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LTANBWoT. .S:r.F I'OTSONINO.—On Saturday afternoon iasttite tow.i of Uanrwst was thrown into a atate of great ex- citement, a report beiui^ circ.uiiiU'd that Mrs. Jones, ic- t 'lit Motel, lit.I poisoned herself by taking a large do.-e of iaodnium, whieh rumour, most melancholy to relate, proving °to !>j but too tr^e. l'he outline of the facts con- neoted with this m >st distressing case arc as follows. Mrs. Jones had aent for au ounce of laudanum to a drusgiit's shop by a little niece, who WJW temporarily .staying with her. but. of course nothing was particularly thought of the circumstance. About 2 o clock in the afternoon she proceeded up stairs, but before going she handed the keys to one of the servants, and intimated, it is said, that she should uot come down again. The servant, it would seem, attached no weight to the re- mark bu*: ou her remaining up stairs for a long time, it was deemed advisable to go and see what was the matter. "When the servant went into her bedroom, she saw, to her great horror and astonishment, her mistress lying on the bed, quite insensible, she being quite black in the face. An alarm was instantly given, aud Dr. Davies was sent for in a moment. When he arrived, he used the stomach pump, but with no success, as at nine o'clock in the evening the unhappy woman expired—to the inexpressible grief of her husband, and the whole town of Llanrwst, as she was a very kind person, and was greatly respected by everyone. It is stated that on one or two previous occasions she employed rather vague and mysterious language to the servants, but the idea that she entertained thoughts of self-destruction never once occurred to them, and so no steps were taken to prevent the fatal act, nor have we learned that any particular cause was assigned to prompt her to commit the fearful deed. On Tuesday afternoon last an inquest was held upon the body, at the Victoria Hotel, before Dr. Pierce and a respectable jury, when evidence bearing upon the above facts was given, by a number of wit- nesses. The Coroner, in summing up, strongly censured the conduct of the servant girls in the matter, for what he deemed to be their culpable negligence in not, watch. ing her after the warning she had given, and intimated that it was a question whether they had not, in fact, committed manslaughter. The Jury, however, returned a verdict that the deceased had come to her death from the effects of poison taken by herself whilst in a state of temporary insanity. This event has caused quite a painful feeling in the town and neighbourhood, and much sympathy is felt for Mr. Jones and the members and relations of the family. The deceased was quite a young woman, and was well known throughout the towns and districts in that part of Wales, and was al- ways a great favourite with everybody. She was Mr. Jones's second wife, and they had not been married a very long time. TrHWNT-l's-BoNT PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday, 6th inst. —Before Admiral Watling, and R. O. Moulsdale, Esq. All the public-house licenses for the district of Naut Conwy were renewed. Drunkenness.—Edward Roberts, journeyman shoe- maker Penmachno, and Robert Griffith, Dolwyd lelan, were charged by P.C. Richard Jones with the above offence. Roberts appeared, and caused some merriment in court, saying that he would never come before them again, but that he must have a "tiprcc" every Saturday night. "'caving been duly cautioned by the Bench, he was fined 10s. and 118. 6d. eosta, and Griffith, who neglected to appear, and who assaulted the officer wheu persuad- ing him to go home quietly, was .fined 20s. and 12s. costs, or in default one month s imprisonment. Richard and Robert Roberts, two brothers, were charged by P.C W. Roberts, the former with assaulting him in the execution of his duty, and the latter for en- couraging his brother to do so. Mr Griffith appeared for the defence. It aopears that on the 6th ult., Richard Roberts was drunk aud riotous in the village of Trefrnv about 11 o'clock at night, and the officer interfered and told him to no away quietly, whereupon he became very violent, and having gone about 2D yards towards home he re- turned to the officer and kicked him several times, and while scuffling together Ruber', Roberts came up saying —" kich away, don't let him the officer) master you, shew that you are more powerful than him, kick him again and I'll help you and stood before the officer to prevent him taking his brother into custody. ltichard Roberts was fined 30s. and 9s. costs and Robert Roberts 20s and 9s. costs, or in default of im- mediate payment, one month's imprisonment with hard labour.





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