLS JOURNEY. WEEK DAYS SUNDAYS. & — ——————————— DEPARTURE FROM —————— § 123 1 2 123 142 11(212 3 t; | ampmpmpm A 1 L N W'Up Train sr. 8 1612 46 644 g 4m 9 'Sg ?M. Gaerwen „ Down Train ar. 9 23 12 30 5 47 8 46 8 o Gaerwen Junction dep 9 29 12 50 5 55 8 55 A „ M 4d 2d 9d M Holland Arms 9 39 1 0 6 5 9 5 ? M 6d 4d 18 3d 9d L?ngefni 9 49 1 10 6 15 9 15 r Pifssens eers by this train will be able to proceed by the Up Mail Train to Bangor, Chester, London, &c. THOMAS MORLEY, TRAFFIC MANAGER. Contractor's Office, Llangefni, March 3rd, 1865. MIR- SCOTT Zl&ftd, OF DUBLIN- A R T I FIe I A L TEE T H. 6, MARKET STREET, CARNARVON, MR, SMTT, the Resident Dentist, supplies Artificial Teeth without giving any pain to m the wearer (he does not extract old stumps), and at the same time rendering the new Teeth usef?l in mastica- tion and articulation. ?'? Teuth being composed of a silicious substance, with a fine enamel upon them, admitting of every variety of Hade and colour, enables him to mtch any Teeth that may remain in the mouth, so as to challenge detection. AU medical gentlemen who have inspected Mr. Scott's Teeth pronounce them to be the most cleanly and whole- Unsightly wires and ligatures are avoided. All the most recent improvements of the London and me towiuvo. f "Dentistry are introduced into "r' Scott's laboratory, strictly adhering to Mr. Brophy's standard rule j?ig no inferior materials, the workmanship being under his own special supervision. He will wan-ant all com- mands entrusted to his care. Mr Scott bezs leave to thank his numerous patients for their liberal patronage. CHARGES TO SUIT THE MOST ECONOMICAL. Mr SCOTT'S Book on the Teeth now ready at all the Bcoksellers or from the Author. Price Is., by Post 13 Stamps For opinions of the Press on the merits of this Book, Vide North Wales Chronicle Dec. 17th last, and all the leading newspapers of the Prinpality. X.B.—Mr. SCOOT visits LLANRWST the first WEDNESDAY in every month May be consulted with every Thursday at 306, High Street, Bangor. PUll E FORJH GJV* WISES. GOOD SOUND SHERRY, 18s. per dozen I GOLD WITH BODY, 24s. per dozen SUPERIOR PALE & DRY, 30s. per dozen GOOD USEFUL PORT, 18s. per dozen VERY SUPERIOR, 24s. per dozen. 1858 VINTAGE Full and Rich, 30s. per dozen ROUSILLON, A RICH STRONG WINE, 248. Per Dozen. SOXJISTID 3DX3STJSTEIFL CLARET, 18s. PER JDOZ. ST. JULIEN, 24s. PER DOZES. ST. ESTEPHE, 24s. PER DOZEN. CHAMPAGNE, 42s. PER DOZEN. JOS. ROBERTS, CONFECTIONER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. AGENT FOR IMPERIAL WINE CO., LODON. ESTABLISHED 1812. PROCTOR AND RYLAND. In calling attention to their Special PREPARED BONE MANURES, Have much pleasure iik stating they will be found of very superior quality, and the meet economical offered to the Agriculturist. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATO MANURES Have produœd remits of the most satisfactory and remunerative character on eve?y descriptmn of tillage land. H?pro WHEAT, OAT, AND BARLEY MANURES of ?e?. Strengthen the straw, increase the quantity, and improve the quality of the grain in a very marked degree. BONE SUPERPHOS PHATE OF LIME Has been proved to he the most eoenomical source of Phosphates for the growth of luxuriant root and corn crops. GRASS MANURES, For mowing or grazing land, are very effective in improving the herbage. The preparation of Grass Manures is regulated according as they may be required to be more or less permanent in their character. OFFICES :-CORN EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, CARR'S LANE, BIRMINGHAM. weaks :— BIRMINGHAM, WARWICK, BRISTOL, AND CHESTER. MAGASIN DE MUSIQUE, UPPER BANGOR. MR. H. HULSE PROFESSOR OF MUSIC AND DANCING FIRST CLASS PIANO FORTES By the best London Makers FROX TWENTY FIVE GUINEAS. MPROVED PATENT HARMONIUMS, FROM FIVE GUINEAS. SECOND HAND INSTRUMENTS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. ? ?l? a I. il HARPS, PIANO FORTES AND HARMONIUMS, ON SALE, OR HIRE. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all descriptions, AND EVERY ARTICLE IN THE TRADE Supplied on the shortes notioe, and at the lowest possible prioe. PIANO FORTES TUNED SINGLY, OR BY THE YEAR. I MILITARY AND QUADRILLE BANDS PROVIDED FOR FETES, BALLS, &c. I Coasts. BANGOR AND BETHESDA. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. vtai M THE Public are respectfully informed that J. on or filwut the 10th of APRIL NEXT, a first- class NEW OMNIBUS will commence running daily (Sundays excepted) from the Douglas Arms Hotel, lh thesda, and the Railway Hotel, Bangor, meeting the va- rious trains at the Railway Station, Bangor. Further particulars will appear in future advertise- ments. ) HUGHES AND LITTLER. March 8th, 1863. THE LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. TOUR THROUGH NORTH WALES. CARNARVON AND BARMOUTH. Carnarvon to Beddgelert, Tremadoc, Portmadoc, Tany bwlch, Harlech, an d Barmouth. THE ROYAL SNOWDONIAN TOURIST COACH WILL EXTEND its Route, via Beddgelert, T t Tremadoc, Portmadoc, and Tanybwlch, starting from the ROYAL HOTEL (late Uxbridge Arms) and Railway Station, Carnarvon, every day (Sundays excepted), after the arrival of the 9 40 a. m. train. Will also leave Barmouth at 9 30 a.m., every day (Sundays excepted), same route, arriving at the Royal Hotel (late I'xbridgo Arms), Carnarvon, in time for trains to Chester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, &c. EDWARD HUMPHREYS, JONES & Co., Proprietors. Royal Hotel, Carnarvon, November 8tli, 1801. Edeyrn, If evin. Pwllheli and Carnarvon. r. :j J" ii a*! ?.