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D! NBIGH. ST. HILARY'S CilUItClI. On "-er!n,ehy ev,-ning let,t, .t iiieetizig was held at the T.'wn Hall in 1Jeha1f of t.he tn()\'èUhlIt originated some weeks past to re-pew St. fI ilary's Church, in order to afford increaaed accommodation to the parishioners, S". ver.d meeting) litve been hetd. and at the ).Mt one it w.M reaotved to comnmnie'ttc with the pew owners, with view of ohtaiuillg' tifHi)' con.jfnt to proce.) w)th the work. The Eubjoiued circ'U.u- was fonvareled to each of them Dcnbi¡¡h, hy 2nll, 1861. Sir,—fnennteqnencc of the Hector !U)d Churchwar- '(lens hiviii, mopting, liulct on titti i)tli of Apri), th!tt nevem) t)-Li,isliiiineri are prt'vcnt.-d !Ltt<-ndm:! divine Nervict-at St. )!i).)ry'aChurc)., through w.mt of proper ac('nll1uludLtiulJ, all rH!rOn3 cbiming pl'W in the 'Chnrch were speech-invite) to attend .iD) n.ojournt'd meetin:! ft) the followillg" Tlle,iday, to conaider whether itwouM ))otbHnfh'i';m)f!tor('p)M'et))ecxi-!tina:pcws with uniform sitting:—having due regard to vested ).ig I t, faying firat of &]] ex;uuinRd the Chnrch, and seen th:tt some of the seat!! were in .t St;Lte of rep.ur, and tint others wt'rc gO naITOw that the owner:, do not oecxpy them, it was un'tniillol"ly r<Mo)ved, that the Rector and Chllrchw,m!eus sho'ttd communicate wtth .lU who c):U!n scab, to a.-)cert!Uu whether, for the 9'].ke of acc,mEnor\atin¡;¡ those who are at present .mxiooii unt !una.hle to attend the'<ervice3 of the Church, they are willing to co-operate with the Committee appointed at the meeting with a view of repeating the Church. j Would you be so good ae to ,enll YOllr reply to the Churchw.x'den.'i before the Ltth inatiMt It m earn. ett)y hoped that your decision may he in favour of a. movement from which there is every reason to expect !that much good will ariae. e are, Sir, your obedient servants, L. LEWts, Kcetor. A. E. 'J\¡I;oI1B, :'or. D. Chl11'ch- I ARTIS í:iIdITJI, wardells. They were requested,in reply, to expre!-i! their "aa- )!ent"or"dment" from"the proposal that the p;W8 in the above Chorehwtiich are dainied by me.shal) be re- moved. Md the Church nuiformty re-seated. on condi- tioii tliitt a iiutiil)er of &,I(,(Iitate t,) tlic. acet)iii- mo(la,tinn of my famil, he .nllotted to Inp," The meeting on \Y edlll'St];»' evening w.M convened for the purpose of reading the replie- Therf'wtrt' pr.ia'nt—Rev. L. Lewis, Rector, in the chair: Messr.-) Go)d Edwards, Martin Smith, Pyracan- ,th Ilou;;e; Thotua9 Jot)eB.M-.rveyor;H. L)oyd "'il. ]iam- Uenry Davies, Edward Jones, Dr. lfiilies, aud ttev.T. Thomas The Rector xttted that he had receiitlv been tft Car- narvou'ttire, and he ma<ie it a point to examine a)t th" churches there and inahno-ttevfry instance he found! they were either new.or had lately been ptacet) in a Rtat,) of re))air. Tbet't'eH<ea)ayat<'mwa-)aL)-!0 adopted! in mo,t of them. He was s'o'ry to say that the seats iI, St.rmary'sChnruhwereinadisrepntabte state com' I pr8<l t" the R('at;¡ "f the clll1rchr,j he hatl ,cen in Car- uarvunahirc. Dr. Hoghe.-t remarked that the Sl:atg of St. !fibry'. Church could ttot be in a much worse state than they are now. The Rector said he had received twelve replies fmm pi'\v owners, three of whom were dissentients from the )novcment, viz., Rev. H. JfydlIetnt), MM. Twisttm, and Mt'.s. Kaye. Mr.Martm Smith-Is there a reply from Mts.Moa- tyn;  The Rector—Mr". Moatyn "amenta, and she 1ms al,o Bubseribed the .ium of £20 towards the work—(hear, hear.) Mr.LloydWiUiams—If we were all "f the same liberal spirit as Mrs. Mostyn, we should have no !difncutty to proceed with the movement. (Hear, I hear.) Mr. Gold Edwards—We have dissents" from thrHe of the principal pew owners, and we Me consequently piaced in great dimcuity, and I do not see how w<; are to get over it. It is a matter of very deep regret that.