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DIRECTORY OFFICE. [Office for lost and found Articles] Mr T. Williams, Dispensing Chemist and Family Grocer Mr. T. Williams.. Homeopathic Depot. Mr. Stivens, Dental Surgeon. Leamington House.Messrs. T. Owen and Son, Ironmongers. Stamp Office. II Statham, Esq, Manchester Mrs Statham Miss Statham Mr. John Chantrey.. Wine and Brandy Merchant Henry Cole. Esq. Birkenhead Liverpool House- -Mr J. Jones, baker and grocer Church Walks Library..Mr. B. Woodcock, Bookseller and Stationer. Mr Franklin, Coventry Miss Franklin, do Mrs Sharpe Mr Fauider, Stockport Mrs Faulder and family Cheltenham House. Mr. R. D. Owen, Builder Mr and Mrs W Brown and family, Coleshill, War- wickshire Mr and Mrs John Fullalove, Sale, Cheshire .Mr. Jshn Jones, Tailor and Draper. Temperance Hotel.. Mr. H. Morrell, House Agency Office Mr Alfred T Derby, Edgbaston Mrs Derby, do Rosa House.Mr. Prichard. Canton-house. Mrs Lewis and family, Wye Cliff House, Brimton, Heieford Cardiff House..Mr. W. Jones Mrs McKniehts, Moseley Road, Rirmingham Misses McKnights, do Master McKnights, do Mr Webb, Soho Park, do Mrs Webb, do Redcliffe House. Dover House..Miss Roberts Mr Gamble, Leicester Mrs Gamble j Mr Ellison, Manchester Mrs Ellison, do Miss Donkin, Sunderland Mrs Hodgkins, Westbromwich Miss Hodgkins, do Hardwicke House Mrs. Sherratt. A F Morgan, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Morgan and family, Hamstead Cottage, Great Barr, Birmingham George Ingham, Esq, Burton under Needwood Mrs Ingham, do J Betridge, Esq, Leicester Miss Sherratt, Lichfield 1 WYDDFYD TERRACE.. Mr J 0 Donoghue Mr and Mis Kempjand family. Leicester ^2 Mr W. Symmouds 3. Mr J. Williams, Butcher Mr. Duffy, Hair Dresser. Mr David Davies, Tailor and Draper Victoria House.Misses Thomas. RB Hulse, Esq, Longton Mrs Hulse, do Miss Hulse, do Miss Seabridge, do Misses Fellows, Horseley hall, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Hulse, Longton Tudor House. Mr E. Jones, baker. Mr and Mrs Stubbs, Liverpool Miss Day Mrs and Mrs John Stone, Belper MrD Stone, Denby Mr and Mrs Ratcliffe, Derby Victoria Hotel.Mrs, G. Brookes. Mr T L Lucas, Manchester Mr J Cobb, ditto Mr W R Illingworth, Leeds Rev J T Gale, Putney, Surrey Richmond House.Mr. Richard Jones. Mr and Mis J Franks, Westbromwich Miss Franks, do Mr John Brooks Mr S Boot, Birmingham H Hopkins, Brierly Hill Mrs Hopkins, do AngleseaHouse. Mr. R. Williams, grocer. Mrs Pullar and family, Ruabon Miss Wood, Staffordshire Miss Bagnall, do Hayley House. Mr. J. Hughes. Mr T Shalt, W. Aton Misses Short, Perry Barr Miss H Short, Erdington Mrs Webb, Lovemore Mrs Williams, do Vine House.M r. J. Hughes. John F Lee, Esq, Kinver Miss Lee, ditto Rev D Maginnis, Stourbridge Rev T Tunstall, Wirkswortb, Derbyshire Mrs Smith, do Stuart Le B Smith, E8q, Richmond, Surrey Mrs James Smith, Stoke Denbigh House Mr 0 Jones Mr Jeane, Hales Owen Mrs Jeane and family, do Miss Robertson, do Miss Cleveland, Biikenhead Miss F Cleveland, do Mrs Bannay and family, Tunstall ROYAL It Of EL..Mr. R. Williams. Bodlwdeh.Mr. I. Dai ies ptivote. ] PlM Ma^Jtrs. Jones, (Prlvate.J Weetrick Hoiise.James Nicol, Esq., M.D. [Private. ] Mr. Julien, Surgeon Assistant. P,i,d ?