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LONDON. THE MOST HONOURABLE AND LOYAL SO- I CIETY OF ANCIENT BRITONS. This Society held its 150th anniversary on the 28th ult., ( St. David's day falling this year on Ash Wednes- day) under the presidency of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart, M.P. The Vice Presidents were Col Stud. holme Brownrigg, C.B. Willian Hanmer Esq. T. L. Fitz Hugh Esq.; the Rev. T Jones; Octavius Morgan Esq., M.P.; John Dugdale Esq.; Chaudos Wren Hos- kyus Esq.; William Jones, Esq. F. G. H. S. ( Gwrgant); Lieut. Col. Madocks; R. Green Price Esq., M.P.; and John Taber Esq. The Stewards of the day were Griffith Jones Esq., of Chester; Charles Morgan Esq.; Peter Roberts Esq.; Griffith Jarrett Esq.; Andrew Augustus Robinson Esq.; Edward Williams Esq., of Oswestry; and Charles Thos. Woosnam, Esq. Several friends and supporters of the Society's Schools met at Ashford in the early part of the day to witness the gathering of the children to attend Divine Service and to lunch. The Chaplain, the Rev. 1). Evans, Incum- bent of the Metropolitan Welsh Church, read portions of the Service in Welsh, and the Rev. C. W. Twist preached the sermon. The Dinner took place in the evening at the Freema- son's Tavern, and, whether it was owing to the name of Sir Watkiu, or the circumstance of this being the 150th anniversary, or both, we have not witnessed such a nu- merous or such an enthusiastic gathering for many a year. The following toasts were given from the Chair and warmly responded to by the Compny The Queen;" Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales;" TheArmy, Navy, Military, and Volunteer Ser- vices." General Wood in responding on behalf of the Army, congratulated the country on its advanced state of or. ganization, observing that no one knew how soon some wayward act of self-interest might throw a spark which might kindle a war which the youugest amongst them would not live to see the end of. Let them act like sober Englishmen and be prepared, that was the best guarantee for peace. The Rev. C. W. Twist replied on behalf of "The Church," proposed by Octavius Morgan Esq., M.P. The children walked round the Hall and looked very clean, healthy and intelligent. The Ode written by Miss Florence Wilson was admirably sung and encored. After the toast of 11, Prosperity to the Welsh Charity School and Perpetuity to the Honourable and Loyal So- ciety of Ancient Britons" which was given from the Chair, the Secretary read a list of the contributions, which amounted to above £1000, including One Hun- dred Guineas from Her Majesty, and the same from Sir Watkin, in addition to his annual subscription of Fifty Guineas. General Wood in eulogistic terms which were most heartily received, proposed the health of the President of the day. W. W. E. Wynne, Esq., M. P. proposed "The Vice Presidents," and Octavius Morgan, Esq., M.P. responded. The toast of The Officers of the Charity was pro- posed by Octavius Morgan, Esq., and C. A. Wood, Esq., the Treasurer, in replying congratulated the meeting on the fact that he had a surplus in hand, had paid all debts, and had not sold out any stock last year. Sir Thomas Phillips and Doctor Probert ( the latter, the oldest Governor present) joined ia the reply. The toastof the Stewards was proposed by William Jones Esq., F. G. H. S. ( Gwrgant) who said he would be very brief, for he held that no one ought to speak long on such occasions, unless he had something good to say, as well as a good way of saying it. ( bear.) It was gratifying to see such a large assemblage of enthu- siastic Welshmen assembled together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their Society, and to do honour to the presidency of Sir Watkin. (Cheers.) Their patriotism had waned of late years, but had revived that day with treWed vigour ( Cheers. ) His toast commended itself to them, the Stewards, The Speaker then enumerated each by name and distinctive position, and qualifications, and ended his observations in a Welsh speech, which seemed to please the Welsh and astonhh the English persons present greatly. Mr. Charles Morgan and Mr. Griffith Jarrett respon- ded to the toast of the Stewards. The latter gentleman said he thanked Mr. Jones(Gwr- gant) for the kind manner he alluded to him personally in his most eloquent address. H is sympathies had never swerved from his country, and he derived pleasure in promoting the good of anything connected with its in- terests. lie had resolved by energy and perseverance to acquire a name that would throw nodishonour on Wales, and he was proud to say that there was not a place of any importance on the habitable globe where manufac- turers of his invention and improvement were not known and where the skill of the artists he employed were not appreciated. He was greatly indebted to their Presi- dent and his amiable Lady for support at the uphill and early career of his progress. It was by their gener- ous impulses and by their beneficience as much as by their high position that Sir Watkin and Lady Wynn had gained such a hold on the people of Wales. (Cheers) The musical arrangements were under the direction of Mr. Ramford, assisted by Miss Hiles and Miss Rebec, ca Isaacs.


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