- THE wvll-appointod Four-horse Omnibus J. PRI?CH ALBERT, will leavo the Cefnamwleh Anns Inn, Edcyrn, every day (Sundays excepted), at 7 am., lladiyn Anns, Pwllheli, at D a.m. and arriviii:; at Oaruarvou by 1"J noon, in time fur the trains for Bangor to Chester, ic. The P;in. Albert will leave the Britannia Inn, Car- narvon at 10 p.m.; arriving at the Madryn Arms Ho. tel, lu-lllieli, At 5 30 p.m. and arriving aj Edeyru at 7 M0 p.m. The Proprietor of the above conveyance does not biud himself to carry cither Policemen or Prisoners. HITGlf THOMAS, Proprietor. Madryu Alius, Nov. 13, IStil. MR. JOHN BERRIE, SILK, VELVET, WOOLLEN, AND COTTON DYER, AND FRENCH CLEANER, 13, OLDHAM STREET, MANCHESTER, HAS appointed R. E. ROBERTS, Draper and SUk Mercer, &c., Victoria House, Bangor, and J. Roberts and Co., Drapers, Port Dinorwic, Agents for the above well known establishment, and any orders en- trusted to their care will have prompt attention. MR. E. W. THOMAS, Organist of St. Ann's Church, and Teacher of the Piano forte, Organ, and Haritoniwn, PLAS LLWYD TERRACE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. PUPILS attended in Bangor and Neighbour- _L hood.—Terms, One Guinea per Quarter. A MR. C. MAUGHAM, SURGEON DENTIST. 14, NORTHGATE ST., CARNARVON. MR. C. MAUGHAM begs to acknowledge 1 1. with thanks the liberal support which he has re- ceived from his friends and the public of Carnarvon and adjacent Towns, and trusts by strict attention, combined with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of their favor. Mr. C. M. may be consulted daily, from 10 a.m. at the above address. PJPI<S! PIPES! PIPES! WHOLESALE AND FOR EXPORTATION. ALL SORTS OF TOBACCONISTS' FANCY GOODS AT GOLDBERG'S PIPE DEPOT" 3c, -PAIIADISE-STrEET-36. LIVERPOOL. e4 N oCharge for Packing Cases. PURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S, IIUTIIIN, SODA WATEr ELLIS S, RUTHIN, POTASS WATFR ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SELTZER WATER ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITHIA & POTASS WATER, AN EXCELLENT INTERNAL REMEDY FOR GOUT. The Public He particularly requested to observe that tvery Cork is branded It Ellis and Son, Rutliin," with- out which none is genuine. May he obtained from all respectablo Chemists, Con- fectioners, and Hotel-keepers and Wholesale only, from R. ELLIS AND SON uthin, North Wales. < MEDICAL AID (BY LBTTBa 08 TRBSONALLT) BT DR. HAMMOND (of the Lock Hospital member of the College of Physicians and burgeons), on all those DISBASXS which EMBITTER and SHORTBN the DURATION of HUMAN LllI, He offers Hints wherehv MANLY VIGOUR aDd .11 the attributes of PERFECT MANHOOD can be secured. The MARIUED LIFE REN DERED HAPPY, MdtheeauteofaHdomMtifdit- cord removed. THOSE WHO DESIRE TO MARRY restored to HEALTH, BEAUTY, GRACE and ELEGANCE. Alsoon "The ARREST, CUlIE, aud ISOLATION of Nervous, Physical and Sexual Dibility, Spermatorrhcfia, Nocturnal and Diurnal Losses, Painful Dreamt, Wastinsr of the Organs of Generation, Impotence, Sterility, and all DISEASES of IN DISCRETION." The Author's chief aim is to muigate human Pufferin and in proof of the efncacyot his theory, ne will advise tNYAUUS how to Cure themselves, by calling on him during profewional hours. Those unable to attend personally are advised to enclose Six Stamps for "TUB SELF-CURATIVE MANUAL." which will enable s ifferers to effect a speedy and PRI V ATE CURE WITH- OUT DANGEROUS & ABORTIVE SO CALLED REMEDIES. All Letters to be prepaid and addressed DR. HAMMOND, No. 11, Charlotte otreet, Bedford Square, London. At home 9 till 2, and 6 till 8, Sunday* 10 till 12. By the same Author, beautifully illustrated, 100 Pages (details nith above), "THE MODERN ARISTOTLE," OR PHYSIO- LOGICAL REVELATIONS ON LOVE, COURT- SHIP AND MARRIAGE. Their Social, Moral, nud Physical Relations; addressed to both Sexes; with ADVICE and HINTS in choosing a Husband or wife. Together with an Iiquiry into the cause of Unhappy and Un- fertile Unions; how to ensure Fruitful and Happy Marriages, and the Restoration of Suspended or lost Privileges with 44 EVERY-DAY SCEN ESt" or LIFE SKBTCHBSOF THB SINGLE, THE MARRIED, and the WIDOWED; being Figments of Facts, Physiology, and Philosophy. CURE YOURBZLF WITHOUT MEDECINE OR FEES. (The Self Restorative). PROVING the real cause of Neivous, Mental, and Physical JL Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Want of Energy, Fear of Insanity, Thoughts of Suicide, and Premature Decline with plain and simple Advise for securing Health, Happiness, and Vigour, WITHOUT DANGEROUS MEDICINES. Sent GRATIS to sufferers on receipt of stamp for postage, by H. James, Esq., Percy House, Bedford Square, London. 