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LLANDUDNO. I To <A< Editor of the North Wales C'AroKM& Sir,—In your last issue I observed a letter tigned A Visitor ft"' the firstand last time." I trust it is for the last time, for we fire better without visitors who can make a cowardly attack on a highly talented and gen- tlemanly medical omeer, t)r Nieol, because he happene to be a Scotchman hot I hafe reason to believe that thp said visitor was one of those brutes who, a short time aince, I saw guilty of coaduet en[y worthy the moat ignorant and degritded. The said wretehea in human form hating nrst cared to diaguise themselves as gentle- men, were driving in the grounds near Gioddaeth, when on perceiving tome rery young pheasants, which had onty been hatched with the greatest care by the keepers, stopped the carnage they had hired, got out, and deliberately began to pelt with atones, and try to kill the ycung birds.. Had I not seen it, I coutd not have believed that such barbarism existed in the nineteenth century, for a New Zealander is a gentleman compared with ouch de- mon*. These contemptible onobt may be still residing in Llandudno, and if they be, I give them due notice that although in taw the truth is considered a libel, if ever they are again guilty of such conduct. I will publish their names, and hold them up to uniYenial contempt md execration. &Ud execration, I am, Sir, yours truly, LIandudno, AUlIIIt 3rd, 1864. ANGLMAXON. I Uandudno, Auguat 3rd, 1864. ANGL"AXON. t

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