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arsons œanttb. a steady Man as BOOT.S.— w\' Appty to Mr. Btcknell, Peurhyn Arms, Bangor. WANTED IMMEDIATELY A THOROUGH General Servant and ood Plain Cook for a professiona) Gentleman's family in orth Wales. Washing put out. and ? Boy to clean boots and knives. Liberal wages will be given to a com- petent person.—Apply at the Office of this Paper. ENnnts. t\7'AXTED to rent, by a gentleman, a Farm ww House or Cottttge, with a few acres of laud, on dry MiL Address, S. G., 16, Bath-street. Brighton. tYT'A* ?TE!). about 2tst Aph). a Furnished \'V HOCSE, at the seaside, containg two or three '?;mng.room9, and not te? than itix beds, 6er\'i<oaMe ?id ek:'B. Not tuxurous a<;commod.<tiou required, and rt of houae wiU do if no other todgera Ltmc.tshire or korth N ale, coast preferred; within modemte r"ilway di3tauce of )lMchester.—State particulars and termB for twn or three mouths, by letter addressed H. E, R., care ot B. Whóder, newa agent, -Ni-,incliester. =- a bt TLct. CARNARVON. £tfleal «H<! COlllmodious Re..idcllcc t'K</tet!t&ut4so/ the 7'0)CM 0/ C'ttr)jttr<'en. rj p0 be Let. i!ryn Msteddi'ud, containing a Drawing Room, Dining Room. Breakfast Partour, twf Kitchen-, ScuUeries. Pantries. &c., four heat Bed- rooms, and four other Bedrooms. Water-ctoct, &c.. &c.; Flower Garden and Grounds, both in front and back. AJso. a Kitchen Garden. T))e above is situated on the PwUheU Road, and com- maud' a beautiful view of the Mountains, Cattle, & Straits. Apply to Mr. HuApiiitEy,, Castle-square. Carnarvon. 'LLANFAIRFECHAN. AT THE FOOT OF PE\MAE\MAWR MOUNTAIN. ?TO be Let or Sold at this fashionable Water- '?- iug place, Oaborno House, ft commodious viHa rcni- dence. commanding a maguiBcent sea and ).tnd view. and within a hundred yards of the best part of the beach for bathing. The house stands in its own grounds, and con- tains in the basement Kitchen, Scullery, and other oiBcea; OB the ground-noor spacious Drawing and Diuim; Roomf, with bay windows. Servants' HaU. and Butter's Pantry m the 'tirst n )or. spacious Sitting Room, and excellent 4 Bed-rooms and on the second &oor R spacious Bed- rooms. The house may be taken upon a lease for a term of years, or if preferred the tease of 99 years wttt be sold. Fur further particulars apply to Mr. Etiaa Davies, auctioneer, &c.. Penmaenm.twr. near Conway. March !Sth. 1¡¡!i. ?nt ? t?_ :i1ICS, kc. PIANO FOR SALE. A Semi rand PIAKO. by an old London .fL Maker, on Sate for immediate cash. It is very sweet toned, in i:ood condition, and may be had a bargain. Price tl5. Address, Q.R.S., North Walel Chruniclc OtSce, Bangor. FURNITURE.-A BARGAIN. ?N SALE, an etegaut Wahmtwood Draw- \_? ing-room snite, comprising 6 spring stuffed chairs, couch, easy and sewing chairs, a cheffonier with pt.tte glass doors and back. an ovat centre table, and large gilt chimney glass; price for complete suite only 28 guineas. Every article warranted, and carnage free. Appty to J. M. Pinch. 1\J. Bold Street..Liverpool. Designs of the above forwarded on application by Post. tbolastít. ST. ASAPH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. TTHAD-MASTER, \V. Kasterby. I!.A. The J"L BexttermcommencesonApril).ith,1865. rpHE Kev. CHARLES w7p. JONES, M.A., j_ Minor Canon. Bangor, receives Private Pupils for a general education, or for special preparation for the University. Armv and Civil Service Examinations. For Testimonials and Prospectus, address at above. r?DCCATlOX.