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WANTED, ahout 1000 Acres of good Partridge anil general Shooting iu North Wales, within ot'.My reach of :i railway station. Apply to Messrs. Timm* ami Hough, L md Agents, Eraunston, liuijby. TO PAINTERS AND GLAZIERS. WANTKD. :)S??r. Si..?)v Unnd. :)s W J(?')<NEY?t\N.t.w'?M?..LtW.)??wi)H? .given. Kexulav employ-on :jt. Apply to Mr. P >rtm>doc. COMPANION KOTJSEKSSPSS.. A Lady, inied :;0. wht¡ luo hail much ex- as C>lnp uiioii And Housekeop v, or (iovcras'j »s >vhc:v ihe children aiv 'onn:x. 'Hie huli^i references given ♦ Address, A. 1t, Piwt ons-v. Che,t»r. SUMMER VACATIONS. ? f\'?'ru'!)f'cd Tu'ur. no? resident in (? Rancor, i? wHin{ to rcai e'ithur?i'?-MM ur M«t.he- amities with a pupil of any age. -Apply t) tV- Piv.ter. TO HE LET, CÜTHXIS rmD. B1-U.K \TE. mar 1'lllw; wi<h 5 Acres jt f.f LWDaml a g.w.1 Waibd GARDEN. Enquire of H. '1', Ellis Rhyllech, Pwllheli. A1 FA AI STJv'A ITS, IJAXOOR. A B!:AI:TIF?'|j nmY RKSfltfXrK TO MEN" AT STRAITS. »n:t:iS>le f.«r « Ontlpm.-inV Family, with Stable, f.'iir-ii House, and use (if the Garden. For terms and 31r. %V. DKW, Auctione; r, J >.lI,¡¡r. pi-vvji-x MU. /i.vf.iTOir7u.v, K! I'F.J!.I L' I'lL f.,I, I. f..I F JI,' FY('Il.! X.F.JJ,' ?'YJ/.) ?.y.H! t FUEXTSHED IlOl'^E TO LET, in this xi fashionable •watering place, >v n term of weeks, months, or years The house contains. ,> sitting ro'.ms, j 10 bedrooms at! ios, Water closet, kitchen, pantries, ser. vanfs hall, and it supply of water in.ido the h«>u«»; | a Stable and Coachdmuso laso, a gras-i held if i Mjuiied. The house in splendidly situated, and coimiiin^ both Sea and Mountain View, aud is within five minute-, walk of the Fetich For furthe.r particulars apply to M.iss \> imams, on t.he Premises, TOHiflKT. Fl;i!MSH!li>— Avorv Desirable I RESIDENCE. containing lance Parlour, Sitting Room, Six Bedrooms, Kitchen, )'?)try. Water Closets, and Garden, Riiown as Castle House" in the ancient [iorou-'lt town of ('riecieth, ill th» comity of Carnarvon. The fronl.w U facing the sea, a.- also the Cbr<Vn, and lias a c mnuanding view of the Merionethshire mountains, Harlech C.'iwtle, ami the wholo of the Cardigan l)av; there is excellent sea and fresh water fishing, good boats. Oars always at command to any of the towns or railway. slid 1 Sitting Hootn (uinii-hed) at the Post Office. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Kvans, Post Office, Ciiccieth. — ?? ? ??.?.? ?. j ? „w.A-& Ti??OTICE Ish?i-o?v a-'y t?ftt thf ordinary 11 An?u?M('ctin,:MthuStMre;h)Me)'<of<)tcU??r\vst 0;? Light, "t?l(l l,ililito(l, will hp held ?t the T"wu UaU. Llamw"t, "n M?nd?y. the ISth d.tyn{ Ju?'.?<'Jo'cI"ck.r. f,)I. tile (,f ing the D'r.vt'i's re)>it, p:si?t)c.w?u')t-.M<? MMn-p?Mt.i"rt'tCY?cn.h'?::t')U<d_.Ly?f June last, for the dcction ,f D:re?'tor.4, ul)ll ll;e (if Divi- dend. WILLIAM ROWLANDS, EVANS AND ROWLANDS, ^M WINE AND SPIRIT MKKCHAXTS, BANUOR, BEGS most "Talpfully to llimik liU nmwn'ous JL) friends for their kind patrmiye and support during the 17 years he was Partner and Si»la Manager of the ahove firm, He a] t;tk(,s tli4s iiif,,rtiiing them that the Firm of NV, Rowlands and Co., will commence l»uyines< in a few davs, and he trusts that his experiencp in the trade will merit a continuance of patronage to the I new firm. AXGLE9EY Sl'MUER ASSIZ! 18C1. 1\\ TOTICE is TIi'i'. l.v Given, that the next Assizes and (Jeneral (Jta il Delivery, for the County of Anglesey, will he lield at the Comity Hall, in Keau- maris, in the said County, on THCBSUAV. the 28th day of July iiiititilt. All Justices of the Peaee. Coroners, Chi. ef „ ( „ onst. al,il,es Stewards. Bailiffs of Liberties. Jurors, Prosecutors and Witnesses, are t,, ikttell(I at Beaumaris aforesaid, on FRIDAY, the 21th July instant, at the hour of Ten o clock in the forenoon of the same. day. to do those things which belong respectively unto them to he done. Dated this first dav of Julv, 1* >4. WILLIAM SIASSEV, ESQIURE. High heriff, UudcisherifFs Office, Beaumaris. MERIONETHSHIRE SUMMER ASSIZES, 18t,4. A1\ TOTICK is hereby given, that the next As- i\ Sizes (of Over mid Terminer and (Jeneral Gaol Delivery for the County of Merioneth, will he held at Dokellev, in the said County, on Friday, the 22nd day ot July instant; and all Justices of the Peace, -'ayors. Coroners, and Bailiffs of Liberties, and nil Jurors. person bound bv rt'Cogniz ince. l't o- juturs and W ltnesses. liaviug business at tie-said Assiz:-s, arc hereby required to at- tend at the Shire Hall, in Dolgelley aforesaid, on Satur- day. the Twenty-third day of July instant, at the hour of 10" in the foivnoon of the same day. to do those things which belong respectively unto them tn he done. LEWIS WILLIAMS, Esquire, Shenff. UndersheritY's Office, Dolgelley, 0th July, 18G4. THE CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL, BANtiOK. The public arc respectfully informed that A BAZAAR To Liquidate the Debt upon the above place of worship, will be held in the P E N K H VN HALL, BANG OH, On WEDNESDAY, July 27th, 1X04, and three following days, from 11 a.m. to <J 30 p.m. each day. THE Bazaar will contain a large assM-tmpnt Tc?f useful ati?l Oi-iiitiiieiit??l Articles. D.a f«)iowi;.g have undertaken to fUl'uishand preside at the .talls, viz  i ii!