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Otiiovia House.. Mrs. Charl&worth Private, Centre Vale. Mf J. Jones Tin Thomas Nelson. Patricrofl, ManehMter Kiss Percivnl, Runcorn )(11. Eliza Percival, Cheshire Mr, Mrs, and Miss Trevitt, Mauchosier Mr John Starkcv, jnn. ditto Mr and Mrs Alfred Hartley, ditto 1 Gloddaeth TerrMe. Mr. Cobb. Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family, Grove Park, Liver. pool 2 I. Miss Hughes Mines Lowe. Bridge House, Shrewsbury 3 Mrs Owens Mrs and Misses Rea, Northumberland Master Rea, Bremen Miss Grimes, Covent-y Miss S Sutton, ditto Plas Tmwr. Fred. Drabble. Esq. Private Victoria Gardens..Mr Hewitson Acanthus House. Miss Hall TY GWYN ROAD. Mr T. Williams, dispensing chemist I. Mr. S. Leach. Mr Hueh Prichard Plas Tirionrs. D. Williams. £ Lloyd E'q, and Mrs Lloyd and family, Walton, near Liverpool Rev Maurice Day, Worcester Mrs Day and family, do J Bryn Teg.Mr J. Rawling Xre Butel and family- Derby Rose Hill Cottage. Rock Villa..Mr. J.Hughes Private. Plait Tudno. W. H. Reece, Esq. Private Plas Ucha.Miss Jones TY ISSA COTTAGES. t Mr (it-itfiths, joiner Mrs Morgan and family, Stonebtidge, Worcestershire 2 %ir Richard Robertti Mr John Hunt, Alcester Mr and Mrs W Owen, Fageley, Staffordshire I Mr W C Owen, Wolverhampton Mrs Mellor and daughter. Staffordshire Mise Bramall, Ashton under Lyne 3 Mr. R. Owen, slate merchant Mr and Mrs W H Downes, Sheffield Mr and Mrs A Newton Breoke, Cheltenham Miss H Cititer, Birmingham Miss Owen Faieley, Staffordshire Miss Westbeook, Bentworlh 1 Trevor Cottage .Mr. Huftbea Mr. Mrs. and Misses Mnitland, Liverpool Miss K-ite Maitland, Aberdean Mrs Kneen, Isle of Man 2 Mr. James Thomas VAUGIIAN STREET. Dinam H<w.«\ .Misa Parr Mr John M ck, Macclesfield Mrs Meek, do Misses Mack, do Master J W Meek, do Miss Etchells, do Mrs Croft and family, Ribbleton Miss Brown, Radholme Miss Gatteiall, Preston Jtothbury House—Mr. Linley, Mias Mary Copelaud, l'rincees Park, Liverpool Rev Dr Vislier, Liverpool Mr Ashton, Seaforth Messrs J and C De Costa, Great Crosby Mr and Mrs Pennefeather Lloyd, Herbert-place, Dublin Grotsvcnor House—Mr. R. Ellis. Xr and M rs Parker, Rochdale Mias Parker, do Severn House..Miss Weaver Mrs Green, Xurthwich • I Mr Green, jun, and the Atimes Green Misses Dickenson, Macclesfield Humor, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Horner and family Mrs Butler and family, Mill Bank, Willingtoo Tudno Castle..Mr. H. Williams. Mr and Mrs Wragge, Stuke upon Trent Mr and Mrs A W ragge, Chester OrmtK Head View Mrs. Kyle. Mrs Marsten and family, Birmingham Rev R A Davis, Smithwiek, do St.. George's Harbour Kailway Station TAfe Hoot Station.