-Middie Class School, iiiox- [ '? ham. near Banbury, Oxon, on the Great Western Railway from Chester and Shrewsbury. The New Build- ings give accommodation for CO more boys. Terms, 30 guineas per annum, for prospectuses apply to the Rev. P. R. B. C. L.. iate FeJioH- of New Coliege. Oxford (Head-Master), or Messrs. Stone and Hartley, the Library, Banbury. A )ist of the boys who passed the Cambridge Junior Examination at Christmas, 18M, will also be sent. The next quarter begins ou Monday. April 3rd. ST. MICHAELS SCHOOL. RUTHIN. (A Classical and Cuinine?-(-vtl Boarding Sc/tfoi! jar Boys.) Provost aud Treasurer—Rev. E. DAVIES, M.A.. Jesus College. Oxford. Head Master—Rev. H. J. WILSON, B A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. THE Course of iustructiou includes the J_ usual English subjects, with (if required) French, LMin, Drawing, Music, and Book Keeping, by Single and Double Entry. Also Greek and the higher Classics for those intended forHolyurders. Teruia (inclusive of all expenses, except Washing and Books) For Boya under sixteen £5 5 0 per Quarter For dittoabovo ditto. C6C ditto For further particulars apply to the Rev. the HEAD TO CONTRACTORS. TDARTIES wishing to contract for the cou- Jt..structionofaNEWMILLDAMatP\VLLt'xot;L! can see the Plans and Specitications ou applying to Mr. ALGEO, Menai Ht'idge, to whom t'enders fot the Work MetobosentonorbeforethoSthdayofApriI. The lowest or any teuder will not necessarily be accepted. 21st March, 1SC.'). TRANNERE LOCAL BOARD. TO QUARRY MEN, STONE MERCHANTS, &e. THE Loca) Board for the district of Trau- JL mere are prepared to receive Tenders for the supply of about t!.uU<J iiueal yards of Granite Curbs, 5 hy 12, in not Jess than t)n't'e feet Jengths. S.(mp]es of Curb, b:'th tou)Hj aud h:muncr-d)t;s.sej, with prices and h, statement M to the uumt'tr <'f yards which could be i-uppUed IlkoIltllly, dehvered at the Jiirkeuhfad dwks. tl1 be seut to the otEceuf Messrs, i'arr and Moyd, solicit«)s, Huh- hilt, Tranntere, not tater than Tuesday, the llth April, endorsed "Teuder fur Curbs." Further particuiars may be had on application to the engineer, at the ottices. H<Jt-hiU. The Local Hoard do uot bind themselves to accept the tuwe'jit or Ruy teMder. Dy Order, W. A. HICHAKDSOX, Eugineer. Hult-hil), Tranmere, near tsii-kenlicad, March 20tli, 1865. ,ff' '?"' TO BUILDERS. CON TRACTORS & OTHERS rpHE Hethc? Lo'd ]!('!trd of Hcahit arc 1 pj'epaj'ed to receive Tenders froj]i competent tK'r-'f'tts for the construction of about L,'XX) Iine:d yards of Main and Subsidiary Drains on the buildum: land known as Gt'rlau. within the district uf the said Board. Ptaus, f,ectit)ijs, i,iid spl'dficatiolH can be viewed, and any furl ther information obtained from the undersigned, to whom Tenders must be seut on or before the ;Hst day of .March next. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Sureties muat be provided for the due performance of the work. WM. YOUNG HABDIE, Clerk <md Enrnteer to the Board. Bmaor. MtNh 10th, 18M. 4'5ublic Jllotítts. BANGOK MUTUAL SHIP INSURANCE SOCIETY rJpL HE Ordinary Generat Meeting of this TSociety will bo held at the Society's Rooms, PIas H\vyd in this City, on Tuesday, the 2Sth instant, at two o'clock in the afternoon, to transact the ordinary business of the Society.. Also, in continuation, an extraordinary Genera! Meeting, to consider the expediency of further amend- ing or uttering the 32nd and 53rd of the Society's rules. SAMUEL ROBERTS, Secretary. Bangor, March 20th, 1865. CITY OF BANGOR PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETV. 1\TOTICK is hereby given, that the second Annual General Meeting of the Members of the above Society. will be held at the National Schoolroom. Deau Street, Baugor, on Friday, the Slat day of Mar ch 1865. at 6 o'clock in the evening. WM. THOMAS, Chairman. WM. MORRIS, Secretary. Bangor, March 21st, 1865. BAGOR DIOCESAN CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY. A Qnartcr)y Meeting of this Society wiil be ?