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FRISBY,' DYKE & CO. FURNISHING, BEDDING, AND CARPET WAREHOUSEMEN, Net 58, 60, 62, 64, AND 66, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. a HOUSE FURNISHING GUIDE" now ready, and can be had on application, post free, containing drawings of the new patterns in Iron and Brass Bedsteads, modern designs in Upholstery, with li-ate of prices. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR FUBSISHING HOTELS AND HOUSES or ANY SIZE. Shipt, Cabins and Bertht filed up on the thorlett notice. Carriage p on purchases of f2 and above, to any part of the Kingdom. TURKS-CARR. persons Want*. WASTED.,it good general Servant, where two other Servant,J are kept. Good character indispensable. Apply to Q. S„ at this office. VNTKD a good COOK, who thorughly under.t.uds her work, and ? give  ?Un?-App'y person? or by letter to ?. Robert ¡onM, M. *fc«t-.triwt. Camaryou- WANTED, an Upper Housemaid. Apply, ?in< wea. ? ? Head Master, ?'?" School, Beaumaris. WANTED, for a Branch Shop, a MANAGER W (Married or Single), thoroughly acquainted with *be Grocery and Provision Trade. Apply to Thomas Lewis ?o.. DeBn-ltroot.lhnll"r '?[7'ANTED, a GARDENER, of general prac- f tical knowledge, who can take the management of some land and atock.-App)y to Capt. Roberts, Uchel- dre, Holyhead. CARNARVONSHIRE TURNPIKE ROADS- THE OfSce of Surveyor of the District of TRoadg, from Llanrwst'to Conway, thence to Llan- degai, from Bangor to Carnarvon, and Menai Bridge Road, and from Carnarvon to Penygwryd, being vacant. the Trustees will require the whole time of the Surveyor to be devoted to the services of the Trust, ac- cording to the instructions which may be seen at the Office of Messrs. O. Jones and Son, Carnarvon, by whom applications in writing will be nceiïed until the 28th day of February next, and laid V.W the Trcntees, at their Meeting, in March next. Salary, C80 a year. Carnarvon, 24th January, 1865. _d .!I Dantl.  YOUNG LADY of experience in Tuition Asiteus to meet with an engageMeat as morn- ing or daily GOVERNESS in Bangor or the neighbour- hood to children under 12. Acquirements—English and Uuiiie.-Address. E," office of this paper. niHE Advertiser is wishful to meet with .1. comfortable quarters, consisting of Bedroom and .itting Room, in a Farmhouse or otherwise, in North tin !here good Fishing and some Rabbit shooting pay be ha&-Adclmm B.A.. Aor? M?? Chronicle OCee, &c. To Owners of and Pealeri in Timber. WANTED, a quantity of Larch Poles, suit- W able for Fencing, 4 in. girt and upwards. Also, Alder, Ash, Beech or Elm of good aias for planking. State quantity, quality, and lowest price delivered to Port- imadoe or Pwllheli.-Addrou, W. P., Post-office, Port- tnadoc. W ANTED, a HOUSE and SHOP in High W Street, Bangor, for the Sale of French Millinery, to. Also, an experienced Young Lady to conduct the «ame.—Apply to Madame Josephine, Post-offce, Menai Bridge. TO PROPRIETORS AND FACTORS. WANTED, by a young Scotchman of en- W terprise and skill, a SHEEP If ARM in Wales or West of England, sufficient to carry from 1000 to 3000 Jheep, with or without an arable Farm attached.—Apply to N.P.S., office of this paper. YI7"ANTED, on the Sea Coast of North V T Wales, within easy access of rail to Chester a BOUSE, with two or three Sitting Rooms, about five Bedrooms, with garden. Ice. If with two or three acres cf laud would be preferred.—Address, F. D., Post-office, Llandudno. LAW PARTNERSHIP- \\JANTED, by a Young Solicitor, to pur- wChase a succession to, or a partnership in, a good Law Practice in North Wales, and he would take the en- tire management of the Common Law Conveyancing, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Law departments. He is con- versant with the duties of Coroner, Registrar of County Courts, Town Clerkship, or Boroughs, and Clerk to Jus- tices, and he is competent to take their entire manage- ment. He is a fluent Advocate, has had experience in County Courts and Magisterial Meetings, and he thoroughly understands the Wrlsh language. The highest references given and required.