1865. ALMANACKS, BIMIEH, AND POCKET jCY. BOOKS, for the Year 1865, in great variety. J. K. DOUGLAS, BOOKSELLER, &C., HIGH STREET, BANGOR. [A CARD.] W. & J. ATHEETON, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, AND GAS FITTERS GREENFIELD HOUSE, MOSTYN STREET, (opposite the proposed New Church), LLANDUDNO, And 226, CHAPEL STREET, MANCHESTER. GUN GOTTON. (Bamn Lenk's Process), FOR BLASTING IN SLATE QUARRIES, MINES, TUNNELS, &c. THOMAS PRENTICE, & 00. BEG to intimate to Quarry Proprietors, BMiiiers. and Contractors, that they are prepared to execute orders for GUN COTTON, suitable to every de- scription of Work. THOMAS PRENTICE AND CO. would call special attention to the great advantage offered by this material, as Gun Cotton produces no smoke, so that the work can be proceeded with much more rapidly, and with less in- jury to the health of the miners. Prices, with samples and instructions as to the method of using it iu mines, with full particulars, will'be sup- plied on application being made to Mr. Win. Casson, Plas yn Pearhyn, Portmadoc, the Agent for North Wales. Established 18 39. THE CELEBRATED CAMBRIAN MEDICINE. A Preventative and Cure for all Disorders resulting from a Disordered state of stomach and Liver, and Impurities in the blood JONES' TREMADOC APERIENT & ANTIBILIOCS PILLS, Patronized by the Faculty, Nobility, Clergy, and the Public at large, Prepared from the orginal Presciption of that eminent Physician (the Abernethy of Wales) the late W. LLOYD ROBERTS, M.D., OAKLAND. The practical trial of the above Professor for HALF A CENTURY, with the more ee?emi test of TWENTY FIVE YEARS by the afflicted public, has now established the reputation of these Pills. Containing no Mercury, but composed of the most rare and expensive Vegetable preparations of the Briteh Pharmacopoeia, combined with a valuable SNOW- DONIAN HERB, forming a mild, laxative, tonic re- medy. OPINION OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY. Extract of a Letter from Benjamin Travers. F. R. S. Sur- geon Extraordinary to the Queen, Surgeon in Ordinary toH. R. H. Prince Albert, &e., &c. "Sir.-The Combination of the Ingredients of the PILLS is so familary to Medical men that I scarcely think their efficacy a matter of question. London. Yours obediently, B. TRAVERS. Sold Wholesale by Appointment by Barclay & Sons, Farringdon Street: Sutton & Co. Bow Churchyard; Han. na Co. Oxford Street, London; Mander& Weaver, Wholverbamton Evans, Sons & Co. Lord Street Liver- pool and Raimes & Co. Edinburgh and Liverpool; T. & A. Warren, Ratcliffe Street. Bristol: Butler, Saokrilla Street, Dublin; and at the Cambrian PiU Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales; and retailed by all respectable Medicine Vendors in every town in the United Kingdom, in boxos at Ie. I ja.-28. 6d., and 4s. 6d, each. Great saving in procuring either of the large boxes. Should any one fail to obtain the Pills in his own neighbourhood, if 14 Postage stamps for the Is. lid. box, 32 for the 2s. 6d. or 60 for the 4a. 6d. be posted to the Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadoc, North Wales, the Pills will be sent by return of Post free.—Directions are given with each box. TESTIMONIALS are too numerous to be inserted, even a selection, but may be had from the Agents in all places. TEETH WITHOUT PAIN. Messrs. GABRIEL attends BANGOR, every FRIDAY, at Mr. Douglas, Caxton House, High Street. OSWESTRY, every WEDNESDAY, at Mr. Greens, Canton House, The Cross. HoWusRe, EXHAM, every THURSDAY, 5, Hope-street. SHREWSBURY, every SATURDAY, 48, High-street. CARNARVON, by appointment only. New Edition.—Post Free. GABRIEL'S PAMPHLET ON THE TEETH. (ILLUSTRATED AND DESCRIPTIVE) Explaining the only effectual mode of supplying Artificial Teeth without pain, to answer in every particular the purpose of natural masticators. These Teeth are supplied on the principle of capillary attraction and suction, thus dispensing entirely with springs, and are supplied with moderate charges. Messrs. GABRIEL have for many years practised their Specialite with unvarying success, and have the satisfac- faction to state that they have permission to refer to most of their patients. THE OLD ESTABLISHED 134, DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL. LONDON: 27, HARLEY STREET. CAVENDISH SQUARE, W. ( ITY ESTABLISHMENT 36, LUDGATE HILL, 36. (Four Doors from the Railway Bridge.) 65, NEW STREET, BIRMINGHAM. Messrs. GABRIEL guarantee every case they undertake. AMERICAN MINERAL TEETH, from Four to Seven, and Ten to Fifteen Guineas per set, best In Europe, warranted. Single Teeth and partial sets at proportionate moderate charges. Only one visit required at the principal establishments from Country patients. iff* I iMinMii?1 WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. THE GREAT SUCCESS of this r DELICIOUS CONDIMENT has been the signal for the appearance of many SPU- MOUS IMITATIONS totally  1 FLAVOR and destitute of the DIGEST V PROPERTIES of this SADCE. Purchasers are earnestly requested to ASK FOR LEA & PERRINS' SAUCE, ùy Ik L?A & PERRINS, Worcester, Jj}   %) Sold Wholesale and for Export, by JjJ?SE. MMSt'?L CKOSSE & nI,ACKWEI.I" 1JondoD, ?MSM' ????? and all Merchanl aud Oilmen, ?%<?? Price 10" or free by post for 14 stamps. THE DIET OF INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD, a book for Mothers and Nurses CONTENTS,—Diet of infancy—children prematurely born- rules during and after "anlne-w.et tiursing-qualificatiotis and duties of a wet nurse—diet after eight months of age-drn, nurs- in, or bringing up children bv hand—the different kilulsof milk —beveraf es—various kinds of food—rules for the nursing mother, &c. London Robert Hardwicke, 192, Piccadilly, W., and by order ofallbooktellers. DO YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIR, WHISKERS MOUSTACHIES, and EYEBROWS?