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LLANDUDNO. ITS HOUSEHOLD GODS. Llandudno boasts among its Household Gods a medical officer of health, Everyone knows that it is the duty of such an officer to make an annual sanitary report of the condition of the town, the lives of whose inhabitants are placed under his care. In a letter addressed to the "North Wales Chronicle," published on Saturday last, it is stated by the writer, who signs his name as being the medical officer in charge of the place, that the drainage of Llandudno is excellent, that its piggeries are reasonably clean, and that though the slaughter houses should Dot be where they are yet money is needed to place them else- where. This is a statement made through the medium of a public print, and is as far as it goes correct. But what a little alters this. True the engineering department has been well done—the money of the ratepayers has been well spent in as much as concerns the main drams, but the matter rests there, where the duties of the Town Commissioners begin. The main drains are there, but no one takes care, that they are properly flushed with water. Fresh water can be found to damp the dust of the streets, while salt water could be had for the pur- pose, and the pockets of the ratepayers spared an useless expense but up to a very late period, at least, water could not be found to cleanse out the main drains of Llandudno. The main drain, we are told, is goofl, and we know this to be true, but what is the reason that the smaller drains from the houses into the main artery are so de- fective 1 In Maddock-street, which is but one instance out of many, there is, not only an absence of drainage, but an absence of Water closets to drain from—there are small places which serve for the purpose, certainly, butt they have been long uncared for and not emptied. What is the use of a good main drainage with such utter disregard of detail as is here shewn ? What, too, it will be asked, is the value of such a maimed-deuial of the alleged want of drainage as is here put forth by one of Llandudno's Household Gods ? Maddock-street has been mentioned, but let us take the other end of the town. Directly in rear of the Queen's Hotel there are two houses forming part of a street. They are called Hereford Cottages. On one side of them there is a car proprietor, and when the wind blows in his direction, the dwellers in these cottages inhale the breeze, perfumed by the heap of manure over which it passes. But the wind is not always in that quarter. No-it may blow in the opposite direction, and then it comes wafting the scents from the stable yards of the Queen's Hotel, where a fine brood of pigs fatten for next winter. The dwellers in Hereford Cottages are poor people, and great deiteis don't care much for poor people, but a handsome row of houses has been lately built, looking into the stable yard alluded to. How will the rich people who are to take the lodgings, like the sweet odours allu- ded to. It would be very easy, thus, to go through the town, aqd point out the nuisances which exist, but it ia the duty, not of the newspaper scribbler to do tifWy tnw; of the oiffcers of the town, who hold their apl)oiLliffloAT tor the purpose. This has been done, and so the short letter signed tbn Medical Officer of Health," which appeared in the North Wales Chronicle of last week, is not satisfac- tury, It was his duty, long since to signalise any existing nuisance injurious to the health of the inhabitants of Llandudno. On the 28th May, 1864, he did so, and a report was sent in to the Commissioners, signed by the Medical Officer of Health." That report gave a full account of the defective state of the drains, of the condition of the slaughter houses, of the foulness of the ditches, and the ashpits. Will the "Medical Officer of Health" for Llandudno justify himself by publishing that report in the "Noith Wales Chronicle" of next week; or if he find it inconvenient to do fo, will the Inspector of Nui- sances, to whom that report was banded, publish it. The picture drawn by Wanderer, it ia stated, is exag- gerated, and highly coloured; and yet, if the report alluded were read, the accusation of exaggeration would fall to the ground, and reproach would attach itself to one who baw certainly had the presumption to undertake a taok which, it would be evident, he bllt half accom- plishes. Letter after letter may be written, until at fets* the Edi- tor of the "Chronicle" refuse 10 publish more. The true answer to all these staceuients lies with the Hofwehold Gods of Llandudno. The question is therefore addressed, not only to the "Medical Ollioer of Health" —not only to the Inspector of Nuisances, but to the- Commissioners of Llandudno, "Ill they print, in any way most agreeable to fhetn- s-'lves, the report of the sanitary condition of the place, sent in to them by the medical officer of health, dated 2 3th May, lSlU, and signed, James Nicol, M.1) and shontd any subsequent report have been sent in, will they print that also, for theinfovuiution of the ratepayers of Daudodtio ? if the docllmenti be lost, a copy may, perhaps, be forth- coming. The question of exaggeration us to the state of the town, thus becomes narrowed to a small space— another proof is in the hands of the Commissioners of Llandudno. Whether they avail themsel ve-i of the opportunity, remains to be soeu. WANDKUKR. IMI'KOVKURKT COMMISSION Kits MEKTING.