/jTryn. CT. F. Hanks Esq., It. N[Private,] Tyn!lm(tex.. Mr. R. Parry. Mrs C Shaw and family Gloucestershire Misses Ramsay, ditto Ty Gicyrdd. Mr. J. Par-v. Woodbine Cottage. Mr. Evans. Ship Inn.Mr James Dewar. The Rector ?i.Rev, J. Morgan, B.A. I Pri\ai2.~| Church. Alarit, t Robert Farrtnt, Esq. [Private. ] Plas F-on Z)«fl.Missi? Solomon Mr and Mrs Deikin and family, Birmingham Iron Deq. Mr. T. Jon s. Mr and Mrs Rhodes, Sheffield Miss Hill Miss Styring Bryn Tirionyn East. Bryn Tirion.Mrs Gilmour [Private ] Tan y Fron.Cipt. J. Parry. Tan y Fron.Mr. Walmsley. West End Cottage. Mrs Little Infant School. Miss M. George. National School.Mr. T. Hughe", CLONMEL STREET. Jlexandra-hozese. Afr M Prichard, contractor Granville. house Miss Williams Rev Dr Vatigrhan, London Mrs Vauglian, do B%y S HILL IIOUSE Talhaiarn-holw.. Mr R Foulkes 1 Oxford-house.. Mr Payne Confectioner and Baker Ntr J. Davies, tailor and drapei Mr 3 S Baldwin, Nottingham A Un thank, Esq. do Mrs Unthank, do 3 Mr T. Hughes, boot & shoe maker 4 Mr J Jones, saddle and harness Alexandra Hotel..Mr. Lilley. maker Mr R Butterwortb D W Charlswortb J Whitfield H Winfron J Irey J Vanderhiset Dr Ferguson Mr L and L Guest Mr F Harvey Mr and Mrs Parrott Miss Howard Mr A CRpel Mr and Mrs Hodges Mrs Howard Miss Abel Mr and Mrs Lofley CWLACH ROAD. Grair/Mr. R. Jones. Mr Evans, Seaforth Mrs Evans, do J G Evans. do Mr and Miss N elvling, Whitchurch, Salop Tan'raltt..Mr. J. Edwards. Elwy Villa.—S. Hammerton, Esq. [private.] Tower View. Cwlach. Thomas, Ilollick, Esq. [Private] B?-yiz ilfaelgwy?z-Sir John Chetwode, Bart. [private. Teberl Bryn Maenol.. W. F. Chapman, Esq. [Private.] CWLACH STREET. Wesleyan Chapel. Bodnant.. Bronhtfryd Mrs Jones. Mrs Gretton and family, Derby Brynhyfryd..Mr. G. Hughes. Bryiihyfryd,yir. D. Jones Bryn Maenan.Mr. Abel Roberts. Valley View. W. Green, Esq. [Private.1 Daisy Bank Cottage ..Mr. J. Roberts. GLODDAETH STREET. Winson House. Mr Lowe, Jeweller James Whitehouse, Esq, Sedgeley Mrs Joseph Caddick. do Mr and Mrs J H Smith, Dudley, Mr J Smith, do Miss Sm th, do A Watkin, Esq Mrs A Watkin and family, Holly Bank, Sale Mrs Worthington, do Milton House Mrs. Hewitson. H Scudamorte Stanhope, Esq, Herefordshire Mrs Stanhope and family, ditto Mr and Mrs W Bradley, Leamington Mr Brown, Hoot and Shoemaker. Meirion Houses-Mr. E. J. Watkins, grocer and confectioner Market Hall. Mr J Edge, Photographic Artist Calvinistic Methodist Chapel- Bodhyfryd House Mr. T. A. Jones. Maja-i Chambres Liyerpool Mrs. Chamrcs and family, ditio Belle Vue Villa Mr R Conway Arvon Villa i)fr F Madren Miss A Reyner, Bowdon, Cheshire HEN DAFARN. Bron Ddinas.