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2MAI BRIDGE, BANGOR, BRATTANAltlE, LLAN DUDNO, AND LIVBRPOOL. ? SUMMER SAILMOK ?R???N and after WEDNESDAY, iNB'W"Z?'' June 1st, the City of Dublin Com- MBV'B Steamers PRINCE OF WALES and PRINCE ARTHUR we intended to Ply daily [Sunday* excepted,] 4a 4he above Station during the SUMMER SEASON, at LLANDUDNO, weather permitting. FROM MENAI BRIDGE, at 10 am. FROM PRINCE'S LANDING STAGE, LIVERPOOL, llam- Goods for Carnarvon and the above places will bo re- Oitved at the Clarence Dock. A COACH for Amlwch, leave, on the arrival of the Meamor from Liverpool, itnd returns in the Morning time for the Sailing for Liverpool. Further particulars on application to Mr. J. K. Rounth- mute, 20, Water Street, Liverpool; Messrs. E. W. timothy and Son, Menai Bridge ;or to Mr. John Thomas, Baagor Street, Carnarvon. gTEAM from LIVERPOOL or QUEENSTOWN TO NEW YORK. THE LIVERPOOL. NEW YORK rtpJaXlV X AND PHILADELPHIA STEAM- SHIP COMPANY intend despatching «■■■■■■• their Full-Powered Clyde.builtlron Screw IIe&m Ships, Carrying the United States Mails, FRO" LIVERPOOL FOR NEW YORK. CITY OF WASHINGTON "Wednesday, 24th Aug. CITY OF MANCHESTKR Wednesday, 31st „ And every Wednesday, and every alternate Saturday. Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wed- nesday, 15, 17, and 21 Guineas, according to the accom- modation.. Cabin Passage by the Saturday's Steamers, 13 Guineas. Forward Passage 5 Guineas, including all Provisions looked Passengersfor CANADA, the UNITED STATES, and BRITISH COLUMBIA, booked through on very advan- tageous terms. Far further particulars apply to WILLIAM INMAN, 22, Water-street, LiverpooL I Mr. ED. ELLIS, jun., Shipbuilder, Bangor. orto Mr. A. F. WATTS, Abergele. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LTVJSRPOOL AND CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, via QUEBEC and the GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. (Under Contract with Hei- Mqiesty's Protincial Govern- ment for the Conveyance of the Mails.) 1864—SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS—1864. TH.1I MONTREAL OCEAN STEAM-SHIP COMPANY'S first-class powerful Screw Steamers PERUVIAN ..Capt.W.BAMA)fT!NB. i *LJ^ HIBERNIAN „ J. E. DUTTON. 191,10,'A SCOTIAN.. J. GRAHAM. ?JLTRA T. AITON. NORTH AMERICAN WHIK. BELGIA.c, BROWN. DAMASCUS. KERR. MORAVIAN New Ship.. ST. DAVID .New Ship. Are intended to Sail from LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL, EVERY THURSDAY. Galling at MOVILLE, LOUGH FOYLE, on FRIDAY, to embark Passengers and Hc" Majesty's Ma 0. And from QUEBEC to LIVElU'uOL every SATURDAY. Calling at MOVILLE to land Mails aud Passengers. Rate of Freight to Quebec and Montreal 55s. per Ton, Measurement, and 5 per Cent. Primage. Weight subject to agreement. Cabin Passage Money to QUEBEC, EIGHTEEN GUINEAS and FIFTEEN GUINEAS, including Provi- sions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained 8D board. Steerage Passage Money to QUEBEC, SEVEN GUIN- EAS, including a plentiful supply of Cooked Provisions. By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, Bills of Lading and Passage Tickets will be gmned in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods tad Passengers, at very moderate through rates, to all the Principal Towns in Canada. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Rail- way Cars Free of Expense. For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, to JAMES and ALEXANDER ALLAN, 70, Great Clyde-street; in Lon- don, to MONTGOMERY and GREENHORNS, 17, Gracechurch- ifcreet; or to ALLAN BROTHERS and CO., Weaver-buildings, Brunswick-street, Liverpool. AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND BRITISH COLUMBIA. Or Passengers holding Victoria Passage Warrants or Bounty Tickets, will please make Immediate application to the undersigned. ,5. FT1HE "WHITE STAR" LINE of L BRITISH AUSTRALIAN, and NEW 'BST  ZEALAND EX-ROYAL MAIL CLIP- Sga?S&t PEKS, sail on the 15th and 20th of each Month. X-clag and