—Of the numerous preparations introduced (for the HAI It, none have maintained such celebrity as ENIILIE DEAN'S CRINILENE, which is guaranteed to produce Whiskers, Moustachios, and Eyebrows in a few weeks and will he found eminently successful in nourish" ing, curling, and beautifying the Hair, checking greyne.. in all its stages, strengthening weak Hair,and preventing its falling off. In the reproduction of Hair in baldness, from whatever cause and whatever age, ONE TRIAL will prove its astonishing power. In the nursery it is indispensable, forming the basis of a beautiful head of hair. Price 29 per bottle; large Bottles, con- taining more than four times the amalt ones, 5s each. Sold by all Chemists in the world, or tent post free, on receipt of 24 penny etantps, by Misses DEAN and COUPBLLB, Hair Restorers, &c., Bedford House, Russell-square, London, W.C. EXTRACTS FROM LETTERS;—"My hair was rapidly coming off,lbut in a week after using i,our Criiiilene it ceased.I. Hick- son, Eldon-etreet, Sheffield. "In the short time of one fortnight. I have got a beautiful moustache."—H,Adams,Wllsden. lilt can now boast of a head of hair, which many cannot: I was quite bald oa the crown of my head when I began using it."—W.B, Every customer speaks highly of your Crinilene"—F. P. Jones, Chemist, 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool. HINTS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HAIR," Whiskers, &c., with Testimonials, List of Agents, &a., sent post ftee for four penny stamps* K NOW THY" SELF! THE ORIGINAL GRAPIUOLOQISI MARIE COUPELLE, continues her vivid, and useful deli- neations of character from the handwriting of individuals, in a style peculiarly her own. Persons desirous of knowiug their own characteristics, or those of any friend, should send a specimen 0 writing, stating sex, age, or gupposed age,&c., with 14 uncut penny stamps, and addressed envelope,to MARIB COUPELLE, Bedford House, Russell Square, London, W.C..when they will receive a lengthened detail of the talents, tastes, virtues, failings, &c., of the writer, with many other things previouslyunsuspected and calculated to guide iu the every day affairs of life. The Thousands who acknowledge the vatueand accuracy of Miss C.'tt sketches, establish the great utility of the science. "The char- acters you sent were wonderfully truthful. Miss Hall, Atheurv, Co ,Galway. "I was [nuch surprised at the clever way in which you described my character,"—Jane Bray, 105, Lansdowne Place, Brighton. It is pronounced quite extraordinary."—Charles Hamiiton. "YeudeMribedmycharacterao truly, that I could not have done it better.—Louis Rivior. AN ACT OF GRATITU DE.-A Gentleman who had been long A suffering from a very deplorable state of nervousness, langour, lassitude, low spirits, almost constant head-ache, dimness of sisht, threatened deafness, loss of memory and strength, in short all zest for enjoyment and everything that renders life pleasant, has been mmeltously restored oy very simple means, and as a public duty feels it incumbent on him to impart the information to others similary >ffected, on receipt of a directed envelope bearing two stamps addressed B. B. Laurie, Esq., Montague Chambers, Moatague Street, London, W.C. FOR GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION.—A Physician many Fo?.ro extensively engaged in the treatment of Debility and the various mental, nervous and muscular affections resulting there- from-as loss of memory, dimness of sight, thickness of hearing, giddiness, noises in the head, Jangour and lassitude, indigestion, pains in the back, &c., will send the FREE EDITION of his large work (1"^ pages), on rectipt5 of four penny stamps. The work contains his highly successful asti only- safe treatment, with all the necessary prescriptions and directions, by which sufferers may obtain a cure of their ailments, at the smallest possible ex- pense. Address, Mr, Lawee, Publisher, 14, HaudOfrurt, Hol- born, London. MEDICAL REVIEW.—"The shoals and quicksands against which this little work is well calculated to gunrd the reader, render its careful perusal especially worthy the attention of all yowng men." THE MOST WONDERFUL REMEDY IN THE WORLD THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PERSONS HAVE i lately been cured of Rheumatism, Gout, Lumhngo, Paralys- is Sciatica, Neuralagia, Tic Doloureux. Whooping Cough, Asth- ma, Bronchitis, Disease of the Lungs, Nervousness, and other diseases hitherto regarded as incurable, by a remedy at once so simple, safe and pleasant, that the most delicate -can avail them- selves of the boon. All particulars sent free by post on receipt of U stamps by Johnson and Co., 10, Brookt Street, Holborn- E.C. HOW TO RENDER THE SKIN SOFT, SMOOTH, AND CLEAR AS A CHILD'S remove all itinds of Skid Dis- eases, and impurities ofblood, by a physiological process so un- erring that failure is fmpossible, Sent post free fol 14 penny stamps by Johnson and Co., 10, Brooke Street, Holborn, E.C. STRICTURE CF THE URETHRA; its nature.cousequences, tj varieties, and speedy cure, without the pain and risks of laceration, cutting or other irrational measures. Price Is., or post free for 14 stamps, by Johnson & Co., Publishers, 10, Brook Street, Holborn, London, rrn.u!i'tfaRI'k.RqÃ!' !O: u it Y, ..? E, .Hand), B-k. This work con- taining (in addition much intezeetiug information) a Tariff of Hotel Charges, will be found very serviceable to all who patron- ize Excursion Trains. Post free for seven stamps by Johnson