—Mr. T. Roberta Mr and Mrs Middleton and family, Manchester Mrs S L Price and family, London Plas Gwunedd. Mrs, Sykes. Mrs Richard Bourke, Dublin Miss Bourke R W R Long. Esq, Clapham Park, Surrey Mr and Mrs W J G, aham and familv, London Mr F A Fowell and family, do Mrs W J Pocock and family, do Orme Cottage.Mi. H. Davies 1 GAY TERRACE. Mr J. Thomas, Joiner 2 Mr W. Lester 3 Mr R. Davies B?-uit Arthur, Rev. W. Hayes [Private.] Tabor Hill East. Mr Mather John Edward Dibb, Esq, Wakefield Mrs Dibb, ditto Miss Mary Ðôbh, ditto Miss Grace E Dibb, ditto Miss Kate G orgina Dibb, ditto Tabor flill Mr. G. Brooks. Mount Pleasa?zl. -Afr. Thomas Hughes. Mr and Mrs Dilks and family, Forest Grove, Notting- ham Mr and Mrs Winsor, Wensbury Mr and Mrs Taylor, do Bryn Orme..C. R. Hall, Esq. [Private.1 LLEWELYN STREET. Baptist Chapel. Coetnwre House.Mr E Jones Rev T Jenkins. Curate Miss Watson, Worcestershire The Hon Mrs Leslie, Cheltenham Miss Beaslev, do Mr and Misses Fletcher, Bui cote, near Nottingham Mr D Hensou, Lapidary Maelgwyn House.Mr. H. Moore, China Warehouse. Plas Llewelyn.Mr. Thomas Jones Rhode House Mr JohnJones, Grocer, &c. Kingstown House.Yr R. Williams Mr and Mrs Lewis and family, Liverpool Mrs Scott, Wakefield Miss Scott, do Miss Micklethwaite, do Miss Glover, Leeds Llewelyn House. I Mr. W. Hughes. Mrand Mrs George Cross, and family, Winsford, Cheshire Deakin, Over, Cheshire Mrs and Miss Turmine, Sheerness, Kent Mrs and Miss Atktnson, Over, Cheshire Miss Barlow, Bath C Barlow, Dublin Llysmadoc Cottages. Messrs. Reeco and Farrant, Solicitors LLOYD STREET. Bodnod House Mr R Jones, Builder F A Gardiner, Esq Mrs F A Gardiner Miss Gardiner, Housemaid, and Nurse Mr and Mrs Edmonds and family, London Miss Matthews. Gloucester Mrs and the MissesMorria, Gloucester Miss Drew, London Mr and Mn Morrish and family, Liverpool Glvn M Mr Hushes I J Williams, Eaq. Leinster Gardens, London, W Mrs Williams and family, do Rev W H and Mrs Graham, Upper Norwood itev G Robinson. Dublin Baldwin House. Misses Dickinson. John Weyland, Bsq. Woodeatnn House, Oxford T adv Catherine Weyland, ditto Miss Bantock. Merridale House, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Crosfield, Bowden, Cheshire Mr Stallard, Worcester Mrs Richards, do lJarillwc House Mr. R. Meredith. Mrs J Cailis e, Liverpool Ashby House,Miss Stringer. Vlr M s, and Miss Law, Stratford upon Avon Miss Knight, Tiddington, Stratford upon Avon Mrs Housley, London G Housley, Esq, do Mrs G Housley, do Miss Housley, do Prince of Wales. Mr. John Owen. Mr W White, Bingley, Yorkshire Mr J Walker, do Mr W Tauton, Bradford Mr Crofts, Leicester Cambria Arms., Mr. D. Hughes. Mr and Mrs Hodson and family Mr and Moster W G Norman, Derby miurooi House..Mr Whitworth..private] Manor House.Mrs. Cunningham R P Mervin, Esq, London Mrs Mervin, do C Alder, Esq, d9 Mrs Alder, do W Chadwick, Esq, Woodfield, near Manchester Mrs Scowcroft, Biailshaw W Bevan, Eq. Moseley, near Manchester Mrs and Miss Bevan, do Mrs and Miss Scboheld, Oldbam