forwarding Passengers to every port of Anso tralia, Tasmania, or New Zealand. TkeHneiscomposedofthe followingcelebratad clippers ■ROYAL STANDARDISE.) CHARIOT OF FAME. MORNING LIGHT. QUEENof the NORTH. RED JACKET. SHALIMAR. WHITE STAR. GLEN DEVON. BLTO JACKET. ELECTRIC. TOftNADO. ULCOATS. KBRMAID. And many others well-known in the trade. FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE. Tons Tons To Reg. Bur. Sail. ALWB "WILSON Melbourne.1200.2500.Aug. 20. RW JACKET .Melbourne 2"4W Sept. 20. iUAUKAI\ Melbourne.1700.3500. Oct. 20 ROYAL STANDARD.screw steamer.20l7.4000. Nov. 20' LONDON TO NEW ZEALAND. ALBERT WILLIAM. Auckland Aug. 1. HinMiii .Canterbury 30. The well-known clipper ANNIE WILSON will be des- patched from Liverpool for Melbourne as the White Star" Packet for August. This favourite clipper has made several voyagea to Australia under charter to her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners, and has given satis- faction as a fast and comfortable passenger vessol. She is specially fitted for the Australian trade, her between decks being spacious and well ventilated. Her saloons are extensive, and passengers in this class are provided with bedding, linen. and every necessary for the voyage. Passengers embark on the 22nd August. For freight or passage, apply to H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool, or WILSON, BILBROUGH & CO., 27, Leadenhall-street, London. Or to PARRY and Co., Shipbuilders, agents, Bangor John Jones, Steam Packet Company Agent, Carnarvon T. Bell, Holywell; or to Robert Pritchard, Newry-street, Holyhead. N.B.—Willoi's Australian and New Zealand Hand Books, seat post free for 2 stamps. "BLACK BALL" & "EAGLE" LINE OF British and Australian Ex-Royal Mail Packets LIVERPOOL FOR MELBOURNE, Ship Register. Burthen. Captain. Date. GREAT VICTORIA, a. s,, 500 h. p., 3500 Price 5th Sept. GOLDEN EMPIRE .12182500 Goodall 5th Oct; Persons who hold Passage Warrants or Bounty Tickets, will please make immediate application to the under- signed. Assisted Passages and Free Grants of Land. LONDON FOR SYDNEY. OCNDKKELA .lOth Sept. Assisted passages aud free grants of lands. FOR QUEENSLAND, (Free Grants of Land, value 30 Pounds.) XLIZABETH ANN BRIGHT (from Liverpool) 30th Aug. OOLDIN CITY (from London). 25th Aug. LIGHT BRIGADE To follow. STEAM TO NEW YORK. PENNSYLVANIA &s., 2000 tons (from Liverpool) 16th August. Sttam to Australia, from Livtrpml, under 60 Dart. BLACK BALL AND "EAGLB" LINE. LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE. "I The Magnificent Auxiliary Steam Clipper es M 'GREAT VICTORIA," 3,500 Tons and 500 Horae-power, JAMBS PRICE, R.N.R., Commander: Victoria Warrant Holders will be taken in this Ship without extra charge. Is appointed to leave the River Mersey as the Packet for the 5TH SEPTEMBER. This magnificent auxiliary screw clipper il equipped i.nueery, an a gtted with all the latest improvements in inae ?iWr is equipped tpeotUy for the Australian passenger trade, being rigged as a first-class clipper ship, irrespective of her steam power, on the same principle as the famous steam clipper Great Britain. Her accommodation for all classes of passengers is unsurpassed by any ocean-going steamer afloat, Fojr further particulars apply to JAMB BAINES & CO., Wattr-tt., Liverpool; fXHBB, BRIGHT & CO., North John-street; or f. 1L ^MACKAY & OO., I, Laadenhall-straet, Londn. ILC. AGENTa Mr. Edward Ellis, Garth Point, BaMOr. fltot. Tully, Dublin Packet Office, HolyhoL iii. Wm. Edwards, Llangefni, AjjgltMf. Mr. T. Edwards, Quay, Conway. Jfer. F. Watts, Aborgels. THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL.  SERMON will be Preached on behalf of A the above Society, in the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of Bangor, on SUNDAY, the 28th, at 11-30 a.m., by the Bangor, BISHOP OF OXFORD. LORD BISHOP OF OXFORD. A Collection will be made after the Sermon. THE CWT Y BUGAIL SLATE COMPANY, (LIMITED.) