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FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, AND ITALY-HOW TO "DO" OR SEE THEM EXPEDITIOUSLY. To the Editor of the North Walea Chronicle. Sir,—Having lately visited the above named regions, permit me, through your valuable columns, to jot down for the benefit of others the result of my experience. Like the mau who hesitated to go into the water be- fore he had learned to swim, I was a long time before I could be persuaded to go into Switzerland, let alone Italy. Ouce resolved, however, the next question was, how to go, and with whom to go ? Sir Robert Peel's advice, on returning from his Rus- sian trip, adapted, rang in my ears Don't go to Switzerland or Italy, unless you know the lingo, Or travel with a knowing one else you'll be fleeced by jingo." Land sharks I was assured were plentiful in the former, and swarmed in the latter, aud ergo, I was strongly advised to join the excursion party of Mr. Cook, of Leicester, who was about set setting out on his fir-it grand expedition o'er the Alps into Italy. I confess I did not at first like the idea oi forming one of so large an dmnium gatherum party—to use a com- mon expression -but a friend I had built upon as a com- panion failing me, I at last determined to do so, and never was I more agreeably surprised or delighted with fellow travellers before. The very diversity of character and style of men I once dreaded secured choice of com- panionship throughout; and not only so, but, oft times being forced to realise the truth of the saying, a mau s never so lonely as when i« a strange city, the pleasure of stumbling across any one known, or to whom one had spoken before when strolling about eight seeing, mid men of strange speech, and still stranger faces, is something fairly indescribable. At dinner again, to listen to the doings of first one and then another, to hear the remarks on what each one had seen, how one had "done this, and another had been done, and above all, what was next to be done ? and how it was to be done ? were topics so exciting t'.iatj the still Quaker-like taciturnity of the English dinner table abroad was a thing unkuowu to our exulting happy party. Another grand and important rusult I reliBed by go- ing with Mr. Cook's party I must not omit to mention, to wit, the saving both in respect to money and time. I verily believe from all I have read and gathered from various sources, that we did more places, and saw more of each and every of them in three weeks than many who had spent three months attempt the same. So much for time whilst as to expeuse, seeing each day the cost of living is the same, the pocket considera- tion stands, says as 21 to 90, or, in other words, the whole was done at about one quarter of the money usual- ly spent, What party before, let me ask, ever did in the space of three short weeks, i.e.. from Paris to l'arirf, the following places, resting now and then, and spending a couple of days or more at the chiefest, and seeing the principal lions in each aud all of. them :—Dijon, Iveiieha- tel, Lausanne, Martigny, the Veto Noire, Chamouny, Geneva Ouchay, Berne, Lucerne, the St. Gothard 1 ass, Como, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Leghorn, Genoa, Turin, the Mount Ceuis Pass, Culoz, and Macon Well may Mr. Cook, or in the fashionable, oily, Man- ning style, Monsignore Cook, be called the Napo- leon of excursionists." Gladly did every one of our p;trty tea pot" him on arriving at Florence, or, in other words, present him with an elegant testimonial, indica- tive of our gratitude to him for his valuable* services, and with your humble servant sincerely wish him every kind wish. May he long live to "pilot" my country- men abroad, and may they in increasing numbers put themselves under his directions. The hotels he selected were first rate, and his system of telegraphing on from place to place admirable. To any one going abroad dur- ing the next month, or next year, I would say, take Cook's circular tickets,'or go with Cook and his party, if YOll are wise and wish to enjoy yourself. Yours, &c., VIATOli.



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