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I RHUDDLAN. I I THE GARDEN SOCIETY. I The annual exhibition of vegetable., fruits, now" &c in connection with the above Society was held on Fridav the 19th inst.. within the ancient walls of Rhudd Ian C?,tl,, a place renowned for its picturesque situation -tasssar?. o'clock, when ? ??' We entered the Show at 3 O'CIOC?k, when its general appearance was extremely gay. The tables;ui n { marquee were loaded with fruit, plants, aud flowers of the richest and choicest descriptio^ n. The competitive departments ?ere confined to owners of cottage gardells, for whose benefit the Society was established ?ard?s beauty of the Show was greatly enhanced by t^he fofoUllooww. ^y'C/l odrhyddan-Apples, whit currants Mr. Bayliss, Bodrhyddan-Apples, white currants, cr?Des 'reaches plums, pears, cherries, apricot., U?va. IIgs, greengages, and a magnificent collection of ferns, plants, &0. pl<Mr' Morrison, Pengwern Hall-Apples cherries, red and white currants, grapes, plums, gooseberries, orang tree bearing fruit, and a rare collection of beautitdl pbnts, &c. Pl Kinmel Park gardens were represented by a splen- didcoSectIon of flowers and fruit of every descrip- tion. Francis and Arthur Dickson and Sons, of Chester, also exhibited a large number of beautiful fuschias, as ters, roses, &c. M?organ.of Rhyl, likewise exhibited a fine selection of melons and other fruit. TtiTtov. T' W. Edwards, Vicar of Rhuddlan exhi- bited some excellent kidney potatoes, beans, and flow- ers. ? Richard Williams, a labouring man, exhibited a neatly executed model spire, of the Cefn Rocks stone; and a floricultural design of a harp, by H. Roberts Bod- rhvddan, attracted much attention, and an extra pr,ze was awarded to the maker as a mark of ,tdmiration of his ingenuity. The other designs (which are ?noti.ce?d below) also bore signs of remarkable taste and de- vice. The Show was enlivened by the sweet and melodious strains of the Rhyl Promenade Band, and some of the parties present followed them at intervals on the light fantastic toe," with much glee and spirit. In the midst of all the gorgeous scene, we saw a band of children, from the St. Asaph Workhouse, cleanly at- tired, who seemed to enjoy themselves with highly glad- dened hearts. They were treated there by W. Shipley I Conwy, Esq., who also provided them with tea in the Castle. Early in the afternoon, the Committee and others dined at the White Horse Inn. Mr. Bell, agent of the Bodrhyddan estate, presided. The health of W. Shipley Conwy, Esq., as chief promoter of the Society, was proposed by Mr. Alfred Dickson, of Chester, and enthusiastically drunk by the company. Mr. BELL responded on behalf of Mr. Conwy, who, he said, was always glad to do good to the working man. Mr Bell also proposed a vote of thanks to the exhibi- tors. Mr. A. DICKSON acknowledged the compliment. Af- terwards he proposed a vote of thanks to the Judges, viz.M.r. Pritchard, Galilfaenan; Mr. Pritchard, Bod- elwyddan; Mr. Roberts, Mostyn Hall; Mr. Podbury, Chester; Mr. Morrison, Pengweru Hall; and Mr. Jones, seedsman, Rhyl. Mr. PRITCHARD, of Galltfaenan, responded. Amongst those present at the Show were the fol- lt)winl, W. Shipley Conwy, Esq., the Hon. Mrs