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RHYL. SUPPER BY MR. HEALING.-On Monday evening last, Mr. Healing, the well-kqiown auctioneer, and proprietor 'of the George Hotel, invited upwards of forty friends [mostly railway officials] to a grand supper at the Dud- ley Arms Hotel, for the purpose of celebrating the fortieth anniversary of his wedding-day. Mr. Healing himself sat at the head of the table, and Mr. Williams, station-master, occupied the vice-chair. A very pleasant evening was spent. IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS. The annual meeting of the Commissioners, for the passing of accounts, &c was held on Friday, the 24th ult. Present—Rev. Hugh Morgan; Messrs. Wm. Hil- ditcb, Edward lloberts, Henry Parry, Thomas Roberts, J. R. Jones, Wm. Thomas, Edward Vaughan, Thomas Healing, E. Powell Jones, W. Wynne, Belvoir Hotel, J. Williams, ironmonger, Wm. Morris, builder, John Jones, Dolaweu. Mr. Hilditch was unanimously elected chairman of this day's meeting. The TOWN CLERK said the meeting had been called to receive the report of the Finance Committee held on the 21st ult., and to order that a rate be made at the July meeting of the Commissioners to meet the expenditure of the ensuing year. The CHAIRMAN read a minute account of the town ex- penditure during the past year, the total amount of which appeared to be £ 1348 12s. The total amount of receipts was zCl343 16A. 3Jd. The estimates for the ensuing yearwere then carefully gone through. Each item was well considered; and although a little knotty discussion ensued on some of them, they were ultimately unanimously passed without any alteration whatever. Ample provision is made at, we presume, the least possible expense, to place the promenades, the roads, drainage, lamps, &c., of the town, in good order, at an estimated expense of £ 1413 ^s, 3d. A sum of jEliiO is included in that estimate towards purchasing a fire engine for the town, in addition to the £30 subscribed by the Insurance Companies. The CHURKAN said that out of £1414 7a. 3d. proposed to be expended for the ensuing yeat, it was calculated that £218 would be received from market dues, sc., therefore they had only to provide a rate for X1200 and a rate of 2F3. in the pound upon Z120000 on asse88a. property would produce that money, and leave a sum ot about 1:5 more than they should require. It was unanimously resolved— That a statement of the accounts [when auditedj be printed fordistribution, and that notice be given through- out the town of the intention of the Commissioners at the next monthly meeting, July 8th, to levy a rate of two ehillings in the pound on the estimated rateable value of the property within the township; and that an estimate for the year lies for inspection at the Commis- sioners' office." In the ourse of the meeting, Mr IIKALINO said, with reference to the roads, that if a practical surveyor w, appointed, say at a salary of X30 a year, to devote his attention to thfm, instead of entrusting them to a committee of inexperienced men in matters of that description, the Commissioners would thereby save a large amount of money.. Mr POWELL JONT.S observed that the Road Commit- tee, including Mr. Healing, were all practical men, and were perfectly capable of superintending the stale of the roads. Mr. HEAI.I'IG said lie xvokild not be t surveyor; he would not presume to be what he was not. It Was es- sential, in his opinion, that a Surveyor of Roads should be appointed in lihyl. The CHAIRMAN said the subject would be a proper one to be mooted at the monthly meeting. Mr. HEALING then said he should give notice of it at the next monthly meeting. Mr. HEALING also drew Attention to the necessity or having an efficient weighing machine in the m u-ket, and the importance of requesting the keeper to produce an exact account of the money received for weighing. 1 he revenue, iu that respect, should be far greater than it is at present. at ?he matter was then referred to the Market Hall Com- mittee. The CHAIRMAN remarked that he was glad to see such unanimity at this meeting, and he only hoped the Com- missioners would shew the same unanimity when the subject of adopting the Local Government Act was brought forward. [Laughter.] PENRTIYN DEUDRAETH. Amongst the successful caudidates who have passeo the tlegree of M.A. in tile late examination of the Uni, versity of London, we are glad to find the name of the Rev !) Evaus, Penrhyndeudraeth, formerly student in the Calvinistic College, Bala. Thus was the last of a series of examinations, iu which Mr. Evans acquired himself with credit, having gained a place in the First Division at each of those, together with honours in hu- glish Literature, and in Logic and Moral Philosophy on two different ocoasiona. PORTMADOC. MARRIAGH OF MISS E. J. COOKE, ABERIA. On Wednesday last the marriage of the second daugh- ter of W. Fothergill Cooke, Esq., took place at Penrhyn- (leudraetti-tlle l,i-i(legr,),)iLi being Major Andrews, of the Royal Artillery (commanding at Devonport), who greatly distinguished himself in the Crimea during the late Russian war. Mr. Cooke, himself, has immobilized his name M the practical inventor of the Electric Telegraph and locally, during the past two years or so, he has resided at Aberia, a marine mansion of surpassing beauty, and within about a mile of Portmadoc, where he has won "goldeu opinions" of all classes of the inhabi^ tants by his straightforward and gentlemanly conduct and bear- itig. As might have been expected, the auspicious occasiou was taken advantage of by the people of the district to manifest their good feeling and respect for the family and rejoicings took place at Portmadoc, Penrhyndeu- draeth, Treinadoc, and Festiniog—in which latter place Mr. Cooke is the chief proprietor of one of the quar- ries. In Portmadoc, flitgs were hoisted from Mr. Mathew's slate-yard, Mr. W. Lloyd's, draper, Mr. Lloyd's, furni- ture dealer, and by others and at Penrhyn the ohildren of the British and National Schools were treated to an excellent tea with the customaiy adjuncts. Arches were also erected, in the last-named village, tastefully orna- mented and one or two arches were likewise erected at Festiniog. A most beautiful arch was also made near to-the Aberia mansion, by Mr. Warren, farm bailiff and garden- er, consisting chiefly of poles wreathed with purple heath flowers, and surmounted by Pampas grass, which had a most unique and beautiful appearance. There was also a very nice arch near to Deudraeth Castle, in houour of the occasion, and under which the wedding party had to go and return from the Church. This argh was most chaste and elaborated, and in the centre was suspended a circlet of flowers, in the middle of which was a monogram of the names of the Bride and Bridegroom-" A. C." In short, there was ,scarcely any part of the district but what had some mark of rejoicing and sign of re- spect. We may add that Major Andrews has a world-wide fame. For his brilliant services in the Crimea, he has received the Sardinian medal, also the star of the French Legion of Honour, the 5th class of the Turkish of Med- jii, and several others. He was also commissioned by her Majesty to offer the model gun to the Emperor of the French -which of itself speaks volumes as to the estimation in which the gallant Major must be held by his countrymen. Mr. Bolland, of Chester, supplied and superintended the wedding breakfast, and everything went off as joy- fully as a marriage bell." COSCERT.-On Wednesday evening last Mr. Walter Hay, of Shrewsbury, gave a concert in the National School-room, to a very thin attendance, we are sorry to say. The instrumental music was superior to anything which we ever heard in Wales, and quite took the na- tive" musicians aback. The vocal performances were but mediocre. WOMBWBLL'S MENAGERIE.—'This fine show visited Portmadoc on Thursday last, and a very fine collection it was. We had no particulars before our last parcel was sent off; but we have no doubt but what the "show" was well patronised.

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