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I PORTMADOC. THE VOLUNTEERS.—The monthly parade drill of the No. 4 (Portmaduc) Carnarvonshire Volunteers, took place in the Town Hall, in the Port, on Saturday even- ing last. The attendanoe was fair; but not so good as it ought to have been, or as Capt. Mathew, and the Adjutant, Capt. Peel, had a right to expect. After the drill was concluded, Capt. Mathew announced that he had received a small donation, which had been kindly sent by Sir John Kingston Jones, Bart., Dublin, who directed it to be given by him to the best ten shots, for the most regular attendance, or in any other way which he, as their Captain, might think proper. This news was received with loud cheers. PETTY SESSIONS, Friday, March 10—Before J. Jones (Ynysgain) and O. Griffith, Esqrs. Riding without lleins.—Tlios. Griffith and John Jones, servants to Mr. Thomas Hughes, Derfen fawr, were charged by P.C. Wm. Owen with riding in a cart with- out reins, on the 25th of February last, along the road leading from Criccieth to Hhoslan. John Jones was likewise charged by the same officer with refusing to give up his master's name, there being no name upon the cart. Both parties were convicted, and fined 8d. and 9s. 6d. costs each for the first offence. John Jones was also fined 2s. 6d. and 9s. 6d. costs for the second of. fence. Mr. Thomas Hughes, the master of the above defen- dants, was summoned by P.C. Wm. Owen with using his cart without its having any name thereon. He was likewise charged by the same officer with having his name illegibly written on another cart. Convicted of both offences, but was let off on paying the costs in both cases, namely 15s. A ssault by a Woman on a Man.—A puling-looking man, named Robert Jones, charged a. strong, strapping woman, who lives in the neighbourhood of Brynkir, with "assaulting and beating" him on the 25th of February last. Complainant said—Last Saturday week the defend- ant's children were beating one of mine. I went out and rebuked them, and said they must not beat any children of mine. The defendant then came out ef her house and struck me twice on the arm with her fist. She also struck me with a rod. I was standing near a gate by her house, going to work, when she assaulted me. I did not threaten defendant's child, nor did I strike him. I did not threaten to crack his head with a spade. She struck me without my saying a word to her. Margaret Jones, a neighbour, said she saw the assault complained of. The defendant was going out with a spade upon his shoulder. He did not threaten the de- fendant's child he only said he should look after him. Did not see the complainant do anything at all to defen- dant. The defendant, not being enabled to rebut this evi- dence by counter witnesses, was fined sixpence, and 19s. 6d. costs. The money was paid. POLICD COURT, Monday, March 13-Before J. Jones and O. Griiffth, Esqrs. A "Fiery" Thmat.-A navyie named Robert Price was brought up in custody, charged by P.S. Roberts with being drunk in the Port on Saturday night. Complainant deposed that the defendant, who was drunk, came up to him on the street and said he was a stranger, and was in want of lodgings, adding that if he did not procure him some he would set some place on fire! He was then locked up. Fined with 7s. 6d. costs in default, 7 days' im. prisonment. Afo?-e Drunkennem--Another navvie, named Henry Morris, was likewise in custody, charged by Inspector Davies with being drunk and disorderly early on Sunday morning last. Inspector Davies deposed to the defendant coming to .the Station-house at about half-past 1 o'clock on Sunday morning last to enquire after his mate," who had been caged" sometime before. As his mate was not forth. .coming at his call, he became very disorderly, so that he ,had to be lodged" gratis. Convicted, and fined 5s. and 7s. 6d. costs, or, in de- fault, 7 days' imprisonment. A fortnight allowed to pay money in. .Begging.-A tramp, named John M'Donald, was .charged by P.C. Hughes with begging in Portmadoc. The defendant, in his defence, said he was looking for employment, and he only begged of his fellow-workmen until he could get work, as was the custom in the coun- try where he came from. Case dismissed, upon the condition that the defendant leave the neighbourhood in case he could not obtain em- ployment. Drunk, and Assaulting the Police.-Another navvie, named Richard Lewis, was charged by P. C. Wm. Owen with being drunk, and also with assaulting him whilst in the execution of his duty. It appeared that the police officer was called in to the Prince of Wales, Criccieth, on Saturday night last, to clear out some disorderly peo- ple, when the defendant interposed, took hold of him, and struck him. Fined 7s. 6d. and'12s. 6d. costs in default, 14 days' imprisonment.