and Co., 10, Brooke Street, Holborn. N-e wEdition for 184 just out. EXTRAOBDIHAXY SUCCESS OF THE NEW MODE OF TREATMENT. Post free for Six Stamps, open ends, or 14 in a Sealed Envelope THE MOST STARTLING TRUTHS are contained in the 1 LAST NEW BOOK on PREMATURE DECLINE and its ready removal; the modern treatment of certain disqualifications; with rules and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by very simple means of nervousness,debility,aud all the-more com- mon diseases and supposed incurable maladies of the sexual sys- tem. Invalids will-be astonished at its contents. By Dr. W. ÙE R009, From long practical observation in the most famous Institu- tions of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusual facilities for acquiring that uniform success, which has hitherto characterized his treatment, and he refers with pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happiness: whilst to all who need such aid he offers every assurance of speedy restoration. Persons at a dis- tance should forward a detail of their case by letter, with remittance, when advice and medicines, will be sent by return- post-office Orders to be made payable at the General Post Office, to DR, WALTER DE Roos, 25, Bedford Place, Blooms- bury Square, London, near the British Museum. THE SfOflT WONDIHtFUL MEEICdS in the WORLD CURE IN FOUR WEEKS.—THE GUTTE VITÆ. or, VEGETABLE LIFE DROPS, Protected by Royal Let- ters Patent; Sanctioned by the Faculte de France, dec., have in numberless instances proved their superiority over every other advertised Remedy for langour, lassitude, depression of spirits, excitement, distate and incapacity for society, study or business, indigestion, pains and palpitation in the side, giddiness, noise in the head, Jcc. This medicine strengthens the vitality of the whole system, gives energy to the muscles, speedily removes nervousness, renovates the impaired powers of life, and invigorates the most shattered constitution. For skin eruptions, sore throat, pains in the bones, and those diseases in which mer. cury, sarsaparilla, ke., are too often employed, to the utter ruin of health, its surprising efficacy has only to be tested. Before wasting valuable time in seeking aid from instruments, electricity, galvanism, with similar absurdities professing to set aside medicines, by American and other impostors, suffereis will do well to make fair trial of a remedy, which concocted on scientific principles cannot fail. Price 4s. 6d. and lis., or four times the latter at 33s. per bottle, through all Chemists, or dir- ect from 25, Bedford Place. WHERE THOUSAND op TESTI- MONIALS MAT BE SEEN. THE THREE DAY'S CURE.—NEW FRENCH REMEDY THERAPION; as uniformly adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabilities of the French faculty; in a remarkably short time, often two or three daye only, without the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or risk, removes all discharges from the mucons membrane, whether of the urinary or other organ. It combines all the desiderata to be sought in a oiedicine of the kind, and surpasses everything nitherto employed. Devoid of all unpleasant taste and smell. In packets, 2s 9d,4s 6d, Lie, and 33s, through all respectable medicine vendors, or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of stamps or post office order. The lie size contains three at 4s 6d, and those at 33s, four ofthe I h The stamp, to imitate which is felony, bears the word Ther- apion," in white letters, by order of Her Majesty's Hon. Commit ioners, who thereby secure the proprietor against infringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, GOUT r RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, BLADl DER St., THE COMPOUND RENAL PILLS correct acidit. of the stomach,and indigestion, ptomote the functions of the liver and kidneys, thereby preventing stone in the bladder and kidneys, with many other serious disorders to which these impor- tant organs are subject. Listlessness, weakness, peevi8hne8 and complaints long supposed to be nervous, often arise solel; from contamination of the blood with certain impurities which should ha\ebeia? carried off by the kidneys: several unsi(htly eruptions of the skin and faceils* arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removet hy these Pill., which in Incases out of 20 cure with a rapidity almost marvellous, Is ,Is 6d, He. and 33s por box. through all Chemists. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE sRBN BY ANY ONE. Sold by:-Hughes, Chemist, Bangor; Roberts, Chemist. Con- way; Griffith, Chemist, High-street, Carnarvon; Edwards, Chemist, Deibigh; Hughes, Chemist, Holyhead and Moore, Chemist, Newtown; and at least one agent in almosteverv town; but should difficulty occur, enclose theamountby Post-officeordrr or otherwise,to 25. Bedford Place,, Bloomsbury Square,London and they willbe sentsecurely packed perreturn. NOTICE AND CAUTION.