—The month- ly meeting of the Commissioners took pjace on Monday last. I)reetit: -Nir. W. l'i,itcli:ti-f I [ill the chair]; Messrs. James Williams,- Thomas Tarry, Thos. Joke., II Thomas, and J. Hughes. The CMCUK reported that he had made enquiries res- pecting ladders and other appliances in case of lire, and received only one reply, which he read to the meet- ing The Finance Committee reported that they had exa- mined bills to the alllQnut of E 16 IUs., and recommended j the same to be paid. Cheques were then grauted for the payment of the following sums:—W. Brooks, road tabonr, hist month, Jtll 17s. Id.; ditto watering the streets, £ 4 13s. The sum of 2s. (id. was allowed for the first alarum on the fire bell. A letter was read from occupiers of houses in Mad- dock-ptreet, complaining of the unsatisfactory state of that street. The "disorder" said in the memorial to prevail in Maddock-street. was stated by the surgeon to be that caused by the state of the houses, which were private property, and which could only be remedied by the in- terferatice of the estate authorities. The state of the flagstones in Mostyn-afreet brought forward, and it was determined that the owner of the house opposite to which the unevenness com- plained of was said to exist be written to in order to have the same removed at once. The CLERK laid before the meeting Dr. Nicol'.s second report, calling the Commissioner' attention to the de- sirability of erecting slaughter houses, public piggeries, and better means of flushing the main sewer. Mr. THOS. PARRY could not think of entertaining such a proposal as public piggeries. Why should the Board provide piggeries for the public more than a stable. To I legislato or remove any nuisance connected with a pig- gery they certainly should do. Mr. JOHS HUGHES also could not see the propriety of such a course. It was the duty of private individuals to provide themselves with proper places wherein to carry on their trade or business, as he did a coal- yard. The CLERK intimated that they were sanitary Com- missioners, entrusted with an Act and certain powers to keep the town clean, and free from everything endan- gering health. There was no comparison between a pig- gery and a stable, or between a slaughter house and a coal-yard. But the qlletion was where could they got the money necessary to effect these improve- ments ? The SURVEYOR [being called in] with reference to the flushing of the main sewer which Dr. Nicol stated was not sufficiently done, contended, that there was no town in 'England or Wales better flushed than Llan. dudno. Mr. JAMES WILLIAMS, with respect to the suggestion for public slaughter houses and piggeries, said there were no Hiich places in other watering towns, such as Hhyl, Southport, and Blackpool. If piggeries or slaughter houses were not cleanly kept, or were placed too close to the dwelling houses, it was the duty of the Board to have them removed, or the nuisances abated. The Inspector, after some further remarks by other members of the Board, was directed to see that all par- ties having no water closets, proper drainage, or a suffi- cient supply of water, be at once called upon to attend to the same. He was also directed to call upon Dr. Nicol and ascertain from him where he thought the main drain was not properly flushed. He was further directed to bring a list of those who have neglected the drainage, water closets, &c. The Board requested Mr. John Hughes to submit his terms by the next Board for the erection of slaugh- ter houses, &c. Mr. FELTON, the engineer, having certified that Mr. J. Jones the contractor for the sea wall was entitled to the payment of £ 175, on further account of his contract, cheque for that amount was granted. Is the Board a Police Tribunal ?--The following letter was addressed to the Chairman :Mrs. J. D-, staying with us, was much annoyed by hearing cries of 'murder' from a woman living near, on Saturday, 25th June, and thinks it will prevent parties from letting i lodgings in the neighbourhood." Then an opinion is volunteered as to the party who was mostly to be blamed. The Board very properly handed the letter over to the sergeaut of police. Sunday Excursions.—Some conversation took place as to the power of the Board to put down Sabbath dese* cration, occasioned by the steamers which came up on Tuesday with excursionists from Liverpool. One sm- ner" only (a registered boatmen) appeared to come un- der the baD, and it was intimated that his license might be withheld unless he dcsistell meeting the steamers. No definite resolution was, however, arrived at. Mr. Thomas Williams, chemist, applied to have the drain extended from Church Walks to opposite the Turkish Baths, Referred to the Sewerage Committee. The meeting was adjourned to Tuesday, the 5th instant.


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