Howley, bod- rhyddan; the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph and party; Lady Mostyn and the Honble. Misses Mo&tyn the Hon. Miss Lloyd; the Hon. Col. Rowley, M.P., Miss Row- ley, and Miss Efah Rowley; Major and Mrs. Hercules Row]ey; Admiral Cotton; Mrs. Jones Bateman, Pelltre Mawr; Mrs. Brownlow Wynne, Garthewin Mrs. Col. Brown, Bronwylfa Rev. W. H. Owen, Rhyddlan Mis. Hughes, The Cottage; Mrs. Major Hatton, Dolben, and party; the Very Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph, Mrs. Bonnor and party the Rev. Canon Jones, and Mrs. Hugh Jones, Holywell; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cope, Saithaelwyd Rev. T. Wynne Edwards, Vicar, and Mrs. Edwards; J. Copner Wynne Edwards, Esc], Master J. C. Wynne Edwards, Rev. Robert Wynne Edwards and Alrs, Edwards, Hereford; Rev. David Williams, Bodel- wyddan; Rev. Mr. Watts, Dyserth; Rev. Mr. Hughes, Meliden; Rev. Hugh Morgan and Mrs. Morgan, Rhyl; Mr. Robert Wynne and Miss Wynne, Olinda Villa, Rhyl; Mr. and Mrs. John Churton, do.; Rev. Thomas Brown, St. Asaph; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Siason and Mas- ter Sisson, Talardy; Dr. O. Roberts, St. Asaph; Mr. and Mrs. Kyffin Roberts, Plas yn Roe Mr. Howel Roberts, Mr. Hugh Lloyd Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Easterby, St. Asaph Grammar School; Mr. Minchin, Master Kerfoot Jones, Rev. F. H. Stuart and Mrs. Stuart, Menteith, Yorkshire; the Rev. John Griffith and Miss Griffith, Llanynys; Misses Lloyd, Rhuallt; Rev. J. Jones, Tre- meirchion; Rev. H. Lewis, Rev. —Davies, Mr. William Bell, Bodrhyddan, Mr. Clarke, jun., Mr. Smith, Den- bigh, Mr. Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roose, Mrs. John Dawson and Miss Dawson, Gronant, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sleight, Miss Royle, Mr. Meredith Williams and the Misses Williams, Denbigh, Mrs. Lewis R. Mor- gan and the Misses Twiston, Rhyl, Captain and Mrs. Wright, Miss Sheed, Mr. Manners, Miss Manners, and Miss Nadir; Mr. James V. Williams, Mrs. Howard and party, Wigfair; Mrs. Arden, Mrs. Llewelyn Lodge, Miss Lodge, and Miss E. A. Jones, St. Asaph, Miss Roberts, Rose-hill. Mr. R. Davies, St. Asaph, Mr. and Mrs. Lea- tham, Rhyl, Mr., Mrs., and the Misses Roberts, Llew- erllyd, Mr. and Miss Roberts, Penyffordd, M. and Miss Ellis, Rhydyddauddwr, Mr. Ellis, Bodelwyddan, Mr. and Mrs. Gratten, Aberkinsey, Mrs. Lloyd, Pydau, Mrs. Cooper, Springfield, Holywell, Mr. Shaw, Kinmel, Mr. Burns and party, New York, Mr. M'Cann and party, Voryd Hall, Mr. Chas. Hughes, St. Asaph, Rev. Mr. Da. vies, Rhyl, &o. As customary, we append a LIT OF PRIZES. Vegetables -First Class. Six best spring onions—1st, D. Jeffreys, St. Asaph, 5s; 2nd, Elias Jones, ditto, 3s. Six best autumn onions—1st, John Griffiths, Dyserth, 5s 2nd, Peter Jones, St. Asaph, 3s. Six best turnips-1st, John Griffiths, Dyserth, 5s 2nd, D. Morris, do., 3s. Six best carrots-Ist, Geo. Milward, Rhyl, 5s 2nd, John Williams, St. Asaph, 3s. Twenty best kidney potatoes (early)—1st, Wm. Jones, Ty Isa, 5s; 2nd, Ellis Jones, St. Asaph, 3s; 3rd, Anne Davies, ditto, Is 6d. Twenty best ditto (second early)-Ist, Anne Da- vies, 5s 2nd, Elias Jones, 3a 3rd, Peter Jones, Is 6d. Twenty best round ditto (early)-ist, D. Jeffreys, Ss 2nd, Robert Morris, Dyserth, 3s 3rd, Elias