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PLACES OF PUBLIC WORSHIP1 AND THEIR MINISTERS. St. George's Church. Sundays. Morning Service [English] 10 30 Afternoon Ditto 3 30 Evening [Welsh] 6 0 The Holv Communion administered the second and fourth Sundays in the month, after n orn ng service. N.B.-The Holy Communion will also be ad- niaiitered in this Church at 8 o'clock in the morning of the above 2nd and 4th Sundays, to meet the wishes of the worshippers in St. George's Hall. Prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10 30 a.m. ORG AN 1ST, Mr George Owen CLRRK AND VFRGFB. Mr. Lot Williams, Gloddacth,øtreet. Notices of Marriages Baptisms, and t hiitchings, to be given to the Clerk over night. GNSII SCHOOL.—Mixed [English and Welsh], at Two o'clock, in the National School-room. St. Tudno's Church. [Weather permitting]. Sundays.-To commence 5th June. Morning- English. 11 o'c'ock a.m. Evening-Engiish (; o'clock p ni. The Holy Communion every Ist and 3rd Sunday in the month after morning service. CLKKK, j Mr. Richard Hughes, Dolfechan. St. George's Hall, Mostyn Strut. Rev Alfred Parry, Principal of Cheltenham College, will preach to morrow evening at 7 Sanday* Sundays. at 11 a.m. Evening-English. at 7 p.m. Ise worshippers at the Hall can partfc?te in the Hely Communion in St. George's Church every 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 o'clock in the morning. Rev J. Morgan, B.A., Hector Rev Thomas Jenkins, B.A., Curate CHURCH-WARDENS. Mr J. Williams, Bodafon Mr. lames Williams, St Qeorgea's Crescent SIDESMEN. Mr W F Chapman, Telied Brynmaenol Mr T A Jones, Bodhyfryd Congregational Church. Rev Richard Parry. Minister. Sunday [English] 10 30 s n). of 11 6 0 P.M. Rev G B Johnson, of Birmingham, will preach to-mor- row Rev Dr Vaugban of London will preach the 21st and 28th Sept. Congregational Lecture Roo-m. Rev. R. Parry, Minister. Welsh Service, 9 30 a.m. and 6 0 p m. Sunday School [English and Welsh] 2 0 p.m. English Baptist Chapel. Revs. J. Griffith, and J. Thomas, Ministers. Morning Service 10 30 Evening 6 0 Rev C M Birrell of Liverpool will preach to-morrow. Welsh Baptist Chapel Revs J. Griffith, and J. Thomas. Ministers [Welsh] 10 a.m. and 6 0 in- English and Welsh School, 2 0 p.m. English Wesleyan Chapel. Rev. W H Dean, resident Minister Morning Service 10. 30. Evening Service 6. 0. Rev J. Brookes of Liverpool will preach lo-inorrow Service on Tuesday evenings a: 7 Weltk Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Sunday,-Welsh, 9 30 a.m and 6 0 p.m. English and Welsh Schools 9 a. in. Presbyterian Chapel. GLODDAETB STRKET, NEAR TIlP. MARKET HALL. Sunday [NVelsfil 9 0 a m. and 60 p.m. School, 130 p.m. PUBLIC BUILDINGS. St. George's Church, Church Walks 8t. Tudno's Church, Great Orllle's Head Congregational Chursh, Tudno-street Baptist Chapel, Llewelyn-street English ditto, Mostyn Street. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Gw.ach-street Es lith ditto, Lloyd-streat C74nistic Methodist Chaipal Gloddaeth-street N8deRal School, Church Wa)k?" loddaet.h -street lafant School, ditto S George's Hall, Mostyn Strict Tudno-stveet Lecture Room, Tudno-street Ma kei lull, Gloddaeth-street Stand for Carriages. Ponies, and Donkeys Moityn-street Public Baths, Marine Parade Police Station, out of Church Walks, Henry Jones, officer Marine I Wc^i aph Station, Great Orme's Head. Kleclrir <litto, Railway Station Asspirblv linoins—Public Baths Railway Station. Vauglimi street The Llandudno Gas and Water Company's, Offices- Church Walks Orme's Head Branch of the Royal National Life Boat Institution Station, Vaug-hao Street [supported by. voluntary contribu- tions], Rev J. Morgan, chairman; Mr. J. Williams. secretary; and Mr. W. Owen, N.P. B ink, treasurer. LLANDUDNO IMPROVEMENT ACT,-1854. LIST OF COMMISSIONHRS. Mr. Joseph Hughes, senior, Malvern House Thomas Parry, 2, Glan-y-raor Terrace Morris Pritchard, 1, Gloddaeth Crescent Richard Jones, Bodnod House laaiah Davies, 12, St. George's Crescent Win. Jones, 10, „ „ Thomas Roberta, 5, „ „ James Williams, 4, „ „ Wm. Williams, 9, Mostyn Crescent Owen Thomas, Builder Evan Hughes, U, St. George's Crescent Joseph Jones, Centre Vale Thomas Junes. Frondeg Thomas Hollick, Cwlach W. F. Chapman, Tebed Bryn Maenol Wm. Pritchard, Draper Thomas Owet:, Leamington House John Hughes, Rock Villa Chairman of the Board-The Rev John Morgan, B.A. COMMITTF.F.S. Finance CommitW.-Nfr. Thomas Parry [Mo. 31; Mr I'hos Jones [No. 2]; Mr. J. Williams [No. 14]; Mr Win Prichard [No 13.] Roads Committee.—Mr Richard Jones [No. 20] Mr. M. Willi'1 ms. [No. 5]; Mr.T. Roberts [No 10.] Inspection, Lighting, Sewerage, Water, Market, Puny Stand, and SlaWlhter Houses Cammittee.-Nir. J. Jones, [No tj]; Mr. Hughes [No. 4] Mr. 1. Davies, [No. 16]; Mr F. Madren [No. 17]; Mr. Owen Thoiims (No 19 ) Valuation CommitW.-Nir. Thos. Owen [No. 15]; Mr. Richard Jones [No. 20] Mr. Owen Thomas No. 19]; %ir. Mortis Prichard". polo 1] Mr. John Hushes [No. 12]; Mr. Joseph Hughes, [No. 11.] Chairman of the COllllllittees-Rev John Morgan, B-A. Monthly Ni eet inlri of t lie Coin in issioners Tli e I ast Monday in every Month, at 10 o'clock, a.m. OFFICERS, &c. Treasurers.—M.'ssr*. Williams & Co., Bankers, Bangor. Surveyor of Town Buildings.—Mr. George Felton, Architect, Chtucli WHiks Surveyor of Toicn Sewerage and Inspector of Nuisances -Mr. Wm. I>iook"s, Victoria Inspector of Market, Carriage and Pony Stands, Bath ing Machines and PUasuri Boats.-Nir. Win. Brookes, Victoria Police Station. -(-oiiitty Police Officer, Mr Henry JOlle. Collector of Rates. Mr. David Williams, St. George's Cresc-m Auditors. -inti, John Jones. Plas Iadoc; Mr. t. J. Wutkitit4, (;Ii),Id teth Street. Clerk to the Commissioners—Mr. John Wiliams Bodafon. COMMISSIONERS' OFFICF.ClItItCh Walks.-Atten- dance daiiy. (Sundays, Christmas Day, Good-Friday and Public Fasts excepted, from ten till twelve a.m. POST OIFICT; — Mostya-street, Mr W. I'owell, Postmaster Arrivals from Fill iiiirt, [from Con way] 5 15 a.m., and 5 p.m. Dispatch. 8 p.m. The box is closed at 7 40 p.m letters received with extra stamp till 7 55 p.m. Delivery 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday. otHce closes 10 H ?. U?"<"y 7 h.ui. Despatch 8 p.m. Money Oropt-I Othee open from 9 a.m., to 0 p m. On Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 7 30 p.m. Pillar Letter lioxes, opposite the Adelphi Ilotei, and in Church Walks, uear St. George's Church.