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CARNARVON. I GUILD HALL, March IS,-Belore the Mayor and 0. Jones, Esq. Moses Davies, was charged with being drunk and irotous. The peliee not wishing to press the case, and the accused expressing regret, he was discharged with a reprimand. Henry Jones Wå8 flnod 58. and C08 for a similar of- fence. fe Robert Jones was summoned by P.C. No. 16, for leav- ing a horse, and being drunk in South Penrallt.-Fined go. and costs. Humphrey Griffith was charged with an assault; but owing to the complainant not appearing, the case was dismissed. John Owen was charged with assaulting P.C. No. 13 in Castle-square. The Officer said the prisouer was very drunk, and that he was in a large crowd. When apprehended, he re- sisted the officer and kicked him. Several persons in the crowd did the same, and made an attempt to rescue him. Inspector Davies said the other parties would be sum- moned, and that when the accused was sober, he was well behaved The Mayor said he had better be careful how he got into such company and rows as he was found in, aad fined him 5s. and costs, with a threat of imprisonment in case of repetition. Robert Jones was charged with an assult; but owing to the complainant not appearing against him, the case was dismissed.. Wm Wakeham was charged with refusing to proceed to sea in the barque Volant. He had signed articles at the Custom-house. The accused said he was willing to go, and the Captain not appeariug against him, the case was disuiissed. Margaret Parry was charged with stealing a street sweeping broom, the property of the Carnarvon Corpo- ration. Robt. Williams, scavenger, said he was sweeping in South Penrallt, when, seeing a man in a helpless state of intoxication, he went to his assistance. The prisoner was near him when he placed his broom and spade on one side of the road. She was also tipsey. When he re- turned, she and the broom had disappeared. A police officer proved fiudiug the broom at her lodg- ings, and apprehended her. Committed for seven days. John Roberts, a very aged and infirm man, was charg- ed with indecency. The case being proved, the Mayor enauired to what parish he belonged to ? Prisoner-Llangybi. The Mayor said, he had no hesitation in saying, that if, after the intimation of the Court, the prisoner was left at large, it would be a great reproach to the paro- chial authorities of Llangybi. The case would be adjourned for 14 days, with an intimation to be made by the Inspector, from the Court, that he ought to be kept in the Workhouse; and if that were not attended. to, they had no alternative but to imprison him, which they wished to avoid, in the case of me old a man. [The accused is above 80 years of age, and allowed only a paltry pittance of lB. 6d a week from the parish.] Thomas Bridge was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Boot-street, on Saturday night. The ac- cused caused a good deal of amusement by his cross- examination of the police officers, making the charge, it seemed, to have arisen from his being turned out of his lodgings. Fiued 2s. 6d., or three days imprisonment.. Seven days allowed to pay. GOKSBACH CoUKMM MF STING. -Through the kind permission of Capt. Duff of Vaynol, Ni r. Owen Thomas, of Carnarvon, was allowed to invite his friends to the above place for a coursing meeting on the 9th inst. The attendance was numerous and highly respectable, and the hares, as usual, in this favourite coursing gronnd, were plentiful,—as many as 34 being killed. In the evening, the company adjourned to the Eagles Inn, Carnarvon, where Mr. and Mrs. Davies had provided an excellent and substantial dinner. The usual toasts having been duly honoured, the health of Captain Duff, with many thanks for his kindness, was received with cheers. PROFESSOR WHITWORTH.- This very talented gentle- man favoured the town of Carnarvon with one of his matchless entertainments for the benefit of the Militia Band, on Wednesday last, which we are happy to say, being duly appreciated, was rapturously received by a crowded house, consisting of many of the higher classes in the town. On its becoming known that he had ar- rived by the train, a large concourse of people assem- bled round his hotel, and cheered him heartily. The Professor's great liberality in so generously giving gra- tuitous entertainments for the benefit of charities and other deserviug objects, have gained him the esteem of all classes of society, and go where he will into any part of Wales, his name is a talisman, and need only to be mentioned when he begins to reap the fruits of the golden opinion the public so justly entertain of him, and we need not say, at whatever place he makes a re- turn visit to, he is supported in that substantial manner he 80 richly merits.







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