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RHYL. MONTHLY MEETING OF THE COMMISSIONERS. The monthly meeting of the Commissioners was Hew on Friday week. Present-Rev. H. Morgan, chair- man; J. Jones, Esq., Dolawen; Jas. Taylor, Esq.; Messrs. E Powell Jones, Wm. Hilditch, Jos. Lloyd, Jonah Lloyd, J. Rhydwen Jones, Wm. Thomas, John Williams, John Roberts, H. Pierce, W. B. Byne, and W. Wynne. Death of R. Wynne, E,q.- The CHAIRMAN, as a mat- ter of form, announced the death of another Commis- sioner since the lat monthly meeting—namely, Mr. R Wynne, of Olinda, of whom he spoke in terms of great -,n d a.3 a gentleman praise, as an active Commissioner, and as a gentleman possessed of a charitable disposition and sympathetic feelings. The Clerk was instructed to give notice that a Com- missioner would be elected in place of Mr. Wynne, at the next monthly meeting. Election of a Commissioner.—Mr. Taylor proposed that Mr. Ellis Eyton should be elected a Commissioner to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late Dr. Price Jones. There was some doubt, he understood, of the qualifications of Mr. Ellis Eytou, but he (Mr. E. Eyton) had assured him that he was fully qualified, and if elected would abide by the consequences. Mr. HILDITCH seconded the motion. Mr. JONAII LLOYD proposed the election of Mr. John Roberts, 2, Queen-street., Mr. BYNJI: proposed the election of Mr. Elliott, Rus. Bell-road. The amendments were not seconded, and were there- fore negatived without a division. Mr. Eyton was declared elected.* The Rhyl and District Water Scheine. vir. HILDITCH moved-" That the report of the Water Works Com- mittee be reconsidered and confirmed. Also, that such steps be taken thereon as may seem most expedient." (The report appeared in onr paper of the 4th.) He dwelt on the quantity aud quality of the present water suppy, which he believed ought to be satisfactory to the town. If new water works were in reality required he town. If new w, contended that they should not be left in the hands of private individuals, but rather in the hands of the Com- missioners, for under their control they would benefit the pockets of the ratepayers. The motion was seconded by Mr. Jonah Lloyd. Mr. JOHN WILLIAM3 said he did not wish to defeat the motion, but he would propose that further discus. Bion on the subject be deferred. He narrated what had transpired between himself, and Mr. Powell Jones, and the Directors of the new Company, respecting the pro- posed scheme. The interview resulted in the following letter from the Secretary of the Company :— Rhyl and District Water Co. Rhyl, 8th March, 1865. "Dear Sir,—I am authorised by the Directors to state that after discussion they have consented to re- duce the maximum rate to 6! per cent. (from n on the rack rent) on the ratiable value. Also, that the provisions of the 39th section (of the Rhyl Improvement Act) be repealed; that one water closet be allowed free, and that the Board of Trade clause for the protection of life and property be added. Yours very truly, T. WINSTON, Sec. Mr. John Williams, ironmonger, Rhyl." Mr. Williams stated that Mr. Eyton was satisfied with the above letter, and would advise the opposition party to support the bill. He (Mr. Williams) thought the Directors had fairly met the ratepayers, and hoped they would unanimously join to present a strong petition in favour of it passing before the Houses of Parliament. Mr. JONES, Dolawen, seconded Mr. Williams's pro- position, and expressed his entire satisfaction with the conduct of the Directors. All the Commissioners, except Mr. Hilditch, appeared favourable to the Bill-aùd even Mr. Hilditch ultimate- ly submitted so far as to propose that a committee be appointed to confer with the Directors on the details of the scheme, and he wis willing t) abide by whatever they agreed upon. It was finally resolved to add the following to Mr. .—"That the new Water John Williams's amendment :That the new Water Works Committee confer with the Directors of the New Compiny, and get their undertaking to reduce the maximum rate, &c., in writing." It was likewise re- solved-that Mr. John Williams and Mr. Eyton be added to the Water Works Committee. The Local Government Act.-On the recommendation of a Committee, it was unanimously agreed to adopt several clauses of the Local Government Act, including powers to make 'bye-laws as to new streets, buildings, &c.


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