J Nlarples Esq, Etfremoiit, Cheshire Mrs Marples, do Roacli Hoiise. Miss Young. J 0 Tootell, Esq, London Mrs Tootell. do 0 Tootell, Esq, do T Casswell, Esq, Bebington, Salop Miss Caswell, do Miss Evans, Shrewsbury Ltolld House .Misses Gibbon. Mre Mayne. Shenstone Mr L Peel, Rock Ferry Mr aud Mrs ftiticheliff, Hudderfield Masters Hincliff, do Misses Hinclift, do Mrs Wilde, Pemberton M rs Richardson, do Mrs Wilde, Oldham, Manchester Miss M Shaw, Wolverhampton Miss E Robinson, Lichfield Derby House. — Mr. John Jones. Mrs Alliston and family, Stoke upon Trent Miss Pampbilon, ditto « Elian Home Robert Owen English, Wesleyan Chapel. Berwick House..Mr. Clay. Mr and Mrs J Richards. Wolverhampton Mrs L Jones. Whitchurch, Salop Mrs T A Wilkinson, Frees, Shropshire MADOCK STREET. 3 Mr D. Jones, grocer 4. Mr aud Mrs George Angus, Sheffield H Dyson, Esq, do .rTr 5. Mr W. Hughes 6 Mr B. Thomas 7. Mr E. Brookes 8 Mr W. Barrow, Chimney Sweeper Mr J Grant, Liverpool Mr. Htig)i Roberts 9 Mr. Hugh Roberts Mr William Roberts II Mr S. Jones, Tailor 12 Mr S. Jones Mr and Mrs Planck and family, Manchester 13. Mr Daniel Fowell Mrs Bonnor and family, Hereford Mr and Mrs W Scott, Normanton Turville, Leices- ter Mr and Mrs H Turner, Maochester 14. Mr B. Robinson Mrs and Miss Allcock, ditto Mrand MrsS Beardsley, Nottingham 15. Mr fy. Hughes Miss Emma Hales, Whitchurch, Salop Mr and Mrs C Foulkes, do Miss H Foulkes, do Mr F F Foulkes, do Miss A M Foulkes, do 16 Mr E. Evans ] 7 Mr O. Thomas 18. Mrs S. Brookes 13^ Mr G. Owen 20 Mr R. Jones 23. Mr W Jones, Butcher 24. MrJ Roberts, Blacksmith 25 .Mr H. Jones, Boot and Shoemaker 26. Mr R. Jones, Tailor and Draper 2 7 Mr Hugh Jones 2 8 Mr Brookes 29 Mr R. Davies 30. Mr O, Davies 31 Mr R. Williams Mrs and Miss Holbrook, Nottingham Mrs Day, Derby Miss Dixon, Leeds 32. Messers T F Patrick 33. Mi John Owen 34. M, W. Hughes 35. 36. Mr. T. Hugnea. Misses Hosker, Rainbill, Liverpool 37 Mr R Roberts Mrs Henderson, do Mr E Ratkins, Llanfyllin Mr R Roberts, Liverpool Mr R Edwards, do Taliesin o Eifion, Llangollen Mrs Felton, Liverpool Mr J Royle, Tremeirchion 38. Mr Hersee 39. Mr H. Prichard MOSTYN STREET. Liverpool House-Mr J. Jones, baker and grocer No I Mrs Roberts 2 Capt. J. Owens 3 Princes Oak.Mr Williams, bottling store Richd Tophane, Esq, Leeds W G Watkinson, Esq, ditto Wm Oddy, Esq, ditto Robt Ellis, Esq, ditto Sutherland House.—Mrs. R. 0 Tomkinson. Rev Fredoric Payne, resident Wesleyan minister Mrs and Miss Payne Mrs Haslerave, Wakefield Mr J Haslegrave, ditto Mrs and Miss Ward, ditto Mrs Saleshury, Leicester Miss M G Tosley, Wild Grove, Bradford Misses Smith, Madely Villa, Shropshire Gadlys House.Mr. John Williams. L A Wise, Esq, Clayton, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Clark, Pen y Bryn House, Wrexham J W Clark, ditto Miss Howell, Chester Davidson, Cumberland S Clark, Hope Street, Wrexham Mr C E Kershaw, Salesbury Park, Wrexham Miss Whicehaad, Salesbury Park, Wrexham E Whitehead, ditto Idris House.Private. Mr. Littler, Provision Dealer. 