—Apply by letter, with true names and address, to 44 Lex," Chronicle Office, Bangor. go be let. ANGLESEA. FARM TO LET. THE Farm called PENYBONT. in the parish Tof Trefdraeth, nearMaUtraeth. and containing about 182 acres, is to be let, with immediate possession. Applications to be made to Mr. W. Dew, Auctioneer, Bangor. To De Let, Tyddyn Ucha Farm, within a mile of Abergele, containing about 146 acres of ex- fieuent land. The Farm house and outbuildings are com- modious and were recently built. Apply to Mr. G. Johnson, Gwrych, Abergele. DENBIGHSHIRE. FARM TO BE LET. BWLCRYBEUDY, containing about 150 Acres, situated close to the village of Oerrigy- druidion, intersected by the Shrewsbury and Holyhead and the Ruthin and Cerrigydruidion Turnpike Roads, and distant ten miles from the Uorwen Kailway Station. An excellent mixed husbandry Farm, chiefly grazing a great proportion being Meadow, with a Sheepwalk for about 250 sheep. The House and buildings good and complete. BWLCH MILL adjoining may also BE LET with it. Entry 25th March next. Apply to Mr. Richard Roberts, Rose Hill, St. Asaph.  Sbnles, &t- PIANO FOR SALE. A Semi !!rand PIANO, by an old London Maker, on Side for immediate cash. It is very sweet toned, in cood condition, and may be had a bargain. Price m. Address, Q.R.S., North Walet Cilrorncle Office, Bangor. FURNITURE.—A BARGAIN.  SALE. an Watnntwood Draw. ON SALE, an elegantWalnutwood Draw- ? 109-room <uite, comprising 6 spring stuffed chairs, couch, t?y and sewing c lain.. heffonier with plate glass door> and back an oval centre t?ble, and Jar;? -;It chimney glass; price for complete suite only 28 guineas. Every artllile warranted, and carriage free. Apply to Street, Liverpool. Designs of the above forwarded on application by Post. LLANDUDNO. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, THE Jfostvn Vauits, situate in Mostyn T Street, Llandudno, held Leashold for the Term of Jjjrears from Nov. ,1852, and renewable. Nogroundrent. The above property stands in the best part of the town S kind of business. Half the purchase money may remain on mortgage. ûr further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Hughea, and Dragon, Bangor; Thomas Foulkes, &q., &Qiti ta, Baer; or teMr. George Wynne. 011 tJae pre- nlrs. l1 FOR SALE, ca Y BOUT 100 Tons of Swedish Turnips, of ex- A, cellent quality, weighing 36 Tons to an acre. Apply to Mr. John Williams, Tynycned. D?nddamel- fah, witliin half a mile to the Gaerwen Station, Anglesey. LLANDUDNO. TO be Sold or Let by Tender, WALSRAW HOUSE, with the Shop lately occupied as the Post Office, situate at the junction of Mostyn-street and Oloddsveth-street in Llandudno. The above property is held under lease for 99 years, and, if sold, will be sold subject to the yearly ground rent of £9 9a., and the usual lessees covenants. Tenders to purchase, or let. to be sent in before the 7th February next, addressed t6 ?6h& TrSon, Solici- toTO. Bolton Ie Moors. January LLANDUDNO. For Immediate Disposal, A BOOKSELLER and Stationer's business, the best in the Town, and thoroughly established. The Stock can be reduced to suit the meava of a purchaser. Sufficient reasons will be given for the proprietor's relin. visbuient,-Apply to Herbert Ellerby, Central Library, Mostyn street, Llanduduo. N.B.—As the time is limited an early application is necessary. OHINESE PIGS. TO BE SOLD, a BOA k and SOW of the above t_ breed, ten months old, imported from Zoochofoo. The Sow has had one litter, and is now in pig.—Apply to the Bailiff, Maesdu Farm, Llandudno. Price 5 guineas. VALE OF CLWYD. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, THE following very desirable Lots of JL Land:- 0 Lot I.-Penfforddwr Farm, with its Out-buildings, and about 36 acres of land. Lot 2.—Two fields adjoining Lot 1, and on the same side of the railway, measuring about 5a. 2r. 30p Lot 3.—The fields which is opposite Lot 2. over the Railway, measuring about 5a. 2r. 20p. Lot 4. —The piece of land over the road from Lot 3, measuring about Oa. 3r. Op. Lot 5.—The field which borders upon the Toad from Ruthin to Llanynys, measuring about 5a. 2r. 33p, Lot 6.