-Injurious imitations of the j above by Quacks and others, who forge testimonial to puff of their useless trash, sufferers should guard against the recommendation of the spurious or other articles, by dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit. The genuine hive the words WALTER DE Roos, LONDON." plinted in w[4te letters on the Government Stamp, by order of I and tranBportijHon. Commissioners, to imitate which is felony Her Ma j esty's and tran Tion. MASCUIINE VIGOUR GUARANTEED Without the pssibility of failure, by the use of Dr. BRIGHT'S REMEDY, p?pared in the form of a Lozenge, to secure secrecy. Invaluable in all cases of Generative and Physical Debility, Spermatorrhea, &c. Price] Ie: on application, or sent carefully packed, free b1 post, for 12s., for stamps or post office order. Address, Dr Bright, 29, George Street, Hanover Square, Lon- don, W. DR. ^RIGHT'S SPEEDY CURE. The BUCHUlGLOBULES, eontaininif the essence of Copaiba and Cubebs, fe 1rom taste, being eneased in sugar, at once cure all diseases ariing from infection, strictures, &c., subduing all inflammatory altion. Price lis on application; or free by post, 12s 6d, for stfcnps or post office order.-Addvess, 29, George Street, Hanoveoquare. THE SILENT FRIEND ON MARRIAGE, 150 pages, beauifully illu3tr?tep, pake Is., post free 14 stamps, sealed 20, contaiing prescription of Preventive Lotion. Make this invaluable ,Irk your guide and adviser for self-cure in all cases resulting from the errors of excesses of youth, infection, 10s8 of natural tower and vigour; ?ttfcm?tcirre?nhirinesand barren ess. Addrbs, Messrs. Perry ? Co., Surgeons, 19, Honors baireness. Add l"reet, London, W.C. ConsuJtation?d?iJy,n ,?trect, oxford 5 ?1 H, till 2, and from ill 8, GIVEN AWAY, A RK ON MARRIAGE, ts Duties and Impediments. Showing how theligonr of }outh may be restored, and retained to an advanced a 8vo. 180 pages. Sent post free for 2 stamps, sealed 12, Addr, Dr. Bright, 29, George Street, Hanover Square, London, i CONSUMPTION, COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, SPASMS, &c. CA,XRTX03SR.II3" CHAITCEBY." CHLOEODTN E. VICE-CHANCELLOR WOOD stated that Dr. J. Collis Browne was undoubtedly tht Inventor of Chlorodvne. Eminent hospital Physicians of London stated that Dr. J. Collis Browne was the discoverer of Chlorodvne;" that they prescribe it largely, and mean no other than Dr. Browne ?-See'Tme? July 13th, 1864. The public, therefore, are cautioned against nsmg any other than Dr. J.COLUS BROWN?. juli 13th, 18r>4, ThT e ?ublic therefore, REMEDY produces %uiet refreshing sleep, relieves pain, calms the CH ORODYNE. IS YNVALUABLE Av.tpm. rM?rpe the ilp?n?pd f.?ftint? nn? Atimulates healthy action of the secretions of the hody. From J. M'GRIGOR CROFI, M.D., M.R.C. Physicians, London, late Staff-Surgeon to H.M.F. "After prescribing Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne, for the taat three years, in severe cases of Neuralgia and Tic Doloreux, I feel that I am in a position to testify to its valu- able effects. Really in some eases it acted as a charm, when all other means had failed. Without being asked for this report, I must come forward and state my candid opinion that it is a most valuable medicine." 1" ',1 n °- >L' From JNO. E. GOULSTONE, M.D., Knighton. I I "I can ooufidentlv state that Chlorodyne is an admirable Sedative and Anti-Spasmodic, having used it in Neuralgia* Hysteria, Asthma, and Consumption, with remarkably favor- able results. It relieved a fit of Asthma in four minutes, where the patient had suffered eleven years in a most distressing manner, no previous remedy having had so immediate aad beneficial an effect." J -A A- aA S/mf r'AA- on Tftcfflct of stamps, by j?onomesnou?Dewnnoum. 001d In Domes, avuium ?. < 1- J. T DAVENPORT, 33, Great Ku?U-?treet, London, W.C., Bole manufacturer. Observe particularly, ?enuine without the words "Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne" on the (tovemment &tamp. DENTS TURRET CLOCKS. THE attention of Public Bodies, Gentle- s t men, and others is respectfully requested to the improvements made in the construction of clocks suitable forSTABLFS, CHURCHES, and other LARGK BUILDINGS, by the late E. J. Dent and F. Dent, Clock and Chronometer Makers to the Queen and the late Prince Consort, and Makers of the GREAT CLOCK for the HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, &e. Turret Clocks with Compensation Pen'dulum, adjusted for variations of temperature, to work the hands of Dials of any site from 1 foot to 30 feet diameter. DENT, 61, STRAND (adjoining Coutt's Bank). AND 34 AND 35, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON. DENT, CHRONOMETER, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER To the Queen and the late Prince Consort, and Alakerof the Great Clock for the HOUSES UF PARLIAMENT, INVITES attention to the superior workman- J- ship and elegance of clesignif his extensive Stock of Watches and Drawing Room Clocks. Ladies' Gold Foreign Watches 7 Guineas. Gentlemen's ditto 10 Ladies' or Gentlemen's Gold English Lever ditto 16 Strong Silver Lever Wata&M. 5 Gentlemen's Gold Compensation Balfinn* ditto 41 44 Silver ditto ditto j. 25 44 Marine Chronometers .?. 3.5 Gold and Silver Pocket Chronometers, Astronomical, Turret, and Bracket Clocks of every description. An elegact assortment of London.m:Lde'.}'ine Gold Albert and Guard Chains, &c. DENT, 61, Strand, (adjoining Coutts's Bank) 34 and 35 Royal Exchange and at the Clock and Maiine Compass Factory, Somerset Wharf, Strand. London. NOTICE TO INVENTORS. OFFICE FOR PATENTS, 4, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, CHARING CROSS, LONDON. Printed instructions (gratis) as to the COST of -L PATEXTS for Great Britain or foreign counlries. Advice and assistance in disposing of or working inventions. Branch offices and aeencies in every continental state, and in America. Estiiblished 30 years. Full information as to expired or existing patents at home and abroad.