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I MACHYNLLETH. I OPENING OF THE NEW CHURCH AT PANTGLAS. The parish of Machynlleth, which is of great extent, comprises three populous townships, viz., the town, near the centre, in which, hy the piety of our ancestors, was founded the parish church, and where alone, within the last week, divine service was held according to the ritual of the Established Church; Ywchygareg, situate to the east of the town, and extending about five miles in the direction of Dylife, and containing several small hamlets, farmers' residences, and gentlemen's mansions; and Isygareg, comprising the districts of Glasbwll, Der- wenlas, &c., to the south of the town. In these latter, the sound of the church bells, inviting to the house of prayer and praise, was a sound never heard among the hills and valleys. So those of the humbler classes, who loved the service of the Church, and desired to join in her worship, were frequently left to the alternative of spending the Sunday at home, or else trudging along through the beating rain or snow, a distance of many miles to reach the Parish Church. To remedy this evil, and to provide for thejspiritual wants of all the parishioners, a strong and anxious desire has been expressed by the Rector of the parish, the Rev. C: Griffiths, ever si.ice his appointment to the spiritual supervision of the district, that this scattered and neg- lected population should be provided with the means of grace in their own language, and according to the for- mula of the Established Church. These wishes of the rev. gentleman becoming known to his friends, the sub- ject was taken up with great warmth and earnestness by all. It was proposed that a church should, in the first in. stance, be erected at Y wchycareg, and afterwards, in the course of time, at Isygareg. A large sum was subscrib- ed, ond amongst the most iliberal contributors, we are happy to notice the Earl and Countess Vane, Plas Machynlleth, the Rev. J, Griffiths, Rectory, T. Ellis. Esq, Brynllwydwyn, Mr. Gilbertson, Ceniarth, S. Phelps, Esq., &c. It was decided that the church should be an iron one. The spot selected for its erec'.ion was at a place called Pantglas, about three and a half miles from the town of Machynlleth, in the direction of Dylife. The order for the work was given to Mr. Turner, ironmonger, New- town, and we are happy to state that the whole of the the construction, both in the external appearance and internal arrangements, is such as to meet the full appro- bation of all who have teen it. The ground was gene- rously given by Earl Vane. Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Brynllwydwyn, who have taken a most lively in- terest in the affair from the commencement. The whole of the carriage of stone, bricks, and other materials for the foundation, &c., was gratuitously done by Mr. T. Ellis. The church was opened for divine service on Wed- nesday, the 10th inst. The day was beautifully fine, and crowds of people assembled from the districts around, nd torn Machynlleth. The church is delight- fully situated on a rising ground, the scenery around being romantic in the extreme. The church is large enough for the sitting accommo- dation of about 75 persons. The whole cost of the build- ing was about £180. The morning service was in the English language. The prayers were read by the Rev. Thomas Davies, rec- tor of Llanwrin. The first lesson wasread by the Rev. R. Roberts, vicar of Llanwnog, and the second lesson was read by the Rev D. l'arry, Darowen, after which, a most excellent seermon was preached by the Rev. E. Edwards, rector of Mallwyd, from the 2nd chapter of Haggai, 7th verse. In the afternoon, the service was in Welsh. The prayers were read by the Rev. G. W. Davies, Rector of Cemmes, and the lessons by the Rev. D. Jones, Pwlheli, after which, an admirable sermon was delivered to a crowded congregation by the Rev. D. Evans, incumbent of Corns, from Psalm v. 1. The Litany was read in the evening, in an impres. sive manner, by the Rev. R. Roberts, Llanwnog, after which an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. D. Jones, rector of Pwllheli, from 1 Cor. iii. 161; the congregation was large and respectable, and all listened with marked attention to the words which were deliver- ed on this occasion.