\_ held in the Chapter-Room, on Tuesday,'4th April, at 12 o'clock. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIBERS:— JS s. d. I!<-v. Richard Killin 010 6 Parochial Collections:— Hanfaethlu and LIaufwrog 1 1 9 bt. David's, t'eatiniog 1 4 0 HENRY OWEN, Hon. Sec. LIangefni, M.u-eh'22nd, 1865. ? ANOLESEY CENrRAL RAILWAY. .V077PF IS HEREBY GIVEN, irHAT the Fourth Ordinary Haif-Yearly Meeting of the Shateholders in the Anglesey Central Railway Company, wiU be held at the Contractors' Omces, Hangefui, on Thursttay, the 30th day of March. 1865, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, for the transaction of the ordinary business of the Company. The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from the 17th inst.. until after the Meeting. By Order. WM. DEW, Secretly. Company's Onices, Bangor, March 7th, 18G5. FEBTINIOGT MAENTWROG, & HARLECH TURNPIKE TRUST. '\ruTICE is Hereby Given, that a Meeting j L ?t of the Trustees of the above Trust will be held at the VlC!'UN!A IXN. LLAfUEDH, onTHCMDAT, the XDth day of MARCH instant, at 12 o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of electing Robert Roberts. Esquire, and the Rev. Richard Williams Mason, clerk, as Trustrees in lieu of other Trustees deceased. Dated this 9th day of March. 1865, J. P. ROBERTS, Clerk to the Trustees. Re JOHN MASSEY WILLIAMS, Glan-y- Wern Farm, near Denbigh, Deceased. A LL persons having claims againts thtJ Estate of the said deceased are requested to send patticulare thereof to me the undersigned. And all per- sons who stood indebted to the said deceased are also requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to me without delay. J. JONES, March 21st, 18o5. Agency oNces, Ruthiu. FOR THE BEKEFITOFTHE DIOCESE OF ST. A8APH BYSHOP CARRY'S FUND. ?/ HEREAS a Trust has been created caHed V t Bishop Carey's Fund, for the purpose of building Churches, Schools, and Parsonage Houses in the Diocese; tUid for assisting indigent Clergymen, holding cures in the same Diocese, or their Widows and Orphans, persons wishing to participate in this Charity, arc requested to state their case in writing to th Dean of St. Asaph before Mm Sunday, .1865. No replies will be made except to successful applicants. M. DA VIES. Secretary. THE HADJI. A THOROUGH Bred Horse, bv Faugh a ?JL Ballagh, out of Athol Brose (Linda's dam), by Orlando, her dam Haggish by Hay Middleton, out of Mountrositv by Plenipotentiary. The HADJI stands 15 hands 3 inches high. upon short legs, has great bone and good action. He ran third for the Derby, and second for St. Leger, and won the Man- chester Union Cup. He also wun a JEIOO prize at York, ttnd t:15 at the Manchester and Liverpool Agricultural Show, for the best thorough bred Horse capable of get- ting Huuters. Will serve Marea this season at PEXRHYN CASTLE STABLES. Thorough bred .Mares at 10 guineas; Half breds, t3; Farmers' Mares. JS110s.; Tenants, 15s. Apply to Mr. PicKARD. Stud Groom, as above. A DMTJONAL Subscription towards the re- A pairs of LLANFFLEWIN CHURCH, Anglesey. £ s. d. Lord Biahop of Banger (second donation) a 0 0 Rev. Dr. Owen, TreMraeth 1 1 0 Rev. Dr. Charles Williams 1 1 0 Right Hon. Lord Newborough 1 1 0 Rev. J. Richards, Amiweh 0 10 6 TN the matter of the Companies Act, 1862, J_ and of the Anglesey Colliery Company Limited, the Creditors of the above-named Company are required on or before the llth day of April, 1865, to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, and the names and addresses of, their Solici- tors (if any), to Thomas Cooper Smith, of 15, Finsbury Place. South, in the city of London, Accountant to the Liquidators of the said Company, and if so required, by notice in writing hc'm the said Liquidators, are by their Solicitors to come in and prove the said debts or claims, at the offices of Thomas Couper Smith, No. 15, Finsbury Place, South, aforesaid, at such time as shall be specified in such notice, or iu default thereof they will bo excluded from the beuent ot any distribution made before such debts arc proved. Dated this llth day of March. 