—Apply personally or by letter to Messrs. PRINCE & Co., Patent Office, 4, Trafalgar Sq.. Charing Cross, London, W.C. CAPT, M'GWIRE's PATENT HAMMOCKS. These Hammocks arc self-supporting, and applicable to in-door and out-door purposes, being alike serviceable in the field, the lawn, the boudoir, or on the yacht. Most invaluable to Officers in the army, Emigrants, and Tourists, as they can be readily adjusted in any situation. Illustrated Prospectuses forwarded on application to the Depot for M'Gwire's Patent Hammocks, 17, Great Portland-street (Oxford-street end), London, W., where the different kinds of Hammocks may be seen. 7 Bank Buildings, Old Jewry London, E.C. Is the Chief Office of the ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE COMPANY. J. W. OBAM, Secretary. JRVNTAOHDINAEY CURE OF A COUGH —The following letter has been received:- Nightingale Hall Edmonton. "DuB SIB,—I have recently suffered much from a most violent cough, proceeding from a tickling in my chest, which no remedy, out of many I resorted to, could allay. My head was constantly aching, and my whole frame entirely shaken. Having seen the good effects of your Balsam of Aniseed in several members of my family, I purchased a small bottle, and when going to bed at night took a teaspoonful in two tablespoonfuls of water, just warm. The effect was immediate; it arrested the tickling in my chest, I slept well, and arose perfectly re- stored in the morning, with the exception of debility' arising from fatigue by incessant coughing for some days previous. My cough entirely left me and has never returned. Having since heard of a lady in the neigh- bourhood who for a long time had laboured under a most distressing cough, and who had resorted to every remedy within her knowledge, I sent the remainder of the bottle to her; and that long-standing, obstinate, and (as sha, thought) incurable cough was perfectly cured. I am my dear Sir, yours very truly, AP.DS." To Mr. Thos. Powell." "WM. BOAEDS." POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. For Coughs, Colds, Shortness of Breath, Asthma, Tickling In the Throat, and All Pulmonary affections, this medicine will be found invaluable. Prepared and sold by THOMAS POWELL, at 10, Blackfrian, Road, London. Sold by all chemists and medicine vendors in the kingdom; also in Australia, New Zealand, Cape of Good Hope, North and South America, See. in bottles at Is lid; 2s 3d, and lis each. CAUTION.—Observe the words THOMAS Powirx," Black- friual-road, London, on the Government Stamp, without whick It cannot be genuine. Ask for PowoUl-, Balsam of Aniseed. NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE. The greatest and most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA.—Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL and CO., Three King-court, Lombard-street, London, Perfumers to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue-no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect color. Price one guinea; half bottles, 10s. 6d. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order and from individuals of undoubted respectability may be inspected on application. Messrs. J. GOSNELL and Co. have been appointed Perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. ANY ONE CAN USE THEM. A basin of water is all that is required to produce the most brilliant and fashionable colours on Silks, Woollens, Cottons Ribbons, &c. in ten minutes, by the use of JUBSONJS SIMPLE DYES, I MAGENTA I MAUVE VIOLET GREEN I SCARLET BROWN ORANGE I CRIMSON PINK & BLUE I Price 6d, Is 6d, 2s 6d, and 58 per bottle. These Dyes will also be found useful for imparting colour to Feathers, Fibres, Grasses, Seaweed, Ivory, Bone, Wood, Willow Shavings, Paper, also for tinting Photographs and for Illumi- nating. May be had of all chemists in the United Kingdom and Colonies. Wholesale Depdt, 19A, Coleman-street, London, AGENTS WANTED. This Tea is imported with the leaf not coloured, and com- binu purity with fine flavour and lasting strength. Sold by Chend4 Stationery and Confectioners in all pari, of the Tcingdom. Local A gents. Welchpool, JONES & SOS. ftrond Street. Carnarvon, WILLIAMS, Bridge Street. Con way, JONES, High Street. Con 3? !0?E. 3. Bodfor Street. FORD'S PECTORAL BALSAM OF HOUEOUND. PREPARED by Mr, Ford, the Patentee. JL This celebrated medicine still maintains its high position in public estimation Per the cure of Coughs, Colds, Influenza, and Pulmonary complaints, it remains without a competitor. The well known properties of the herb, with the elegance and extraordinary Balsamic qua- lities of this preparation of it, has secured for the Pector- al Balsam of Horehound the highest and most extensive patronage. Influenza and common (Jolds will be found to yield to its benign influence in a few hours; and in Asthmatic complaints, of however long standing, allevia- tion and relief will certainly follow the use of it. Mr. Ford respectfully requests purchasers to observe that his signature will be on the outside wranpei to each bottle, and that the name of his sole Wholesale Ageut, Mr. Edwards, (j, St Paul's, u engraved on the Govern- ment Stamp. S;>ld in bottles at b*. I'd., 2s. Od., 4s. Cd., and 10s, lill. each by most respectable Chemists ami Book- sellers STAUCJI 3RA:ATF.