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TOWYN. PROPOSED OM WoliFs. A meeting was held In the Town Hall, on Wednesday evening, for the purpose of promoting the establishment of Gas Works in the popu- lar and attractive watering place, Towyn. From the prospectus handed round to the parties attending, we gather that the scheme has been originated by strangers, Mr. James, Solicitor, of Wellington, Salop, appearing in the interest of the promoters. Among the local sup- porters we may name Mr. John Uoyd, of Bronyfrya, Towyn and Newbridge, Ruabon, who has not only put his name down for 20 shares himself, but has canvassed his friends in other places succeeding as we are informed, in getting 95 shares taken up in Oswestry alone. Amongst these we may mention Mr. T S,,tviti, 20 Mr. John Minshall, ironmonger, 5; Mr. liassett, bohci- tor, and Secretary to the Oswestry Gas Works, 5 Mr. C Minshall, Solicitor, 5; Mr. Jones, hop merchant, 5 Mr. Henry Weaver, 5; Mr. II. Davies, 5, &c. The prospectus states that the proposed capital of the com- panv is to be £ 2001), but it is not anticipated that more than tt500 will be called upon until such time as the proposed terrace is built on the beach, and the town itself increases in magnitude. The prospectus aso state, that the party who is erecting gas works at Abei-dovey, at his own cost, has offered to fiud one third of the capital of the proposed works at lowyn, also to build the works, and afterwards work them on a «-ase at per cent, on the outlay, or if the Shareholders pre- fer it, to take the management for the Company. The meeting was summoned for five octosk, at the Town Hall. Amongst those present we noticed John Lloyd Jones, Esq., (who took the chair), Mr. John Lluyd, Mr Wehard Price, Pall Mall; Mr W. W Jones, draper; Dr. C. l'iee Williams; Mr. John Jones, London House, Mr. O. Jones; Mr. Parry, Corbet Arms; Mr Will. Davies, Corn Merchant; Mr. Hunt; Mr. Owen Daniel, draper; Mr. Rowlands, Talybout; Mr. Richard Owen, grocer; Mr. W. Davies, College Green; Mr. Robert Vaughan, Red Lion; Mr. Jones, Llechlwyd, &c. Mr. James, Solicitor, Wellington, and Mr. Edwards, Gas Engineer, also attended, in order to explain the scheme figuratively and practically. The chairman in commencing the proceedings, after lamenting that some one older and more experienced ttiaii liiit,.ie',f u? been called upon to preside, observed that RaU?ayH were public aCfair.,theybenentted the whole country through which they passed, and the support a company received was spread over a whole district; but in a slieuie ii?. the gas w o.?, it wa? the town on)y tha. was to l..Ht, and tl e promoters had a light to ?,ect a large amount of support from the inhaoitauts He remmded them that it was high time they set about hudi.ij, out some new light, for the work of draining was beiug so rigorously pursued that they would soon be left w ithout any rushes in the marshes (cheers and laughter). He then called upon Mr. lames to give a nuaucial irilaui- tion. Mr. JAMBS then pointed out the advantage of establishing ga., works, both as an improvement to the town, and as an investment for capital, and Mr. Edwards (who h now erecting gas works at Aberdovey), went into figures in order to show the probable cost of the works. Mr. JoHtf LLOYD then addressed the meeting in Welsh, and in the course of his speech observed that the reason why he busied himself in the matter was, that he had always felt a lively interest itl Towyn, and when he heard of this scheme, aud had a prospectus placed in his hand, he set to work atld try and further the scheme, and to show the opinion the English people had of .such works, he could tell them that in Osweatry, on the previous day, he had succeeded in getting £ &> subscribed iu something like three hours and a half (hear, hear). This meeting was called to test the feel- ing of the inhabitants on the subject, and he had hoped that it would have been more fully attended. The meeting at this point assumed a conversational character, and before the parties separated the following subscriptions were announced:—Nr. Parry, Corbet Arms, 6 shares; Mr. Maddock's, Marine Hotel, o; Mr. W. W. Jones, 4; Mr. Hunt, 3; Mr. R G. Price, 2; Mr. Jones, London House, 2; Captain W. Davies, 2.




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