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THE CARNARVON REGATTA. The Annual Carnarvon Regatta, under the auspices of the Royal Welsh Yacht Club, came off on Tuesday last, at Carnarvon, in the presence of a considerable number of spectators—more than we have seen on any previous occasion. The weather in the early part of the morning was wet and cloudy, and threatened to interfere in no small degree with the day's proceedings; but towards noon the atmosphere had cleared considerably, and a fine breeze for yachting sprung up, which exhilarated the spirits of all engaged or interested in the only acquatic sport which takes place in the Straits of the Menai. The band of the Royal Carnarvon Militia was stationed under Porthyraur, in a vessel moored for the purpose, from which the signal guns for sailing boats and rowing races were given, the order in which races were to run being announced by the bellman. The band played a variety of popular pieces during the day, and in first class style. There were several steam and other yachts in the river, not engaged in the racing, gaily dressed with flags and streamers of all kinds and colours, and flags were also hoisted on the clubhouse, the eagle tower, and on several other conspicuous points. The signal for starting was given at 12.40 p.m., at which time the first race—that of sea going yachts—was to start. Last year, our readers may be aware, that this race for a beautiful plate of the value of 40 guineas did not take place, for the reason that there were not the sufficient and required number of entries; and the same thing occurred for the cup, value 20 guineas, offered by the club; so that last year there was, in part, no yacht race at all. those untoward events, however, did not occur this year, thanks to the exertions of the committee, and the Rear-Commodore (Llewelyn Turner, Esq.), who, as it is known, is "the life and soul" of this popular gathering. We shall now, without further comment append the returns, premising that the sculler's race was not competed for, the reason for which we failed to as- certain. 1, A PIECE OF PLATE, value 40 guineas. Open to bona fide sea going yachts belonging to Royal Yacht Clubs. The distance was eight miles beyond Carnarvon, round the black buoy, and back to opposite Plas Brere- ton, and the flag ship. The yacht competing were the following, as entered in the programme Name of Yacht. Port. Ton. Owner u Name. Stanley L'pool 17 J. Gibbons, Esq. Queen L'pool 25 F. M. Ross, Esq. Secret Kingstown 30 T. D. Keogh, Esq. The two first took the lead, starting at 12.45, but the order iu which they appeared above was soon reversed- "Secret" making no secret of her sailing capabilities, and kept steadily a forward course, till she came in a winner, arriving off the flagship at 3.6 p.m. In three minutes after she was followed by the "Queen," and afterwards by the "Stanley." It Was a well contested race, ami we heard of nothing that would disqualify the owner of the "Secret" from becoming the owner of the much coveted Royal Welsh Yacht Cup. 2. A PIECE OF PLATE, value 20 guineas. To be sailed for by decked seagoing yachts belonging to the Royal Welsh Yacht Club. Nalue of Yacht. Port. Ton. Owner's Name. Bijou Dublin l Thos. H. Kane, Eaq. Circle Carnarvon 14 LI. Turner, Esq. Atalanta Carnarvon 6 Thos. Turner, Esq. The "Bijou" proved the beat, and deservedly carried away the piece of plate for which it competed The Atalanta" came in second, followed by the ''Circle." 3. SAILTV(L BOATS' PURSE of 8 sovereigns. Two prizes —1st prize, a sovereigns; 2nd prize, 3 sovereigns To be sailed for by open boats belonging to water: men. Name of Boat. Port. Ltb of Keel. Owner a name' Vawnog Car'von 22 feet Owen Hughes. Queen of the Straits Car'von 20 feet J. Jones (pilot). Fly Car'von 11 feet. Richard Gray. The following is the order in which they finally arrived at the winning point :-Qneen of the Straits, 1; Vawnog, 2; Fly, 3. 4. GENTLEMEN AMATEUR'S PBIZE PLATE, value 20 guin- eas. The following is the list of the boats which com- peted Name of Boat. Port. Name of Coxswain. Albany Liverpool W. Birkett. Pride of the Menai Carnarvon R. Jones. Lady Louisa Carnarvon E. Thomas. A fair start was made, Albany taking the lead, and the two latter following. But owing to some orders which the Rear-Commodore gave previous to storting being disregarded, Lady Low retreated, and did not proceed. The prize was very fairly won by the Albany. ó. JUVENILE AMATLOII'S PRIZE. Plate, value 10 guineas. The following is the result of this race:— Rifleman Carnarvon 0. Thomas-1 Rockett Ditto E. Thomas-2 G, PJUZE for Men of War, Yacht, and other gigs Purse of five sovereigns. Two prizes-first prize, four sove- reigns; second prize, one sovereign. To be run in heats. Name of Boat. Port. Name of Coxswain. Lbwelyn Carnarvon J. Hughei-i Rear Commodore Ditto John Jones—2 Slip Ditto Robert Lewis—3 7. PRIZE for four-oared gigs. Piiric of eight sovereigns. Two prizes-first prize, four sovereigns; second prize, One sovereign. To be run in heats. This was a spirited competition, especially between Llewelyn" and "Rear Commodore" —two Carnarvon boats, built expressly, if we mistake not, for this present Regatta. "Llewelyn" soon got ahead of the other com- petitors, which he kept till he came in victorious. But an unfortunate accident occurred to the third boat, Sir Richard," rowed by five Bangor men, which, as soon as it got into the channel, was seen to disappear under the rough sea, which caused some apprehension on shore as to the safety of the crew. Hear Commodore," how- ever, nobly turned to their rescue, "Llewelyn" keeping in her course, apparently unconcerned. This race hav- ing to be run over again, between "Llewelyn" and "Rear Commodore," the former again proved the victor. S. A Pair-oar race for a silk Jack. To be rowed for by gentlemen amateurs, without a steersmen. There were seven entries; but all did not compete. The Silk Jack was won by Helen, of Carnarvon, It. Ro- bert (name of rower). Two of the boats, we should state got foul, and it was with difficulty they could be extricated. Another unfortunate rower lost his two oars, and tried the only human contrivance possible un- der the circumstance, that of rowing with his two hands! 9. A Pair oar race for punts. Two oarsmen and a cox- swain. First prize, one sovereign; second prize, ten The "industry," of Carnarvon, and the "Alabama," ot Portdinorwic were the only two that competed; and tho former being disabled, the prize was awarded to the "Alabama." The customary Duck ifutit concluded the sports; but Mark, the noted old Duck, did not appear so agile and humorous as we previously saw him; still the affair caused a deal of merriment to the juveniles present. The utmost decorum and order prevailed during the day, any signs of disorder being instantly suppressed. The Mayor ordered one mau, who appeared a little worse for drink into custody, a step which could not but meet with the approbation of all those concerned in the future success of this meeting. A display of. fireworks took place in the castle; and all came to a happy termination by a ball being given at the conclusion.











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