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PWLLHELI. LLANNOR.—A competitive meeting was held in the schoolroom of this secluded village on Friday the 17th inst. It owed its existence mainly to the exertions of the Rev. J. Moigan, the respected curate of the place, to whom great praise is due for thus fostering a literary taste and thirst for knowledge in the youth of the neigh- bourhood. The chair was ably filled by the worthy Vicar of Pwllheli. Severalladics aud gentlemen of the last mentioned plaqfc honoured the meeting with their presence. The singing &c. gave perfect satisfaction and reflected great credit on all concerned. Altogether this little Eisteddfod was a complete success and its results very encouraging to its authors. RIFLE COBI'S.—Thanks to the unflagging zeal of ita gallautoaptain, new life seems to beinfusecl into this corps and it progresses very favourably. Attendance at drill is more regular, new members have been enrolled and targets prepared for practice". Some time ago the fa. band produced strains, anything but musical and euliven- ing, but W are glad to observe; that by dint of. persever- ance, they have lately made a marked improvement. Their application is most praiseworthy..We wish? them all success. THE FAIR.— This was held on the 15th inst. ri was as large as our usual March fairs, but the amount of cfusinesa transacted seems to have been less than ordinal. PETTY SESSIONS, March I 5.-Before the fzov*. Canon Owen, (Chairman), and St. Geo. Armstrong j^Villiams, Capt. Carreg, and Owen Evans, Esq. ( Ann Roberts v. Robert Roberts.-For refusing to pay certain arrears due to the complainant; under an affiliation order. Defendant applied for time to pay. Ordered to pay in 14 days and remanded accordingly. Bail being accepted for his appearance at the next ses- sions. Pwllheli Union v. Evan Jones.—This was an applica- tion for an order of maintenance upon the defendant for the support of his father—and has been before the Bench on several occasions. Mr. Picton Jones appeared for the defendant as on the previous occasions, and he put in a medical certificate shewing that the defendant was still unwell. The Bench declined to make an order At present. Anne Williams v. Robert Roberts.-An application for an order of affiliation. Defendant did not appear. Mr. Picton Jones appeared for complainant and ob- tained the usual order. Attorney's costs allowed. Margaret Jones v. Thomas Ellis.-A similar applica- tion to the preceding one. Usual order granted. Several Poor Rate Assessments were allowed and signed. The overseers of the poor of the parish of Llanat.i- haiarn summoned 7 persons for nonpayment of poor rates. Only 2 of the parties appeared to answer the summonses, and an order to pay the rates in each case was made with one exception, as the party was not in the holding of the premises. Reg. Prosecution.—Mr. Griffith Roberts, administra- tor of the effects of the late Mr. John Roberts, Iioofel, v. Griffith Griffiths. -This was a change of stealing certain fixtures from a dwelling-house, Jately the property of the accused, but subsequently i, .1 by him to Mr. Ro- berts, the deceased. The hearjpg was adjourned until next petty sessions, and the .Accused bound over to answer further to the charge Mr. Picton Jones ap- peared to prosecute. P.C. John Williams chafed Thomas Roper with being drunk. Fined 5s. and 10s. 6d. costs, which were paid. John Parry, of the parish of Pistyll, was charged by Lord Newborough's gamekeeper, on whose behalf Mr. Picton Jones appeared, for stealing a quantity of branches of trees from one of his lordship's plantations, at the parish of Bodvean, on the 8th inst. Fined 2s. 6d., value 6d., costs 17s. Fourteen days allowed for pay- ment of the money.

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