1865. ROBERT DIXOX. ) FAITHFUL COOKSON. ?? Li;qui?dat'o,rs,. JAMES WRIGHT, LIqUIdators, ?a!cs !)!' Riaction, IMPORTANT TO SHIPOWNERS. TO BE SOLD BY AFCTlOX, ByMR.D.JOXES. At the Xew!i-Room. Portmadoc. on Tuesday, 23JIlIIareh, ].S65,atuo'eiockp.m, A LL the 64-<i4 Sharfs in tite fast-salting ?. ? Schooner OCEAK MONARCH, of Portmadoc. The above vessel was hui!t itt i'ortn??t?c. m ]S51, aud closed 10 ye.u'< A.I. M Lloyd's; is <iU ?-100 tons register, and carryntg about iUt) ton!, dead weight. Is abundantly weU- ? tcre;. and Materials «f every descriptiuu. and well wuithy of the attention of ship-owners. I }< vr furtllcl' p¡ntieul:u'. apply to -)Jr. Owen Owen, Tim- I-or UercliiLlit, Portlllikdoe. TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MODERN FURNITURE, Consisting of a handsome Oval Walnut Table CherTonier. with tnarbtesiab.pjatepaneh. and back; six single ChaIrs. Easy .snd Devotional ditto, and Settle, w- holstered in green rep.. en suite; mahogany loo din- ing. ;ux) centre jLab](!;(;iteffoni<jr; Sofa; Couch; mahogany and eane-iieated sets of Chairs; fenders and yire Sets Tinte Pieces Carpets Mectro-plated Tea and Coffee Services; Cruet Frames:.Fori{)i;Caud)e .Sticks. &e. lieu Half-tester and French Bedsteads Flock Mattresses Feather Beds; Birch and Painted "shstands, Dressing Tables, and Chests of Drawers; Blankets; Swing Glasses; Chamber Ware; Kitcheu items, and other Articles of domestic use. MR. JOHN PRITCHARD WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, THE whole oi ttm above Modern and re- _L centty purchaMd HOUSBHOLD fPRNITPRE. at LAYAX ViEW HOUSE. LLAKFAHtFEOHAN, M) Wednes- day, the 29th March, 1865, &t 12 o'clock (Do<m) precMely. May be Viewed the day before the Sate. KMUwydTerrMe, EMgor. *ales bs uCtíon.. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Important Sale of Extensive and Valuable -E?- TATES tM Denbiyh8hire and Carnarv01iShÍlB.' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY ]lIR W. DEW, Early next spring, (unless previously disposed of 3y private contract), in such Lots as may be determimj upon, ALL that very manificcnt ESTATE cillt4. ?\. FWLLYCROCHON." with the Mansion Home, Woodlands, Gardens acd OfBces. comprising upwards ot 1300 acres of rich arable and pasturii laud iu the parish)! LIandrillo, in the County of Denbigh, beautifully woodat. facing and within ten minutes walk <,f the sea beach, am close to the Colwyn Station on the Chester and Holyhetl Railway, Also all that fine Estate called The BODLONDJ!3{ ESTATE." situate in the parishes of Conway. Gyftin. and Llangelynin. in the County of Carnarvon, consisting or t great portion of the Town of Conway and desirable ftn'X h the Vs1.fWat. eomprmntt upward* of.,2OOi)' acres of well cultivated land. PIaus and particulars arc in course of preparation, and will be issued in due time. In the meantime any infor- mation may be obtained from Messrs. J. & R. Williams, j Solicitora. Beaumaris, or of Mr. Win. Dew. Auctioneer J Bangor. ? Beaumaris, 17th October, 1864. CONWAY. SALK OF TWO MOST DESIRABLE RESIDENCES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. W. DEW, Early in May next, mnOSE 2 charmma'iv situated ResidenMS, t called PLAS VARDRA. and FORTH UCHAF TOWER, recently erected, regardless of expense, by Major the Hon. H. E. Fitzmaurice. The Modern FURNITURE at Plas Vardra will also be sold by private or public sate. Full description will appear in future advertisments and particulars. Further information may be obtained of the Auctioneer, British Hotel, Bangor. 