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IN DEFECTIVE NUTRITI ONTHE RESTORITIVE POWERS OF DR DE JONGH'S LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OH, AilE RF MASKABLE The rapidity and certainty with which this celebrated Oil will restore the vital forces, and repair the loss of flesh, are thus described by two experienced sur- geons- Benjamin Clarke, Esq., M.R.C.S., in testifying to its efficiency in general debility observes, "After the Pale Oil and all other remedies [ could think of, had failed, I tried merely as a last resort, Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Oil I received immediate relief; and its use was the nie ins of my restoration to health;" and Henry Hanks, Esri M R C S states, Patients who have persisted for several months in the use of the Pale Oil, with scarcely any perceptible improvement, have, after a brief trial of Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil, acquired such fatness, and those distressing symptoms accompanying emaciation have so rapidly subsided, that I have been induced to advise its substitution for the Pale Cod Liver Sr- Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil is sold (,nl? in capsuled imperial half-pints 2s. 6d .pints 49. 9d,; niiirfci 9s. by his sole consignees, Ansar, Harford, & Co., 77 Stranll, London and by respectable chemists. AN EMINENT PREACHER, celebrated for the practical nature of his discourses, stopped last Sunday in the midst of his sermon, and said that he was very much disturh- ed and distressed by the very general coughing of the con- gregation, He should not have alluded to it, had it not occurred to him to mention that if.those who were troubled with a cough were to put one of Dr. Locock's Pulmonic Wafers in their mouth, it would at once relieve them, and put an end to their coughing, much to the comfort of themselves and those who sat near them." He added, ?is a simple and agreeable remedy, which I have proved the efficacy of myself." Dn. Loc.CK'.?U..MON<C ? M .'i? instant relief, and a rapid cure of asthma, co?i?tio? coughs, and all disorders of the Wh and i,tB?To singers and public speakers they art nvSu?lefor clearing and strengthening the voice. They have a pleasant taste. Price Is 11 d, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d, per box. Sold by all Chemists. 1865- ALMANACKS. diaries, AND POCKET BOOKS, for the Year 1865, in great variety. J. K. DOUGLAS, BOOKSELLER, &0., HIGH STREET, BANOOR. BANGOR NORMAL COLLEGE DEED. Jutt Published, Price ONE PENNY, Post Free for TWO STAMPS,  small Pamphlet. containing a certified A official Copy of the BANGOR NORMAL COLLEGE DEED, with the addition of MARGINAL UEFERENCBS to assist the reader. Order direct from the Publisher, J. K. DOUGLAS, North Waltt Chronicle Office, Bangor. NOW READY. Price 3d, Post-free for 4d,. THE WELSH SERMON preached at the Con- 1 secration of St. Mary's Church, Bangor, by the Rev. IS PUGHE, Rector of Ijlantrisanfc. Order direct from the Publisher, J. K. Doughs, ivorth Wales Chronicle, Bangor. Stamps may be seut in pay- ment. NOW READY. PRICE ONE SHILLING (Post-free for 13 Stamps), DAVID HUGHES, M.A., AND HIS FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL AT BEAUMARIS. An Historical Essay by JOHLF WILLIAMS. Orders sent direct to Mr. J. K. Douglas, publisher, Bangor, will ive immediate attention. ELKINGTON AND COMPANY. BT APPOTNTMHNT. Silvtrsmitks and Art Manufacturers to H. M. the Queen, and H. R.H. the Prince of Wales. Inventors and Patentees of the Electro-Plate. «5, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. T| 7LKINGT0N & 00.'8 CELEBRATED r MANUFACTURES can be procured M a,bev? and their roomm now contain an unrivalled collection of Elec- tro-PILts Silrar Work, and Specimens of Art Manufae- ture, Designs for Presentation Plate, by their principal Ar- tists, free of cost. Electro-plate especially manufactured for hard wear in Hotels, Steamships, &e. Illustrated Book of Patterns by Post fro*. GUARANTEED TRADE MARE sp Q? MANUFACTORY, NEWHALL STREET, BIRMINGHAM. LONDON: 22, REGENT STREET, and 45, MOORGATE STREET. DUBLIN, COLLEGE GREEN. LIVERPOOL. 25. CHURCH STREET.


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