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THE ORIGINAL LLANDUDNO DIREOTOHY AND LIST OF VISITORS. TIDE TABLE 1IORN. m. RVKH. IIT. bjr m. ft. UL h., m. ft. in. JULY ?L<y 1 54 15 10 2 12 14 8 lOSudv 2 31 !< 1 2 49 14 1 H Konday 3 9 14 S 3 30 13 4 18 Tuesday 3 49 13 4 4 15 12 7 II Wednesday. 4 43 12 6 5 27 12 ) 14 Thursday R52 12 2 6 25 12 2 15 Friday 7 0 12 i 45 12 11 to Saturday 8 10 13 2 9 38 14 12 BATHING AT ALL HOURS OF THE TIDE PLACFS OF PU BLIC WORSHIP AND THEIR MINISTERS. St. George's Church. Sundays. Morning Service f English] 10 30 Afternoon Ditto 330 Evpniig [Welsh] 6 (I The Holv CO" munion administered theeecond find tourtb Sundays in the. month, after nifiviiiitgservict, N.B.-The H,)s- Cmimunion will als., be ad- miaiistered in tlii- Church at 8 o'clock in the morning el tile above 2" and 4th Sundays, to lueet th wish-a oftike wore1:iI"r, in St. George's Hall. Prayers ou Wednesdays and Fridays, ut 10 30 a.m. ORGANIST. Mr George Owen CLERK AND VKROKK. Vr. Pichard Conway, Gloddaeth-street. Notices of Marriage-, Baptisms, and Churching-, t*be given to the Clerk over night. SwfDAT SCHOOL.— Mixed [English and Welsh], at Two o'clock, in the National Kch-iol-rooti.. St. Tudno's Church. [Weather permitting). Stindayq. To commence flth June. Morning l"ne ish 11 nVock a.m. Evening—English tiociorkpm. The Holy Commuiiioii every 1st ana aril Sunday ill the month after morning service. Cl.t:i(K, Mr. Richard Hughes. Dolfeehan. St. George* Hall, Mostpi Street. The Ven Archdeacon Mingrave. ivothor of the late Archhishop of York, will preach to-morrow Sundays Morning—Fnglish »' 1J n-m Eveniiig-Eiigii,h.at 7 l' tae worshinpe-s at the H all can narticipate in the tfoiv Communion in St Geo-ge'* Church every 2 i 1 turf 4th Sundays, at 8 o'clock in the morning. Kev 1. Morgan, B.A., Hector Rev Thomas Jenkins. B A Curate CHUKCll-WAKDt *s. Mr .1 Williams. Mr. James Williams, St Georges's Cre.see;it MDMusn. Mr W F Chapn.iin, T.. ,pd Brvnmaenol Mr T A Jones. Bodhyfivd Congregational Church. Rev Iticbinl Parry. Minister, Sunday [English] „ 6 0 |i.nu Rev Dickenson bavies of Mam-hesKi- "ill pre.?h to- Rev Dickensot?bavies oimant- i 6tt 41(.l 14 ill preiii. l i to. Rev David Brown, Cheltenham. Jul) 10 ami n Con.q/'t!qolillna{ LCc!'If<' Raum. fiev. It. Parry. Minister. Wel»h Service. 9 30 a.m. and 0 0 p in. Sunday School [iMigli-h and Welsh] 2 0 p ill. English Bapdi1 C/tapil. Ren. J. Griffith, and J. Thorns*. Ministers Morning I-,ervioo 10 30 Evening ■ 60 Rev 8 H Booth, t'irkenhead. wid preach to-morro a Wehk Rev* J. Ori" th, anu J. 1 homas. Ministers [W-lsh] 10 a in. and fi 0 Ealglioili ami Wel«h Sclio"1. 'I 0 li.m. E*gli*h Wcshji/tn Chapel. Rev. W t-l Dean, rwidcnt Minister Morning Service 10. >0. Evening Service (i, o. The Rev J Brow ne, Holyhead, will I't-pliel) tL,.I)lf)fro I Service on Tuesday evenings n' T Welih ll eslet/ini Mvthudht Chiij) Sund. W,.I.h, 9 Enf<)ith<"d Pwbytma* Mtntm «T»KKT, 'Ml' MAI Kft:- HA! Sunday fWelsh] 9 0 a m. and UO i>.in. Sctioot, 1 3^ t*.m. PUBLIC BUILD-NOS. t, GearfP'1 Church, Ch..rd" \\c "lk,. St. Tudno'sChurch, Great On ie s Head Congregationnl Church. t uf)no "frrct Baptist ChaprI, l/'ewelvti-sf" Vnglielt ditt(i Nfoqt3-ii Wesleyan Metho(list