8 Mr Jones Norwich House.. Mr. J. WillLmi Mr Price Glantwrcb, Swansea Mrs Price, do Misses Price, do Rev John Griffith, the Rectory, Neath Mrs Griffith, ditto Mrs Lewis, ditto Mr and Mrs Samuel Jenkins, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Leicester Mrs Prest, Cambridge Mr and Mrs S Jenkins, Birmingham G. Jones, general fruiterer Voelas House. Mr. G. Griffiths Mr McGregor and family, Edinburgh J H Adams, Esq, Stoke upon Trent Mrs and Misses Adams, ditto Grove Ifouic. Captain Williams. Vardre View.. Mn. J. Thomas. Misses Harley, Clifton Miss Millett, ditto Mis Shipton, Othery, Somerset.hire E D Harley, Esq, Clifton ?aMt7y Hotel.jMra. Sharp, Boarding House MIlS Wilkins jjH Miss Coleman Livery Stirs.. Mr. Geo. Beauchamp. Kronos House. -Ifr. Woodmer. Chester House.Miss Prichard Mrs Hamilton Manders, Dublin Miss Maoders, ditto Master Manders, ditto Hiss Coleman Mn William Price. Malples Mrs and Miss Palmer Morewood, Ladbroke HaJ\ Warwickshire Mr Bartley, silk mercer Neville House., Mr. G. Osborne. Mrs and Miss Edgertey, Bombay Mr Mrs and Miss Wilkinson. Sheffield Thomas and Co., Dispensing Chemists, And Family Grocers. ( Office for lost and found Articles). Mr. R. Hughes, Confectioner and Provision Dealer. Rev Thomas Smyth and family, Dublin t: Ferguson, Esq, ditto Mrs C Ferguson, ditto Mr. Burwell's Bazaar. Birley House Mr. H. Parr, hair-dresser Central Library. Mr. H. Ellerby, bookseller and Stationer. .Regent-hotme. Mr. J. B. Evans, Draper. Post-office Mr W. Powell, Post Master. Llys Mado,q. Rev. A. Seaton. Private. Zetland House Mr. B. R. Daines, mercer. Mr -and Mrs Hutehinson and family, Sherwood Hill, Nottingham W.t l )an< Mrs Williams. Misses Burgess, ditto „ I Miss A. F. Williams, Milliner, .te. Tunstall House.. Mr John Lloyd, dealer in China Mrs Jenkins, Denbigh Mrs Anwyl, ditto Mr J B Hebbert and family, Edgbaston Overton House.. Mr R Owen, Wine Merhant Refreshment Rooms. Mr. Stone, Confectioner Camden House. Mr. Roberts. J. Homan, Lapidary Mr snd Mrs Humphrey, Leicester Mr and Mrs Houghton, ditto Carnarvon house.— Mr. T. Davies, Ale and Porter Stores. Mr and Mrs T G Clear and family, Wolverhampton Albion House. Binqley House. Mr. Allen, cabinet-maker. St Georges1 s Hall. T. Owen & Son, Furnish- ing Ironmongers. Oxford House. The London Clothing Com- pany, Mr. R. Jones. Mr and Mrs Church and family, Birmingham Apothecaries Hall..Mr D. O. Williams, Mr and Mrs Charles Long, 29, Gloucester-terraee, Hyde Park Gardens, London Mr C A Long, ditto Stanley Arms Hotel.Mr. E. Hughes, Re- freshment Rooms Eifion House. Mr. J. W. Williams, grocer and baker. Stafford House. Mrs. Davies Tuino Vau Its Mrs. Davies. Compton-house Mr Samuel Bartley,draper, &c Miss Sliorthose Mrs Shorthose Mostyn Building, No. 1.. Mr. Chantry, Wine and Spirit Merchant Mostyn Vaults. Miss Wynne. 