—A field, meadow, and cottage lying opposite Llanrhaiadr station, measuring about Ila. 3r. 24p. Lot 7.—A piece of land lying contiguous to Llanrhaiadr station, meajuring about 11\, 2r. 20p. The several lots are parts of Pentforddwr fann. The whole of the land is exceedingly fertile, and has an en. chanting inland view. Distance from Lots 1, 2. 3, 4 and 5 to Rhewl Station, on the Vale of Clwyd Railway, about J a mile from Lot 6 to Llanrhaiadr Station-same Railway, about i of a mile. Lot 1 is very well adapted as a home for a retired family. The other lots, for the erection of villas and other building purposes. Bricks and lime in the neighbourhood—Immediate possession.—Apply to Mr. John Owen, Tynllwyn, Ban- gor. public Noticcs. GRAND CONCERT AT THE PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR. Under the Distinguished Patronage of LADY LOUISA PENNANT LADY SARAH HAY WILLIAMS LADY WILLOUGHBY DE BROKE HON. MRS. FITZMAURICE HON. MRS. STANLEY MRS. DOUGLAS PENNANT MRS. CAMPBELL. MISS EDUH WYNNE (Eos Cymru) has the 'V_t honour to announce that she bas made arrange- ment. to give a GRAND CONCERT of Vocal and Instru. mental Music at the above Hall, on THURSDAY, the 16th February, 1865, on which occasion she will be assisted by the following, and other Artistes whose names will appear in future advertisements COSTBAUO—MISS KATE WYNNE (Llinos Gwynedd.) BAS80-MR. T. HUGHES (Of the Liverpool Philhar- monic Concerts.) HARP-MR. JOHN THOMAS (Pencerdd Gwalia.) CORNKT-A-PISTON—MR. E. MATTHEWS: Doors open at Half-past Seven; Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Carriages may be ordered at Ten. Reserved Seats (numbered), 5s Seoond Seats, 3s.; Third Seats, Is. 6d. Tickets and place.s may be secured on applicati.on to Mr. Douglas, at the North Wale, Chronicle Office, High Street, Bangor. LOWER BANGOR NEW CHURCH. AMeoting of the Subscribers and others Awho feel interested in the above Church, will be heIdiBtheNATMNAL SCHOOL-BOOK on SATURDAY (this day), the 4th instant, to receive a final statement of ac- counts, and to consider what steps should be taken to liquidate the balance still unpaid. HE GOVERNORS and DIRECTORS of the .i. LONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION hereby give Notice that they have appointed Mr. Robert Roberts, Postmaster of Bangor, to be their Agent for Fire and Life Insurance, and they have also appointed Dr. John Richards, to be their Medical Examiner for the District. THE GOVERNORS and DIRECTORS of the TLONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION hereby give Notice that they have appointed Owen Owen, Esq., of Llanrwst, Solicitor, to be their Agent for Fire and Life Insurance, and they have also appointed Dr. William Hughes, of Llanrwst, aforesaid, to be their medical exa- miner for the District. DENBIGH, RUTHIN <& CORWEN RAILWAY COMPANY. "V™ TOTICE is hereby given that the next Half-yearly General Meeting of the Shareholders of this Company will be held at the Queen Hotel, Chester, on Saturday, the 11th day of February. 1865, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon for the transaction of the ordinary busi- ness of the Company, pursuant to the Act of Parliament. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 27th of Jan- uary inst., until after the meeting. By Order, Companies Offices, GEO. MOUSLEY. Ruthin, January 19th, 1865. Secretary. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT. 1851. I DO Hereby give Notice, that the adoption JL of the LocJ Government Act, 1858, in the District of Dolgelley, was on the '6th day of January, 1865, notified in the London Gazette, by Sir Ge rge Grey, Bart, one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretari of State. And I further do hereby Givo Notice, th i; the said Act will have the force of Law within the s;i I District, at the expiration of two months from the date of the resolution adopting the same, Dated this 10th day of January, 1865. DAVID PUGHE, Summoning Officer. TO GROCERS, PRIVATE FAMILIES, &c. J. 0. WILLIAMS, CASTLE HOUSE. CARNARVON. HAVING made arrangements for the dis- [J_ pos d of his business, takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to his numerous friends and customers, for the liberal support they have given him during the 20 years he has conducted the business, and at the same time to inform them that he has a large Stock of first class Grocery, and Italian Goods, to dispose of at reduced prices, for ready money only, during the next 3 weeks, commencing on Saturday, the 28th January' instan I Satnplas may be had on application, or seen on the counters. The Shop will be opened at 10 o'clock, and closed at 6 in the evening, dariux the 3 weeks of Sale. CAILNAILVONSHIRE RAILWAY COMPANY. "jV_\ TOTICE is hereby given that the next or- Ndi ,ua% Hlf-yearly General Meeting of the Share- I holders \,f A. ?arnarvoushire Itailway Comyany will be hold ?at t ?thee \C?om™Epa*n'y's 0<B.c? No. 9A, Bridge-street, Westminator. on ;fBSDAY> the 23rd day of February S o'clock, for the transaction of the ordinary Wi- neD of the Camp"ny. "?ran?S. ^IW £ bo -> and fm \he 13th to tile 23r(l of FobiUM7,X$L, botb day inelu?iv?& W.BOBKRTS. Secretary. Company's Office No. Bridge* iromwy4lm public lottos. WHITFORD. HOL YWELL. THE Panshtonen! and Friends of the Rev, TRICHARD BRISCOE, D.D., Vicar of .WMtrord intend to present him with a Tribute of their regard, on the occasion of his resigning the Incumbency of the Parish, which he hRa held for a period of more thttn Tweuty-ftve years. Subscriptions will be received by Mr. Alfred Parry, Plaaucbaf, Whitford, Holywell; Mr. Richard Orant, Whitford. Holywell; and at the National Provincial, and North and South Wales Banks, Holywell. SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ d., Announced last week 78 0 6 The Right Hon. Lady Augusta Mostyu, Mdge Castle 3 0 0 Samuel Davies, Esq., Pentreffynnon HOILM, > Whitford 0 Alexander Cope, Esq., Saith Aelwfl1. Hy.. well 2" 0 0 Adam Eyton, Esq., PUa Llanerchymor, Mostyn 20 0 William Henry Ashwin, Esq., ditto ditto 1 1 0 The Misses Hughes, Post Office, Holywell. I; 1 Q, George Bell, Esq., Mostyn Offices j. '1 i O John Price, Esq., Brynliyfryd, Bagillt 1 1 0 John Jones, Esq., chemist, Holywell 110 R. Davies, Esq., Pantasa Rev. David Jones, Brynford 110 Rev. David Roberts, LlanJyrnog Reotory. 110 Mr. Edward Edwards, Whitford 110 J. E. Evans, Esq., 134, New Bond-street, < London 10 0 Rev. H. Morgan, Rhyl 010 6 Rev. David Joues, Holywell 0 10 6 Rev. R. O. Williams, ao 0 10 6 Mr. Levi Williams, Celytl House, Whitford 0 10 6 Richard James, Post-office, Liverpool 0 10 6 Robert Roberts, Glan-y-don, Mostyn ..w 0 10 6 Thomas Ifughei, Post-oiffce, Whitford. 010 6 — Hugh Morris, grocer, ditto 0 10 6 Joeeph Morris, Halkyn 0 10 6 — Robert Morris, Whitford 0 10 6 — Richard Morris, ditto 0 V0 6 John Jones, Bank Hall, Mostyn 0 10 6 J. H. Wolstenholme, Esq., Holywell 0 10 0 Mr. Joseph Parry, Maidstone .« 0 10 0 Mrs. Roberts, Mostyn Hall 0 10 0 The subscriptions under 10s. will appear in the final list, the closing of which is postponed to the 18th instant. A copy will be forwarded shortly after that date to each contributor. Whitford, February 2nd, 1865. LLANGEFNI. PRESENTATION TO W, HUGHES ESQ., BANK, ON THE OCCASION OF HIS MARRIAGE. 2. g. d. Amount already acknowledged 139 10 0 Sum received this week 5 0 It is respectfully announced that the list will be closed on the 1st March, 1865. Subscriptions received by H. Owen, Esq., Bank, Treasurer, and Henry Jones, Draper, lion. Sea. TEN SHILLINGS REWARD. LOST, on the 17th of January last, between tj the Commercial Inn, Blaenan Festiniog, and the Railway Station, a SILVER LEVER WATCH, it being numbered 7461, the maker's name being "John Jones, Penygroes, Pwllheli." Whoever has found the same and will bring it to Mr. Pritchard, Railway Station, Portmad- oc, shall receive the above reward. CARNARVONSHIRE TURNPIKE TRUST. \T0TICE is hereby 'given that the GCMfaI Ann nal Meeting of the CamorvonsMre Turnpike Trust will be held at the Grand Jury Room, in the town of Carnarvon, on SATURDAY, the 4th day of March next, at 12 o'clock at noon. for the purpose of auditing the ac. counts of the Treasurer, Clerks, and Surveyors of the said Trust, for the year ending 31st December, 1864. and for the transaction of such other business as may then be re- quired. O. JONES AND SON, Carnarvon, 2nd Feb., 1865. Clerks to the Trustees MARTIN TUCKER. Deceased. PURSUANT to the Act of Parliament, 22nd t and 23rd Victaria. cap 35. intituled, "An Act to further amend the Law of Property, and to relieve Truateee." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEli, that all persons having any Claims or Demands against, or upon the Estate of Martin Tucker, late of Dinas, in the county ot Denbigh, Esquire, (who died on or about the twenty-seventh day of September, one thousand eight hundred and sixty, and whose Will and Codicil were proved in the District Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate, at Saint Asaph, on the twentieth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and sixty, by Edward D* Oyley Bird Tucker, the Sole Executor thereof. since deceased, are required to send particulars .f such-Claims or Demands, on or before the twenty fourth day of February next, to Messier. Duncan and Murton, of No. 13, Southampton Street. Bloomsbury, London, as Solicitors for Elizabeth Hughes, (the wife of Richard Hughes), to whom letters of administration, with the said Will and Codicil annexed, of the administered personal Estate and Effects of the said Martin Tucker, deceased, were granted on the second day of June, One thousand eight hundred and sixty four. And Notice is hereby given, that after the said twenty fourth day of February next, the said administratrix will proceed to distribute the Assets, of the said Martin Tucker, deceased, among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which the said Executors may then have had notice, and they will not be answerable or liable, for the Assets ao distributed, or any part thereof, to apy person of whose .claim they shall not then have had any notice. ?' ?ed this twenty-third day of January, one thousand eieht hundred and sixty five. eight Lundred?jx? MURTON, 13, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury, London, Solicitors for the said Administratrix. II' Sbalcs bp auction. SALE OF FARMING STOCK AND IM- PLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, AT FRITH CARW, NEAR BANGOR. MR. W. DEW Has been instructed by the Executors of the late Mr. Benjamin Shirley, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On SATURDAY, 11th February, 1865, commencing at One o'clock p.m. prompt, at the above named Farm, THE whole of the FARMING STOCK and t other effects, comprising Five excellent incalf Milch Cows, (most at early note) powerful Brown Cart Mare 5 years old, 15? hands bigh strong Grey Cob, 4 ye? old, 14 h?ds high; well bred Black Pony, 13 hands hiEh iiig three; strong two horse Cart; Set of Thin anTchSn Gear; Roller. Iron Plough, Wooden Harrow, Patent Chaff Cutter, Turnip Slicer, and a variety of other smaller implements also about 2 TONS OF SWEEDS. AMLWCH. IMPORTANT TO tRON FOUNDERS. &c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (WITHOUT RESERVE,) BY MR. W. DEW, By Order of the Trustee, under an Assignment, (unless previously disposed of by private contract,) on FRIDAY, 17th Feb., commencing at 11 o'clock a.m. precisely,— THE Good-will and Interest in the OLD t FOUNDRY most conveniently situated at the PORT A?WCH. together with th&whnleofthe MACHINERY WORKING PLANT, Iron, &c., consisting of a large variety of Patterns, wveral tons of Wrought, Cast, and Scrap IRON. ditto of Bar, Rod, and Sheet IRON; new Castings, Boilers.; Agrictiltitritl implements; a two-horse power STEAM ENGINE, with Boilers, Fan, and Gearing complete 2 Funaaces, with Blast Beam Scales Crane to lift 1 ton; Molding Boxes. Lathe; Avery's Weighing Machine; Tools, Culling Crane, 10 tone of Moulding Sand, 5 tma ? Coke, Office Fitting &<. The wMt of which will be de*nbed in Catalogmes? to. be hW an the Premises, at th« prt»<apal Hotela to th& county, of B. ROOM. l.. 10- _web, ft= am A*Wamw. Butmh HoM. BM<M. "H Ûd"!l {¡J.¡ '?.)'?" .'t;i'??????$ liJ rt: ,-r'f ",Y,'011T. # 'rù BS- ?ItJ??J?!4??'