- ,it, '11 Mr?: H' KEWOnTHY. GJyu.y-Hill'th .nd Hm'st, Ashton-under-Lyne. bh. COOKE. Hryn 1 HVPTI, J.enai Lndge. Mrs. DANIEL WILLI A.MS. Upper Bangor. Misses 1'AKllY, Tivborth Hall, near Bangoi. Mrs. CIEEI) Cart).. Bangor. A BAND WII.T. liE IN ATTESDANCH. A Refreshment and Confectionary Stall will he provided. ADMISSION W ednesday, the 27th. from 11 to 4. -s.tnl., from 4 to <1 30, Is. on Thursday itiiti Is. and on Saturday. 6,1. Season Tickets, ;is. «d. each rmJlily I Tickets, 5s. OtJ, J SALE BY MR WI. DhW. NORTH WALES. LAHGE S" VLE OF HOl'iSKS AND C.\1UL\GES kT liANGUll. Nfl. WM. DEW, &f.? resuectfuUv to 'mnounce that he will KELL BV ÅF('1'IO at the MAHT ..tt.. hed to the BHJTJH HOI £ L, BAN01.11, OM FlilDAV, loth Jl LY, 1SU4, commencing atOneoe'o? pmsha)), Ul'WAlins Or 30 Va;u;t!?c HO?S).? ?ns?t- u ing of wwful Harness Jiorses. S.vl .h .;o)?. pur b?d Mountain Ponies, and a "v powerh.1 t.dtHe all the property of ?d prineit..) y ?" '??!'f??!s f t'.e hnmediate vicinity ? o ?""t. 20 CARRlA_GEs, f various dcscriptidu,. Two of CrussktU,'s Patent "'AO- GONS, Harness, Saddlery, ftc. Every facility will be afforded foi trying and examining the llorses on tho-morning of Sale. A large proportion will be Bold subject to Veterinary Exaniiuatioii. Catalogues may be had at the principal Hotels in North Wales, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, and from tht Auettonetf, Sritiah Hotel, Bangor. -+- SALES BY MR. WM. DEW. ABERGELE. SALES OF Glit AVING CHOI'S, FIRST CL.VsS IM- PLEMENTS IN lU'SBANDUY, HOUSES, NEAR AHEUGEI.E. MR. W. DEW H.???c? imstrttctcd by JAMI.S SCAKT1:, IW, is Siv" I i?gu)?heF:n'n? TO S E L L BY V i" c T I O X uear t;WiiYCK OASTLK, ABERiJELE, enaiiuenenig at at Xoon promiJi. r1 gYilK wiiole of llio (irivAiim" t'royis oi' HAY. i \tm.\T.LEY."V)?.Tt'RXn?.?HtP'T. 1V»ES, covering an Area of I)'! Ames i') f.?t<.?<wu))!t-. J :• I:ii,ge ?f a tirst class PKIZK I .li'I.K.dE -s, j comprising "lianso.aes and Sims'" Pat ait COKNMILf., Richmond ami Chandler's Patent CHAKF CM i'K't, ');e).t?:i"),PNH.<T?<<'??.- 'm)')tL?A(iu)?; I TORNJ1' J. lYoi*l> iitieitt HAY MOWKU. i ,llLl'r Jt I P1 1 r Acrt R. "J1;\¡irock's' t parcel Pl i.N i'.iUZKR Plr'Iron Plon;hs. Turnip I Drills. )fr.wa)?'x" Iron Harrows. Radcn'nurst" PAT- i j E\T CULTIVATOR Leu Hoiicns "Cr.,skills" Two- ).t.?.UhI other C.?'t<. a l'-dd Pony Car* .Yv?< Weighing Machine, and various o;!e;i'Implements, to- !thf'rwit))'rhrf?e!st'?np(Ti)?'Th!n .nid ('haíll (;eat' i 'P)?H'h. CiiainSaddle, a ]!.r.??)?K)?it)'(? \Yullf1ell Hut'- i (Pies T about 2ii0 Yards of Wire Fencing, about 2J TON'S | of MIXED SALT and LIME M VNl'RE. Black S?t.?)) Hens, \vlesbuiv and Ronen Decks. AI.SO ■1 i-.KV ■ | Sl'PERPIR CAST HORSES, \c. A?., by order of Mr. Blister, on the f?)L.w?u ??)'.? ?'UH').?'?. the 12th !?'). conuneneing nt One j o'clock. )..ra.,atU?ttLhs.?ij?tt!)tKt)?.?))Mm?) 1 Farm, the whole of the Growing Crops of Hay, Barley, j Oats. Peas, Clover. Potatoes and T!nhi;.s(.'(?fmjg an Area .s! .Acres b¡ Lol, The whole will b- minut-lv de-vibed in Catalo;ues 'vhith may lie had ?<hei.r!ncirn)!'??s in Xo)'th \\ale, and of the Auctioneer, British Hotel. Bangor. SALE OF FREEHOLD HOUSES AND IMiE.MlSES IX THE OITYOF BANGOR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 1JV MR. W. DEW, At «ie BRITISH HOTEL, BANtiOR.on AVednesday, 13th July, ISM, :tt, Five o'clock in the afternoon (sub- ject to conditions then and there to be produced), rnill-; following Y?-t'?:r?;!c Freehold fl.. Proper?', inaCt'ttt?])'?i?'??U?!'t'? ?Bnbim;6!i Premises, namely: — Lot 1. All that old established FREEHOLD TA\ RUN*, called the "Royal Mail," situate in High Street, Bangor, now in the occupation of Captain Gritiith, as Jeaily tenant. L >t 2. All that capacious YARD and HOUSES situate \n D?t.Str?t,);!n)K"r,h?vr)ga frontage of lo ft. Ii in" containing 2G1 square yards, or thereabouts, now ill the e,)iitztiiiiiig 261 or ll(,w ill tile of Wilij,llll;.i & P:trrook, ?"L? ?J?iu.<thL. gr.ou-.?uf the New Church, now approaching its completion. I'?fmt[ifr).?i<'u!?apr)ytot?AuctKmeei-? British Hotd, Ihmg"l' i BANGOR. KiT.E OF FREEHOLD HOUSE* AT CAELL EPPA, j BANG 0 Jl. I TO BE soLI) BY AUCTION, BY MR. W. DEW, At the lir.tTlsn HOTF:L, Bangor, on Fruity, the 22n,1 July, '1804, at the hour of l'hree o'clock in the after- noon, subject to conditions then and there to be pro- duced, rI ilTIE foUowiMn' rf'?eut?v Imilt FREEHOLD T HOUSES, aitu?te at (;.tcUepp?, Bangor, vix.: Lot. Tennant, llent. f, s. d. 1. Richard Pritchard 10 0 0 2. William Williams HI 0 0 3. Owen Jolle;.3 111 0 0 4. '¡¡'oma' ,r"ne8 12 0 0 r., Robert Williams 12 0 0 tI. Johll Evans 12 0 7. Un,,(,ul"ieù 14 0 0 8. do M 0 0 n. do 14 0 0 10. John Jones 10 10 0 11. Unoccupied 10 10 0 12. do 10 10 13. William Thomas Itr (I 0 14. 10 0 (I 15. TllOmaR Wi]]jaIllS. 10 0 0 16. Walter Lcwi. 17 0 0 For further particulars, apply to Mr. It. D. Williaiiis, Solicitor. Carnarvon; Rev. John Senar, and Mr. Thos. Morris. BetUesda; or to the Auctioueer, Lritish Hotel, Bangor. AAILWCII, ANGLESEY, TO HE SOLD BY AUCTION, BYMK.W.DEW. AttheDISOMIES ARMS HOTEI., in the town of Amlwch, in the C,?iiiity,.f Atigle,,t??, the 26th day Jn]y,]St!4,atUneC)oekintheA{ternoon, Freehold and !?:)s?