\CTN;J:;IS TO H.RF. TdH ?'E? 0? STALES. TO E ?N ii'l 1) p ATi?sT gT.UlCH,| G li THE ROY\Tj LAUNDRY. AND AWARDED THE PIUXE MEDAL FOR ITS SUIIERLOEITY. Sold by all Grocers, ChuniUers, Oilmen ic. WOTHERSPOON & CO., GLASGOW AND LONDON. ) FIRSTMANUFACTURED1742 OR MORE THAN | ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY YEARS.. I the perfect purity of 1 Jf this Mustard. » jAV^SoM Jn ^y/ '.i fSy The attention of the public and of the medical pm fession is called to this facsimile of a label placed 08 the top of all canisters of Keen's Genuine Mutiard, which can be purchased of most Family Grocers. KEEN, ROBINSON, BELLVILLE & Co., LONDONL DR. LLOYDS SKIN POWDER, testified by S eminent hospital physicians to be the most effectual remedy in all cases of irritation of the skin (all redness, roughness, pimples, &c., speedily removed), is as simple and moie agreeable than violet powder, imparting a de lieacy of appearance not attainable by other means. Its preparation is confided by Dr. Lloyd solely to J T. DAVENPORT. 33, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, London. Sold in boxes, Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS ACCOMPANY EACH BOX. RUPTURES. By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. WHITE'S MOG-MAIN LEVER TRUSS REQUIRING no steel spring round the _L body, is recommended by the following peculiar- ties and advantages :-lst, facility or application 2nd, perfect freedom from liability to chafe or excoriate 3rd, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position of the body, by day or night; 4th, it admits of every kind of exercise, without the slightest inconvenience to the wearer, and is perfectly concealed from observation. "We do Dot hesitate to give to this invention our un- qualified approbation, and we strenuously advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort.. obtain from any apparatus or truss as from that which wh have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending. "— Church and State Gazette. Recommended by the following eminent Surgeons :— William Ferguson, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery in King's College, Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &r- C. G- Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophalmic Hospital W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assist- ant Surgeon to King's College Hospital T. Gallaway, ant Surge t Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; T. Blizard Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital; W. J Fisher, Esq, Surgeon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; Robert Liston, Esq., F.R.S. James Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society Eramus Wil- son, Esq., F.R.S., and many others. A descriptive circular may be had by post, and th Truss (which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post on sending the circumference of the body two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer. Mr. WHITE, 228, Piccadily, London. Price of a Single Truss, 16s., 21s., 26s. 6d., and 31s. 6d. Postage, Is. Double 31s. 6d., 42s., and 52s. 6d. Postage, Is. 8d. Umbilical,, 42s., and 52s. 6d., Postage, Is. loa. Post-office orders to be made payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office, Piccadnif. NEW PATENT ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, &e. The material of which these are made, is recommende by the Faculty, of as being peculiarly ELASTIC and COMPRESSIBLE, andTHEBESTINVENTIONforgiving efficient and permanent support in all cases of WEAK- NESS and swelling of the LEGS, VARICOSE VEINS. SPRAINS, &c. It is porous, light in texture, and iBex- pensive and is drawn on like an ordinary Stocking. Price from 4s. 6d., 7s. 6d., 10s. to 16s. each. Postage, 6d. JOHN WHITE, Manufacturer, 228, PICCAILLY LONDON. Specimens may be seen in the Crystal Palace. CORNS and BUNIONS.—A gentleman, many \_J years tormented with Corns, will be happy to afford others the information by which he obtained their com- plete removal in a short period, without pain or any in- convenience. Forward address on a stamped envelope to W. Goodall, Esq., Epsom, Surrey. LIVERPOOL. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE DAILY NEWSPAPER IN LANCASHIRE. THE DAILY COURIER PRICE ONE PENNY Containing Eight Pages, is a first-class medium for at classes of Advertisers. The Circulation of the DAILY COURIER has been more than doubled within the last few months, and is still increasing. Publishing Offices, 60, Castle-street, Liverpool, where orders are received, asalso by Mr. J. K Douglas, Chronicle Office, Bangor, and by any of the London and Provincial Advertising Agents. H I Rici A L AYA J T A PURE, NATURAL COLOUR L \¡\W¡\\ \( c, It is the best and cheapest Tea, „ unequalled for flavour and .Strength, Sold in 2a z., 40&, 8 oz., aud lib. Packets, at -is 4d, 4s, and 4s 4d per lb.. AGENTS. RUTHIN—LLOYD, CHEMIST, MARKET PLACE. Carnarvon—Williams, do. rex ham Kcndrick, Confectioner. Holywell—Jones. Pharmaceutical Chemist. Fbut—Hughes, Grocer, &c, LLmdudno—Harman, Herald Office. LIaoidtoes- E. and R. Hughes, Chemists. J>angor—Williams, do. Bangor—Roberts, Draper, &c. Valuable Agencies still vacant. For particulars apply to THE HIMALAYA TEA COMPANY, 37A, St. Mary# I Axe, London, E.C, Energetic Agents would apply to THE HIMALAYA TEA COMPANY, 37A, St. Mury's Axe, London, E.Q.