???jC<<r? ?"f)S.f f —'—" ??B 8'OD BY. j. 6CTtON. i tflr.Jjr MM. W.-DKW* Early Mil spring, (unless previously disputed of by private contrwt), In wefc Mte as may be determined ??-.j-f? I- 4 t??-Difle6ht ESTATE c?!ed ?L "??LYCROCHQtf." with the Mansion HouM. l}oJla, Gardens acd Omcea. comprising upwards of 1300 acr? of rich amble and pasture land in the parish of IWO actig i)t ilelt akuble an" ? 'righ beautifully wooded, LlardrO ;Wvi ?in toli fnw$4nnt6s walk of the sea beach, and fg tIo=M 'tW43olv <? the CheAer and HolyheW M K  '?.'<?' Also «K 64 fine Em" mmed "The BODLONDEB BSTA'BB,'?it<*te.? the p"hes of Oway. GySu. and TJan ? $te Cuuaty of C?rMrvon. cobeiistin of a  tn.jt i?a Tawo of C6nwzq and desirable i atios in t t?K?LRMo'???mn*?'?'?*?* of 2000 1 .C"HC' .y?????N??mMS' tt? et?nte t)f.ratióD, and ''wl oenSKSnti die time. In the meantime any infor- iwti?n' If be ond from M_rs. J. & B. WiUiMM. Sflicitor? BtMmaTM, or of Mr. Wm. Dew, Auctioneer, Bangor,. I Beaumaris, 17th October, 1864. 7 ANGLESEY. SALE OF TIMBER AT FRYARS, NEAR BEAUMARIS. MR. WILLIAM DEW, Has 'received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION on Wednesday, the 8th of February, 1865, commencing at 11 o'clock, p.m., at Fryars, n e,.tr Beaumaris, ABOUT 250 Lots of Oak, Ash, Elm, and 3- Larch Timber. The whole of the Lots aro within a few hundred yards of the Menai Straits, where the timber can be readily shipped to any part of the kingdom. For further particulars, apply to the Auotloneer, Bri- igh HoteL BAkigor. Bangor, Jan. 26,1865. ANGLESEY. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES, MR. B. royffs Will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Dinorben Hotel, Amlwoh, on Saturday, March 4th, 1865. at 3 o'clock, (subject to conditions to be there and then produced), ALL that Messuage or Tenement, Lands, Hereditaments, and Premises, called Fagwyr, situate in the parish of Llaneilian. in the county of Anglesey, containing by admeasurement, twenty acres, or thereabouts of excellent pasture and arable land. The dwelling house and outbuildings upon the farm, are in good condition. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Richard Owen, Solicitor, Llangefni; or to Mr. R. Jones, Auctioneer, Llangefni. I ——— SALE OF FREEHOLD HOUSE, GARDEN, AND LAND AT NEViN. MR. HUMPHREY GRIFFITH, Has received-Instructions to Sell by Auction at the Crown Hotel, at Pwllheli, on WEDNBSBAT, the 22nd day ef Febmary, 1865, at 3 o'clock p.m., All that desirable Freehold Dwelling House caned TY'I(GROES, sittwted at the Groe*, In the Borough called of Nevis, together with the Outbuildings and Garden ground, containing in extent 17} rood* fit lhoreabouts at the bade of the said House. LOT 2. All that piece of ground situated behind the abovenamed Dwelling House, and having a frontage to Church Street, of 141 feet, admirably adapted for building sites, containing by admeasurement 25j roods or there. aboutol Further particulars may be had on implication to Mr, David Evans, Penlan Street, Pwllheli, or to Mr. E. Breese, Solicitor, Portmadoc. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND. SLIOIBLS INVESTMENT. MR. JOHN PRITCHARD, Has been favoured with instructions by the executrix of the late Mr. Griffith Jones, to Sell by Public Auction, at the Goat Inn, Bangor, on FRIDAY, the 17th day of February. 18Q5, commencing at 2 o'clock p.m., and sub- ject to such cofic^iiong u shall be then and there pro- duced, l,, ALL that Quillet or Pafceel of Land situate at Lonpobty, Bangor, Mu t 371 super- ficial yards, and having a frontage of 43 10 the road. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. H. E. Parry, solicitor, Bangor, or the Auctioneer, 3, Plasllwyd Terrace, Bangor. gbc&olastic. COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, RUTHIN- pRAD MASTER REV. T. KIRK, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. (Prizeman each year.) The above School consists of I.—A PREPARATORY SCHOOL for younger Boys Intended for the Public Schools or for ared for II.