-hotd !;st:? and f ,f ?ill,l ill til'),e kid est?,blistie(i WIND and WATER CORN GRIM MILES and PREMISES called MELIN ADDA, toother with several FIŒEHOLD DWELLING [?OUSLS ttti(i GAHDENS adjoining, situate near the J own Amlwch. The above valuable and desirable pro- perties will be divided into Lots as may decided upon at the time of Sale, and Sold accouling to Conditions to be then and there produced. Also, to be Sold a Horizontal Steam Engi_ne nearly New, about 20 Horse Power Boiler and Iuttings, all coniplete and in good working order at the Mills. Particulars may be obtained of the AICTIONEW>, British Hotel, Bangor, and of B. HoosE, Solicitor, Amlwch. SALE BY m. OliMISTON. MONTGOMERYSHIRE- FREEHOLD ESTATE. TO BE sOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ORMISTON, u the WYXNSTAY Alms Iss, Machynlleth, on AVKU- SF-SIHY, July I:Itii, 18ti4, at 4 o'clock in the After- 4 Mi that. Compact Frcebn!d Estate, con- noon, I Ftirnis t,r Tt?ucl!lelitq kiio%v I Asi?-.t the se.eralFarmsorTeuement. know 1 sevcr.dty .? a k Culdyfnog W (J i'i" Caeroeiler ? 2 ™ Pen-y-geulan 7< 1? Hirddo). ? 1 -? Factory House, &.c. 0 1 A. 307 0 30 Together with the extensive right of Sleepwalk, adjo.mng  rarms. Jt is "1',p"sc,l to ?ff'i? the property in the first invoice ?. ?c'?difnotsosoht.thenn'?f.?-on?t;?? of Culdyfnog, Caemeiler. aud Pen-y-geulan, cont.unuig 177a i liVp and Hirddol and Factory containing 129a. ? 'i7) respectively, or iu ?neh other Lot or Lo s a,n Jbe eternnned unon at the time of Sale. TJH E,ht<J iieail?, adjoiuR the 'l'lll'IJl'ih ]load fn'llI lIIaehYIJ- iii(,tli to NN-itIlilL lniles of the fOrIlICl', whrrr  HI"I .1ist:\Ht 12 mil, ? ? nearty adjoiu. the Turnpike "? pre- i:r fiK'r.sarSi A'vs&st °1,. l.eliadof Mr. Ormiston, AVigfair, St. Vsaph o>' *lr. J. Pany .Jone) Húlicitor, Dcnhigh, who | ?U' supply any further information in the ,ne.nt?.e. Denbigh. 8th June, tSt?. A CAKD. A CAlm. lIB. B. WILLIAMS GEE, DENBIGH, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER. SALE BY MR. DAVIES. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. LLANDRILLO YX RHOS, XSAR CONWAY. JIlR, DA VIES Has the pleasure to announce, that he id instructed to SBL L UY AUCTION, At the KRSKISK AUMS HOTKL, in the town of Conwty. ou FlUUW ciu' dav of Jl'l.Y. 3 o'eloek >a tho aft'M'ooon, precisely, su'uject to conditions t > be then pviMue M, ^|lll K lvltole of that <lesir.'il(!<» Freehold I i'rm, called, or known by the name of "Corn f'afr," s iUt.ite in to:- P.u^li of ijlaudriU.> yn J»ao<, near the of I'o.'nv.iy, ei»:»t b.v ftdmrvismvment ^i>a. i»r. ov tliereifbouts, of eapibl arable me-idow and ]»asltuv laud, a 'j■•imn' the Rotates of ']*!>e D ^vvrer Lidy Erkiwi, ArchdiM-'oa .fouc*T,«lin Tromlet Hu*j;he«{. Lq" Uev .)?m J.?.?, J?!i!? II -bore (.itiflith, Ksn'aire, and <'t!?'?. Tliu proi»euy will be ofieved in one Lot, aud if not so in the foil" .via; or :>ue!i stiver /j^ts a>m iy l»eagreed at Ihe time of S dv. A. J: P. Lor 1.-Corn (iafr Totia^e witfr- IU v- iit# ii Tiiis desirable pr. p'-rty adjoins the road Ieadi'r; from the Village of LlandrilK t > Unnrw.it and i< within an eariy walk of the bkiidadn■> Juii-. tion, Oolwyn, ami (dun- satitifr.iid Kliilvay Stati'ifis. It is also situated in a ,f tilt! Principality, and withio m miles tileit commands views o, i'lMimiten- JI);¡wr. ('re^it Ormes [Teial, .)fr. Conway, will s hew the property, ;»iid further irjfora'.ati 'n ma* be obi, lined of the Auctions,* -)\ Jones, Solieitor, i)f,nl>ij,ii. Uannv.-ii. L'^ih dnne, ISOt. SALE BY MESSRS. LEIi'CilLLl) AND North II~a fa.—fmpvrlant Siik of FREEHOLD LANDED .ESIATES in Flintshire ond l)''nbij(Mu)r. MESSRS. I,lv!C!TILT> AND CilKFFFINS Have received instructions to S i.id. by AUCTION^, ai tile 'I'oxv,, I I liliyl, oil TYKSDAY, August Kith, and following day. if at 12 for I o'clock on each dav, iu one or more lots,— AliOUT .;¡OH acres of highly productive   arable pasture, meadov/, and wood LAXD, in the parishes of Caenvys, Yseeitiog, anil Bodt'ari, within con- venient distances of the market town-, and railway sta- tions it Deni'igh, Holywell. St., Asaph, and llhvl. The lots will include several large Farms, and many smaller ones, with suitable homesteads an extensive tract ot thriving woods and plantations several mills and factor ies; nearly the entire ancient borough town o £ Oaerwys, including dwelling-houses, simp.inn-, aud other occupa- tions; together with desirable aeceommoilation laud, surrounding and adjoining the town Also, two valuable manors, with their manorial rights and I)i-ivii(iges, &o, These estates lie compactly together, and are vei, Riiit, able for a single investment. They oiler great attractions to the lover ol field sports in the abundant and well-pre- served head of game, the facilities for fishing in the rivers and pools, and their vicinity to two packs of harriers. Caenvys i, noted for its monthly stock t'airs, which are a great, advantage to the neighbourhood, and will be in- creased and extended on th« completion of the railway from Mold to Denbigh, which will pass through part of the propert"y. Capital roads traverse and give access to all the lots, and those that lie to the south of the town are included