Ciiiiu t. English ditto. Lloyd-s«rf; Calvtniitic Methodiit Ch tosl. G<.k!;U?!h-»irce' National School, Church Iafaat School, ditto St Mostyn Sicrpt Ni I! kei iiii, -4irt-ei Sia,) Ponies* anil Oonkpy M Nio,t%-ti-troet Pllhhc Baths, Murine Parade Poti <» out of Church Wilk,4, fiettry Marine Pi'leiyiM Station. Ork,;it Orme's Hea<i FUciric ditto, Railway Station Hoom^ — Public Bafh* Kail \mv Station, Vr.nt;;h»in "t^et The Ll indndno »/hh an:l VVnter Coiiiiiittiy's, \S rt«k* Ormp's He-td Bi'ancM o' th*» Royal N-itiooal Life Boat Institution Station, Yanifhan Street ['xuptmrted by vouot ny c -iitrii)ti- lions], Kev J. M»r^aii. c)> )irinan; \fr J. Williams, secre'ary; and Mr. W. Owen, N P. B ink, treasurer. I LLANDUDNO IXiPKOVE TEST Aer,-is&i. Mr. Josenh Hughes, senior, Malvern HOII." 'J'Jionn.s Parry, 2, Ol m y-inor Terrace Morri. I'ritchrd. I, G!<> ¡,¡.h Cre>!oent Kioh'ird Jon* Ko laoi llo'i-H) Jsaiu'i Davies, 12, St. Gtwr^'H Cresceut Wui. TlJqm:\ Hol)ert. .5, I Wm WilliamH, 9, Mostyn Crescent Owen I homns, Builder I- v,,kii HughesS, II, St. George's Crescent Joseph Joue-1, Centre Vale Thomas Jonea. Fron leg TLoiiia4 Hollick, Cwlach W. F. Cbapman, To bed Bryn Maenol Wm. Pritchard, Dr;t))er Th'unns Oweu, Lcaioin^toa Houie Joilu Hugli", Kock Villa Cli;tit.iiiuii ui t,ie -Tiie Rey John Nft).gan, B A. COM MITTTPS. Finance Committee.—Mr. lboiyiiq Parry fVo. ,*?]; i [No. 2]: Mr. J. Williams [No IIJ: M Roudi Comin;ttec.-N.li ltieliard .Tones fNn 420] M" M W,.)i.s [No 5] Mr T. Itoh -r^ [n II),J In,perrion, f,i<jhtitifj, Seuwaoe, Wafer, Market, Pony Stand, and Slaiu/hkr //oi^e.s Committre.— J Jones, |No h] \1, flushes [No. 4] Mr I. Da vies. rNo, 16]; Mr F. Miidren ell Thooi ts N" In fWurtfion Coyninittee.- Mr Thou. Owf-ii [Vn. 15]; Mr K't'b'rd .fones ("No. 20]; Mr OWHM Tbo-nas Nfo. 1)| '^1r. M "-rU Pricli i'd-. [ STo 1] M" IIn ,t,p, IN-). 121; Mr. Joseph Hil-'he*, Cliairman of file Committees—Rev John \I»r«an. B A. Monthly Meetings ofthe Cotninissiotiers Tlie last M nd ty in every Month, at It) ii*clock, t in. OFFICfiltS. &c. ?Veatttrcr.f.— Messrs. Willijun? & C", Banker, Ban»/«>r Surveyor of Twcn Buildings.—Mr George Pelton, > cUo • ri Cho»rh Wn'ks } Surva/w of Town Scivr^qc unid Inapeeto2, of ,ui,tancc,t \{. m '*» ook"s. Vii''«» i « fntwtvr of Market, Carriage and Pony Stand*, Pith j in'I \{:ichrue* an t Plexxurd Bott.I r, WII. Br,iiks, Vi,t)) Pol;q Stttt;,)n.-(,outity P.lice. 0 ficer. Mr Ileii-y Ji»|l •». Collector of Rutes. Mr. D,jd Willinms, SI. (l ► I' i '*i>'SftMU AmlUor*. ■ M' John .l ines. PUs Mn:h>c Mr f" J. isi is, Sfrr-er. Clrrk to the Comni.isioneri. — Mr John VT'Tiams v. {i<<i<> s r ti<' OrriCF.. — Chureh W »Jks. /SOO-I Ch";frn. D'LV ) FIVBIV add Putl!;e rii,,t. exceptod. frmn ti-ii fill vvnlvo a f) fice -'Mostyn-streot, r W. ('nwell. l'osliildSter \ni ,.1. ■■•II narh(fntru Cnnwa)] 1") and :» MI. g ,),11\. I'he h..x is «!oseij^ »t 7 40 i "1 iet ei'- received with extra *t-t"-ti till 7 ')'> :0 I) in en 7 a.m. and 5 (I ce ei.H.. 1 Despatch 8 p \I, -y Order Oiiice open from 9 1) M. ] s, :ti*d iy* frntp £ ) a.ni to 7 30 ) iii. t r;r LftTtr 1 oxen, oppo-M'tc the Ad-'lplii H-'VO, and ui I Church Walks, near St. Oeurg.i Church

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