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I LLANDUDNO. GRAND CONCtRT.-On Friday evening, the lst instant, a graPd concert was given at the St. George's Hall, in this town, by a troup of imported talent from Liver- pool, Manchester, and elsewhere. All came off under the baton of Mr. John Handel Jones, who, we and, is respectable tradesman in the town; and by the way, deserves well at the hands of ue. the visitors, and the residents generally, for the spirit of enterprise shewn by his gettiug up, on his individual responsibility, such in- tellectual means of: recreation. In the programme were the following artistes mentioned:—Mrs. Small, Mrs. Brooke, Mr. Graham, Mr. Jones, Mr. Eos Bradwen, Mr. T. J. Hughes, and Mr. Sheafe. Too often performances of this description are unneeessarily applauded through the press, and it has become the fashion to say that, everything attempted is excellent. I am eccentric on this point. I am going to quit the beaten track which f damages art, and brings the popularity of deserving con- cerns level with the ground. I shall bestow praise and censure according to the deserts of the parties. And to begin with tho ladies, I shall dispose of them by saying that they sang their parts very well. Mr. Graham sang three songs, in a very ordinary way; he met with very little arplause. The conductor oame out in the "white tiqtial," and it was mortifying to hear the way he delinea- ted this one of our best songs. A soug with such fine dimensions, and which requires such force and fire, cou- pled with corresponding pathos, could not have been put into worse hands. Mr. Bradwen deserved our better opinion-he sings with tolerably correct feeling those "eight knocks an hour" class of songs, such as Balfe's "And you'll remember me." Were he a little leas fan- tastic in some of his cadeuoes, he would improve in favour. The favourite was Mr. T. J. Hughes, whom I shall compliment as a fine full-toned baaso--his rich voice t'jld well. Mr. Sheafe accompanied with much taste throughout, but for reasons which satisfied him- self only, he declined to play the sola which was pro- misod iu the programme. The hall, whieh is capitally suited for singing, was well attended. I express a hope that Mr. Jones has lost no money by a misadven- ture. A SAKOLN,