23rd March, 1865. SALE OF MOST ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. In the Borough of Carnarvon. TO .B.F SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. W. DEW, About the end of May next, A LLihat Freehold FARM called PENYGELLI jT most pleasantly situated within the Borough of Carnarvon, and within a mile and a half of the town, and containing about 90 acres of rich pasture and arable land. This eligible property is well adapted for Villa Residen- ces and the whole will be sold in Lots. Further particulars may be obtained from the Auction- eer. British Hotel. Bangor. March 23rd. loM. AMLWCH. RE OWEN OWENS—A BANKRUPT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. WILLIAM DEW, ON WEDNESDAY', 27TH MARCH, 1865, (Comaienciag at Twelve o'clock at noon) on the Pre- misea called BRITANNIA HOUSE, at the Port, Amlwch, rpHE who!e of the STOCK IN TRADE of Mr. OWEN OWENS, consisting of GROCERIES and DJR_ APERY—in Teas, Sugar. Woollen Cloths, Flan- nels, Merino*, Linea, Ca!io' Woollen and Fancy Shawh, Silks, &c. AIM, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE. jtltíscrllalltous. FRISBY, DYKE & CO. FURNISHING. BEDDING, AND CARPET WAREHOUSEMEN, Nos. 58, 60, 62, 64, AND 66, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. "HOUSE FURNISHING GUIDE"now ready, and can be had on apptication, post free, containing drawings of the new patterns in Iron .md Brass Bedsteads, modern designs in Upholstery, with lists of prices. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR FCRNMHM& HOTELS AND HOUSES OF AXY SIZE. SttjM, Cabins and Bat/Is fitted up on the shortest ttoh'ee. Carriage paid on purchases of :E2 and above, to any pMt of the Kingdom. TKRMS—CASH. LEWIS AND COMPANY, BANELAGH STREET, LIVERPOOL. ,——————————————, ( ??1M5?? ) ? yAe?VcMMtfo)- ? ( ZitMe7i'oy.!c/J?)M)'yMf.! ) '-———————<———— ——-? AT I.EWIS & CO., LIVERPOOL, TAILOlt.'3 FOR BOYS AXD YOUNG MEN. (? y? 1865 ?"'t ) ? TVtcA'CK'f.ti'?'or ? ( ?tK/e?oyso/ Six years AT LEWIS & CO., LIVERPOOL. CLOTHIERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN. e ('" TAe 1865 SMtt ) ? r/teA'cMMtT-'t))- ? ( jBo?o/Fi?ty cat's ) AT LEWIS & CO., LIVERPOOL. BOOT MAKERS FOR BOYS ANU YOUNG MEN. <?* 7/«.i865?'< ') ? ?e??t?r ? -? ( 7?f!0/ 7'<!M</M7'S ) t AF LEWIS & CO., LIVERPOOL. HATTERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN. f? The 1865 's' ) ? r/tC A'ooe.ft ?ot- ( T?oyif o/ fu.'eh'e yfa)'? ) AT LEWIS & CO LIVERPOOL. CAP MAKERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN. 'the 1865 Suit ) yAf Newest For ? f Boys < votii-teeli yff!t'3 ) AT LEWIS & CO.. LIVERPOOL, SHIRT MAKERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN. (? y/tel865?"< ) ? 7'Ac Ae?'e:!< Y'a)' ( j?M;/s < A?'<t'<'« y<s? ) AT l,rWl'-) T CO" I,lVEltPOOL, COLLAR MAKERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MFN. ( The 1865 Suit ) ) 7'/te A'ft':M< /'ur ? ( yoMti'y.Metto/ all (iges ) AT LEWIS & CO., LIVERPOOL.. HOSIERS FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN. ( Lt;wts & Co.'s ?.ttt ) ? t</ &?/eftSM)'eme))< ? ( /)'M on appitfuti'oM ) LEWIS AND COMPANY, BANELAGH STREET, LIVERPOOL. WINTER SAILINGS. From lat NoTember, and until furthe jrJpL HE CITY OF DUBUN?OMPANY intend T ?iling their nrst class tteamer "PRINCE AR- mPR," or other of their Vessels. ait under :— KOM MENAI BRIDGE, MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS. At Ten a.m. FROM LIVERPOOL. WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS. (Calling at Llandudno. weather permitting.) ttoods for Wales received at the Clarence Dock on Tuesdays. -'For further particulars apply to Mr. J. K. Rounth <ratte, 20, Witter Street. Liverpool Messrs. E. W. Timothy and Son, Menai Bridge or to Mr.Johu Thoma Banger Street. Carnarvon. City of UubUn Co.'