\)r.Mydd!eton and others should oppose us—(hear, hear.) 5fr Henry Daviessuggested that both churches in town shoutd be thrown open, or that the vested rights shouid be so)d. \.fr. Daties was tatd by Mr. Martin Smith and -Ifr. (Auld Edwards that his suggestions were impracti- cable. Dr. Hughes—Wbat wou)d be the cost of obtaining ft nrft rate counsel's opinion on the question whether St. Hiiary'aChu'ehisaparisi:torch? Mr. Gold Edwards—Ten ;iiieas. Mr. Oipbant thought Wickham woutd be a high authority to decide that point. The Rector—Archdeacon Wickham is very strongly of opinion that it is a parish church. Mr. Thomas Jones—1 do not think it is a parish church. Mr. Smith—It is apparent we cannot go on with the work by consent of parties; the question is-how can we meetth'iditticulty? Mr.Gold Edwards—Ithinkwe must let the matter drop; we cannot proceed with it without the co-opera- tion of all the pew owners. Mr.M.Smith—Itisgenerally the case, that if any improvement is required, there are only a few to be found to work in favour of it, and those who are thf most active are often the parties who can )east afford theirtimeandmoncy. (Hear. hear.) Pcr3ona)]y,Iam very much disinclined to spend any money on the np- per church; it is in a very unfoLvourable position, and it isahnostimpossiHetoapproachitin winter. Iahou)d wish to ace a movement ftar!.ed for a new church in a more desirable situation, and ieave the old church to rot on the hi)] in possession of those parties who have vested rightsinit. (Hear.hfar). Mr. Go)d Edwards—To ex<*tnp)ify the disagreeable state of things in the upper church, a respectaUe trades- man, in this town. and his family, have been attending divine worship there for a long time, sitting in the same neat every Sunday but, lately, they received notice from the verger to quit the pew on a certain Sunday, because the owner intended being there. The owner is living several miles from Denbigh, and I can say that he has not been in the habit of attending St. Hilary's once in 6ve years. The family aUuded to were driven from the church, and I underatMtd they will not go there again. After a little further conversation, it was proposed by Mr. Gold Edwards, seconded by Mr. Lloyd Witbams, and carried unanimously—" As it appears that some of the parties chitfun;; pews in St. Hilary's Church are un- willing to co-operate with the Rector and Churchwar- dens in the movement to increase the accommodation required by the wants of the parish, this meeting feel the dimcutties to be at present insurmountable, and the meeting Madjo.n'ued Ûlle die,. Great regret was expressed by all present that Mr. Myddleton should refuse to co-operate in the move- ment. Mr.M.Smith observed that it was a fundamental ¡ error forasin';)eindivi<)ua! to'n(!nopohzepewfiin the maunerdoneby ? Ir.Myddleton ]It, could not think I it possible that )1, Myddletou was capable, as had been intimated, of trying to possess a number of pewa to con- vert them into money; but he supposed his op- position originated from a sort of old conservative I feeiing. In justice to Mr. Myddteton, we think it right to in- sert his reasoua for e!pre<i!!g"dMseut" They areas follows:—1st. Because by the proposed alterations my seats would be rendered uncomfortable, and in Borne r¿- speets lIsel"ss to us. 2ndly. I am convinced that no additional room would be obtained. The seat we perbon- ally occupy consists of one and a half Kingte seat, being onginaHy a single seat enlarged by the half of the adjoining seat being purchased the other hatf being added to that Now occupied by Miss Stenhouse. The seat in which my servants sit is merely thotMua! size of a single pew; oo is the other seat re- served for my tenants, but nntitao required, placfd en- tiret'y at the dispoaa] of the Iteetor and Churchwardens. My other seat is weit filled by the HoweH'ii School chitdren. 3rdty. No one is willing to relinquish that which they set a value upon M ueeM to them, or to support an Alteration which will make them uncomfort- able. As regards a plan to procure additional room, I fest quite incompetent to oSer any ou.ggeotion.




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