in the beautiful aud picturesque viilv of Yseeitiog. Particulars of Sale. with phns of the lots are ill pre- paration, aud may be seen on and after the first of .luiie next, at the nrinein.d fnasandHotek at Caenvys, Den- bigh, Hhyl. St. Asaph, I lolywell, and Chester and may be had ou application to Mr. Bell, agent to the Mostyn Estate, near 'Holywell: to Messrs. Davidson, Carr, aud Bannister, Weaver's Hall, 22, Bassinghall-.street, E.C. of -NewDiall, ?Lti(i -LNeivrii,,iil, 7, King's Bench-walk, Temple, and Yeovil; of Messrs. Law, Hus- Mey,au.t Hu)bert,l".Xc\squarc. Lineo)n's-inn, W.C.; and at the Land, Timber, Auction, and Estate Offices of .Messrs. Leifchild and Cheliins, 02, Mourgate-street, London, E.C. SALES BY MESSRS. DAYIES & ARMOR. FREEHOLD FARM FOR SALE. LLANNEFYDD.DENBIGHSHIRE TO BE SOLD AUCTION, At the BeLl. INN, in Denbigh, on HDNKSDAY, the 13, th, day of Julv, 1804, at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, BY MiCSSRS. DAVIES & ARMOUR, rPH ?T mo?t d?im'.te Farm calbl 15UAIITH BACH 1 in the pArMh of Lhuinefydd. in the County of Deu. bigli, now occupied by David Vaughan, under all annual Tenancy, terminable in the Spring of 1865, and contain- ing Ola. Ir. 5p. statute measure. The road from Den- bigh to Llannefydd passes near the property, which is bounded by the EHtate" of George Griffith, Esq., Towns- hend Mainwaring, Esq., Brownlow Wynne Wynne, Esq., John Lluyd Wynne, Esq., The Rev. John Roberta, Mr. Tiiivina. of Bodvssraw Isat', and others. There are suitable F.uin-house and Buildings in good repair Oil the property, and the whole is highly improv- able, being within short distances of Coal and Lime, within one mile from the Village of Llannefydd, 5 tniles from the town of Denbigh, which is the terminus of the Vale of Ciwvd Railway, and where the best markets and fairs in North Wales are held, and being also distant r; miles from the Trefuant Station on that line, and about <J miles from the celebrated Bathing place at Hhyl, on the Chester and Holyhead Railway. It presents a fine site for it good house commanding views of the Vale of Clwyd down to the Sea. It has on it a good Coppice of Timber, aud stands in a district well supplied with Game, being surrounded oy Estates where it is strictly preserved. Any further information may be obtained on applica- tion to the Auctioneers at Denbigh to Thomas Hughes, Esquire, 2, Blair-Street, Liverpoo);orto Mr. Richard Williams, Solicitor, Vale Street, Denbigh; who will ap- point a person to shew the property, and with whoma map of it may be seen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY THE MESSRS. DAVIES AND ARMOR, At the i>CLL INW, Denbigh, on MO.VIMY, the 18th of Julv, at 4 o'clock iu the afternoon, rniiK PAlm. called I'entforddwr, in the X Parishes of Llanynys ami Llanrhaiadr, in the County of Denbigh, in the following Lots Lot 1. The House and Otit-l)iiil,liiigs of PL-iiffor(l(lw! with 33a. 2r. 2p. or thereabouts of Lund, all within a ring fence. Lot 2. The Field opposite the crossing over the Railway, measuring about ?a. ?r. Op. Lot 3. Those two Fields over the ro?(I from Lot 2, lying be- tween the road and the Railway, measuring about M. Xr. 30p. Lot 4. That field which is opposite Lot 8, over the Railway, measuring about lia. 2r. 20p. Lot o. That piece of Land over the road from Lot 4. measur- ing about 0a. 3r. Op. Lot 0. That Field which borders upon the old road from Ruthin to Llanrhaiadr. uiououriiig about la. 2r. Sip. i Lot 7. The Field. Cottage, and Meadow, belonging to Pen- fforddwr. in the Parish of Llanrhaiadr, measuring about 11a Sr. 24u„ within a ring fence. Lot 8. That piece of Land lying contiguous to the Llanrhaiadr station, being pait of 'Penftoiddw,, measuring about la. 2r 20ji. !1. Lot fl. About.1.1. ;ir. 27p. of Meadow Land, being part of a large meadow, witliin half a mile of Lot. 7. The whole of the land is exceedingly fertile, and lias an enchanting inland view. Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, o, and 0, are within about half a mile to the Rhewl Station, on the Vale of Clwyd Railway, with S good road thereto.. Lot 7 lies withiu less than a quarter (If it irtile to the Llanrhaiadr station -san.e railway. Lot S is very well adapted for the erection of a Hotel. As the Ruthin and Corwen Railway is on the point, of being opened, these lots are so central with regard to Railway convenience as any part of Noith Wa)es It has j also the advantage of being sheltered troni the keen easterly winds, which iu cold weather is against the cli- mate of the seashore part of the euuntry; wlole its proximity for Railway to Rhyl, one of the nrst watering places in the kingdom, renders it a most desirable spotior the erection of villas. I Bricks and lime in the neighbourhood. The Tenant at Peufforddwr will show the premises, Vos^suon will be given on the lat of October. SALE by Meww^-CIIUIITOX & ELPHICK. _H uitjfjyL, NOItrii WALES. i v. 1- •' SA 1.1, of a Modern and most admirably arranged. I REK- in Ru-setl Road, in the-rapidly improving and fahinl1. able \"H:r!I[: Pi tee, wish immediate p -o c-eoii. MEiJTlS. CTLURTON AND ELPHICK Have tho pleasure I.T> ^n'vria-v that they h IVJ been in- L\ld} j! submit to ON, XAL\k M'tY^FpBLJC' "A UCT.I <>lf, <; n Att')f-&'YALU()?:f< iUiyl. on TIT.OOAY, -My t?th. ?u? I'Ijii,:t f?ir? iii ,he Af,.cr:ic)oi, jnmetnan.y. iuOue ftnd subjeef t'r> sa/li, Coiiditior.