< Omee, Menai Bridge. 27th Oct.. 1864. "BLACK BALL" & "EAGLE" LINE OF Britiah and AuatrfJianEx-Roy&l Nail Packets LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE, Ship Register. Burthen. Captain. Date. -OMEAN EMPRtHB.t067.2500 McDonald MhApriI r.IGHTNQ{G.i. 171>9 .œo.Jl)hnøtœ 5th May MAAOOPOLO 1625 4000 Axsold 5thJiine CHAMPION OF TMSE AS 1946.40080etridge h July PenOM who hoM PaMage Warrant!) or Boun?TMiM?, will please make immediate app on to'. i iinaef- ne LONDON TO SYDNEY BRJTBH PEER. Mth, AprJ FOR Q.UEENSLAND. (Tree Grants ofLa.nd. value 30 Pounds.) SIRROCCO .(from London) .2<th March ROYAL DA,\E .(from London).Nth April NAVAL RESERVE, .(from Glasgow) .t0th April The itbove celebrated clippers, so well knoWn'tor their rapid passageH, punctuality, and splendid accommodRtion, are unsurpassed by any ship!) in the world. STEAM from .Liverpool TO NEW YORK,? HELVETIA Tueaday,28thMa)'c)T' PENNSYLVANIA, a.s.Tuesday. 4th Ap§t;' LOUISANA. Tuesday, Uth A?t' The Cabin acemmodation on board these St<Mnett M.' unsurpassed.. BATES OF PASSAGE MONEY FROM LIVERP.O.O.L?'i TO NEW YORK. ? Saloon Paeaage .Fifteen .ffaiceaB LIVERPOOL TO NELBOURN"uea?." Steerage Passage FIVE E -? PACKET FOR THE 5TH AP? B? 'j, ,?? ? ?\ Postponed until the 8th Apr? '7r ???\ The Fine Clipper Ship ?" ???? "OCEAN EMPRE?L" 1067 Tons Register, 2.500 Tons Burthen. C?. al)t? Thu ilue clipper ship has very superior acen?ttnodnHon fjrpatsengers. and wiU bentte?d up undertlte?p'ennten- dence of Her Matty's Emigration Omcer. Thttetween decks are well ii<:hted and ventilated, and tt« jfimgb fe- malet will be under the care of a Matron. WOlw.ear- ries an efficient and duly qualined Surgeon. Apply to ."7'\ JA?ES ? BAINES & CO., Water-st.. LiTe ? t; GIBBS, BRIGHT & CO., North John or T. Mf MACKAY&. CO., 1, Leadenhall-stt ? London, E C AGENTS. Capt. TuIIy. Dublin Packet Omeo, Hothead Mr. Wm. Edwards. Llangefci. AnglMer;! Mr. T. Edward!), Quay. Conway. Mr. F. Watts. Abergele. STEAM COMMUNICATION BBTWM? ?' IVERPOOL AND CANADA AND ?? UNITED. STATES OF AXERICAt.:?/ ?'<! PORTLAN D and the GRAND TRH? RAILWAY ('!7n</<')' Contact <M'(A B'«'?ct)«t?s '?t??et? O?fK )tM'N< /o<'<A<CottM?n«'??i ? < ? ? C' THB MONTNBAL OCKAN ST??-SHm { ? ?? ? ?-?B?. powerful 8<irew Stg?t?MM?'t. 'L ?? PERUVIAN.??? ? ?!? MORAVIA.$  Hl',BERNJAN ufJo NOVA SCOTIAN il? BELGIAN.jP'.? B ? 'o ?. NORTH AMKRICi? '?aSMtftHtMt?-?tt DAMASCUS. K.S.WATTa. ST. DAVID A.D.AtBD. Are intended to Sail from III-VERPOOL TO PORTLAND, EVBBY THUMDAT. Callin" at MOVILLE. LOUGH FOTLE, on FRIDAY, to embark Passengers and Her Majesty's Mails. And from PORTLAND to LIVERPOOL every SATURDAY. Calling at MOVILLE to land M&il* and FaMengers. Every alternate Steamer will proceed from Portland to New York. Rjtte of Freight to Portland and New York, 50s. per Ton Measurement, and 5 per Cent. Primage. Weight subject to agreement. Cabin Passage Money to Portland, and New York, Eighteen Guineas and Fifteen Guineas, including Provi- ions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. Bil)< of Lading and Passage Tickets will be granted in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods and Paasengers. at very moderate through rates, to all the Principal Towns in Canada. Baggagë taken from the Ocean Stearmhips to the .BfM<- tMV C'<tff) -free of Expense. For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, to JAME9 and ALEXANDER ALLAf. 