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LLANDDEUSANT. I THE NATIONAL SCHOOL.—On Tuesday, 16th instant, the pupils of the above school enjoyed a Holiday, and were treated with a substantial entertainment by the Rev. James Williams, Llanfair, as a reward for their general good conduct throughout the past year, and espeeially for the creditable manner in which they ac- quitted themselves in the late diocesan and government inspection of the schools. The place fixed upon for the day's amusements was a beautiful eminence near Porthwen, commanding a splendid view of Holyhead Bay and its numerous attractions. The weather was all that could be desired, and the children neatly attired, mustered early, being evidently bent on enjoying the good things in store for them. A procession was formed at twelve o'clock, and the children marched gaily and orderly to the appointed place, about three miles dis- tant. Flags bearing appropriate mottoes were displayed, and songs were occasionally sung during the march. On arriving at Porthwen, the young troop dispersed, and every one enjoyed himself on the beach as well as he could. At a preconcerted signal, the juveniles quickly rallied, and were ranged in order to partake of a repast whish was prepared for them on the beach. The youugsters, whose appetites were well sharpened by the long march, did ample justice to the buns, bara brith, &c., which disappeared in double quick time. Mrs. Vincent, of Carnarvon, and Mrs. Ramsey, of London, graced the party with their presence-the last named lady superintending the pie-nic. After the inward man had been fairly satisfied, several popular songs were sung under the guidance of the Rev. T. Williams, curate of Llanddeusant, under whose auspices, the proceedings of the day had been arranged. The chief singers on the occasion were—Messrs. T. Jones, Llantriaant; R. Owens and R. Jones (Glan Aled), of Llanfachreth; J. Jones, of Bodedeyrn; and H. Lewis, of Llanddeusant. The part of the entertainment being over, Mr. Hughes, the schoolmaster, addressed the meeting as follows :— Ladies and gentlemen,—Perhaps a few remarks concern- ing school affairs during the past year may not be con- sidered irrelevant on the present occasion. These re- marks may also be deemed the more excusable inasmuch as this year the new code has come into operation. The new code, as you are well aware, was forced upon mas- ters and managers, after a vigorous but an ineffectual resistance: both masters and managers imagining that it was fraught with danger to the cause of education which had received such impetus by the fostering care of Government under the administration of the old code. Great praise is due to the Rev. Canon Williams for the prominent part which he took in opposing the introduc- tion of the new system. He, no doubt, was acting upon the conviction that he was thereby defending the rights of masters, and serving the cause of elementary educa- tion. Especially was the new code calculated to operate injuriously upon schools situated in poor and thinly populated districts. This impression caused a depres- sing influence upon managers and masters who felt much apprehension as to the fate of rural schools under the new regulations. One effect of this feeling as re- gards Llanddeusant school was to reduce the staff of teachers, and employ monitors at a smaller remunera- tion than allowed by Government under the old coae. Thus, with less teaching power, and with continual anxiety, did the teachers exert themselves to produce results conformable to the requirements of the commit- tee of council; and I am glad to inform you that our efforts have been attended with success much above out expectations, as was proved by the manner in which the children acquitted themselves in the three k's before H. M. Inspector. I am also happy to state that the school is not likely to suffer so much as we at first feared while the attendance and attainments of the pu- pils continue as at present The school was mspec on Jnly 25th by the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, and he expres- ,ed himself highly pleased with the order and general arrangements of the school as well as with the attain- mentl of the children. The following remarks were eu- tered in the master's archinent :-(' LlanddeLisalit school is in a most creditable order, and the attainments of the children carefully up to the requirements of the committee of council." The Rev. W. Johnson, one of diocesan inspectors, who visited the school on July 21st, was also well pleased with the state of the school. He reports as follows-" I have this day examined Lyan" ddeusanc school in the subjects appointed by the Ban- gor Diocesan Board of Education, and was well satisfied with all the classes. The discipline and order were very good, and the school seems in every respect to be in its usual satisfactory condition." The following sta- tistics may serve to show how far the parishioners ap- preciate our labours, and to what extent they avail themselves of the advantages offered them by the school as means of training their children in useful knowledge. The number admitted during the past year is 72. The average number in attendance for the year is 80. The number of books at present is 135. This result in such a poor place as Llanddeusant cannot fail to give satisfac- tion to managers, teachers, and -others who concern themselves about the cause of education in the locality, There is one thing more, and what I consider a very im- portant thing, I wish to add, viz., that ill this juvenile band there is not one refractory child—not one ill-dis- posed child—not one child that is not easily controlled by ordinary school discipline. As a whole, they are as nice a set of children as I could wish to have under my care. This consideration is to me a solace—a reward for the difficulties which a careful teacher often expe- riences in the discharge of his duties. The children were next addressed by the Kev. Canon Williams, who expressed himself pleased with their conduct, and im- pressed upon their minds the necessity and importance of making the best use of the advantages within their reach. After another supply of creature comforts, the children were formed into ranks, and gave three hearty cheers for the Rev. Canon Williams, for his liberality and kindness to them on that day. The National An. them was next sung, after which the children marched homewards in high glee, greatly satisfied with the day's amusements. Among those present at the party were- the Revs. Canon Williams and T. Williams, Llanddeu- sant; Mrs. Ramsey, London; Rev. Mr. Vincent, and Mrs. Vincent, Carnarvon Inglis Williams, Esq., Llan- fairynghornwy; Mrs. Edwards, and Miss Edwards, Porthwen, &c.







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