2..Miss Hay hurst, Fancy Wool Repository. IVynnstay House Myton House Mr. H Burwell's Bazaar. Cliflon-house.Mrs. Swarbreck, Tobacconist Master Adolphyn Mr Henri Drayton, Liverpool Mrs Henri Drayton, do Mr A St Albyn. do Mis* J Carroll, do Mr Thomas Roberts Commercial Hotel Air. H. Parry. John Miller and family, Notttngham SheJiield-houMe Mr. J. Lloyd. I. M r E. Hughes. tailor and draper Mona View Mr Samuel Edwards. Mr and Mrs Farmer, Witherley, Leicestershire Mr and Mrs Peurson, Sherwood, Nottingham Mr W S Sheavyn, Atherstone Mr and Mrs Atherton, Wolverhampton Mrs Edwin Piper, do Misses Piper, do Penrhyn-house.Mr. Thomas Brett Penmaen View Mr. J. Edwards, baker. Mrs Hunter, Somersetshire Hunter, Eaq, ditto Mrs Gordon, ditto Misses Hiatt, Dyinock, Gloucestershire Miss Webb, Moraston, Herefordshire Roche House. Miss Edwards J J Berry, Esq, Stoke upon Tient, Staffordshire Mrs Berry, do Mrs Moble, London Miss E Moble Mr H Moble Mr Johnson Mr J Johnson Mias K Johnson Fernon-howe Mr. D.Lloyd, Wine and Spirit V aults. Paris-house.. Miss Podmore, Milliner Gloucester House Mrs. Meadows Birmingham Arms..Mrs. J. Parr. Leicester House. Mr. G. Gough, Lapidary. liolgi-ood-hoitge. Mr Pratt, mercer Plas Maelffivyn.. Miss Owen. Mrs Burbury, Leamington Mr C Newton, Kellymere House, Dnngannon, Ire- land Mrs and Miss Newton, do Rev Thomas Harrison, Stafford Miss Wilson, Shropshire Miss L L Wilson, do Beaufort House Mr. Bellis. Mr C Sebbutt, Longborough Mr and Mrs Lanphin, Liverpool 1 Moelfra View Mr. G. Peters. Bank. 2 Mr. W. Jones. Mr A Hulme, Pendleton .Mr. J. Jones grocer and flour dealer HarringtonHouse.Mr. Price, Gas Manager Mr. Patrick's Bazzar. Melbourne House. Mr. Bagnall, Painter. Mr and Mrs Parker, London M^ D. Henson, Lapidary. Prescst House Mr. R. Roberts. Mrs James, Cheadle, Staffordshire Miss Whitfield, liadnall, Shropshire Mr Smith, Grindley House, Slaffordshire Mrs Smith, do Bwlinglon house.,Mrs. Walker Mrs Robert Gough, Wem, Shropshire Miss Gough, ditto H W M King, Liverpool Mrs King and family Lanndowne Villa.. Misses Edwards. Mr, Mrs and Miss Johnson. Uttoxeter Misses Johnson, Roche Terrace, Leek Mr J J Johnson, do S Johnson, do Mrs Beckett and family, Manchester Ed(lbastoit-house.. Mr. Middleton J Burnett, Esq, and family, Kensington, London Mr and Mrs Morris, Lutterworth Mrs Johnson, do Zion..English Baptist Chapel. Hereford.-house. Mr. John Rowlands Miss Hulston, Birmingham Mrs Hammond, do Master Hammond, do Mr G G Pole, do Mrs Deaville, Uttoxeter Mrs Stretton Mrs Garle Bodavon Vaults. Mr Sutton' Mr Wakefield, the Elms, Walsgrave-ou-Towe, War- wickshire Mrs Wakefield, do Miss Wakefield, do Miss Wakefield, Fletchamstead, do Mr Levi Page, Dresden, Staff Mrs Page, do Mr Goode, Allesley, Warwickshire Mrs Goode, do Victor-house.Mr. W. Jones Mr John Jones, Chemis Mr C Evans, R N, Kingstown Miss Evans, do Arvon House..Mr 0 Hughes Greenfield House. Mr. J. Davies. Mr V,cary, Cheshire Mrs Vicary. do Mr T P Jones, London Mrs Jones, do Mr Keene, Wolverhampton Mr Dunn, Dudley 'dO