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1- un LLANDUDNO. To the Editor of the North Walu Chronicle. Dear Sir,—I see by the papers that the t own Coun- cillors of Dandudno had 'L mfetrng t.te other day, in spite of what is saidabout their "never doing anything I see M[. Punch was ordered o<r the Parade, it being the opinion of the Board that his exhibition were not always conducted in a proper manner and some tum- blers, whose exhibitions were not exactly what they ought to be" on a public walk, frequented by ladies, were served with the same sauce. Now, I am very proper" myself, and I have been wondering why a number of naked men "with nothing on" are allowed to cuntinna their performances on the beach. Do you know, we girls dare not glance at the water" for fear people should think we are looking at those nasty naked men. I suppose these Councillors never beard of a verae in the Bible about a(r<M<ttn// at a gnat and swallowing a ca- mel. I wonder whether they wear wig8," and look like Judges, or whether they "dreso up" like those old Druids we read about, who used to live about hare. I ehouM so /<te to see them. Hoping you wont think me rude, I remain, dear Mr. Ettitor, YottM truly, FANNY FOX. P.S.— I quite forgot to tell you that I saw in the paper that somebody had been round to inspect the pigatyes." Do you know, at the houae where I am staying they keep some old barrels full of pig-waoh — euch odious stuff. I can see it from my window, and smell it too, though it is stuck in a comer t am sure that has never been inspected for it Is there to this day It has cost me ever so moch in eau de cologne since I came here. Isn't it a shame ? Adieu. Do make them do something" with those horrid naked men Papa went to one of the Town Councillors, named Owen ThoiBM, I think, who keeps bathing machines- he saw his name in the liat," and he thought he could do something," but he seemed not to understand" him—so he was none the forwarder.