* of S tic as v.*dl ^i\cu bV j'Voa.v^d, A N tiWlA' iim-teii :ubl Exlfl'melr I'onven- ??icn<.b'A!j!.f.YjHL-t[i?,'<(.'t'nH;iu..n?ML.?.h- staiitial iHHiim-r t for lite aa<I lcLMid- 1." of f??n'it'. li couigin* JJ;ur.:nce M:t]!?.t;<!w!t!fj':t:e.?tt'nf"t'?t,j? ti)M) Di?u:?j?..w:!tg,.n).)T!n.).kf:):'t" Kooms, Kut.Iev's Pantry .Si'UX'-r«v>:n,v Chinft C!" -vet;' two exeallent 'Kttt?ijM  ?t?'it:'?P'<t'<r.??''t'R<'? »nd Dr,in,; K.M?.y?<M  Mf'?'<-?<?<?:M? 'P"?" t'?, ''Wit? t'X''?!t?'?'?'t!'t?'?''?!t'?<?' TL U wfeil -Al/ulerir■ Grates.M»rble Chi!J"I.1" Piec- 1 stafiils i? the nndstiof ajcf'-atly lwvtt Uard eaclosed by a haiui- some li- n Palisades, at the rear ot the pivmU-i provision lias boen f"i* tlie eree^on of :1 :1 11 C'^eli- houae. h «ve not In.-en o^enpivd, but they aiv quite ooifiph'te, and iinni"diat'J' may be had. S, n -Any furtlu-r parlienhirs may be iiad f1'11 Atr. P. I'. William:), S di.'itor, Khyl, or tii-i Auctioneers at Chester. FLINTSHIRE. j <SVc or !}t)> hi;/ii!>t hit Frvh .'hl fitI E"t(ife (r ll'K (f ion 11,111ye, tion.<, cxten luv.i !<> ur,-v-trd* Arret, idiu'itc in t!,<• p {"tJ of Xorlh'tp an l Jl i:c iriL-n, ncti' f.'ic Fcfi'i; Q<ui;i Sttt'i->vi and }Vivii-t\x, irith the r i<u ill' Sc>>ti<f Ch/7, Iron- c?)??, ft??c??'?.V?tt-i t hrr(c.)td',r. M?-?RS. C!H'Hl'dN AND [,U'HWK Have the honour to annoum-1 tla HIP' ave instrn^red b> fiRfj;- BY AUCTfOX, at the Un>-n ifofcl, «Vster 3^ailwavStation,e»n SATI'HDaV.i he 2 lr I dav July. ?'? atun"t))'t\v??\')"hp.i.,)u"'t)''?urt.??y. in the l(lt set JOJ.th in the !wÚttod ptrtkllhl': of N. Jc. <?' LI one h't"t'st].h"th'!)'i!'t?:?lht'vc??h'f''?a??.?.?:t!t.' ((ete::niue upon ;U t!i" time of sale, and ll\k. t iiueh ceaditions as w:ll tnuu l»c produced, T11K W.-l'll;') ii A LL KSTAi' a v.'ry heauti- jL fill Fi\>eh »ld Ile^id.aitial Pivpertv, sita;;te in the par<shfsof Northopur.d Ifav/nfilen. in ;li" eaunty of Flint, about one raile from the Queen's Ferry Station, on thr Ohe^ter.-jsid H.dvhe:!d fiaihvav, ei^ht milesiVoi,i tliecityof ("Chester, And four tll(, ]"Iilit it Collipre- hends a MansiorfrH')tis« suited to the requirements of a lar^o family, with allueedfulontollices, stabling, coach and harness houses, cow houses, piggeries, hay tofts,garden- er's cottage, and other oouverne/ices, Hower aud kitchen gardens, landing in the midst of a finely timbered park, commanding extremely fine views of the estuary of the River Pee, part of Cheshire, and the surrounding eoiui- i try, the woodlands ami plantations which form a boun- dary of nenrly two miks in extent, add greatly tf, the Estate, and afford excellent coverts for game. It com- prehends in the whole 782 STATUTE ACRES, divided into convenient sizeu Farms, having capital homesteads, and in the lt,tit(l.i of a highly respectable ten- antrv, at very low rents, together with the Water Corn Mill. Public House (known as The Custom Huiise Ta- vern "), and several small Tenements, Cottages, Gardens, &c. The Estate is surrounded and intersected by^ond turn- pike and other roads, the Connah's Quay and Buckley- Haihvay passes through it. and sevei.d proposed railways will clostdy approximiite it, one of whi:h when made will bring it ill direct communication with the town of Liver- pon1. As it Mineral Estate competent authorities have reported verv highly, it is known to contain SEzl-NIS OF COAL, UtONS'VON'K, and other valuable Mine.; and Minerals foi which, from its situation near to several railways, and to the wharves on the River Dee, render it peculiarly valuable. life present tenant of the Mansion House, Park, kc., Itaf given notice to quit on the fíth of October next, so that if purchased for occupation early possession ill;iy lie or us an investment it offers advantages rarely to be met with, and the certainty of a greatly increasing pros- pective value. The pmchaser will be required to take the growing timber on the Estate at a valuation, which will be pro- duced at the sale. N.IS.-Richard AVilliams thewoodm.inat ivepi-c, will show parties over the Estate. vWP Printed particulars with plans may be had, and any further information obtained, by applying to Messrs. Hooke, Street, and Inn-Fields, Ldndon Messrs. Potts and Roberts, Holici tors,, Chester; NIr. Husband. Solicitor, Cuthbert Build- ings 14, (flayton Square, Liverpool; or from Messrs. Chur- ton and Elphick, Auctioneers. Chester, and Whitchurch, Shropshire. MERIONETHSHIRE. Sal, of ve ii "itlil)oi,t:ttit Freehold Property, kuowll as the Tyfos Estate, situate ill the valley of the River Dee. be- tween Cnrwen and Bala comprising the Manor of Ty- fos, and up\Varlls of 857 acres of fine land, abounding with game, and close to the proposed station at Llan- drillo, on the Railway now being made from Corwen to Bala. MESSRS. CIIUltTON AND ELPHICK Have the gratification to announce that they have been instructed to submit to KALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on WEDNKSDAY the 3rd of AcursT. IktH, at I for 2 o'clock p.m. most punctually,.at the QUEEX'S HOTEL, CHESTEH RAILWAY STATION, in three lots, TH E MANOR