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the First Ordinary General Meeting _L of the Cwt y Bugail Slate Company, Limited, will be held at the Penrhyn Arms Hotel, Bhngor. on WED- NESDAY, the 21st day of September, 1864, at One o'Clock precisely. JOSEPH HAYWOOD, Managing Director. SPECIAL NOTICE. BOON'S GREAT RUSSIAN CIRCUS being obl iged to refuse so many thousands admittance on Tuesday last, on account of the thronged state of the House, they will again make their appearance at BANGOR, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, August 24th, and give Two Grand Performances. Afternoon, at 2-30; Evening, at 7-30 o'clock. Doors open half an hour previously. First Class, 2s. Second CiMs. Is. Third Class, M. Children under Twelve Years of Age Half Price to 1st and 2nd Class only. For further particulars see Small Bills. B' p g —The Company will appear in Bethesda, on Thursday, August 25th; in Llandudno, on Friday, August 26th; in Conway, on Saturday, August 27h, RUTHIN VOLUNTEER BALL.  BALL will take place in the County A Hall, in Ruthin, on the 17th day of SEPTEMBER NEXT, under the patronage of the following Ladies :— The Honorable Mrs. ROWLEY. The Honorable Mrs. HEATON. The Honorable Mrs. TOTTENHAM. Mrs. NAYLOR, of Hootcn. Mrs. TOWNSHEND MAINWARING. Miss WEST. Mrs. LL. ADAMS. Mrs. HERCULES ROWLEY, Mrs. WALKER. Mrs. TAYLEUR. Mrs. BIRCH. Mrs. ELKINGTON. Miss THELWALL. Mrs. BANCROFT. Mrs. COLTART. Mrs. THOMAS JONES. Dancing to commence at 9 o'Clock, Tickets Gentlemen, 10s. Ladies, 7s. 6d. Volunteers in Uniforn, 5s. To be had of Miss Jones, Stationer, Ruthin. FESTINIOG RAILWAY COMPANY- I VXTE hereby give Notice, that there will be a Special General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Festiniog Railway Company held at the MADOCKS ARMS HOTEL, Tremadoc, on WEDNESDAY, the 14th day cf September next, at the hour of 2 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of making such Bye Laws, Rules and Regulations as shall by the saidmeetingbe deemed expedient, pursuant to the Act of Parliament of second year of the reign of William the 4th, Chapter 48, Section 66. Dated this 10th day of August, 1864. CHARLES GAUSSEN, } LIVINGSTONE THOMPSON, Directors, ANDREW DURHAM, ) ST. ASAPH CHORAL ASSOCIATION. THE SECOND ANNUAL MhFTINO OF PAROCHIAL OPOIRS IN CONNECTION WITH THE ST. ASAPH CHORAL ASSOCIATION, WILL take place at ST. PETER'S CHURCH, l RUTHIN, on FRIDAY, the 26th of August, 1864. Patrons of the Ruthin Festival: The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, The Very Rev. The Dean of St. Asaph, The Worshipful The Mayor of Ruthin, The Rev. The Warden of Ruthin. Services Litany at 2 p.m. The Sermon by the Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP of Oxford. Evening Service at 6 p.m., in Welsh,.  The Sermon by the Rev. EDWARD JONES. M.A., Vicar of Nantglyn. w Collections will be made at each Service towards the Funds of the Association. The CATHEDRAL CHOIR and the CHOIRS of 10 PARISHES will take Part in the Services. BOOKS containing the Hymns, Chants, &c., may be had from Mr. C. Hughes, Printer, St. Asaph Mr. I. Clarke, Ruthin and from Mr. Nott, Rhyl. Refreshments, consisting of Tea and Cold Meat, will be provided for the Choirs between the Services, at the Ruthin National Schoolrooms. The Clergy will supply their Singers with Tickets. A cold Luncheon for Visitors will be provided at the Lion Hotel. Tickets. 2s. 6d. each, to be had from the Landlord. Mr. Green. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS.—Members of Choirs may travel the return journey from Rhyl and intermediate Stations at third class single fares, by the ordinary train arriving at Ruthin at 12 at noon, and by a special train leaving Ruthin at 8 p.m., and calling at Rhyl and inter- mediate Stations. Children under 12 years of age at half single fares. First and second class passengers attending the Festival by the above trains at single fares for the re- turn journey. Tickets of admission to the Church may be had gratui. tously from the Churchwardens, on application to Mr. Ronw, Chymist, Market Place, Ruthin. RHYL. CARTES DE VISITE. VISITORS to Rhyl are respectfully reques- Y ed before having their Photographs taken to ex. amine T. Brown's SPECIMENS on the West Parade, and at the Establishment 73. Wellington Road. No Photographs issued infeiior to specimens exhibited. Cartes, 10s. the first dozen. 