Jones, Is 6d. Twenty best ditto ditto (late)—1st, Anne Davies, 5s 2nd, Elias Jones, 3s; 3rd, Edward Morris, Dyserth, Is 6d. Best dish of peas in the pod-ist, Robt. Hughes, Dys. erth, 3s 2nd, John Williams, St. Asaph, Is 6d. Best ditto broad beaz)s-lat, Rt. Morris, Dyserth, 3s; 2nd, Peter Jones, St. Asaph, Is' 6d. Best ditto kidney beans-lat, D. Jeffreys, 3s; 2nd, R. Morris, Dyserth, Is 6d. Best ditto scarlet runners—1st, D. Jeffreys, 3s 2nd, John Evans, High-street, Rhuddlan, Is 6d. Best two cabbages—1st, D. Jeffreys, 3a 2nd, Anne Davies, Is 6d. Best ealad-let prize, 3s 2nd do. Is 6d. No com- petition. Best two heads of red cabbages—1st, John Williams, 3s. Best ditto ox cabbage—1st, D. Jeffreys, 3s. Best ditto savoys-ist, Edward Morris, Dyserth, 3s. Best three sticks of white celery—1st, Elias Jones, St. Asaph, 5s 2nd, John Williams, do., 3s. Ditto red celery-1st, Elias Jones, fis; 2nd, John Wil- liams, 3s. Best six leeks-Ist, Rt. Hughes, Dyserth, So 2nd, Edward Morris, do., 3s. Best collection of sweet herbs—1st, Rd. Twist, Rhudd- lan, 3s; 2nd, D. Jeffreys, 3s. Best two cllUliflowcrs-lst, Elias Jones, 6s. Best collection of vegetables (6 varieties)—1st, D. Jef- freys, 10s; 2nd, John Williams, 5s. Best four lettuce (coss and cabbage)—1st, 3s; 2nd, Is 6d. No competition. Best six parsnips-1st, D. Jeffreys, 5s; 2nd, John Wil- liams, 2s 6d. Best bunch of rhubarb—1st, R. Morris, Dyserth, 3s 2nd, Edw. Morris, do., Is 6d. Best do. of parsley-1st, Robt. Hughes, Dyserth, 3s 2nd, John Griffith, Is 6d. Second Class. The premiums in this class were "restricted to those who do not pay more than t4 a year rent, and have not more, from all sources, than 14s. per week coming into their houses." Six best spring onions-let, Rt. Jones, Dyserth, 4s 2nd, Jos. Williams, do., Is 6d. Six best autumn onions-Iiit prize, 4s; 2nd do. Is 6d. No competition. Six best turnips—1st, John Ellis, Dyserth, 48.; 2nd, Wm. Hughes, do., Is 6d. Six best carrots- lot, R. Foulkes, Rhuddlan, 4s; 2nd, Joa. Williams, Dyserth, Is 6d. Twenty best kidney potatoes (early)-let, Thomas Morgan, Dyserth, 4s 2nd, John Williams, St. Asaph, Is. 6d. Twenty best ditto ditto (2nd early)—1st, Thomas Grif- fiths, Dyserth, 4s; 2nd, Anne Davies, Br nffynnon, Is 6d. Twenty best round potatoes (early)-lot, William Hughes, Dyserth, 4s; 2nd, Kitty Williams, Ffordd-y. Criciii, Is 6d. 7. Twenty best round ditto (second early )—lst) bert Jones, Dysertb, 4s. 2nd, John Ellis, ditto, 1. 6d. Twenty best ditto ditto (late)—1st, Wm. Jones, D serth, 4s 2nd, Rt. Pierce, Tilery, Is 6d. y Best dish of peas in the pod—1st, Jos. Williams, Dr. serth 2s; 2nd, Thos. Morgan, do., Is. y. Best do. broad beans-lst, Thos. Griffiths, Dyserth, 2a; 2nd, Jos. Williams, do., Is. 8, Best do. kidney beans-let, J. Ellis, Dyserth, 2a; 2nd, Robt. Jones, do., Is. Best ditto scarlet rtiriners-lat, Thos. Ellis, Ilhudd. lan, 2s; 2nd, J. Ellis, Dyserth, Is. Best two cabbages-Ist prize, 2s 2nd do., Is. There being only one competitor, no pnze was consequently awarded. Best two heads of red caboages—1st, John Ellis, Dy. serth, 2s 2nd, Thos. Morgan, do., Is. Best two ditto ox cabbages—1st, John Ellis, Dyserth, 2s. Beat two ditto savoys—1st, 2s; 2nd, Is. No compe- tition. Best three sticks of white celery-lat, Thos. Morgan, Dyserth, 