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FROM OUR PRIVATE CORRESPONDENT. LONDON, THURSDAY Evtmsa. The Queen is. the Court Circular informs us, in good health at Balmoral. Her Majesty frequently goes out walking, either with the Princesses, or the Duke and Duchess of Saxe Coburg and sometimes, quite a family party is formed. Her Majesty, also, takes drives in the neighbourhood, which is very attractive. A telegram faom Fredensborg, dated the 6th inst., in. forms us that the Prince and Princess of Wales had ar. rived there. They were preceded by the Czarewitch, who reached the town before them. It is stated, their Royal Highnesses will go to Stockholm and St. Petersburg, Prince Alfred is in Norway, and the brothers may meet in those far latitudes. When the Duke of Cambridge and the Princess Mary left England, it was announced in the Court Circular, that they were going to Genoa, to meet the Grand Duchess of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, their sister and it was expressly stated that they were not going to Ger- many. However, that is where they did go; the riots at Geneva, perhaps, caused the Grand Dnchess to leave that city, and their Royal Highnesses to change their route. They went to Hanover, from thence to Brussels, and from the latter city t) New Strelitz, on a visit to the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg Strelitz. It is expected they will go to Berlin. Lady Mary Hamilton, the fourth daughter of the late Lord Panmure, by his first marriage, died on Saturday. She was born Nov. 30, 1799, and married in October, 1824, Mr. James Hamilton, of Bangour, who diedin 1851, —The Duke of Cleveland died on Tuesday afternoon, at Baby Castle, His Grace only succeeded to the dukedom a few months ago, on the death of his brother. Yesterday, a man was examined at the Worship-street police-court, on a charge, emanating from his own con- fession, of being an accomplice in the murder of Itr. Briggs, On the previous evening, at the Ranelagh Arms Tavern, Old Ford, he said (during a conversation respect- ing Muller's apprehension) that Muller and he were hard up for money, and had planned the robbery some days before it was committed. They began their operations soon after they left the Bow Station he struck Mr. Briggs twice, and Muller struck him three times. Muller open- ed the door, and he threw the body out. He got out at Hackneywick Station, and assisted in removing the body of the murdered man, when it was discovered.—This was the tale he told at the inn. Yesterday, he denied it all, and attributed his conduct to having drank 30 glasses of brandy and water forced upon him by the landlord; which the latter positively denies. He gave his name as George Augusta King, publisher, of Bow. He was re- manded. Letters from St. Petersburg informs us, of the inter- change of great courtesies there, between the commander of the Russian squadron just returned from America, and Mr. Cassius Clay, the American Ambassador at St. Pe- tersburg. From what passed, it appears, the Russians and Americans conceive they are both working to one end -the promotion of civilization, and the procuring the cessation of war. We learn from Moscow, that the Government is occu- pied with the re-organisation of Poland. The state of siege is to be raised, and the kingdom will be divided into eight Governments instead of five as at present. The chief cities will be Warsaw, Kalisch, Siedlce, Lublin, Radom, Plock, Suwalki, and Kielce. Military and civil Governors will be appointed in each of these towns the former taking the place of the present military command- ants. Various rumours are in circulation, respecting the" aI- liances" on the continent, Some affirm that the triple union of Austria, Prussia, and Russia, will be concluded. On the other hand, it is said that Russia is dissatisfied with the ambition of Prussia and the rumoured mar- riage of the Grand Duke Nicholas to the Princess Dag- mar, and of a visit of the Prince of Wales to St. Peters- burg, cause many to look for a change in the policy of Russia as connected with Denmark and Germany. With respect to Prussia, the attention paid by the Emperor of France to Gen. Von Roon, at Chalons, and a long and In- timate conversation at Baden races, between the Kins of Prussia and Herr Von Bismark, and the Duke de Morny, are supposed to bo omens of a good understanding be- the Courts of St. Cloud and Berlin. The sittings of the Roman Catholic Congress at Malines have closed, after a banquet, at which the first toast was, "The Pope, the great father of Christianity," In future a Congress of the Roman Catholic press will be held every year, from August 15. to October 1. The first is to a semble, next year, at Brussels. The Emperor of France received several of his Ministers on Tuesday, and held a Ministerial Council yesterday. On the evening of Tuesday, the Emperor left St. Cloud for Schwalbach, travelling strictly incognito. A new French Annamite treaty has been signed at Langor, by which a French protectorate is established in six provinces of Lower Cochin China three ports on the Annam coast are opened to commerce, and consular establishments; liberty is given to French merchants to travel and trade in certain districts; and French mission- aries are to be at liberty to travel through the whole kingdom to propagate the Christian religion. A later arrival from America states that Grant held seven miles of the Weldon railroad; and that the Con- federates had retired from his front. His loss of men on that position, and Deep Bottom, in one week, is stated to be 12,000. On the 25th, there was fighting, at Kearnsy ville, on the Potomac, between Sheridan and Early and on the 27th it was reported at New York, that the Confederates were crossing into Maryland. In Florida, the Confederate Col. Dickson, routed a body of Federal cavalry, near Gainsville, on the 18th ult, taking 150 prisoners and one cannon. He also rescued 100 ne- groes, kidnapped by the Federals. With respect to the Presidential election, several pro- minent abolitionists had urged both Lincoln alldFremont to withdraw, and to call a convention, to nominate a fresh republican candidate. Fremont agreed to withdraw, if the President would do so. The nomination of Gen: M'Clellan at Chicago. was considered certain.

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