6s. the half dozen. We have never seen Photographs so clear and life-like as Mr. BrowWs. -White&tven Herald. IMPORTANT TO SINGERS, &c. JONES' TREMADOC AROMATIC VOICE GLOBULES, For Restoring and Clearing the Voice, removing Hoarseness, c. THIS wonderfnl new discovery was first JL introduced among the Italian Vocalist, and is used, with remarkable benefit, in Germany, and other parts on the Continent. The secret was obtained, with some difficulty, by the proprietor and the demand for them since he has introduced them in this country, is most as- tounding. These Globules are a combination of the most simple and Balsamic Vegetables, acting as a Soothing and Tonic Renovator to the Vocal and Respiratory Organs. They will remove, in a few hours, the most troublesome Hoarse- ness that can take place after Singing, Public Speaking, &c. and by using them three or four times a day for a short time. they will not fail to restore and clear the Voice making it most refined and by using the same occasionally they will give aTone, and fineness to the most rough and broken Voice, protecting the throat from re- laxed Hoarseness and Cold. Thoy clear the accumulated Phlegm that coagulates in the bronchial Tubes, to the great inconvenience of Singers and Public Speakers and are good to those who have lost their Voice; also have been found effectual in cases of Spitting Blood, Old Coughs, and Palpitation. Their taste is good, and im- part an agreeable odour to the breath. Prepared only (by Appointment) by R. L Jones, Cambrian Pill Depot, Tremadot, In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. Sold by the Wholesale and Retail Medicine Vendors, and may be had direct, per return of post, from Tremadoc, on receipt of Is. 2d., or 3s. in Stamps. Sold at Llandudno by Mr. Thomas Williams, Chemist, Church Walks Messrs. Thomas and Co. and Mr. D. O. Williams, Apothecaries Hall. Steamto Australia fromLiverpool under 60 days "BLACK BALL" AND "EAGLE" LINE. The Magnificent Auxiliary Steam Clipper ???? GREAT ?fb?OSP.tIeaAm ,"Clipper JlSShw 3,500 Tons, and 500 Horse-power, IC&9MMH« JAMM PRICE, R.N.R., Commander, Victoria. Warrant Holders will be taken in this Ship without extra charge. Is appointed to leave the river Mersey as the Packet for THE 5TH SEPTEMBER. This magnificent auxiliary "crew clipper is equipped with all the latest improvements in nmchiMry. and fitted specially for the Australian passenger trade, being rigged M a first-class clipper ship, irrespective of her ateiun pow- er, on the same principle 8M the famous steam clipper Great Britain. Her accommodation for all claasss of pas. sengers is unsurpassed by any ocean-going steamer afloat. For further particulars apply to James Bslnes and Co., Water Street, Liverpool; Gibbs, Bright, and Co., North John Street; or T. M. Mackay and Co., 1, Leadonh&Ugtt"kLoudout B.C. PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR. THE MEMBERS OE THE BANGOR ORCHESTRAL UNION (AMATEUR), BEG to announce, that they purpose giving _D their FIRST CONCERT Of Vocal and Instrumental Music, in the above Hall, on Tuesday Evening, 6th September, 1864. MUSICAL DIRECTOR-MR. HULSE. Full particulars in Programmes. First Seats, 2s. Second Seats, Is. Tickets to be had at Mr. Douglas, North Wales Chro- nicle Office; Messrs, Catherall & Nixon, booksellers, Bangor of Mr. Hulse, Magazin de Musiquo, Upper Ban- gor and of the Members of the Society. PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR. FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLYI FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, August, 26, and 27. THE SEVENTH ANNUAL TOUR of the CELE- 1 BRATED CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS ENTER- TAINMENT, as given by them in all Principal Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom. The MINSTRELS' Programme will be selected (each evening) beautiful, Songs, Ballads, Duets, Glees, Choruses, Serenades, Iastrumental Solos, Burles- ques, Dances, &c., arranged and adapted for the resources of this Company. The accompaniments comprise Violin, Flute, Cornet, Harp Contra Bass, Harmoniun, Drums, Bones, Tam- bourine, &c. Admission Reserved Seats, 2s.; Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. Tickets, Programmes, &c., may be had of Mr Douglas, Bookseller, Chronicle Offic. WANTED immediately by a Medical W Man, a Lad about 16 to 18 years of age, to take charge of Horse and Gig, wait at Table and make him- self generally useful in the house. Character from last situation indispensable. Address, A. B., Post Office, Menai Bridge. THE CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE Annual Show of Flowers, Fruit, &c., Twill take plMe at the PBSRHYN HALL, Bangor, on THURSDAY, 1st September, 1864. Intending Exhibitors must send a list to the Secretary, of all articles intended for Competition, on or before TUESDAY, 30th August.. Subscribers are respectfully reminded that their Sub- scriptions became due on 1st May last. JOHN LLOYD, Jun., Secretary. ANGLESEY AND CARNARVONSHIRE AGRICUL. TURAL SOCIETY. PRESIDENT :-R. G. DUFF, ESQ., VAYNOL. VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. THOMAS OWEN, RHYDDGAB. THE Show of Cattle, &c., will be held at I LLANGEFNI, on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1864. All entries of Stock must be sent to the Secretary on or before 9th September. The forms of entry may be obtained on application to the Secretary. All Stock intended for exhibition must be on t e ground by 10 o'clock. 300 Hurdles (from Northamptonshire) will be disposed of after the show. Parties wishing to secure any quantity, are recommended to make antearly application to the Secretary. Subscribers are respectfully reminded that their Sub- scriptions became due on 1st January last. CHAS. BICKNELL, Bangor, July 30, 1864. Hon. Sec. Square 16mo; cloth gilt, 5s.; ornamental boards, 3s. 6d. THE RUINED CASTLES OF NORTH WALES. Illustrated with Photographs by BEDFORD, SEDOFIELD and AMBROSE, of Conway, Carnarvon, Denbigh, Harlech, Beaumaris, and Rhuddlan Cartles. London ALFRED W. BENNETT, 5, Bishopsgate Street, Without. FOREIGN MISSIONS. Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. A PUBLIC MEETING on behalf of the Aabove Society, will be held in the Grand Eisteddfod Pavilion, Llandudno, on MONDAY, August 29, at 2-30 p.m. The Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP of BANGOR in the Chair. The Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP of OXFORD, the Rev. DANIAL MOORE. M.A., Hulsean Lecturer at Cambridge, and others will address the meeting, A Collection will be made in aid of the Funds of the Society. DENBIGH, RUTHIN, AND CORWEN RAILWAY COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next NHalf-Yearly General Meeting of the Shareholders of this Company will be held in the Board Room, at Ruthin Station, on Monday, the 29th day of August, 1864, at One o'clock in the afternoon, for the transaction 01 the ordinary business of the Company. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 13th August, 1864, until after the meeting. By Order, GEO. MOUSLEY, Secrerary. LLANFWROG NEW CHURCH. THIS CHURCH is to be CONSECRATED by Tthe LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR, on Tuesday the 30th of August, 1864. The Service is to commence at quarter past eleven, after which the Bishop will preach. Evening service is to commence at 6 o'clock. The ser- mon by the Rev. E. OSBORNE WILLIAMS, Al. A. Collections will be made after the services. The Clergy are requested to meet the Bishop tt the South Entrance Gate of the Churchyard in SurpliceL Luncheon will be prepared at Llanfaethlu Rectory, where Mr. Lloyd hopes to see all who can make it con- venient to attend. The following subsciiptiona have been received since the last list was published £ a. d. Llanfwrog Parish 17 0 0 Concert 9 15 0 The Rev. D. Lloyd, Bodewryd 110 The Rev. E. Pughe, Llantrisant 10 0 E. Evans, Esq., Erwfair 10 0 Miss Williams, Llanfair 0 10 0 The Rev. H. Owen, Llanerchymedd. 