3s 2nd, Wm. Hughes, do., Is. 6d. Best six leeks-Ist, 3s 2nd, Is 6d. No competi. tion. Best two cauliflowers-Ist, 3s; 2nd, 2s. No compe. tition. Best four lettuce (coss and cabbage)-ist, 2s j 2nd, is. No competition. Best six parsnips—1st, Ben. Jones, Waen, 3s; 2nd, Wm. Hughes, Dyserth, Is 6d. Best bunch of rhubarb-Ist, Rt. Jones, Dyserth, 2s; 2nd, Wm. Hughes, do., Is. Best bunch of parslies-leit, Ben. Jones, Waen, 2a; 2nd, T. Morgan, Dyserth, la. FRUIT. Best dish of red currants-ldt, William Jones, Ty Isa, 3s Best dish of black ditto—1st prize, 3s. No compe. tition, Best dish of dessert apples—1st, Rt. Wynne, lilmdij- lan, 3s; 2nd, S. Roberts, do., Is 6d; extra prize, E. J ones, St. Asaph, and Atine Davies, do. Best dish of kitchen do.—1st, John Jones, Gwmdy, 3s; 2nd, Robert Jones, Dyserth, Is 6d; extra prize, R. Wynne, Rhuddlan. Best dish of ditto ditto (late)—1st, E. Williams, St. Asaph, 3S; 2nd, E. Jones, ditto, Is IJd; extra prize, D. Morris, Dyserth. Best dish of pears-1st, Peter Jones, St. Asaph, 3s. Best dish of plums—1st, Thomas Roberts, St. Asaph, 3s: 2nd, Robert Kel'y, do., la 6d; extra prize, E. Da- vies, do. Best dish of gooseberries-1st, Ann Davies, St. Asaph, 3s; 2nd, E. Jones, do., 18 6d. FLOWERS. Best nosegay of cut flowers -1st, Rd. Jones, ttbudd- lan, 5s 2nd, M. A. Femiyborough, Dysertb, 4a. Best collection of pot flowers-1st, T. Davies, Pen-y- bont, 5s; 2nd, Thos. Ellis, Rhuddlan, 3s; 3rd, Edw. Ro- berts, ditto, Is. Best six roses—1st, 5s; 2nd, 3s 3rd, Is. No compe- tition. Best nosegay of wild flowers-1st, Letitia hvans, Dy- serth, 4s; 2nd, Thos. Ellis, Rhuddlan, 2s; 3rd, S. Jones, Dyserth, Is. Best six dahlias-I st, John Jones, St. Asaph, as; 2nd, Rt. Wynne, Rhuddlan, 2s. Best one dahlia—1st, Jos. Jones, St. Asaph, Is Best six China asters-I st, Thos. Morgan, Dyserth, 3b; 2nd, E. Morris, ditto, ls fid. Best ten-week stock-1st, E. Morris, 3s; 2nd, Thos. Morgan, ls Cd. Best six hollyhocks-1st, Jos. Jonea, St. Asaph, 3s 2nd, Edward Morris, Dyserth, Is. 6d.; 3rd, Wm. Jones, ditto, Is. DESIGNS. Best floricultural design-Ist, Robt. Wynne, Rhudd- 1,,tn, XI 2nd, E. Davies, Bodrhyddan, 15a; 3rd, John Evans, Dyserth, 10s; extra prize, H. Roberts, Bod- rhyddan. Best agricultural design—1st, John Fbir, Rhuddlan, I os 2nd, N. Evans, Dysertb, 5s.; 3rd, Edw. Roberts, Rhuddlan, 2s 6d. MARKET GARDENERS' PREMIUMS. Best collection of vegetables (eight varieties)-lst, Jo- seph Jones, St. Asaph, 12s; 2nd, H. Jones, Pont Ro- bin, 6s. Best collection of fruit (not less than six varieties)- 2nd prize only awarded, viz., 5s. to Joseph Joues, St. Asaph. Best marigolds—1st, E, Morris, Dyserth; 2ud, Wm. Hughes, do. POULTRY. Best pair of Cochin China fowls.-lst, John Williams, Ffordd Cricin, 5a. Best pair of black Spanish ditto-lat, John Williams, Ffordd Cricin, 5s. Best pair of any breed—1st, Hannah Owen, Rhudd- lan, 5s. Best pair of ducks-lat, Mary Roberts, of Penlan, 5s. PIGS. Best store or bacen pig—1st, Wm. Jones,Ochr y foel, Dyserth, XI 10s; 2nd, T. Hughes, Bryn FeliD, 91 3rd, Wm. Hughes, Dyserth, 10s. HONEY. Beehives with the best or greatest weight of honey- 1st, Edward Jones, Gwindy, Khuddlan, 10s.; 2nd, Elias Jones, St. Asaph, 5s. 3rd, John Griffith, Dyserth, 2s. 6d.


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