or reputed Manor of TVFflS, with the very important Freehold Estate, extend- ing to upwards of 8o7 Acres of Aratde. Meadow, Pasture | and Wood Land, in the Township of Tyfos and Gwnodl, in Die parishes of Llandrillo and Llangar, in the county of Merioneth, divided into several convenient sized Farms, with suitable Farm Houses and Buildings there- on. The Estate is situato iu the midst of the beautiful Vale of Edernion, and the River Dee bounds the property on the southern side for nearh two miles. It is about five miles from Corwen, and sovtfn from Bain, both good market towns," and the proposed .Station at Llandrillo, on the Railway, now in cour.se of construction to Bala, will be distant about half-a-mile, thereby bringing this Estate within a fQw hours' journey from all the important towns in England. There is at present daily communication by coaches to'Llangollen .Station. rJwre are upwatcls of -1 J aercs of fine growing Timber on the property, which will be included in tho sale. The Estate is well stocked with Game anll Water Fowl, and there is excellent Fishing in the River Dee and in tli(,, Lake. The .present rental of the Estate is £ 500, hut that is no criterion of its value, the agricultural; resources of the property not having been developed; but by the judicious outlay of capital in drainage,lime, and other permanent improvements, a very considerable increase in the rental may be relied on. The tithe, rent charges, land-tax, parochial and other rates on the property, are ycry lllw. The mineral l'e- sources are said to be of considerable value,slate and slab veins having already been discovered, for ti "I,I ing of which there is ample water power. The property is sittiiteit) the midst of some of the finest scenery in North Wales, and presents many beautiful sites for the erection pf villa residences. Particulars, with plans and conditions of sale, may be obtained of Messrs. Barker, Bowker, and Peake, solki. tors. J, Gray's-inn-square, London Messrs. Helps and Parker, solicitors, (,'hestor Mr, R. U Peacock, solicitor, South-square, Gray's-inn, London at the principal Hotels io North Wales and from Messrs. Churton and j Elphick, auctioneers, at their olfices iu Chester, and 1 Whitchureh, Shropshire. j TO BE SOLD CHEAP, 4 Strong w?)) bui't PHOTON, in ?o<] con- £ dition.— Apply at the office of this paper. A, clitioil.-Aliply at the offi(!e of this I)a l )Cl- FREEHOLD LAND FOR SAL! THE Trustees of Baudot- Grammar School are open to receive Tenders for the purchase oftha undermentioned Properties by Private Treaty. 1st A portion o: the Bangor Land, being (with a femall exception) the whole of the Fields lying between the School House and the Sea, and containing 13a. or there- abouts. This Property is advantageously situated for Building upon, and for the purposes of Ship-building and otherV?d?. having .t fr.mta-?et?tfie tiftchnf .tfto fect. ?id.A'FarmeaUedt'apel-Euddoginthel'anshot. Manwentwyfo. Anglesea. containing ab.?ut 12 Acres, and in the oct-iipation of a Yearly Tenant at the Rent of J:;I2. All Tenders must be sent in before, the 1st of August xext to the undersignod, aud if any Tenders that may be accepted, by the Trustees, will be subject to the approval of the Charity Commissioneis. Forfurther particulars applv to, Mr. J. William Hughes, Banjor, the Secretary to the fiusteec. I n_ GRIFFITH DAVIES, HIGH STREET, BANCO R. t DEPARTMENTS. SILKS DlMv^KS 1 SHAWLS MANTLES SKIRTS CORSETS HATS BONNETS RIBBONS PARASOLS I MIT.LTNEUV & lILOWEJlS I HOSiKitY ti LOVES LACES I I HABERDASHERY TIUMMIKCS i I -+ WOOLLENS (Wit PETS BLANKETS SHEETINGS TABLE LINENS COUNTERPANES, &e. PAPER HANGINGS & DECORATIONS. (BOOT AND SHOP, ESTABLISHMENT, :m. HIGH STREET, BANGOR, I T| SA.V KOI'El'TS Ttp^s to inform h?C?st?uo's, Visitors. nndthepuMtcin?n?'? that he has constantly on hind f. large assortment of Ladiei'. Ci'taleim tiV, and Children's, Bo..t)nd SttuM boH FreDch and En?)M). i)! f'Tcrf v?riciv .srit? to the requirement-, '? t in' ?jpt?n. and of the LA FL.? FASHIONS, Genthsmen !'?v:MS their Orders ('¡;n M:y "n obt:.iniu a r'dly i1 irst^'la-s arUdc. at a Mottc?tc lc.. +- THE AP0rHE3.iiBIE8 SAM., BANGOR. _41 t.f' ??:&? K. HUGHES, h. u .& i'J, L,M IS T !• AMILV AND DlSPRNSfXC CHEMIST, THE Ai'Onn'CAKiiiS' I' AI. I., MARKET PLACE, B A F 50E, T8 N jiiitpimiciiiir the Onenini' of ili Kstniilislniera. k: ri'sj.i'c'tully to state that his STOCK OF DRUGS'is pure, fresh, and eaieful'v selected, and hi* CifliMFCALS and PHARMACEU- TICAL PREPARATIONS are ohtuned from tlie first iz iu England. He hopes his knowxedge of the i.. Knghut.). He )'.? p M ht-) kn.wiedgeufthe business icnined by many ye.ir>' cxp -ri(III(le iu Englaad, ales, H" Du},1in, combiuod with unremitting personal at- tent-iuu, will merit confidence find approval/ PHYSICIANS' AND FAMILY Bli.IPKi A. CCURATELY DrvrI«SnPEr.Ni»S-.Er'iD\. All Pl'Cw riptiona dispensed at this EstaMishmcnt iiil numbered :ti it registered in a book of reference, and the tht bbd and ill jirevcnt any delay in case of sudden illness. A :ioice ,f Enylish and F, reign Perfumery. l-irOHEy CELEBRATED MONA BOL'^i^ST.-This delight/'ul and agreeable Perfume possesses a peculial, fragrance, and is greatly admired for its lichuess and durability.