—THB SENIOR SCHOOL, in which Boys are prepared for Professional or Business Life, Engineering, Civil Ser- vice, &c. The Principal or Head Master is resident, and the Boys are under his care and that of Mrs. Kirk. There are special advantages for young and delicate Boys. Xerms moderate. Neither Washing nor French are extras. For further particulars apply to Rev. T. Kirk, as above. ST. MICHAEL'S SCHOOL. RUTHIN. (A Ckteiical and Commercial Boarding School f- BOVS- Provost and Treasurer-Rev. E. DAVIES, M.A.. Jesus College, Oxford. Head Matter-Rev. H. J. WILSON, BA., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. THE Course of Instruction includes the i. usual English subjects, with (if required) French, Latin, Drawing, Music, and Book Keeping, by Single and Double Entry. Also Greek and the higher Classics for those intended for Holy Orders. Terms (inclusive of all expenses, except Washing and Books) For Boys under sixteen B5 5 0 per Quarter For ditto above ditto 6 6 0ditt0 For further particulars apply to the Rev. the MHAD MASTER. EDUCATION. RAGLAN ROUSE. BEAUMARIS. MRS. and Miss Smith, receive a limited IVi. number of young Ladies to board and educate, and will have two vacancies at Christmas. For terms, referencep, &c., address, Raglan Honse, Beaumaris. ST. ABA-PH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HBAD MASTER W. EASTERBY, Esq., B.A. Next Term commences January 31s1, 1865. BOYS can be admitted as Boarders on ap- i* plication to the Head Master. The object of this School is to thoroughly train boys for whaiewr position in life they may hereinafter be in- tended to fill. Terms, References, &C.. on application. EFAUMARIS GRAMMAS SCHOOL. HBAD JIASTBR FREDERICK MORSHEAD, M.A., Fellow Gad late Tutor of Now College, Oxford. THE School was re-opened on Wednesday, |F«K IML, For term*, &c„ apply to tha Head Mas- ter atth* School, I ",t' I..¡!! ¡:J,J,1 ;¡> 08. GRIFFITH DAVIES,>tilt at- "1 'sf/ JI .I HIGH STREET BAN, b "rJ!t',n;'tltf ""t'. ;il,.i V a: "r.,tf DEPARTMENTS. WOOLLENS HAT., & CAPS SHAWLS SILKS FANCY DRESSES STUFFS FLANNELS HOSIERY GLOVES HABERDASHERY MILLINERY MANTLES BONNETS, ko STRAWS PARA30L3 LACE RIBBONS SKIRTS CORSETS LADIES OUTFITTING! CARPETS FLOOR CLOTHS MATTINGS RUGS DOOR MATTS REPS & DAMASKS MOREENS DIMITIES CHINTZES SHEETINGS   '?" COUIQTERPANIN TABLB U?W?NS 'I ) CALICOES AND SHmT_]_ :NOS.t; ?'CURTADPS' CORNIOBK?LBa? '.T SMALLWAJUS • ,:n, UMBKEL?AS UPHO RER'S TRIMMINGS PAPER HANGINGS, ho., ka. GENERAL MOURNING ESTABLISHMENT. n, !;¡; d", of .xn!. 'I ? FAMILy GROCERY AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSE. ?? P.S-Our New Stock of Paper Hangings, Ae., are now ready  P.S.-Our New Stock of Paper Hangings, 4.e,, are now ready fpr in t% — 1—~ 1 THE BANGOR BACHELORS' BALL n 01^11*4 .D,.u. \In.a: 0; ¡ J,t WILL BE HELD IN THE EAITGOB, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 15, 1865, The proceeds of which will be given to the CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY INFIRMARY. Tickets 12a. 6d. eMh (RefreshmE'nh idc1uded). Each Gentleman taking a ticket win be entitled to bring a r,?djr-  be had at MesSTe. Catherall and Nixon, the Stamp Office, Bangor. Appli"ons ?Tidteh should be made on or before Saturday, Febmary 11th. Dancing to commence at 9 o'clock. I BOOT AND SHOE E ST A B LIS H MEN T, 304, HIGH STREET, BAGOR. S la bltk I TL SAAC ROBERTS begs to inform his Customers, Visitors, and heh?c.n.tMtiy on hand a large ?.rtmcnt ofL?i?'. Gantlemen'8, and Cbildren's, Boot IUld Shoe bot Freneh and English, in every variety 8uited to the requirement. the Season, and of the LATET FASHIO.N8.  their Orders can rely on obtaining a really Firat-clas8 article. at a Price.. ■ JOHN WILLIAMS, The Old Established FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY ESTABLISHMENT, LONDON PLACE, BANGOR, BEGS to draw the attention of his friends and patrons in North Wales to the lar JLJ assortment of DINING and DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE, BEDDING AND BEDSTEADS, and especially IRON BEDS of all kinds, which he keeps in stock. He also wishes to state that parties need uot go try in search of what they can procure equally as cheap and aa good at Bangor. He particularly invite* £ ?pect;on.f a la?totk of FEATHERS, CURLED HAIR (of the beat quality). WOOLLEN and COTTON FLOCKS, which for purity are unmatched. If found not to be of the quahty which J. W., represents them +A be, they may be returned. PURE FOREIGN WINES. GOOD SOUND SHERRY, 18s. per doien GOLD WITH BODY, 24s. per dozen SUPERIOR PALE & DRY, 30a. per dozen I GOOD USEFUL PORT, lSa. per dozen VERY SUPERIOR, 24s. per dozen. 