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I HOLTHEAl). MONTHLY MEETING OF THE CALVINISTIC METHODIST S BODY.—It was told us the other day, that this body of Christians was weakening iu the Island. At the time we had nothing in support of a contradiction, but our opinion was otherwise. Having witnessed the) irg" ga- therings at this town on Monday and Tuesday lasi,, and having rubbed up our statistics, we are in a position to say, that not only is this body of Christians as strong, but stronger than ever, and that the number of Ghapeis and the numbers attending them, are tangible profs that this body is likely live for some ages yet From official st atistics, we learn that the population of Anglesey in 1861, was 54,609. From the official sta- tistics issued by the Secretary of the North Wales Cal- vinistic Methodists' Association, we learn that in the island of Anglesey, this body of Christians has 75 cha- pels, 18 ministers, 14 preachers, 216 deacons, 10,600 communicants, 11,083 members of Sunday Schools, and 113,000 persons attending these 75 Places of Worship on ¡ an average. In other words, 13,000 out of 51,609 per- sons on the island are weekly attendants of Places of j Worship in connexion with the Calvinistic Methodists. I This is a grand fact, and deserving of public record. 175 persons on an average attend these 75 Phces of Worship, which have been built, and are supported, by voluntary pecuniary efforts. On Monday last, the various representatives met at the Hyfrydle Chaple, Holyhead, to transact masters re- lating to the c-use. Mr. Hugh Hughes, Bethania, oc- cupied the chair. The following were the principal mat- ters :— -1- 1 It ww arranged that the next mommy meeuug be held on the 1st and 2nd of May, at Tymawr, and the 1 next one succeeding, at Peiltraeth, on the 29th aud 30th of the same mouth., 2. It was announced that the Rev. John Williams, Talybout, near Conway, and two other reverend gentle- men from Montgomeryshire, were about to pay a visit to the island, and will preach at several chapels as ar- ranged. 3. The various representatives handed in their dona- tions in aid of the Missionary Society. The monthly and annual collections of the various churches were then accounted for and paid in. 4. It was resolved, that the next Anglesey Associa- tion be held at Amlwch, about the middle of J une, in the 1st week after the Bala Association. 5. John Williams, Esq., late Frongoch, Anglesey, but now residing near Machynlleth, having generously placed at the disposal of the Anglesey Monthly Meet- ing a number of his excellent work on Justification," these were gratuitously distributed among the deputies of the various churches. 6. The lamentable accident that occurred to the Rev. Owen Rowland, of Bryngwran, which resulted in his death (reported in our last) was mentioned; and it was resolved that his widow should receive a weekly subsidy from the Geueral Fund, as the Fund for the purpose would not allow of it. 7. The Revds. Robert Hughes, Gaerwen, and David Roberta, Gwalchmai, were appointed to represent the next Quarterly Association, which will be held at Llin- gollen. 8. Mr. Roger Evans, Menai Bridge, was requested to correspond with ministers in other counties, with a view of having them to preach in the various chapels of the body in the island. 9. Capt. Evan Lloyd, the active Superintendent of the Welsh cause in Dublin, offered his own thanks, and that of the Welsh attending the Talbot-street Chapel, in Dublin, to the Anglesey monthly meeting for its pe- cuniary support and counsel He stated that the church there consisted of six heads of families, and a total of 76, the majority being young Welsh women, in service in Dublin. 10. That the Rev. Hugh Jones, jun., of Llanerchy- medd, be requested to minister in Welsh Calvinistic Me- thodists chapels in London, for six weeks, commencing at gaster. 11. That the statistics of the various churches be sent to the Rev. E. Davies, Llanerchymedd, Secretary to the monthly meeting, in course of a week. 12. The ministers who had been labouring in connec- tion with small country churches were particularly requested to continue in their praiseworthy exertions. 13. It was recorded with pleasure that the debt rest- ing on the 75 chapels in the country, which was last year f5000 is now reduced to X4000. 14. Capt. Thomas strongly urged the churches of Am- lwch, Beaumaris, Holyhead, Cemaes, Menai Bridge, Newborough, and other ports, 'to elect suitable persons who may be sailors, with a view of watching over sailors during their stay.in ports. He states that there were 11,000 Welsh sailors belonging to ports in Wales, and that the Association had sanctioned a similar request to his 20 years ago. Every county in Wales had gladly complied but Anglesea. The friends present accepted the suggestion, and promised to act accordingly. If.. It was strongly urged, that whi'e weekly subscrib- ing funds towards educating pagan children in Khasia, Brittanny, and the borders of England, Anglesey chil- dren should not be neglected. Sermons were preached at the two town chapels on Monday and Tuesday, which were crowded. Most of the ministers that preached were of the younger class in the Island, and it is truly gratifying to find in their ministry signs of high mental culture, research into Scripture, and marked energy and earnestness.. The meeting was carried on in a highly creditable manner to all concerned, and it is hoped the Lord may be pleased to follow the Word to the hearts of (nany.— From, a Correspondent.




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