0 10 0 The Rev. A. W. Griffith, Llanfairisgaer 0 10 0 A. Hughes, Esq., Bodedern 0 5 0 Mr. R. Williams, MachrethMill 0 5 0 Mr. W. Hughes, Pantednyfed 0 5 0 MESSRS. JONES AND PARRY, WHOLES A LB CHEESE-FA OTORS, 121, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, MOST respectfully informs the public, t that they have now on hand a select stock of prime Old Cheshire Cheese, offering for sale at the above address, and most humbly solicit Inspection of the Stock. LLANDUDNO. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, A Leasehold Cottage Residence and Garden, Aknown as DAISY BANK COTTAGE, pleasantly situated on the South side of the Hill adjacent to the Tai-newyddion Road, having a frontage thereto of 31 feet 6 inches, and a depth backwards of 90 feet or thereabouts. It contains Sitting Room, 2 Kitchens and 4 Bedrooms; Garden front ami back, and the water laid on. The situ- ation is a most sheltered one, and the prospect of the distant scenery very beautiful. The premises are held under a Lease, of which 32 years are now unexpired, at annual Ground Rent of Four shil- lings only. Application may be made to John Shearson, Esq., Birkdale, Southport; or to Mr. George Felton, Auctioneer and Surveyor, Mostyn Estate Offices, Llandudno. GIVEN AWAY, the new MEDICAL WORK entitled DEBILITY, ITS CAUSE AND CURE, or A Warning Voice to Young Men on the Cure of Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, Dimness of Sight, Lassitude, Indigestion, Dislike to Society, Local Weak- ness, Muscular Relaxation, Languor, Listlessness, Depres- sion, &c., which, if neglected, result in Consumption, In- sanity, and premature death. This work is illustrated with hundreds of cases and testimonials from patients, showing clearly the treatment by which they were cured; with plain directions tor perfect restoratiou to health and vigour. Sent post-free to any address, on receipt of a directed envelope, enclosing two postage stamps; Address, Messrs. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, Tavistock-aquare, London, W.C. CONSULTATION BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE. —Messrs. SMITH wiU, for the benefit of persons suffer- ing from NERVOUS DEBILITY, &c., on reoeiving a description of their cafes (enclosing a stamped directed envelope for reply), send a written opinion with advice and directions for the most successful treatment and cure. Address, Messrs. Surg, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W.C. War is ALUM USED IN BBEAD ? Because of its extreme cheapness, and its imparting an unnatural whiteness to it. As you rward your health make your own bread. It wiU interfere vay little with your domestic arrangements if you use Borwiek's Baking Powder, as it nBed not stand to rise after mising, and its purity is guaranteed. Sold every- where in packets from tpenny upwards. ELKINGTON AND COMPANY, BY APPOINTMBNT, Sihtrtmitht and Art Manufacturers to H.M. the Quttn, and H.R H. the Prince of Wales, Inventors and Patentees of the Electro-Plate, 25, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. ELKINGTON & CO.'S CELEBRATED EMANUFACTURES can be procured as above, and their rooms now contain an unrivalled collection of Elec- tro-Plate Silver Work, and Specimens of Art Manufac- ture. Designs for Presentation Plate, by their principal Ar. tists, free of cost. Electro-plate especially manufactured for hard wear in Hotels, Steamships, &c. Illustrated Book of Patterns by Post free. ELKININGTON & Co.'s, GUARANTEED TRADE MARK MANUFACTORY, NEWHALL STREET, BIRMINGHAM, LONDON. 22, REGENT STREET, and 45, MOORGATE STREET, DUBLIN, COLLEGE GREEN. LIVERPOOL, 25, CHURCH STREET.




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