1 1858 VINTAGE Full and Rich, 30s. per dam MO US ILL ON, A RICH STRONG WINE, 24,. Per Doten. SOUND ZDHsrJSTEJR CLARET, lSs. PER IDOZ. ST. JULIEN, 24s. PER DOZEN. I ST. E8TEPHE, 248. PER DOZEN. O H A MPAGNE, 42.. P B R DO ZEN. r JOB. ROBERTS, CONFECTIONER, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. AGENT FOR IMPERIAL WINE CO, LONDON. f; GENTS' SUIT, 50s. GREAT REDUCTION IN BOYS' CLOTHING, WARRANTED ALL WOOL, AND KADB ON THB FBEVTSBS BY HAND LABOUR. KNICKERBOCKER SUITS OF Meltons, Cheviots, Scotch Tweeds and Angolas From 21 2s. Gel. BOYS' SUITS JACKET, VEST, and TROWSER S From Pl 511. 6d. THE CELEBRATED ORIGINAL 50s SUITS Are made from the beat Welsh and Scotch Tweeds. 0 &C.. &C.. &C., AT I Knickerbocker I 22s. 6d. it BOYS' SUIT, 25s. 64 JOHN ARONSON, 1 & 2, BANK PLACE, BAN"GOR. WHEREAS Colonel The Honourable Edward (iordoi Douglas Pennant, of Penrhyn Castle, in the County of CarnMvon, and John Pt&tt, of Bryn y Nemdd, in the same County, Esquire, being respec- tively interested under the proviHons of The Acts for the Inclosure, Exchange, and Improvement of L?ads." in the Land and Hereditaments set forth in the Schedule hereunder written, with the Ft. and Appurtenanoea there- unto belonging, and being desirous of effecting an Exchange of the same, have made application, in writing, to the Inclosnre Commissioners for England and Wales, to direct enquiries whether such proposed Exchange would be beneficial to the owners of such respective Lands and Hereditaments, and to proceed with the same under the pro- visions of the said Acts Now the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, being of opinion that such Exchange would be benoficia4 and that the terms thereof are just and reasonable, hereby give Notice that they will cause to be framed and con- firmed, under their Hands and Seal, an Order of Exchange in the matter of the said application, unless notice, in writing, of dissent to the said proposed Exchange be given to them by some person entitled to an Estate in, or to charge upon, the said Land and Hereditaments, or any part thereof, on or before the 18th day of May next. THE SCHEDULE TO WHICH THE FOREGOING NOTICE REFERS. Land and Hereditaments in which the above-named .Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant is interested, situate in the Parish of Llanfairtechan and Aber. in the County of Carnarvon, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Hereditaments hereinafter specified. Tithe Map. DESCRIPTION. A. R. P. Tithe Map. A. R. P. 1LAKFAIRFECHAW, TANYPFOBDD. Part 41 Cae Pant 2 2 6 Cae Canol. 2 0 12 Cae Pella 2 0 30 „ „ Plantation 0 1 24 „ Werglodd 1 1 9 Cae cefn 8gubor. 1 2 14 „ „ House, Outbuildings, Yard, Gar- den and Road 0 1 20 Orchard ? 0 25 „ „ Cae dan Ty 1^77 ABER, PART OF PEN Y BRYN. Part 7 Part of Cae Mawr 0 1 9 Part 7 Part f 12 1 36 Land and Hereditaments in which the above-named John Platt is interested, eituate in the parish of Aber, in the County of Carnarvon, and proposed to be exchanged for the Land and Hereditaments hereinbefore specified. Tithe Map. DESCRIPTION. A.R. P. PABT OF TAN BALLT. Part 33A Plantation 2 0 8 Part of Maes y Gaer 14 0 0 PART OF PEN Y BRYN. Part of 7A Craig y Gaer 4 1 M „ Cae Main. 218 „ „ Cae Poria 5 0 14 „ Cae nesa'r Graig 1 2 0 „ „ Cae tan Beudy 3 330 PART OF TYN DEBW. Part 11 Rallt Tyn Derw Plantation 5 114 PART OF PLASNKWYDD. Part 10 Cae drain 112 „ Cae yn y Coed 4 123 „ „ Llain cae'r tfynon. 2 0 26 „ „ CaeyoyCoecl. 6 0 9 Cae neawr Cyd Coed 1 1 15 PenralltBach. 0 2 27 Pen y Bryn 3 028 Cae yn Drws 10 0 Buildings and Yard. 0 0 17 57 2 31 I WITNESS my hand this 2Dd day of February, in ttta y»x c< »wr Lord Onethonuand eight hunted and sixty five, B. PYNB, ^wdwotJicBoM^.