—In Bottles, Is., lis. fid., and 5s. Jill ROYAL WELSH YACHT CLUB REG A T T A, CARSASVOH. USDER T11K PAT RON AC! K OF HIS ROYAL II10UNF.SS THE PRINCE OF WALES RIGHT HONOURABLE LORD WILLOUtUIBY D'ERESBY. C'IMM01)i)RK. C?). t". Hon. E. 0. D. PENNANT, M.P., I vicr.-R0MJI0D0RE. ?Sir!B. W. BCLKELEV, Bart., M.P., JiKAB-tX-MMf-ponB. -LLEWELYN TURNER, Es.p TI HE ANNUAL REGATTA will take place on Tuesday, August the 9th, 1864 111ST OF PRICES. I. A PIECE OF PLATE, value 40 Guineas. Open to botutiile sea-going Yachts belonging to Royal Yacht Clubs' No centre boards allowed. Entrance, n Is. 2. A PIECE OF PLATE. value a» Guineas, to lie sailed for by decked sea-going adds belonging t to tlie. dBoya Welsh Yacht Club. Kutrance, 10s. lid. 3 SAILING BO \TS PURSE of 8 Sovereigns.—A first Prize of 5 Soverei, gns, a second Prize of 3 Sovercigns, to be sailed for bv Own Boats, belonging to Watermen, and not exceeding 25 feet.. keel. Entrance 2s Gll. 4 AM Vl'EUl'S' FLVLH. v,tliie 20 Guineas, to be run for by hhi iliJe Foi,r-,i,trotl Racing Boats, to be rowed and stc»red bv Gentlemen Amateurs not more than two crews from one Club allowed. Entrance, 2s Od. per oar. 5 JUVFKILR AMVl'tSDRS* PLATE value 10 Guineas, ottered by tho Carnarvon Rowing Club, to be run for by Four-oared Boats, t. be rowed and stec-rp.) by Gentlemen under lH Year, of Age. Entrance, 2s. Cd. each Boat. In this Rare the ('lub reserve to themselves the right of classifying the Boats allowed to run. ti PRIZf. FOR MEN OF WAR, YACHT, AND OTH ER GIGS, Purse of 5 Sovereigns.—A first Prue of 4 Soverei°gns and a second Prize of 1 Sovereign, to berur. for by Four-oared boats. To be rawed in heats. Entrance. 2s. Gil each Boat. The Club reserve the right of Clasnfying the Boats allowed to run in this Race. 7. PRIZE FOR FO I R-OARED GIGS, ot 8 Sovereigns. -A tirst Prize of 5 Sovereigns, ami a secoit(I Prize of 3 Sovereigns, to be run f(w by Four oared Boats belonging to all eoniois. To be run iu heats. Gentlemen Amateurs excluded. Entrance, 2s. (id. each Boat. iI. A PAIR-OA It RACE. -A SILIv JACK, to be rowed for by Gentlemen Amateurs without a Steer"man. The Club reserve the right of classifying the Boats. (I, A PAlR-OAR R AC E for Punts, rowed by two Oar.,men and a Coxsw-,)iii.-A firgt Pri, ze of a soverei.gn and a se. con?l Prize )f Ten BhjIJ;IJ" ?'"?0 A PUNT KACE for One Sovereign. -A fu?t Prixe of Fifteen Shillings, ? seeoad Prize of Five ShiUings. To be run for bv Two-oared Punts, each Punt to he rowed by one Rower, without a Coxswain. No Entrance Money. 11. RACE. 12. A DUCK ilu;,r. II. SCULLERH'S UNT. IN ALL MATCHES THREE MUST START OR NO RACE. A GRAND DISPLAY OF FIRE WORKS IN THE CASTLE. A Band will perform during the Regatta and Fire Works. The Competitors must enter their Vessels or Boats with the Secretary, on or before Six o'clock p.m., on Monday the 8th of August, after which double Entry will be charged up to Nine o'clock p.m., on the same day, when the Entries will be finally closed. Those who are unable to attend personally, are requested to communicate in writing the Name, Port, Rig, and Tonnage, old measurement, or Keel's Length of their Vessel; and, to state distinctly the Prize or Prizes for wich they intend to compete, and the distinguishing Flag they propose to carry. All Letters should be addressed (post free) to the Secretary, at the Royal Welsh Yacht Club Hon.e. The proceed- ings to commence at Eleven o'clock a.m. N.R.-It is most earnestly requested that no Yaeht or other Vessel or Boat, not engaged in the Races, will cross the Kacin" Vessels during the Matches and that to prevent mistakes, they will not carry colours at the Mast-head. G. R. REES, Hon. Sec. SALES BY MR. GEORGE FELTON. CAEN ARV ON SHIRS.—NORTH. WALES. CHARMING FREEHOLD ESTATE OF S '? A 68 ACRES FOR SALE, with tuitalk Re- sidence, in Ornamental Grounds, Homestead, S)-c., hi the delightful Vale of Coiwai/ MR. GEORGE FELTON Announces that he has been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, At the Erskine Arms Hotel, in the town of Conn,ay. on Friday, the 15th day of July, 18(11, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be then pro- duced, ALL that <=ir)?)hu'!v-chM-mins: FreehoM'? ?]L Rc.?t'ntnt Estate called PIAS IOLYN, situate in the parishes of Gyilln and LJangclynin, in thc?unty of Carnarvon, and containing by admeasurement (17 a. 1 r. Hop., or thereabouts, of rich and fertile Arable and Meadow Land. The House contains entertaining and sleeping rooms, and all requisite domestic omœ for L family "f respect. ability, and stands in the midst of Omamental Gl'uunJ" i and Plantations, with approaches from both the upper | and lower main roads leading from Conway to Llanrwst. j There are beautiful springs of Witter on the premises. The land is rich and fertile, and in a high state of cultiva- tion and the Homestead lies at a convenient distance of about 100 vards from the house. The property, which is surrounded by the estates of The Dowager Ladv Erskine, Sir Richard Bulkeley. Bart., Dr. Edwards, anil others, is most delightfully situated in the far-famed Vale of Conway, and commands full views of the expansive and enchanting s ienery around it, stretching forth to the