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I CORWEN. -.- i



I CARNARVON. HORN'S EQUESTRIAN CtRcus.-Thi;i exhibition met with very great success here, the booth being crammed. The performance gave the most perfect satisfaction to all who witnessed it, particularly so the riding of the junior equestrians. The clown's performances were exceeding- ly amusing and clever. We hear the success the pro- prietor met with has induced him to announce that the circus will be here again on Monday next. TEMPLETON'S VENTROLOQUISM, &c.-Mr. Templeton paid a visit to this town last Wednesday, but we are sorry to say, did not meet with the success he so highly meri- ted-it is very much to be regretted that first-rate talent is often exhibited in vain in this town, and uuless a very different support is given to it, few artistes will be dis- posed for the future of venturing amongst us. THE HARVEST.—We may now say a better crop of corn has not been seen in Carnarvonshire in the memory of man than this year. The harvest in now general, and many fields have already been secured. We are also glad to say the potatoe and turnip crops are as equally promising as the corn. The hay has not been much more than two-thirds of an average crop, but the condition it has been secured in will, in a great measure, compensate for its deficiency. SlIIRE HALL, Saturday,—Before the Rev. Canon Wil- liams and Rice Thomas, Esq. Hugh Jones, Robert Jones, Richard Daniel, and David Roberts were charged with fishing in the Straits with a net for salmon after 12 o'clock on Saturday, contrary to the Act, which allows no fishing with a net between 12 o'clock on Saturday, at noon, and before 6 o'clock on the Monday morning. As this was their first offence, and as it was probable they did not understand that the Act prohibited them, they were dismissed, with a caution, on the payment of the costs. There is now a large quantity of salmon in the Straits, and the inhabitants would be very glad if they could have the benefit of it, at a reasonable price. This is not to be obtained at present, as the fish is all sent away as soon as caught. The question is—whose fault is this The fishmongers complain they are not supported-the gentry say they have no fish to purchase when they want any. BOROUGB PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY, 15tb,-Before 0. Jones, Esq. Ellen Duncan, and old offender, was charged with being drunk and riotous. P.C. Ambrose Jones said he found her near the Bri- tish School very drunk and disorderly. She was order- ed away several times by Mr. Davies, and refused to go —he then took her up. She pleaded guilty, and begged very hard to be for- given, as the police always watched her, and promised to go away and never come near the town again; but as she had promised this so often and broken her word, she was fined 20s. and 3s. 6d. cost, in default 14 days' imprisonment. She now has the opportunity of going away, and she may rely upon it the police would be in no hurry to bring her back, as she has been for some time one of many great nuisances which infest the town. Robert Owen, a hawker, was charged, by P.C. Protheroe, of creating great disturbance, and refusing to leave, in a private house in Mill-lane. He was quarrel- ling with his wife's cousin. He kicked the officer seve- ral times, and it required two constables to take him to the lock-up. Fined 10s. and 3s. 6d. costs, or 7 days. He was locked up. TUESDAY, 16th,-Before T. Turner and Owen Jones, Esqrs. Michael Nolan and Michael O'Malley were brought up on the charge of brutally assaulting Mary Lewis, toll collector at the Hodrual gate. The accused are hawkers, and travel the country wiih brushes, &c., driving a spring cart. As 6d. is the toll for cans with springs, that sum was demanded at the Bodru»! ;;ate, which they refused to pav, and would only give Id. Upon Mary Lewis refus- ing to let them pass through, Nolan hit her a violent blow with the bridle, cutting through her cap, and in- flicting a severe wound on her head. O Malley also threatened her, and tryed to prevent her detaining the cart. When they found her determined, and seeing how severely they had wounded her, they threw down the 6d. and went on. Information of the assault being given, P.C. Kyffin Roberts, with several men, some of whom had witnessed the assault, followed them to Pont Rhythallt, near Penisarwaen, where he apprehended them. Fined 40s. each and costs, which were paid. Robert Ellis, a vagrant, was fined 7s. and costs, and allowed 7 days to pay, for being drunk and riotous. He did not choose to take the hint to leave the town, as he was again apprehended for the same offence during the day, and will be brought up again next Monday.










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