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EDEYRN. We have the painful duty this week to record the death of the Rev. J. P. Jones Parry, the respected Rec- tor of the parishes of Edeyrn, l'istyll, and Carnguwch, who departed this transient life on the 6th inst., at the advanced age of 76 years. He was a son of the late T. P. Jones Parry, Esq., Madryu, and a brother of the late Sir Love P. Jones Parry, Madryn. He had been the Rector of the above parishes for 43 years. During this long period, he gained the affection and respect of all his parishioners by his gentlemanly and discreet deport- ment, on all occasions, in all his intercourse with them and undoubtedly his decease will be severely felt by all, and his memory be dear to them. He was a benevolent and humane friend of the needy and distressed he de- Ikhted in furthering and patronising every m3vement which tended to enhance the felicity and improve the condition of his fellow-creatures. He was also a Justice of the Peace, and Vice-chairman of the Pwllheli Petty Sessions, for a great many years. He imparted and ad- ministered justice most impartially to all who came be- fore him during the long interval he held this important ofaoe,-aud thus won for himself golden opinions in the bg$omg of aU the Inhabitants of Lleyn generally. It may be most justly affirmed of him that he ? an unpreju. diced Christian and a genuine Israelite. That Scriptural text, which says that "the memory of the just if. blessed," is really verified in this instance. And may the Almiehty Bather console and defend his bereaved consort, and bless her with 10ngJife to adorn the paths of virtue and charity with deeM of benevolence and love as she has hitherto done. On Tuesday last, the 14th instant, the mortal remains of the above gentleman were iuterred with great solemnity in Llanbedrog cemetery with his ancestors. The funeral cortege proceeded in the following order:-A close carriage, containing the Revds. C. Owen, Llanbedrog, and T. Jones, Llanengan; a close carriage, containing H. H. Hughes, Esq., sur- geon; then the undertaker, Mr. Hugh Jones, PweUheli. The hearse; two mourning coaches, containing the re- latives of the deceased, viz., W. C. Jones Parry, Esq., barritter-at-iaw, and his two sons; Commander J. P. Jones Parry, R.N., Devonport; T. Jones Parry, Esq., Chester (sons of the deceased); James Nicholson, Esq., ThelwaU Hall, and F. Percival, Esq., Bodawen, (sons-in- law of the deceased); Capt. T. L. D. Jones Parry, Mad- ryn Park, and A. J. Williams, Esq., Gelliwig, relatives of the deceased. Three close carriages from Madryn, containing the Rev. Mr. Rowlands, the Curate of Edeyrn and Pistyll; Rev. Mr. Hughes, Vicar of Ceidio; Rev. E. Pring, Talyllyn; Rev. K. Davies. &c. The carriage of the Rev. J. Owen, Llaniestyn; the carnage of the Rev. T. Jones, Llanengan; the carriage of the de- ceased four other carriages, containing the Churchwar- dens and other parishioners of the aforesaid parishes. The funeral obsequies were performed in an impressive and solemn manner by the Rev. T. Jones, Llanengan. Great commendation aud credit is due to the Under- taker for his tact and ability in executing his arduous duties. The inhabitants of this vicinity, for several miles round, exhibited great 'respect for, and regret after, the deceased, this solemn day with tears in their eyes.



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