70, Groat Clyde-street; in Lon- don, to MONTGOMEME and GREENHORNE, 17, Gracechureh- etreet, or to ALLAN BROTHERS and CO., Weaver-buildings. Brunswick-street. Liverpool. STEAM from LIVERPOOL or aUEEKSTOWN TO NEW YORX THE LIVERPOOL. NEW YORK ?f?,iKSAr, ? 1 AND PHILADELPHIA STEAM. SHIP COMPANY intend despatching 'aSB<SB&f their Full-Powered Clyde-buittlron Screw Steam Ships, Carrying the United 6ta.teB Mails, FKOX LIVERPOOL FOR NEW YORK. EDINBURGH Wednesday, 29th March CITY OF LJMERICK. Saturday 1st April CITY OF BALTIMORE Wednesday, 5th April And ever)' Wednesday, and every alternate Saturday Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every .Wed- nesday, 15, 17, and 21 Guineas, according to the accom- modation. Cabin Passage by the Saturday's Steamers, 13 Guineas. Forward Passage 5 Guineas, including all Provisions cooked. Passengersfor CANADA, the UNITED STATES, and BRITISH COLUMBIA, booked through on very advan- tageous terms. For further particulars apply to WILLIAM INMAN, 22, Water-street, Liverpool. o to )Mr.ED. ELUS. jun., Shipbuilder, Bangor. Mr. A. F. WATM. Abergele AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. SS" Passengers holding Victoria Passage Warrants or Bounty Tickets, will please make immediate application to the undersigned. ,?.? rrHE "WHITE STAR"LlNE of ?'?? I- BRITISH AUSTRALIAN, and NEW 'I???3? ZEALAND EX-ROYAL MAIL CLIP- JSSSSsSMt PERS, sail on the 15th and 20th of each Month. Landing and forwarding Passengers to every port of Aus- tralia, Tasmania, or New Zealand. ThelineiscompoMdofthe followingcelebrated clippers ROYAL STANDARDfs.s.) CHARIOT OF FAME. MORNING LIGHT. QUEENof the NORTH. RED JACKET. SHALIMAR. WHITE STAR. GLEN DEVON (new) BLUE JACKET. ULCOATS (new) TORNADO. GOLDEN SUNSET (new) MERMAID. CECILIA (new) An many others well-known in the trade. FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE. Tons Tons To Reg. Bur. Sail. Q{;EE OF THE NORTH.Forayth .1630.3200. Mar. 25. N.B.-Nu pasengel' can be enflaycd /o)' </te Qucen of </ie NUI.tll" after the 20th.41eirek. Ton'ADO Underwood .1800.4000. April 20. WHITE STAR .Kerry 2339.5<XM.May20. The WHITE STAB Packet of the 20th March will be the nno packet ship QUEEN OF THE NOKTH." This sitip is one of the largest in the trade. She was built by Messrs. Mac Morran, and is specially adapted for the con- veyance of passengers and fine goods. Her accommoda- tions for all classes of passengers are of the most superior order. For freight or passage, apply to H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21 Water-street, Liverpool, or WILSON, BILBROUGH & CO., 27, Loitdenliall-street, London. Or to PANtf and Co., Shipbuilders, agents. Bangor John Jones, Steam Packet Company Agent, Carnarvon; T. Bell, HolyweU; or to Robert Pritohard, Newry-street, H ;.BY NViU.Xls Australian aad New Zefjmd ]land. Baebt, sent peet &ee fw 2 ttampt. GRIFFITH DA VIES. GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, BANGOR CARPETS, WINDOW HANGINGS. TABLE LINEN, BLANKETS, SHEETINGS, &c. PAPER HANGINGS AND DECORATIONS. BCTOTAND S HOE EST A B LIS H MEN T, 304, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, TSAAC ROBERTS begs to inform his Customers, Visitors, and the pnMic in ?nera!, that 1 he has constantly on hand a large ?ortment of Ladies', Gentlemen'?, and Children's. ??? ?%?' French and EngUah, m every variety suited to the requirement* the Season, and of the LA,IN? FASHIONS. Gentlemen leaving their Orders can rely M obtaining a really First-etaM article, at & Moderate Fnce. ? .?CHN ?ILLIA??????' ?? .¿ tJ V ,1 "mt.:t. FU?NITITRE. ?B\1'?? ??????? LONDON PLACE, BANQ?B,. f.. ,t .?? ?—' ? {DE?S to draw the attention of his friends and pati'onsm ?h??&?? ?? .,13 ?ortment of DINING and DRAWING ROOM ?RNITURE BEMKN? ?Ja? ??, ? ?