magnificent range of Carnarvon- sti-ete l lili,, f,,i iti,re. of shire Hills, which forms its back ground. It is within mile" of the lilIP old town of Conway, which is a first class station on the Chester and Holyhead Railway and within ti miles of Llandudno, the most fashionable water- plitee Oil tlio NVVISIL cuast. The rivers and lakes in the immediate neighbourhood afford ample sport, for lovers of the rod and line; and altcetber it is a highly desirabl e property, and offers an opportunity of secuvini, a charming little Freehold rarely to I)e iliet xvitli, It will lie oliered in Lots, Lithographed plans ot which, with p.iticulars, may be had a fortnight prior to the day of Sile, at the principal Hotels in Conway, Llan- rwst, and Llandudno; of Mr. William Hughes, solicitor, 1 Castle-strcet. Conway; or of Mr, George Felton, Aue- toneer and Surveyor, Mostyn Estate Office, Llandudno. will lit- (:"1.. op1 en Jl!I.Y *-). ItflM. Principal, Dr. VVAY3IOUTH. Plas Llabfigiiel, June 27, 1S64. ?KAUMAI!!S SCHOOL Re-Opens on WX- ? ? HAY, August 8, at Eight p.m. RICHARD H. HILL. D.C.L., Head Master.  ?trj.??!?\Y'SPu7?FLLn)MA(.E8!A ?s is recommended by Phy,icians since 1807, for iNk, Ac?lities and Iadi.t/estiun—They al>o order his Cordial Camphor (3 grs, per ox. ) as the best restorative far ;'f.;t lierves, or Slow ferev*Tlis Lemon S.wt'i', mixed with either Pliti(i fol-nis it b)-i'sk Apert'eitt for any age-bottles )so and 28. 6d. To guard against fill." liquids, Patmtees; Utbels are subscribed "Sir J. Ifi4rruip, Phitsicina to the I Lard Liftt." I LLANDUDNO. TO CABI-N ET NfkKER-S AND PARTIES FURBISH- ING GENERALLY. Extensive and highly attractive Sale of elegant and superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising numerous Dining, Drawing, -sitting Room and Bedroom suites, in Walnut Wood, Mahogany, and polished Birch; a large assortment of Metallic Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding of every description, handsome Pierglasses, &c.. &e., being the.Stock-in-Trade of Mr. Win Allen. Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, Mostyn Street, Llraduduo, Unihv n deed of As»iiini/Unt for the bwlit of Creditors, MR, (SEORGE PNLTON Has been instructed to SgLL BY AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises, as above, on TI;KSIIAV antl WEDNKSDAY, the 12th aud Hth of Jcxv, 18fi4, rilllK Whole of the well-selected and sub- i stantially manufactured Stock-iu-l'rade of FURNI- TURE AND CABINET GOODS eonRistiug of 3 elegant Drawiug Koom suites in carved w.dnut wm d. each com- rrisin? ?; chairs S<-wi? and Easy Chairs and Settee, I upholstered in green ani1 crimson rep walnut wood Cen- tre TaUcs. with dcai oval tops and oiMoth covers six beautiful walnut ('he/f"nie"" with panelled doors filled in with plate glass, and shaped moulded marble tops on carved consoles; several elegant London-made walnut wood Cabinets, with gilt enirchments; a handsome wal- nut wood Lady's Wardrobe, with plate glass centre panel, and handsome cornice and itlo,ildiiigs tell large-sized and brilliant Pierglasses in moulded and enriched gilt frames; walnut in-laid. Chess, Work, Coffee, and Sofa Tables; Fancy and occasional Chairs a number of Birch Ameli- r.I.IW(BNY mNJNGIWOM & SITTING ROOM SUITES, comprising several sets of substantial Chairs, with moveable hair seats, carved easy Chairs in hair and leather handsome and elegant mahogany Sofas and Couches, with richly carved backs and elbows several massive carved Sideboards and Chelfoniers Dining and Loo Tables Mahogany Dumb-waiter on reeded supports, on castors; mahogany Secretaire Bookcase and Bureau; polished birch, mahogany, and Gilt Cornices and Poles, with enriched tinials polished oak and mahogany Hall Furniture handsome Bedroom Suites in mahogany and polished birch, comprising numerous sets of elegant half- tester p.edst calls, with carved footposts, enriched Foot- boards and moulded Cornices, massive mahogany'and po- lished birch < ')test of Drawers and Toilet Drawers, Wash- stands aud Toilet Stands circular, oval, and square Toilet Glasses, on twisted supports and marble stands; Napkin Airers nnd Commodes. A large assortment of superior and handsomely finished Metallic Bedsteads, in every variety of form, size, and colour and also a number of sets of excellent Paiuted Bedroom Furniture; new Br.issells and Kidderminster Cai petting and Felt Druggetts; Lobby and Floor Oil. cloths and Mattings, and Hall door Mats a great number of well made Curled Hair. Eloek and Wool Mattrasses, and .Straw Palliasses; a few excellent leather Beds and numerous prime Feather Bolsters and Pillows; Bronze Cast Fenders a quantity of Materials and Timber for Cabinet work. most useful to the trade; together with the whole of the Household Furniture, Beds, Bedding, aud Kitchen Requisites now ill use, Chandeliers aud Gas Fittings, and other valuable effects. Oil view the morning of each day of Sale. Catalogues of the whole may be had five days prior thereto, and further particulars in the meantime on ap- plication to Henry Kitson, Esq., solicitor, Wolverhamp- ton Messrs. W: H. Reece and Farrant, solicitor, Llan. I dudno or of Mr. George Felton, Auctioneer ulld Survey- ot. Mostyn EstaW Offices, Llandudno.