<? ?peciaUyIRONBEDS of aU kinds, which he keeps in stock. He also wishes" it ¡íili 'Q;é., no t, (JIO t.r ay in search of Wh at they can procure equally ? cheap and ?? At ?t ????'?'?? ?Mtray in s?ear?ch of ?what t?heey ????????.' '"Iiich for purity are unmatcliig uii&'iiot t3 be ofjthe q1 euts.'them i t(x' '.M, they nt.?y bejreturne?L ? 'Ii -.t THE ANNIVERSARY < ??.??,<???Ht??'?'* ?'?- ? 'TY."T'r "r" í COysE?RATJON OF ?Rm'.CH?Oa?'. t a; .i1+'Ii-r i. ,'<i.A "Iv' "JI> ??.F?. CA??RM?.?? F 'Ð-A.Y MA .R. C'H' 3.1 Tf t !<I '} f -D ?Y, l?J ? ? A A GR?D F??? be' held at the ?o?<???? PS? ??NS?. c?mence at 11 t..m. A Sermon wUl be preached by the e? ioat C3% 1 *.4 'Bervie .'ROBEgTg, ? PRINCIPALVOCALISTS. SornANO—MISS ARMSTRONG, of Liverpool. CONTRALTO—MISS KATE WYNNE. TE?&?t???TOPnAM, Tenor of St. PM-trick, Christ .Cn.nrch. and Chapel Boyal Choira i??? .Dbli,<11f9S BRADWEN, B????E?, ??a?ass.of Che?er Cathedral ;?MR. ROBERTS, pfincipal bass <.„ '< ?- ?.h?)..?of??gori €!athedral. 'v fII:bt' f,r' t'\ ) tlí.1ili t:sd irs1 Q )lave kindly given; A? tK????'???d .by Members otother?hou-a?RQ h'ave kindly givea: r..?? ? ?- 3 ?. ? ? ?mr S ervices'' .? j "0\ ,I' 4'1: ",r- .-??:???'? ?  HA-YDEN. I '?? after the Sermon in aid 0 f the funds of the Church, Admission to the' Church"'by l?ckets, (free), which'n be obtained on application to the Vicat- (Vicara?e, C;\rnarvon). and Chur6hwarden4 :W. ? ???????? C,\rnarvon, and Tho.. Turner, Esquire, Plas Brereton, Carnarvon.  A GIAND CONCEH.T will be hel'd at the large room at the Sportsman Hotel, on the evening of th? '?3?t i.st. TU same Vocalists as ahovo will take part in the Concert. Ph\nist, Mr. Hayden. Tickets can be opt?i?e(i from '?v?Y??:'????? Principal Hotels, and Stationers and BookseUers, at Carna,,?vioii.. The proceeds ,? the Couc?re t. be devoted to the p.yment ott? ?ton C???? 'y?; ?S ? commence at ????????????? ?&??J?? ??d. ab I s? Am.; a cA lt prai* ck and abo for the Concert, 18 respectf* requested, For 14,A pfr,ts,5see Programnie. ?_ ——————— .t?????'??M?? ?,?. ..l..1. "I¡I L' .1: "fit:>" E V A' N ? 'V A N S, ? LOTSTJDOTSr FLACE. BAn?TG-O?, ? WHO IS RETIRING FEOM ??1? S?? ? ?"? AND EXTENSIVE STOCK OF WINES AND SPIRITS, AT A CONSIDERABLE REDUCTION IN PRICE. THE FOLLOWING COMPRISES A PART. 450 DOZEN FINE OLD CRUSTED PORT, Ranging from three to eleven years old in the botttle. 200 DOZEN FINE OLD SHERRIES; And several Lots of CHAMPAGNES, EAST INDIA MADErRA.C???ALA. CHABLIS, BUCELLAS. NOYEAU, ? THE STOCK OF SPIRITS AI.o, will be found to be very old and 6nest qu.lity, and at lowest priees possible. 0 1 GENTS' SUIT, 50s GREAT REDUCTION IN BOYS' CLOTHING, WARRANTED ALL WOOL, AND MADE ON THE PREMISES BY HAND LABOUR. KNICKERBOCKER SUITS OF Meltons, Cheviots, Scotch Tweeds and Angolas From 21 2s. 6d. BOYS' SUITS JACKET, VEST. !unl TROWSE RS FromJE15s.6d. THE CELEBRATED ORIGINAL 50s SUITS Are made from the best Wckh Md Scotch Tweed; Knickerbocker Sails 22s. M. BOYS' SUn'. 2aa. 6d. &C., &C., &C., AT JOHN ARONSON\ 1 .&C S, PLAOE;J BANGOR. -¡ T\/j'ONEY ready to be advanced on ?cuirity J.r J ofL.?udor BuH?Egs at!no(!ci;ttc r.'ti''? "f t'n'c"t. Apply to Messrs. F.?d & Duucau, SoUeiu'r. Ch'!<t.ct. ?ubUMtions. SACRED MUSIC. SANCTUS :\Vith ?<')s)i wnr'?. (S. A. ')'. k? !m? accompaHitft.'Mt rur the (hgatt or H.trm.))?u?)). ComposeJ by B. M. ?'iUt.inM. Kutttin. Ff'o <:<t. IN THE PR ESS, And shortly wiU ''n ).'rif;(.' h.. Rowland's Gr.unm: oi, tho Wct-.h Third Edition, greatly Eflbrgod fmd Improved. Those who wish to bec"me Subscribe) f, are requ.eete'' to send their aMnM. with,m' 1a1l1 to tha fubILiher SACNDEMCN. Ba!& N. Wt -+ .?? ? ??? ? ft'\ II¡ ILLUSTRATEO CATALOGUE ? Conuins DM?M E.ad PriMa of ?? dif?rent?. ti arti:lsj of Eed-room Fti-ntmc, a: weU tt K)!) Btdtteadt, Mtd FriceB ef t'YMy tt of Baddu"' ? SENT FRF TT-